A Vegas Story Ch. 05

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Black Stockings

He was waiting for them by the door when they returned to hotel.

“You’re still mine,” he told her.

“Yes, sir!” she replied.

“I’m Alice,” said Alice.

“Nice to meet you, Alice,” he said. “I’m assuming you are also mine, at least for a short time?”

Yes, sir!” Alice replied.

“Good. Get on the bed and take the blindfold sitting there and put it on my wife.” He was firm, but kind. “Oh yes, and both of you naked, please.”

They both stripped naked. She moaned softly in anticipation. “Lie down,” he told his wife.

She lay on the bed. “Alice and I are going to have some fun with you, but we won’t be telling you what is coming next,” he reported.

And then the pleasure came in waves:

Alice lowered her pussy on to her face slowly, commanding “Eat.” She did, lapping up Alice’s juices like water. He began kissing her, beginning with her feet and slowly moving upwards. Each part of her body he kissed and caressed softly.

“More. Harder!” she pleaded. He ignored her.

Alice changed position with him, their roles suddenly reversed. Alice took over the light kissing, taking time to kiss and caress her nipples while moving downwards. He sat on her face, commanding “Eat.” She did, lapping at his asshole like she was dying of thirst. He caressed his cock, moaning Escort Bayan softly.

“More. Harder!” she pleaded again. Once again, they ignored her.

Now Alice was rubbing her clit. Softly and slowly, with light pressure. It was driving her insane. He switched positions so as Alice was rubbing her clit, he could enter her with his fingers-just one at first, Again, slowly and lightly. They continued for a few minutes.

“Fuck me. Harder! I need it. You are driving me insane!” came her plea. They decided to indulge her.

Alice increased her tempo gradually, as he moved from one to two to three fingers, sliding in and out of her wet pussy gradually faster and faster. He hooked his fingers deep inside her, finding her G-spot.

After only a few short minutes, she began breathing more and more heavily. “Yes, yes! Jesus Fucking Christ it is SO GOOD! HOLY SHIT! I”M GOING TO…I’M GOING TO…FUCKING HELL…I’M GOING TO…”

And then she came. Wet liquid spurted from her pussy as she squirted over their fingers. She exhaled softly.

“Holy crap,” she said.

“Of course,” he replied.


The next morning, after a glorious evening of sleep, sleep, and more sleep, they woke up in their room.

“Tonight is mine,” she reminded him. “I’m in charge.”

“Of Escort course,” he replied.

“You have some work to do,” she taunted him. “Remember that fantasy I told you about before we left for Vegas? I want that. Tonight. Three of them. And you can only watch.”

“Of course,” he replied. “I’ll get to work.” But of course, he had anticipated her request. He called the phone number. “Tonight, please. 8:00pm. Room 3521.”

The day passed quickly, both of them relaxing by the pool, in the lounge, in the room. She took a long bath and shaved her pubic hair until it was only a small patch above her labia.

After dinner, she dressed. She wore the outfit she had saved for this special occasion. Her cheer-leading outfit. Tight top, short cheer skirt, white socks and tennis shoes. And no panties. She was already wet in anticipation.

At 8:00, there was knock at the door. “Remember the rules,” she reminded him. “No touching. You can sit in the corner and watch.”

“Of course,” he replied.

She opened the door and saw the three of them. Slightly tanned, well-dressed, and she could tell, incredibly fit. “Come in,” she invited.

As usual, she wasted no time. “I want all of you. I need all of you. In all of my holes.”

They, of course, obliged. He sat in Bayan Escort the corner in a chair, watching, touching himself.

All three men stripped naked. Three huge, glistening cocks stared at her. “Exactly what I ordered,” was her reply.

She began addressing all three of them, using her hands and mouth alternately. After a few minutes, she was on her hands and knees on the bed. “All three holes,” she commanded. They took turns sucking on her erect nipples, softly licking her clit, and slowly fingering her asshole. When she was ready, they began. One entered her pussy, fucking her slowly. One continued on her tits while she continued sucking on the third man’s cock. They switched positions, her riding one man facing away from him so she could suck the other two.

“In. My. Ass,” was her command. They obliged. While one continued fucking her pussy, the 2nd man took lube and coated his penis and her tender asshole. Slowly he pushed his cock into her. She gasped slightly as the head of his cock passed through and then began moaning “Fuck me. Both of you.” They were both fucking her, first slowly, and then with more intense rhythm, one in her pussy and one in her asshole while she continued sucking the third man. Their moans turned into her screams until she came once, then twice, then a third time. After she was finally satisfied, she warned them, “Put that cum in my mouth! Don’t waste a drop.” One by one, they shot their hot wads into her waiting throat.

She exhaled and said to her husband. “That was incredible.”

“Of course,” was his reply.

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