A Wash and a Wax

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This story appears other places under the pen name JD Dunne.


Lindsey always opened the salon for a few hours every Saturday and each time it was slow. She made time for clients who couldn’t make it in during the work week. Occasionally she had a wedding party but today was a very slow Saturday. She had a few walk-ins but no appointments. She was finishing up a trim on a kid while his mother rummaged through her purse at the register. She saw Geoff approaching from the sidewalk as the mom and her son were leaving. Lindsey thanked the pair as they stepped out the door, Geoff was holding it open for them. She was glad to see him. He never came by the salon, she did his haircuts at home.

“What are you doing here, honey?” she asked, smiling at him.

He pretended not to know her. “I’d like a haircut, please. Do you have time?” She noticed that he took his wedding ring off. The stark band around his finger was hard not to notice. He didn’t betray his ploy with any familiarity. Oh, he was going to play this out. He did that sometimes, it was a fantasy of his. He would pretend they were strangers and she would play along.

“I think I can squeeze you in,” she said, gesturing toward a chair.

“We’ll see about that,” he said under his breath. He walked over to the chair and sat down.

She ran her fingernails through his hair, lightly scratching his head. “Are we going to take a little off the top this morning?”

“Yeah, something to make me look nice for the missus.”

“I can do that. She is going to go wild for you when you get home, guaranteed.” She smiled at him in the mirror. She broke character and winked at him.

“I hope so.”

“Would you like a wash before we start?” She ran her fingertips up the nape of his neck and felt the goosebumps rise. She lowered her Çankaya Rus Escort head to his ear and whispered: “It looks like that’s a ‘yes’.” He got up from the chair and she lead him to the sink in the back.

The cold porcelain of the shampoo sink was uncomfortable. She gently lifted his head and put a warm towel under his neck. She traced her fingers from his ear, along his stubbled jaw, to his chin. He watched her face as she rinsed his hair. Her big dark eyes melted him. She moved the sprayer around on his scalp. The warm water rushing over his head put him at ease. Her sleek fingers cut through his wet hair, rubbing the muscles on his head and neck. He admired how the ropy muscles of her neckline swam under her olive skin. Her hair swayed as she worked.

She moved lower toward him as she massaged the back of his head. Her chest hung very low, almost to his face. She was teasing him. He caught the scent of her perfume as she moved. Finally, she brushed his forehead with her breasts, they felt sublime under that silk blouse. He could feel himself getting hard. The shampoo she picked was subtly manly. Cedar and Patchouli? He couldn’t tell.

“I’m going to rinse you now,” she whispered into his ear. “It might get pretty cramped for you, the hose doesn’t reach very far.” She pushed her chest into his face and he inhaled deeply. The smell of her vanilla and peaches body spray was intoxicating. She rinsed his slick black hair and shut off the water.

She peeled her shirt and bra off and hung them over the partition that obscures the sink from the rest of the salon. She had the nicest breasts. He liked how they hung on her. He admired the tear drop silhouette they made in the mirror. She put her elbows on his shoulders and straddled Keçiören Rus Escort him as he sat in the shampoo chair. Her nipples begged to be sucked, they practically leapt to his lips. He gently kissed them at first, switching from one to the other. Then he licked them, tonguing underneath, and finally he sucked her lovely caramel rosettes.

He heard her breathing quicken. He kissed her soft lips. They parted readily as he pushed his tongue past her teeth. He put his hands on her torso and gently squeezed her belly so he could taste the breath of her kisses. The muscles of her stomach rolled in his grasp, her breath had a sweet mint flavor from the gum she chewed earlier that morning.

“Take those pants off mister, your wife is gonna play second fiddle tonight!” She knew he loved it when she played along with him. He grinned. She climbed off of him and he stood up. He took off his shirt, and then dropped his pants. He wore no underwear, what a naughty boy! She lifted her skirt and showed him her red panties. She knew he loved those red satin panties. She was going to surprise him when she got home but why postpone the fun? She had another special treat for him that she knew he loved. What a lucky boy he was! She lowered her skirt and panties in one quick motion and he saw her pussy. It was waxed. Her soft skin formed a small mound and the smooth folds were rimmed with pink.

He brushed her tummy with the back of his fingers and marveled at how smooth her skin was. She was a wonder for him to behold. Her thighs tapered evenly to her knees and her shins formed soothing acute angles of bone and toned calves. She was a goddess in his eyes and he was worshipful for the blessings he was about to receive. She leaned over the chair in Etimesgut Rus Escort front of the sink and spread her legs.

He got behind her and ran his hand over her bottom and the small of her back. She arched and lifted herself enticingly. He really loved her dimples of Venus. She had a lovely form in many other ways but it was her back that turned him on the most. The first time they made love, he put his thumbs on them and pulled her hips to his as he worked inside her. He came so hard that night.

He slid himself inside. He could feel from her slick excitement that she was definitely glad he dropped by today. He started slow at first but the passion and the risk spurred him to a faster pace. He pulled her to him as he thrust. He went deep inside.

She savored the feeling of his warm hands on her hips, his thighs crashing against hers and the rhythmic pulse of his balls slapping her clit. She lowered her head and bit the towel, her hair fell in her face. The muscles in her back tensed making the ridge of her spine pronounced. He ran one hand along it, sending shocks down into her groin. She loved being touched like that. His meaty hands running along her sharp bones made her quiver.

She wouldn’t last much longer but neither would he. He always got really hard and subconsciously sped up as he got close to the homestretch. He was about to cum. She felt his groan when it began in his belly, before it was sound. He put a palm on her shoulder and moaned louder and she felt the warmth fill her. She knew that feeling. She could feel him inside her shaking. Oh, that was a good one! She felt each pulse, each spasm. She looked over her shoulder at him.

He stood with his hands on her hips, back straight, mouth agape. He still had a semi. She began to reach for a towel to clean him off when the service bell at the front counter dinged. They both covered their mouths like school kids caught pulling a prank.

“I’ll be right out,” Lindsey called out, scrambling to find her clothes and trying to fix her hair.

A man answered back, “Take your time, I’ll just have what he’s had.”

Lindsey and Geoff snickered into their palms, they could hear the man laughing too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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