A Valuable Lesson

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This is my first ever story so be kind. If you enjoy it I will add another chapter!!


So I’m an 18 year old virgin, not the only one and not the only frustrated one I bet. The truth was it had just never happened for me. A few fumbling experiences with a couple of girlfriends and one memorable blow job but when it came down to the real business my luck was not there. Looks wise I was okay and I played a lot of sport so could be thought of as pretty fit but as of yet no cigar. In the cock department I think I was somewhat blessed with a decent amount of size that I know had scared at least one potential girl off…

Which brings me to my next door neighbour’s house on a pretty hot kind of day. I’d been doing Mrs Wrens yard work for about a week now and it was keeping me busy during the summer holidays. Mrs Wren had been my high school English teacher about 3 years before. She was about 40 and her attractiveness had me looking a little too long, sometimes a little too obviously. Not that I think she minded, she seemed to walk around a lot in her tiny pink bikini whenever I was over there. This openness had me in a pretty constant state of arousal and a few times over the week I had to retreat to her toilet to gather some release…which proved a problem.

This one day I was cleaning Mrs Wren’s pool and she decided that it was an appropriate time to swim a few laps. Up and down the pool she went as I stared at her cute ass for over 20 minutes. It was too much and as I felt my cock hardening I quickly shuffled my way to her bathroom for some fast release. Maybe I should have locked the door but as I started stroking my mind was too much on her cute ass and beautiful tits to have even remembered so I was startled as Mrs Wren opened the door and walked in on me maybe not realising I was there. I embarrassingly tried to quickly pull my pants over my super hard cock but struggled and ended up almost falling over.

Mrs Wren just looked at me and kind of giggled, asking me if she could help. You bet she could in a lot of ways but as she walked over she actually just pulled my pants over my very hard dick. She gave it a pat as she zipped me up and then asked me if I wanted a drink?? A drink?? I wanted to bend her over and fuck her right there scared obviously that my predicament would become a tale she would tell. I followed her downstairs to the kitchen and Mrs Wren got me an ice cool lemonade?

“Have you ever had sex” she asked me, looking surprised when I said no. “What have you done” she asked as she sat up on the kitchen bench, legs hanging down and the small signs of a camel toe appearing.

I poured out all my frustrations to her as I may have to a good mate and she just listened smiling.

“Perhaps we can come to an arrangement and I could help you out” I was startled. An arrangement – what sort of arrangement? The possibilities were pretty attractive.

“Well, maybe I can teach you a few things so that when the time comes you will be ready?”

Of course, I was agreeable spluttering and stuttering that any help she could give me would be much appreciated. With that she hopped down and gave me a cuddle. More the type of cuddle a mother might give but one that included my super hard cock pushing into her stomach region.

“My you’re big Matt” she said looking down at the tent in my shorts. She grabbed my hand and led me to the lounge room…

“Okay Matt, pretend I am your girlfriend and you want me to have sex with you. Show me what you would do?”

Well, this was an invitation and one that I did not resist. I walked up to her and started kissing her as nicely as I could.

“That’s a good start Matt, use your tongue a bit though, not too much at first but a bit of tongue can really turn a woman on.”

I started kissing her again but this time I slipped my tongue into her mouth and we started a light type of tongue wrestling. She was right this seemed to add another dimension to the kiss and I could feel her responding more as she seemed to push herself into me.

“Play with my hair when you do that Matt. Women love their hair being played with”

Passionately tongue kissing her I placed both hands on the back of her head and started running my fingers through her long brown hair. This turned me on more and I worried that my cock would blow before we got any further. To say it worked on Mrs Wren was an understatement as she started to moan into my kiss and increase her intensity.

“Why don’t’ you explore my breasts now Matt?”

Well…okay…still kissing her I moved my hands down from her hair and placed them over her breasts. Not large but certainly substantial her breasts were firm and her nipples quickly poked themselves through the thin material as my hand felt all over her chest.

“Take my top off Matt and try kissing them.”

I couldn’t believe it and fumbled with my fingers to release her bikini top finally having success and freeing her gorgeous breasts. I ducked my mouth down her body kissing her neck first as I fondled her rock hard nipples. She seemed to enjoy my mouth on her Bostancı Escort neck so I stayed a while exploring and even nibbling on her ear which I could tell she loved. What I was learning was to gauge what each of my movements did. If I could feel her body responding I would continue and the way Mrs Wren was she seemed to be responding to almost anything.

Still moving my mouth down I started kissing her right breast lightly keeping clear of her nipples.

“Perfect Matt. Kiss round my nipples and when you feel I’m ready then start to suck!”

Feel she was ready? I was ready!! but I tried to remain patient and kissed both breasts, particularly the underside which she seemed to love. As I went back to her right breast I could see her nipple now protruding even further than before as if asking for my mouth so I wasted no time and clamped my mouth over it giving it a light suck. This seemed to send Mrs Wren a bit crazy and she rewarded me by grabbing at my cock through my shorts.

I moved over to the left nipple which was just as hard, using my hand to fondle her right and sucked gently at the beautiful button.

“How hard should I suck Mrs Wren” I asked innocently looking up at her beautiful face.

“Just suck Matt and the woman’s body will answer you. Some women like to be sucked hard and some only softly.”

Good advice I thought as I sucked harder on Mrs Wren’s right nipple feeling again her body respond and her hand grip my cock even tighter. She was definitely enjoying the added pressure so I continued upping the pressure and started sucking for all I was worth. I’d never considered doing it this hard but with Mrs Wren it was an obvious winner as she moaned in her beautiful voice for me to suck harder and started pushing her pussy against my leg while playing with my cock. I bent my leg a little to give her a bit of friction and moved to suck her left nipple with a real intensity. This seemed to push her to a new level and she rubbed herself against my leg dry humping me through her bikini pants.

I was loving it. One nipple deep in my mouth, one between my fingers and Mrs Wren fucking my leg and rubbing my cock as she squirmed and made all sorts of nice noises. Which gave me an idea. She seemed to like it hard on her nipples so while I sucked her left nipple I started squeezing her right nipple hard between my fingers.

This set her right off and before thrusting herself against me she pushed me to the ground and ripped her pants off spreading my legs so her pussy could rub against my bare thigh.

I tried not to miss a beat and moved to her right nipple sucking it as hard as I could while I squeezed her left nipple with my fingers. She was now starting to lose a little control and I could feel her pussy lips riding across my thigh in an increasing pace.

“Don’t stop Matt. Suck me harder and bite my nipples, squeeze them tight.”

And so I did squeezing her left nipple almost too hard and biting down on her right nipple. This last action made her lose control and I felt her orgasm building as she fucked my leg in her rubbing type motion. I just kept biting and squeezing knowing that she was close to cumming and was rewarded as I felt her pussy moistening against me.

“Keep going Matt, I’m cumming!”

And with that she came in a series of small whimpers and convulsions, pushing her pussy into my leg and her nipple further into my mouth with her buds seeming to get even longer. The final convulsion released a small stream of pussy juice onto my leg and Mrs Wren collapsed on top of me, her tit slipping out of my mouth.

“Wow Matt that was amazing. You are a quick learner my boy!”

I beamed with pride happy to have please and wondering how much further we would go.

“Have you ever licked a woman’s pussy Matt?”

No I hadn’t but boy was I keen to, though slightly disappointed that my cock wasn’t getting more action. I think my face told the story as Mrs Wren told me that a good man always pleases his woman first.

This I did or tried to anyway s I moved my body down the floor till my face was right in front of her gorgeous glistening pussy. Not being too sure what to do I stuck my tongue out thinking that once again I would listen carefully to her body.

My tongue made contact with her pussy lips and I moved it slowly up and down the outside sensing Mrs Wren’s enjoyment so I kept at it but slightly harder. Learning from my experience with her tits I guessed that she liked hard contact so I moved my tongue to her centre and lapped quite strongly in between her lips. It seemed that I had hit upon a winner as she squirmed slightly and gave me a “yeh babe” so I kept lapping and lapping from the bottom of her lips to the top of her clit. She responded by holding my head hard into her pussy and spreading her legs even further. This opened her pussy for me and I dove in with my tongue trying to force myself inside her which she absolutely loved as she pulled me right into her. I started fucking her pussy with my tongue going as deeply as I could with my rather abnormally large Ümraniye Escort tool. I found I could fit it right inside her and I knew she was loving it as I drove my big tongue right into her pussy. I kept it as hard and rigid as I could moving in and out as she gasped her satisfaction. Leaving her wet pussy hole I moved to her clit and sucked it into my mouth in a similar way that I had her nipples. Big hard sucks with her cute little clit had her going crazy on the end of my mouth pulling my head as hard as she could towards her clit. I’m not too sure what made me think of it but all of a sudden I stuck my finger inside her pussy as I sucked hard at her clit. In and out I drove my finger remembering her desire for hard and rough. She was obviously loving it and kept my face planted against her clit so I got brave and added another finger curling them up inside her and pushing them in and out quite fast and hard. It worked and she whimpered loudly so I added a third as I slurped on her beautiful clit. 3 fingers inside her moving in and out hard and fast while I sucked hard on her clit had her going absolutely crazy and pulling my head roughly into her pussy as she basically rode my face and hand. Seconds later she gushed that she was about to cum and I renewed my efforts sucking even harder and driving what seemed like my whole hand into her. I was rewarded by her heavy moans and now loud wailing as she came on my mouth and fingers – cumming hard and wet as her pussy juices covered my hand and my mouth. As she came down from her orgasm she pushed me away slightly and I rested my tongue on her clit feeling her last throbs move through her body.

“Oh Matt, you have no idea how good that was. You are a hell of a student my boy!”

I was proud. I’d loved the experience and I’d loved the fact that I had been able to give her so much pleasure. In fact I was surprised by how much I’d loved giving her pleasure.

“Almost your turn Matt” she said “but I think it might be valuable if I show you one more thing while you are down there”

What next? I could only imagine.

“Not all women like this Matt and you’ll know pretty quickly if they do when you try it, but if they do like it you’ll hook em for life.”

I was intrigued and really not too sure what else I could do down there.

“Lick my ass Matt, just like you did my pussy.”

Wow, her ass! I’d never thought of it but man I was up for anything. Mrs Wren placed a pillow under her bum lifting her ass to the level of my mouth. Remembering the lashing I gave her pussy I stuck my tongue out timidly and touched her anal orifice. She moaned immediately and I knew that this was an area she loved so I lapped at her ass in the exact same way I had her pussy. Up and down and over her tight hole loving the texture and pleasantly surprised by the taste. Interestingly her bum seemed to open up and I took the chance to push my tongue against this inviting hole. I’d obviously pushed in the right way because Mrs Wren let out a stifled scream and told me to push it all the way in which I tried to do with my large hard tongue. In and out I pushed my tongue feeling so incredibly horny as Mrs Wren again pulled my head hard but this time into her ass. Lightbulb moment had me using my hand to play with her pussy as I did this and again moving 3 fingers inside of her as I fucked her hole with my tongue. This set her right off and she started wriggling and shaking and swearing as she pulled my face even harder right into her ass while I fucked her with my tongue and 3 fingers. Seconds later she came so hard I couldn’t believe it, pussy juice gushing from inside her and covering my fingers while running down her cute bum. All through the convulsions I just tried to leave my tongue inserted deep inside her which seemed to be in line with her holding of my head until she finally came down from her high giving my head one last hard pull into her ass before I let my long tongue slip out of my hole.

“Oh Mat, that was amazing, but remember not all women like that so go slow at first and wait for her body to respond. I think it might be your turn now!!”

My turn? I couldn’t wait and didn’t need to as Mrs Wren turned me onto my back moving her right tit straight into my mouth for a quick HARD suck. She then pulled it away with a plop and moved down to my rock hard cock taking my pants off and rubbing it with her hand. Her tongue centred onto my balls as she sucked and licked them softly while jerking my cock.

“You are massive Matt – what a treat your cock is.”

I was happy to hear it but after our adventures I was so ready to cum I warned her I was already close. In response she sucked the tip of my cock into her mouth and fondled my balls lightly with her hand. I was so close and she knew it so I was surprised when she lifted her mouth off my cock and moved around my body.

“Just need to make sure you don’t make too much noise baby” she said as she planted her pussy right over my face.

“Cum in my mouth Matt don’t hold back” she said as she rubbed herself against my face really hard. I stuck Kartal Escort my tongue out and just licked wherever I could as she engulfed my cock right into her mouth. I couldn’t see what was happening but knew she was deep throating me up and down fucking me with her mouth harder and harder. Her pussy’s intensity on my face increased as she used me like she had my leg and I grabbed her ass and pulled her in even tighter which she seemed to love. It was all too much for me and my cock started spurting cum right into her mouth which seemed to excite her even more and my face was rewarded with another of her orgasms as her pussy gushed over me.

Mrs Wren sat up and looked at me as I lay there basking in my orgasm.

“That was incredible Matt, I’ve never had to swallow so much cum!”

Mrs Wren then got up and went to the kitchen fetching a couple of cool drinks and I watched her as her cute ass swayed when she walked away.

Coming back she sat next to me and I sat up as well enjoying the refreshing drink.

“Do you have any questions for your teacher Matt?”

I sure as hell did and ignored any embarrassment on my part to maximise my education.

“You love it hard and rough Mrs Wren, do all women like it like that?”

“No Matt, I love my sex really rough but many women only like gentle sex, the trick is to start slowly and listen to their body, it will tell you if you are doing the right thing.”

“What about your ass Mrs Wren, I loved my tongue in there and you sure seemed to as well.”

“My ass is really sensitive Matt” she said, “so any play around, or in my ass really turns me on. I also like the fact that it feels really naughty so get turned on even more. Again it’s not to every woman’s taste but after one lick you’ll know if they want more.”

This after orgasm talk was really sexy and caused my cock to get rock hard again just sitting there, something Mrs Wren certainly noticed.”

“What about my cock Mrs Wren, I’ve seen a few of the other boys in the shower and I seem pretty big. Is it a problem, I reckon I once scared a girl off sex because of it.”

“Your cock is a sensation Matt. Too be honest it’s heaps bigger than average and could cause a problem for girls especially if they don’t have much experience. You just need to make sure you go slowly and get them ready first. The thing to remember is that there is a lot of fun to be had in bed aside from just putting your dick into some girls pussy.”

I knew exactly what she meant considering what we’d been doing for the last hour.

“How about we see how your cock fits inside me now Matt?”

My cock twitched noticeably on that suggestion and Mrs Wren looked at me and smiled. She pulled me towards her as she moved back down onto her back and I lay on top of her my hard cock right at her entrance.

“Now Matt, normally you want to be sure that the girls pussy is ready for your big cock so the best thing you can do is go down there and lick and finger her, hopefully to an orgasm like you did me before. In my case I’m super ready so let’s just see how we go.”

On that advice I moved my cock further towards her hole and she grabbed it with her hand and guided me to the entrance.

“Slowly now Matt and if I was someone else I’d say really slowly.”

With that I pushed my cock a little inside her and immediately felt the warmth of her pussy engulf the head. I couldn’t help thinking how this was my first time and how fantastically lucky I was as Mrs Wren kissed me hard pushing her tongue inside of me. I took this as a sign that all was well and continued pushing my cock into her obviously wet pussy. It seemed a really tight fit but I could feel her pussy opening up to take me and I ended up burying into her.

“Slowly, in and out now Matt, let my pussy get used to your cock.”

And so I did, slowly in and slowly out while we kissed passionately. Mrs Wren grabbed my hand and pulled it to her breast encouraging me to play with her nipples so I did remembering how she loved having her nipples squeezed. It seemed to also help take my mind off my impending orgasm as I moved slowly in and out but increasing my pace a bit faster this time.

“Okay Matt, that feels fucking fantastic. You know I like it hard so I want you to really start burying your cock into me now getting harder and going faster until you cum. Squeeze my nipples hard too you know I like that.”

Harder and harder I rammed my cock into her till our bodies made an audible slapping sound. I pulled and squeezed at her nipples while she fucked my mouth with her tongue and I continued ploughing into her as she released my mouth and screamed that she was going to cum. This set me off and I renewed my pace even harder worried only slightly that I might hurt her. Mrs Owen was losing control and screaming at me to fuck her harder, fuck her pussy, stick my cock into her cunt which surprised me with her language, but as she said cunt for about the 3rd time she lost complete control and I grabbed her nipple with my mouth sucking her through another orgasm. It was enough to have me lose complete control and as her juices rushed out and I felt them on my balls I came in long hard bursts still fucking her with all my might. Our combined orgasms seemed to last about 30 seconds before finally, sweating heavily we were spent and she rolled me off her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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