Abducted and Turned Out Ch. 02

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2: Fun time

So, after I blew the guy downstairs and told him to come and knock on my door and pay me to blow him again anytime, I went up and took a long hot shower and put on a nighty and went to sleep. I slept surprisingly well considering I had just spent a long night out selling my ass. I thought about how much it scared me and aroused me as I drifted off to sleep.

The next day I called Jesse and talked about what happened. We talked about how turned on I was by the whole thing she told me I was nuts. She told me that I should change my cell number or call the cops or something, and I said I thought that was a bad idea because I was worried about what Jeremy might do.

I went to work Monday morning still distracted and intensely horny. For the next few days at work I couldn’t get the rush I felt from the events of that evening out of my mind. All I could think about was cum. Cum in my mouth, cum dripping from my boi pussy, cum all over my face.

Two weeks went by with me going out of my mind and by that Friday, I was completely preoccupied. On the way home, I almost ran my car off the road when my phone buzzed and I saw a text from Jeremy. It said, “be dressed and ready, I will pick you up at 8. If you fuck with me, this gets sent to all of the folks in your office.” Attached was one of the pictures he took of me the that night looking into the camera with a load dripping out of my gaping and obviously well fucked ass.

I got home and my mind was still racing. What would he do? What was going to happen to me? As I bathed, dressed and primped I could not stop alternating between the extremes of ecstasy and fear. I put on a leather miniskirt, mesh top, fishnets and some black patent leather strappy heels and did my hair. By 7:30 I was ready and I sat down to catch my breath and load my purse with everything I thought I would need. I packed lube and condoms, wet naps, spare panties and stockings and also a can of mace, just in case. I also hid some money under my wig.

At 8:15 the knock on the door came. I answered and Jeremy was there. He leaned over and put his arm around my waist and said, “You look perfect, babe.” I was taken aback by this, but he kissed me thoroughly, and very well. His tongue spread open my lips and danced in circles around mine as he drew me in tightly against his well formed chest and abs. The kiss lasted for a good 45 seconds. By theme it ended, I was practically hypnotized again. I took him by the hand, giggling like a schoolgirl and invited him to sit down.

“Get me a beer, will you baby?” he asked. I sauntered to the kitchen, swinging my hips as much as possible, putting one foot in front of the other in short steps so he could see my ass wiggle. As I did, I turned back to see him grinning and I winked at him. I bought him his beer, and sat on the couch next to him and cuddled up to him. I started to massage his cock. He said, “not so fast, slut. I have something special in mind for you tonight.” He picked up my head by my chin with the hand that wasn’t holding the beer and pecked me on the cheek and said, “Now behave. We’re leaving in a few minutes. Get your stuff.”

I went into the bathroom and checked myself out in the mirror. There I was, a brazen slut in a miniskirt, heels and fishnets going I don’t know where with a man who had kidnaped and pimped me just two weeks ago, and I was positively giddy at the possibility he would do it again. I touched up my lipstick and went out to Jeremy.

We got into his van erzurum escort and he started driving. He pointed at his cock after a few blocks and said, “Now, get busy whore.” I went down on him as we drove. After a few minutes, he came and I looked up at him and showed him his delicious, hot creamy load by opening my mouth wide for him, and then closed and swallowed. I licked my lips, sat back down and pulled out my lipstick and freshened it.

He laughed and said, “You are a good little slut, aren’t you?” I answered dutifully, “Yes, Daddy.” As I did, he turned into the parking lot of a local adult bookstore, The parking lot was nearly full, but he found a parking space in back. We parked, and he leaned over and snapped a collar around my neck and attached a leash to it. He got out of the van and walked around to the door behind mine and I heard it slide open.

After a few seconds, it slammed closed, and my door opened. He grabbed the leash as I stepped out of the van. He told me to stop and turn around with my hands behind my back. I did, and I was cuffed right away. He spun me around and shoved a ball gag between my lips and fastened it behind my head. He swatted my ass and said, “Tonight is just for fun. I want to see how much cum you can take.”

I knew right then I was going to be fucked all night long. He pulled me buy the lash and said, “Pull up the back of your skirt and show everyone your ass.” I grabbed the hem of my skirt, pulling it up to expose my ass, my stocking tops and exposing my thong. We walked into the front of the store, and he led me to the counter and paid our cover charge. The clerk didn’t even blink when he saw me bound and gagged with a collar and leash around my neck, holding my own skirt up to show off my ass so that all of the patrons in the store could see I was here to be used.

As he led me through the store, he whispered to me, ” swing that ass as much as possible, kunt.” I did as commanded, putting one foot in front of the other in short steps so all of the horny men could see my ass wiggle. He walked me back into the booth area, and walked up to the first guy leaning in a doorway and asked him loudly, “Do you want this slut to suck your cock?”

The guy nodded, and Jeremy handed him the leash and I was pulled into the booth. Jeremy said, “Leave the door open.”The guy nodded and pushed me into the corner of the booth and quickly pinned me. He took off the ball gag and kissed me roughly. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down onto my knees and said, “Suck it, whore.”

As I started to comply, Jeremy began to take photos and video on his phone. As I took his hard 7 inches all the way down my throat, I gagged a bit, and this made Jeremy smirk. The guy grabbed the back of my head and fucked my face furiously for a few minutes.

As I tasted his precum, I noticed two guys across the hall behind Jeremy between the rows of the booths standing against the wall and fondling themselves. One of them went into the booth right next door to the one we were in. Jeremy told the other he could have me next.

At this point, the guy fucking my face pulled out of my mouth, spun me around and bent me over the chair in the booth. Having lubed and stretched myself with a butt plug before I left home I was ready and begging for it when he pushed my skirt up and yanked my panties down.

“Please fuck me and cum in my kunt,” I whimpered. Jeremy laughed and zoomed in on me as the guy rammed his cock into me while I bodrum escort squealed with delight. Just then I noticed a massive 10 inch black cock coming through the glory hole in the wall. Since I was perfectly positioned, I took it into my mouth and slurped and cooed and sucked it loudly while I was being plowed from behind. The sounds of my enjoyment drew another two guys into the area to watch. As this was going on, Jeremy took the cuffs off of me and said, “Show me how much of a slut you really are.”

As he did, the guy who was fucking me quickened his pace and deepened his strokes, the sound of his thighs and balls smacking up against my ass and my slurping and sucking noises got louder and faster. As I felt his cock starting to twitch in my ass, I moaned, “Fuck my pussy,” over and over. The guy fucking me started a low pitched groan and began to cum in me. His groaning was in cadence with his strokes, and I felt his cum began to leak out down my thigh just as the cock in the glory hole began to shoot in my mouth. I swallowed vigorously, but some leaked out down my chin, with Jeremy laughing as he shot the photos.

After the guy in my mouth finished, he pulled out and left as the guy in my ass throbbed his last spurt into me. He grabbed me and spun me around again and pushed my head down and said, “Lick it clean, bitch.” I gleefully complied, licking and sucking every precious drop of hot cum from his spent cock. He pulled up his pants and left, leaving me there with a load dripping out of my pussy and another dribbling down my chin.

The next guy wasted no time. He came in and pushed me back over the chair and shoved his medium sized uncut cock into me and pointed my face to the glory hole again. He fucked me for a minute or so before the next cock for me to suck came through the wall.

While the two were going at my eager holes, I came to the realization that I was thoroughly enjoying myself, but something was missing. As the guy in my mouth pulled out and came all over my face, I knew what it as. Being an filthy glory hole slut was fun, but I missed the thrill of being a whore. Right as I thought this, I glanced over at Jeremy, and I saw him smiling at me. I think he knew what I was thinking as I moaned in delight while being used by two men I didn’t know simultaneously. I think he knew I realized I needed to be a whore.

Just then, the guy fucking me started to groan and buck wildly, and he came in my ass, adding his hot load to the the previous one. They both zipped up and left, and I gave one more guy a quick bj in the middle of the aisle while Jeremy took video. At that point he decided we should go, but not before he took several more photos of me with cum dripping out of my well used kunt and all over the front of my top. He had me bend over and push the cum out so he could video it. He made me scoop some of the cum up in my hand and lick it from my fingers as he shot photos. He could see that I loved doing it.

After that, he took me into the restroom and said, “Clean yourself up. we have somewhere else to go.” I did, and we walked out of the store with his arm around my waist. It was holding up my skirt showing my cum soaked ass and panties as we walked out.

Just as we got to the van, a guy approached us and Jeremy said, “For 20 bucks you can fuck her over the hood of the car.” He handed Jeremy the money, bent me over the hood of his car and fucked me. He had a really nice, thick 7 inch cock, but he only lasted about a minute and eskişehir escort a half before he came a copious load in me. As it dripped out, Jeremy took more photos.

We got into the car and Jeremy said, “You are a little slut. Want more?” I nodded my head and said, “Yes, Master.” He said, “Suck my cock again, slut.” I was down on my knees unzipping him before he finished the sentence.

As I sucked his dick, we drove. I must have been swallowing his cock whole as often as I could a minute for about twenty minutes when the van pulled up and stopped. He said, “Come on up and see where we are, slut.” I did, and we were in a rest stop along the highway. There were about 30 trucks in there with us.

He said, “I’ll bet you can suck ten dicks here in a half hour. If you can, I give you a ride home. If not, you figure it out for your self.”

He reached across me, opened the door, and said, “Get going. It’s thirty minutes starting…. now.”

I practically ran to the first truck. The guy opened the window as I approached and I said, “Please let me suck your cock.” He opened the door and I climbed up into the cab and blew him. He was small and uncut and he came in about two minutes.

I jumped out of the truck and ran out in front of about 5 other trucks and pulled up my skirt and stuck my fingers in my mouth giving them a mock blowjob. Two of the trucks flashed their lights and I walked quickly over to the first one and motioned to the driver to come down. I got down on my knees and blew his big 8″ black cock until he came in my mouth. I enjoyed swallowing the whole load right their on the pavement.

While I was doing that, the other guy who flashed his lights had come up and watched. As soon as I gulped down the cum from the first guy, he had his cock in my mouth and was grabbing my head and fucking it. He came in about 3 minutes and zipped up and went back to his truck. Three down and 7 to go with about 22 minutes left.

I did the same thing in front of the next row of trucks and three guys came up. I did all three of them at once. I blew two while the third fucked me. At this point, the word must have gotten out over CB’s or something, because a line formed between two trucks where no one could see except the men in the line. As I was being pummeled at both ends, I saw at least 10 more guys in line waiting to do me. All this time Jeremy was watching, taking photos and enjoying himself immensely. He repeatedly cheered me on and said things like, “You are doing great, baby. Keep it up.”

I did every guy in the line, and after all were done, Jeremy had me posing for more pictures showing all of the cum all over my face and hair, and flowing from my stretched and now raw boi kunt. In the space of about 40 minutes, I blew 12 guys and was fucked 4 times.

Jeremy said, “I’m proud of you baby. Good job. Now let’s get you home.” We drove back to my place, and when we got back into my apartment he sat down and told me to get him a beer. When I returned with it, he said “You’re ready now gurl. Next weekend you are going to make some money. Be ready Friday night and pack for the whole weekend.”

Just then, he pulled me toward him and kissed me. Then he bent me over the the arm of the couch and rammed the beer bottle in and out of my kunt and made me beg him to be fucked before he left. I did. Then he did. He ravaged me for twenty minutes until he filled me with his warm seed again, and then he zipped up and left me, bent over the couch and moaning in pleasure. I stayed that way moaning loudly for ten minutes or so, and suddenly I noticed the door was still open, and the guy from downstairs I blew a couple of weeks before was standing there jerking off. I said, “come on over and fuck me on the house, sweetie.” He did.

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