About Her Limits

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I reach around her soft, supple tummy. We’re watching an old sci-fi TV show we got out of the library earlier on this great damn spring day. Now lying on her bedroom futon curled up and half-watching some story about a scientist who thinks he can communicate with another world, perhaps the afterlife, but it will take the power of a whole metropolis.– But just as they’re about to do the experiment, the psychic, who the scientist earlier showed to be a fraud, comes in with the same intention in exposing the scientist. I say we were half-watching because we were also subtly half rubbing up against each other, our minds in our own other world.

I kiss the back of her neck, through her flowing hair. She smells beautiful, like only she can smell. My hand slides. Maybe it’s the heat of the night coming through the window like a summer spirit, but she pushes into my hand hard like her loveliest parts are gasping for air and my stiff open palm slides down to the front of her panties.

“Do not attempt to adjust your underwear. We are controlling your friction,” I say. My hard cock is pushed up against the inside of my pants, against her 80’s-looking bright colored athletic shorts with the white stripes, pulsing on the curvy split of her ass. She is heated beneath the stretchy moist cross-hatched fabric of her some-%-polyester panties and I start to just say hello to her friendly crotch. She cranes her neck back to kiss my lips and we roll together for a while like an undulating sea.

The TV is making it’s closing statements, saying about how man tampers in God’s domain or something like that, I’m not listening, and she turns to reach for the remote and switches it to her CD player with some fitting music.

Now we are into it. Time to open ‘er up, as they say with man’s other favorite vehicles.

She and I, whatever else we are, are ‘built’ for this. You can have a relationship with a girl that lasts a week and remember the sex for the rest of your life. Or have a girl that years later you think “what was I thinking?”and still, ho-ly crap, that was some sweet time. As they say, there’s no accounting for taste. And that’s essentially what “chemistry”… biology, is… Nature’s tastes.

The music is throbbing, giving the room a new kind of light.

She turns back around and looks at me like a sinner and a saint. Then looks down at her chest, the button-up dress shirt she can see down from her vantage point. A look like, “oh, did you want this?”

I look into her eyes and a fire flares up in me. She has my attention.

She begins unbuttoning her shirt, each button being pulled away like a fire spreading down her shirt revealing the silky, purple, ample globes beneath.

I pull down the purple bra and begin licking her exposed puffy nipples. She raises her upper body toward me, my hands go behind her back and her chest is like a wealth of girl, bountiful busom? I believe is the term, like a stack of womanly power, she fills my face. She is reaching around to unclasp the bra while I go for her pants. Then while she reclines on the futon, propped up on the large Cebeci Escort plush pillows, looking as tempting as a wine that can ask you to drink it…, I move to kneeling, with a good view of her sumptuously waiting, as I pull my t-shirt over my head and undo my belt by the side of the futon. “C’mere.” She says. Aw, man.

I am above her and her hand is on the back of my head, touching my hair. I kiss her passionately, sucking on her tongue, her neck, kissing her ear. I nibble at her breasts and wet them with my tongue. Play with them. Push them together and nob the nipples with my sensuous fingers. All the while the friction is still there, wherever our bodies can find it. We put our perty bits together as often as we can but a leg or a knee works just as well for friendly leverage.

The philosopher Nietzsche says people secretly hate the human body and thus life because they can no longer ‘create beyond themselves.’ He says in his writings, people “must go under”. That our self really wants to go under. Personally, I think he is talking about going down on people.

I came to the Lord’s table. One calf thrown over either shoulder and my hands up close curved up around her perfect fleshy ass. Pretty much my favorite place to be. I gave her wonderment some warming up, though she was well wet by then. Munching rug is one of my favorite activities (unshaved or shaved is fine by me). I love women and I love to please women, and I’ve studied. Of course it’s an art, and like all great arts there are some elements they say can’t be taught. But doing a little reading never hurt anybody. I stuck out my moist tongue and lowered it down to just above her asshole, then licked my way all over her stopping just below her clit. I did this a few times to get us working together. The rubbing the inside of her thighs I started moving my tongue in cicles around the lips near her hole, savoring her pussy juices and loving the feel of her labia in my mouth, then, I slowly send my tongue through her walls into the moist cavern of her pussy. In and out for a while, just like a wet thick visitor for her insides. I squeeze her ass and also play with her tits and keep working, and I can tell she’s liking it. So I move up to the top of her pussy and start licking around her clit, just ever so softly at first, and her butt tightens with her knees locked outward and I start to lick up and down the whole slit, up and down, while circling when I get to the top and slowly touching the clit with my moist tongue. She moans and I reach to her arms and place them over her breasts, then cup my hands on hers. My hands also rub up her sides which she likes a lot, the part just above her ass and her ass.

I start sucking on her clit because she’s moaning for me. “Put your finger inside me,” she says. And quickly I stick my right pointer finger in my mouth and get it wet with my spit and then slide it in her and then I’m back on top of her humming skirt-paraphenalia. She is rocking her hips into my face so I take my other hand and start giving her more stimulation around Kolej Escort her clit by pressing her lips and sucking on her rocket socket. She is so wet she is dripping and her smell is like a warning that I must stick my dick in something or I will burst. I keep finger fucking her and I want to stick a finger in her ass, but I can’t. She won’t let me do that. God, and I’ve tried. I have to convince her tonight to let me stick it in her ass! With an ass like that the Pope would give us his blessing in front of St. Jude and all the choirs of angels: Yes, Sir! Stick that fucking dick in her ass! She is so beautiful when she’s hot and she is bucking her hips in my face and now I’m just basically rubbing my nose in her junk and licking and licking for the life of me like I’m drinking the nectar of the Gods with the thirst of a Titan. There is a hot shot gasp like lightning and then she starts the shuddering thunder, convulsing against me, holding my head in her crotch and writhing. She gives a squeaky moan and I feel like I have done the job and now how about another round after some deliberation talks. She lies back on the bed and I think, this just might work.

“You’re wonderful,” she coos to me as I curl up next to her. “I owe you one.”

“Anytime, sweetheart.”

“So, whad’ya wanna do now?”

“I was thinking of trying something new.”

She looks curious. “Oh yeah?” Sits up. “Like what?”

“I can’t stand your ass.”

She looks already put out. “What’s wrong with my ass?”

“Absolutely nothing.”


I grabbed her tight bubble butt. Cupped it. Showed my love for it, practically got down on one knee. “I need this ass, baby.”

She smiled. “If I can’t stick my dick in that I think it might fall off.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“It’s not… right.”

“What’s wrong with anal?”

“I can’t do it. I’ve always had a problem with it.”

“That’s so wrong. That’s like Wilt Chamberlain having a problem with basketball.”

She laughed. “You are so earnest.”

“Damn straight.”

“It’s… it’s like, improper.”

“So what? Since when have you cared about what was proper?”

“No, I mean like… I can’t explain it.”

I struggled not to simply say jokingly, “you’re weird.”

“Can you explain what you mean?” I asked. I mean, I could think something up that made some sort of sense, but I wanted to hear what she was thinking, it was her ass.

“I guess not. I just think of bad things.”

“Well. I love you. And I love all parts of you. And I love your ass very much. I promise I would never let anything bad happen to it. I promise to love it any way you want me to love it.”

“Any way?”

“I said so.”

“Then I’ll think about it.”

“How’s your ass doing now?” I said, in a friendly way. “Did I hurt its feelings? Can I kiss it and make it better?”

She turns towards me and looks me in the eyes.

“If you really want to.”

“I do,” I say, feeling a flicker of primal innocence inside me like fear.

She Rus Escort has the sheet over her. I duck under it and place myself in a prime position to face her glorious ass. I peel down those purple panties like unwrapping some strange fruit and roll them down her ivory column legs. For some reason I think of the phrase ‘surf’s up’. I kiss her right cheek. I kiss her left cheek. I pull them apart and lick the top of her crack. She wriggles in delight. Oh, baby.

I pull the sheet down so it is just over my legs and she is glowing in the dark there above me, in front of me. I motion to turn her onto her stomach and then pull her butt a little upwards so that she arches it into the air and I can get at her holes doggy style.

I’m in heaven. I lick her up and down and center in on that pert little bud of an anus. Lick around it and then spread her cheeks and get her rim nice and wet so I can slide my tongue around it. She’s loving it. She’s acting different than she has all the other times I’ve eaten her out, pussy instead of ass. I stick one lubed up finger in there and probe it in and out, feeling her hole. It feels so good inside there. Her pitt is so tight I want to take her right then but I know I have to ease her into it so she will enjoy it as much as I’m going to. I give her two fingers and slowly, as she opens herself for me, give her another, and open her hole wider, moving the fingers around inside her. Stretching the span of her virgin tube. I’m sticking my fourth finger in and biting her round cheek when she says, “oh, put it in… put it in…” and I happily oblige.

I strain to slide just the head in first and her ass gives and then clenches around it like it is tasting it and not sure if it is ready to swallow. I feel the hard rim of her tight ass around the ring of the head of my cock. “Ohhh….” She’s moaning, rubbing her wet pussy. I can hear her hand working her whole “monologue-material”. “Push it in,” she says.

I slide it in deeper and feel the inside of her tract clenching and her body moving now, pushing against me as we move in rhythms. We slowly work it in, and then out, and in again deeper this time and out and she is rubbing her pussy furiously. I squirt a ton of lube onto my cock as it slides out and move it around my thick circumference and then feed it back into the dynamo, giving her a little rub under the hump for good luck, pumping now. She pushes her head into the pillow for a moment, moaning, and then gets up on all fours like she has just done pushups and her ass is stolid against my hammering rod. I push it into her ample ass as her bouncing butt cheeks crack against my thighs. Swap, Swap, Swap. This girl is amazing, I think. I’m gonna ride this chick forever. She leans back then we’re both half-kneeling kind of humping together and trying to kiss as we rock. I feel myself push deep into her ass and I feel a surge and then shoot my thick load inside her and she starts wriggling all around me and spreading and unspreading her legs and falls back on top of me and I let her sit on it as we both come together.

We rest for a moment.

“That… was fun,” she says, exhausted and just lying on top of me now, her head on my chest.

“I agree,” I say.

We smoke a cigarette and then she gets up to go to the bathroom.

“Do me a favor,” I say.

“What?” she asks.

“Will you write down a note for me?

I owe St. Jude a booty call.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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