Accidents Will Happen!

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Ava Sparxxx

“I told you we should have taken a taxi,” Mark said to his wife, Sally as they surveyed the damage to the front of their car.

“Oh come on Mark! I may have had a few drinks tonight, but I’m not that drunk.”

Mark sighed. Sally always seemed to get her own way in the end. He had not been happy about her driving them home from the party that night. However much she claimed that she was not drunk, he knew that she had consumed several glasses of wine and was now slurring her words slightly. The argument had continued in the car, and almost to prove a point, Sally had driven faster than usual, the tyres squealing on this deserted mountain road. Deserted that is, until another vehicle pulled out in front of them. It all seemed to happen so fast. There was a flash of headlights, a loud crash and suddenly they had impacted the side of the other car. As he and his pretty wife inspected the damage to their own vehicle, Mark sighed again as he watched a tall, good looking man climb from the other damaged car and walk towards them.

“Real sorry bout that, guys” he drawled, sidling up to them. “Just didn’t see you as I pulled out.”

Before Mark had a chance to reply, Sally interrupted.

“Damn right you’re sorry!” She spat vehemently, the alcohol effecting her voice. “Look at the damage to my car. You must be blind or something!”

The stranger had expected a reaction, but was surprised when he immediately noticed that she seemed to be under the influence of strong drink.

“Well, you seemed to have had a bit of a drink tonight, I think.” His attitude changed from that of apology, as he challenged her.

“So what if I have?”

“Well, it’s against the law I’m afraid, sweetheart!”

“What, so you’re a cop now are you?” said Sally sarcastically.

“No, but now I’m thinking it would be a good idea to call one!”

Mark interrupted the argument as he saw his wife’s face turn white.

“Now, hold on there, man. Surely we don’t need to get the cops involved, I’m sure we can sort this out between ourselves?” he looked inquiringly at the tall stranger.

“What do you suggest?”

“Well,” Mark continued. “What if we each pay for the damage to our own cars, and forget the whole thing happened?”

The stranger laughed. A deep hollow sound emitting from his lips.

“Hmmm. I don’t know about that now. Seems to me, the little lady was driving a bit too fast. And also drinking?” He shook his head slowly from side to side in mock disapproval. “I think you may have to do a little better than that, if you don’t want me to call the cops!”

“OK. So how much do you want?”

The stranger laughed again. Mark had become aware that the man had been staring directly at Sally throughout the discussion, and it had made him slightly uneasy.

“Do I look like I need your money? No, I was thinking of an entirely different form of payment!”

Once again, Mark followed the strangers eyes as they centred on his wife. Sally was propping herself up against their damaged car for support. She was obviously feeling a little dizzy now, and looked relieved that Mark appeared to be dealing with the situation.

Mark looked back at the strangers smirking face and realised what he had in mind.

“You cannot be serious!” He blurted out. “No. No way!”

“OK. Fine” the man said as he pulled his cell phone from his inside pocket. “I’ll just make that call to the cops then!”

Mark interrupted before he had chance to dial. “OK…OK…Wait a second, let me speak to my wife.”

Mark walked the short distance to where Sally was swaying gently, propped against the car. He began to explain the situation as she listened, drunkenly.

“What! bağdatcaddesi escort You mean to say I got to blow this guy, or he calls the cops?”

“That’s about it, honey” Mark replied. “Come on. We’ve done this before. I’ll be there all the time to make sure nothing goes wrong, then we can go home and forget the whole incident.”

Mark felt a familiar twinge of excitement build in his loins as his petite wife lowered her eyes and slowly nodded her head in agreement.

It was true, they had done this many times before, but never in such strange circumstances. Over the past couple of years, Mark had become accustomed to watching Sally blow other men (and the occasional girl!) as he watched from a safe distance. Visions of her long brown hair cascading down her back as she took an assortment of erections into her mouth and the thoughts of calloused hands of hard working labourers and construction workers contrasting with the pale, creamy flesh of his wife’s breasts, danced before his eyes. They had both found this extension to their sex life extremely fulfilling, but this current situation almost seemed forced, coerced somehow, and he for one, found it even more exciting. As he walked back towards the stranger to complete the negotiations, he tried to control his excited breathing.

“OK. Sally’s up for it. Where do you want to do it?”

“Hmmm. Your car, I think.” The stranger replied almost casually.

Mark sat in the front seat as the other man opened the back door, and taking Sally by the hand led her into the rear of the vehicle.

As Sally’s hand went almost automatically towards the mans crotch, he stopped her with a wicked smile on his lips.

“Oh no.” He said. “I think my silence is worth more than a quick blow-job!”

“Now, just wait a min…..” Mark started, but the other man cut him off.

“No. You wait a minute. I’m in control here. You will both do as I say, or I make that call. Do you both understand?”

Mark and Sally both nodded their agreement.

“Good. Now lets get a better look at those tits that I’ve been looking at for the last twenty minutes!”

Due to the fairly cramped space in the back of the car and also the fact that she was a little drunk, Sally fumbled for several seconds with the buttons of her blouse. Eventually the last button was unfastened and she reached behind her and loosed the white silk bra. As it fell away, both men seemed to gasp. Although Mark had obviously seen her ample charms before, he never tired of the excitement of a third party seeing them for the first time. The stranger stared at the creamy, white globes that sloped gracefully downwards. Quite firm with very little sag and capped with long, rose pink nipples. Immediately the mans hands went out and cupped the large orbs. Sally moaned slightly as his strong fingers found her nipples and started to squeeze gently, becoming slightly more aggressive as he was inspired by her verbal encouragement. Her nipples began to grow under his touch as he manipulated them between his fingers, rolling them sensuously and pulling them away from her breasts.

Leaving one hand to tease her breast, the man let his other hand fall to her thigh and slide under her short pleated skirt. Sally moaned louder as the hand began to drift higher under her skirt, tracing patterns across her naked thigh with long, well manicured fingernails until they reached the fabric of her tiny bikini panties. She gasped out loud as she felt the hand slide into the elastic waistband and then journey downwards towards her soft, smooth pussy.

As the man slid his finger along the slick folds of her vaginal lips he spoke briefly to Mark.

“Mmmmmmm… beykoz escort did you know I love shaved pussy!” And this bitch is already wet for it, man!”

“Oh god, yes!” gasped Sally as she heard his voice and felt his finger sing deep into her hairless pussy. “Fuck me with your finger….mmmmmm……I’m gonna cum… soon… please… more… faster… yes… yes… YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.”

The man’s fingers pounded into her wet hole as she convulsed into orgasm. As her juices flooded down onto his hand, he quickly shoved another digit into her pussy, and slid a further wet finger down lower and penetrated her tight nether hole. Sally screamed out loud as she felt the warm, wet finger slide easily into her butt. Her body shook again as she crashed into another deep, satisfying orgasm.

As her climax eventually subsided, Sally felt the stranger withdraw his fingers. With some surprise, she heard herself moan in protest as the finger was withdrawn from her tight ass. She had been fingered there before, of course, and once or twice been fucked in that smallest of holes, but the excitement she had experienced as he drove his digit deep into her as she came was, frankly, sensational. She knew that she wanted more.

For now though, the stranger seemed to have other ideas. Quickly unzipping himself, he put his hand into his underwear and pulled out a monster cock. Both Sally and Mark looked at it in awe. It must have measured at least eight inches and was not even fully erect yet.

Motioning to Mark, the man spoke in a calm, casual voice.

“Your turn now, buddy! Lean over the seat and take me in your mouth. Get me nice and hard!”

Mark hesitated in shocked surprise. This was new. He had never harboured any kind of homosexual fantasies before. The idea had never disgusted him, it was just that the situation had never presented itself before. However, here he was now, with a very large penis being waved in his face and being ordered to suck on it! He knew the consequences should he decide not to comply. He could not do that to Sally, this would be her second drunk driving charge and it was likely that this time she would do some jail time.

Taking a deep breath and closing his eyes, Mark leant over the seat. His hand touched it first. It felt warm and strong. As his fingers circled the thick shaft he felt it twitch beneath his touch and swell a little. Guiding the large organ towards his mouth, he tried to remember how his wife had always done this to him, how she had always brought him pleasure. Closing his lips around the huge, mushroom shaped head, he let his hand drift down to the mans large, hairy balls and cupped them gently. He let his tongue swirl around the sensitive underside, licking up and down the long hardening shaft. He concluded that the taste was not at all bad. The stranger was obviously very particular about his personal hygiene, and Mark, beginning to enjoy the textured sensation, opened his eyes. As he began to bob his head up and down, slowly stoking the now solid shaft, he could see Sally, sprawled face down on the seat next to the other man.

The stranger had a big smile on his face. He was reveling in the sensation of an extremely good blow-job, whilst methodically sinking one finger into sally’s soaked vagina and another into her equally wet asshole. For her part, Sally was moaning and sighing almost continuously, as she held her buttocks wide open with both hands so as to allow the mans fingers deeper access.

“That’ll do for now.” he ordered, pushing Marks head away from his erect penis. “Time to take a piece of your wife’s pretty little ass!”

Mark, almost reluctantly, let the hard caddebostan escort cock slip from his lips as he continued to watch. With Sally still sprawled face down and holding her ass cheeks apart, it was a fairly simple manoeuvre for the man to remove his fingers and climb on top of her.

“!…please don’t stop!” cried Sally as she felt the emptiness that the withdrawal of his fingers left.

“Don’t ya worry, pretty lady.” the man drawled salaciously. “I’m gonna fill you up again real soon!”

Sitting astride Sally’s upper thighs, her smooth round ass was staring straight up at him. The pert, round globes were perfect as she held them open for him and the tiny star shaped hole looked slick and inviting. From his position, Mark could see that the man was in a clear state of excitement. His massive cock was throbbing wildly as he held it firmly in his hand and bent it down towards Sally’s impossibly tight hole. Sally was still moaning loudly, but was now also trying to push her hips back towards the strangers cock attempting to combat the empty feeling that she had in her ass.

She did not have long to wait. With a deep groan, he began to push his enormous meat down and into her butt. Mark marveled at the sight. To start with he thought that it would be impossible to fit such a large penis inside such a small orifice, but he was delighted, and a little surprised to see his wife’s asshole visibly widen and stretch as the invading weapon was firmly thrust into her. Her head was buried in the leather of the rear seat, stifling her screams of passion and pain as the stranger pushed his cock past her anal muscle and sank in to the hilt.

Realising that he had vanquished the petite woman beneath him, the stranger smiled to himself and began to forcefully thrust himself again and again into her bottom. Mercilessly he ploughed into her, rapidly building up the pace until his performance was little more than a blur of speed. The faster he fucked her ass, the louder Sally cried out for more.

As he watched her hips bounce up to meet the pistoning weapon, Mark saw her hand slide under her body and back towards her abused vagina and hard, swollen clitoris. He knew that she was masturbating towards yet another orgasm as another man fucker her hard in the ass.

From the ferocity of their coupling, it was obvious that neither would be able to hold back for very long. Mark could see beads of sweat forming across the strangers brow as he gritted his teeth and with a grunt pulled his huge erection from Sally’s asshole. As Sally continued to furiously rub her clit, the man pulled twice on his shaft and released a massive quantity of warm sticky cum. His seed splashed obscenely on to her animated buttocks as she herself shook violently as the orgasm lurched through her petite frame. For several more seconds, Mark looked on as his wife and the stranger continued to convulse in ecstasy. Sally looked a complete slut. Her usually tight little asshole appeared violated and yawned lewdly; agape for all to see, with thick white semen running in small meandering streams over the abused hole and down the inside of her quivering thighs.

Pulling up his jeans, the stranger spoke.

“Well, I think you have adequately paid for the damage to my car. Don’t forget though, I have all your details, which means I know where you live and your phone number etc. It’s entirely possible that when I inspect the damage further, I may have to demand a further compensation payment from you both! I’ll keep in touch!”

Mark tried to find the words, but felt himself rendered speechless at the audacity of the man! Still, he thought as he looked into his wife’s pretty eyes, accidents will happen!

– The End –

* * * * *

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