Accidental Anal

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A sequel to “Accidental DP”…

We still had a few quickies and I enjoyed a blowjob at least once a week, but in the two months since my wife had collected our two cocks in her pussy at the same time, another double pussy penetration was all I could think about. Since then whenever the three of us got together — me, Mike, and my voluptuous and sex-craved better half — that was how we wound up. Sometimes it started with me under her, sometimes with Mike, but we always finished with her sandwiched between us, ass up and our cocks rubbing together inside her.

It seems like everything that we did that included Mike broke new ground in what I considered a “normal” sex life. I never would have thought that I had a thing for men, but when his cock literally fell into my mouth out of my wife’s sloppy cunt I was forced to reexamine my drives. Since then I’d had Mike’s hot cum in my throat too many times to count, and he’d finished me at least a couple of times. It was always a part of our threesome play, so I could still rationalize that I wasn’t gay, just … open.

Plus, I seriously craved pussy. This one gal’s in particular, who I happened to be married to.

Our latest thing, though, was all I could fantasize about. My wet cock sliding up and down alongside his, our balls rubbing together while we both jizzed inside my wife’s wet pussy, even staying put while we both eventually went soft and were squeezed out, panting and spent … well, it’s not too much too say that my bisexual side had awoken.

One line we hadn’t crossed was a pussy-anal double penetration. Even though I wouldn’t have as much contact with Mike the thought of it instantly made me hard. Maybe it was just the forbidden fruit aspect. My wife was adamantly opposed, even though she was quick to admit that she loved some rim job action, and sneaking a finger in was a good way to make her finish fast when she was on top. It seemed like our normal double-in-her-pussy position was the most likely of all for her to be experimental enough to try it. I wasn’t about to force her into anything, but I was also not going to stop trying my luck!

I was watching them sixty-nine on our big king bed. She was on top, taking him deep into her throat while she ground herself on his open mouth. I was standing at the foot of the bed, waiting for my cue to join in. I was keeping myself hard, and realized that I was stroking myself and mainly looking at Mike’s balls.

My wife sat up, straddling Mike’s face. She reached to the side for the bottle of KY. We’d discovered that the more lubed up we all were the better time we’d all have stuffing two hard ones into her pussy. She squeezed a giant glob of lube onto his cock and started stroking him. He was magnificently erect. Veiny and shining with lube. She sat up and rubbed the leftover KY onto her tits, still grinding on Mike’s face.

I acıbadem escort couldn’t restrain myself any longer. I leaned over and took over stroking Mike. One hand was jacking him, the other was cradling his heavy balls. I looked up and saw my wife looking at me, a wry smile on her face. She mouthed “suck it.”

Instead, I got the KY and dropped even more onto his junk. I knew the stuff was tasteless, but I didn’t really savor the idea of a mouthful of the stuff. I took my time rubbing it into Mike’s cock then looked up to see her looking up to the ceiling, lost in her first orgasm of the night.

After she came down, she turned around a little awkwardly and fed her breasts to Mike’s soaked face. She slid her pussy down his torso as he held her tits up and squeezed her hard nipples. I held his cock in place as she arrived at his pelvis, guiding it into her soaked lips. She enveloped him without slowing and continued sliding down until he bottomed out and her lips stretched around the base of his cock.

I backed off to watch them fuck. She was amazing, as usual, undulating on top of him. She slid his length in and out of her effortlessly, he was so slick with lube and her juices. They slipped into a comfortable rhythm, and at the edge of my thought I wondered if either of them still cared that I was behind them.

She screwed him for a long time. I had a ringside seat, my gaze drawn equally between her ass and his heavy balls. Finally they slowed. I saw her asshole contract and knew she was clenching him in a Kegel. I imagined what it might feel like to be buried deep in her asshole while she was squeezing like that. She was no longer humping him, instead still and squeezing him mercilessly with her pussy. Her sphincter contracted and relaxed, contracted and relaxed, as she massaged him from within. I found myself mesmerized by his balls, which seemed to rise and fall in time with her contractions. He must have been tensing as well to grow inside her as she clamped down on him. Absently I wondered why that had never occurred to me. As I watched and daydreamed I saw his balls contract into hard knobs. He was about to cum inside her. I sure didn’t blame him.

“Hey,” she said, craning her neck back and around to see me. “We’re ready for you, lover. You!” She smacked Mike on the arm to interrupt his climax. “Wait for us!”

I was caught a little off-guard. I fully expected them to finish together and one of them to take care of me later. I scrambled up onto the bed and perched on my knees behind her. I don’t know if it was due to my daydreaming or the fact that they’d been lost in each other for ten minutes or so, but I was only about half erect. I took my cock in my hand and rubbed the head around their joined sexes to get it good and lubed, stroking it to try to regain my hard on.

Experimentally I rubbed atalar escort the head of my cock around her tight asshole. To my surprise she let out a little moan and arched he back up to meet me. Was this going to be the night? I rubbed around between the pool of lube and cream to her asshole and back, trying like hell to get hard before her permissive mood shifted. Finally I squeezed my cock in my fist and mashed the head against her daisy. She relaxed and moaned again, and I positioned my head right at the door to her forbidden room.

I released my cock and grabbed her hips. I slowly pressed forward, knowing better than to go too quickly. My half-hard cock wasn’t up to the task. I could have penetrated her slick pussy just fine, but her ass was too tight. As I thrust in toward her I slipped out and wound up only humping her ass crack.

“I’m sorry guys. I guess I need a minute.” I cursed under my breath, sure that my chance at anal had slipped away.

“Don’t worry about it!” my wife said immediately. “We’ll get you back into fighting shape.” She’d always been super generous whenever I had trouble maintaining.

She slid up and off of Mike, who couldn’t help a frustrated humph. Soon enough, though, she swung a leg over and buried his face again with her wet pussy. His protests were muted, or at least muffled.

“Now, come on up here,” she said.

I stood on the bed, straddling Mike, and shuffled up to her. She licked the length of my cock then turned at the base and slid her tongue underneath to lick my balls. Holding me with one hand, she reached under with the other and massaged spit and lube into my balls. She held me firmly and fucked me with her open mouth, tongue lolling out. Soon I was fully erect again and she was going down hard, knocking my head into her throat.

She’d started humping Mike’s face again, her back arching so that I could see her ass wiggle as she ground into his open mouth and nose. Her mouth was wide open and my cock and balls were soaked with our juices. She reached up again with a free hand and rubbed it around my balls until they were slick and shiny. Then she snaked one long finger under my balls to my perineum, wetly stroking until her fingertip reached my hole. She must have felt me swell in her mouth, because she then pulled back off of me and pushed down on my hips. I got the hint and fell to my knees, still straddling Mike.

“I want to cum like this,” she said. She leaned over so that Mike had better access to her clit and took me back into her wet mouth. From the sound of it she was getting pretty sloppy on his face. His moan told us that he didn’t mind much at all.

I was on my knees astride Mike, but the angle was wrong. She could only just get the tip in to suck. She pushed me gently and I sat down on my haunches. I could feel my balls rubbing on his hard cock. aydınlı escort His moans redoubled as she took me deep into her mouth once again. I started fucking her face, thrusting deep into her throat as I slid my cock and balls over Mike’s slimy cock. I felt him jerk and swell under me as I rubbed him off.

I held her head in my hands and fucked her hard. The feeling of my balls on Mike’s cock had me on the edge when suddenly on a forward thrust I slipped off of him and his cock sprang up, on the verge of orgasm as well. On the way back out of my wife’s throat I felt a pressure on my taint, then on my asshole, and I was pinned between her throat and his hard cock.

Looking back now, I know I had a choice. I could have let out a “oops!” bounced off of his cock and pushed back into her throat, where I know I would have immediately emptied my balls into her.

But that’s not what I did. I very deliberately slowed and relaxed, then sat back onto Mike’s firmness. I held her hair in both fists as I settled back, keeping her mouth on me as she was lost in her own ecstasy. I felt a terrible pulling, then a pressure followed by an intense burning. The pain swept my pending orgasm away and I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand it another second. Then all at once the burning and pressure melted away as I passed the tipping point and he entered me fully.

That was the moment my sex life changed for good.

There was a beautiful fullness, and heat radiated from my crotch and up my spine. I saw stars and felt my cock swell to fill her throat. I pulled up slightly, then sat back down on Mike’s cock and literally exploded cum into my wife’s open mouth. She was just coming back down from hers and choked in surprise, half at the speed of my transition and half at the volume as the pressure emptied my prostate. I shot stream after stream into her mouth and throat, and just as I thought I was finished I felt Mike pulse and swell. Another wonderful warmth and wetness filled me, and my climax was prolonged until I was sure I was about to go mad.

My wife pulled off of me and looked curiously at my cock. It danced and pulsed, still spurting the milky remains of my balls and prostate. It was a totally new feeling for me, continuing my orgasm but with no contact with my glans or shaft. Mike was filling me up, and in turn forcing me to a level of pleasure that I had no idea existed.

Finally he finished and I went flaccid almost immediately. The spell was broken, and now it was all just awkward. I pulled up off of him as my wife fell off of his face to one side. She started laughing, almost hysterically. Mike looked at me, an unspoken question on his face.

“Fuck you both,” I said. “That was amazing.”

It was Mike’s turn to laugh. “Yeah,” he chuckled. “It was.”

Then suddenly my wife was draped on me, kissing me with cummy lips.

“You’d better not leave me for him, you jerk,” she said when she broke the kiss.

“I promise only to let him fuck me when your mouth is on my cock. How’s that?”

“I call that a good start,” she said, and bent down to share my cum with Mike too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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