A Whole New Level Ch. 2

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Teresa could definitely tell that I needed some time to recover before the grand finale. She just looked amazing standing there half-clothed in front of me. A devilish grin crossed her sweet lips and I knew something was up.

“How about a little dance, Joe?” she asked tauntingly.

How could I say no? With no further input from me, she began to sway her hips to an imaginary beat that only she and I could hear. Her breasts jiggled as she moved faster then slower. She slid a hand down to her pants as her other one teased a nipple. Slowly, she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off effortlessly. I gawked in amazement at her long legs and beautiful thighs. She was amazing, no doubt about it. She continued her assault on her breast as her other hand dipped into her panties. I could see her massaging her clit as some small whimpers began to pass her lips. I could feel myself rising again.

Her dancing picked up as she thrust a finger into her clit. You can’t even begin to imagine Escort Bayan the picture I’m seeing. The hottest vixen you’ve ever seen standing in front of me finger-fucking herself like there’s no tomorrow. Her erratic breathing and deep moans put me in a trance that I just couldn’t seem to shake. Finally, I couldn’t take anymore. I literally jumped from the couch and grabbed her in an embrace that no man could break. I picked my new assistant up off the ground and laid her onto the couch. What amazed me was that she never stopped fingering herself. It took all the strength I had to remove her fingers. As I did, she let out a whimper. “It’s okay baby,” I whispered, “I think I can take over for you.”

I pulled her bottoms off and flung them to the floor. Her pussy was magnificent , just a small strip of hair covering her most private area. I started by kissing up her thighs. As soon as I got close enough, I felt a hand trying to push me into her womanhood. I quickly Escort evaded her grasp and began kissing her other thigh. Once again as I neared her love organ, the hand came again. This time I allowed her to push my face right into her sweet-smelling pussy.

My tongue soon became my guide as I licked around those pouty pussy lips of hers, with just an occasional flick at her swollen clit. Her moans were so loud that I thought the neighbors would think someone was dying, but I really didn’t care. I shoved my tongue into her pussy and began a slow in-and-out motion that put her on the brink of an orgasm. She was close so I locked on to her love bud and began sucking for all I was worth. Her hips began to buck and her body started to convulse. Her back arched and she began to moan as she lost herself to the pleasures of her body.

I continued to suck as she came down from her euphoria. I looked up and locked eyes with my goddess. “Fuck me Joe. Fuck me now,” she said.

With Bayan Escort no further hesitation, I plunged all I had into her hot, tight box. The feeling was electrifying. The feeling of her vaginal walls constricting all around my cock was pushing me to the edge. “I’ve got to hold out,” I thought to myself. I slowly pumped in and out of her, picking up a rhythm as I went. Teresa soon joined in, thrusting her hips to meet my deep strokes. The speed increased and my moans intertwined with hers. I couldn’t remember any feeling like this before. It was beyond description. Her words edging me on.

“Fuck me Joe. Oh yeah baby, fuck me hard. Harder, harder….Oh God, I’m gonna cum…”

Her words became nothing more than animalistic grunts as pleasure once again gripped her body. But this time it had me along for the ride. Her pussy began squeezing my cock like a vise. This was it, the fun I had been waiting for all my life. I felt myself explode like never before. My manly fluid began invading her space like Sherman into Georgia. It was too much, her moans and my own orgasm, things began to fade.

“Joe, wake up. How well do you think Mr. Richards would like to see you sleeping on the job?” called my new secretary Teresa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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