Across the Rooftops Ch. 05

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Ava Addams

It had been a good lunch the next Saturday up on Ed’s roof with both Ed and his wife, Xylophia. Plentiful cool beer to drink with the meal so it was not surprising, afterwards, when they had all settled down on the loungers with coffee by their side Ewan felt in need of closing his eyes. Beer and a good lunch, to say nothing of Mediterranean warmth does that!

Ewan had dropped off, naked on the roof top with a towel over his eyes. Well it had been a really good lunch!

He awoke with the towel he had draped over his eyes to reduce the brightness through his eyelids, still in position. He awoke in the very best way possible with his penis being sucked. He could feel it turgid and warm with the wet feel of a mouth holding him. Ed or Xylophia? He did not attempt to move the towel, did not attempt to see who it was. He was not worried. Brilliant if Xylophia had taken him into her mouth and was fellating him but if it was Ed, perhaps showing Xylophia, then he was not worried. They had sucked each other only a few days before. Ed was welcome to suck his cock anytime. Ewan was not going to get all funny over that.

The mouth lifted and then came down again – but was it the same mouth? Were Xylophia and Ed taking it in turns? Were they perhaps fucking as they did so? It was a rather nice idea, though perhaps a bit of a contortion (but he could not see). The lips, male or female, were doing the job well, sliding up and down his shaft as the tongue tickled. It was a lovely feeling – a lovely feeling to awake to and savour.

It occurred to him how nice it would be to tongue Xylophia whilst she was being fucked. His tongue not only on her soft, wet flesh and hard clitoris but catching Ed’s cock as it slid wet with Xylophia’s lubrication. Delightful to be so up close and personal to sexual intercourse – the sight, sound, smell, taste and feel of sexual intercourse, perhaps as his own cock was licked and suckled. A delicious intimacy with the female and male participants.

Again, the mouth removed and it, or another, came down again. He was going to have to look but just for the moment Ewan luxuriated in being naked, erect and having his penis attended to.

It had been very pleasing to be invited over for Sunday lunch. Ewan was a little surprised to be met at the door by Ed as naked as if it was one of their breakfast meetings. Even more so when it was clear he was expected to join suit. He was nervous as he climbed the stairs to the roof. He had seen Xylophia naked across the rooftops and she had seen him; moreover he had seen her engaged in sex with Ed and she had seen him ejaculate – but this was all so much closer.

Xylophia, though, was not naked. She was in a lemon summer dress: it was just Ed and he who were naked. Naked men, clothed woman. So strange to shake her hand like that. The touch of naked flesh to naked flesh with, very much, all of his flesh exposed. They had ate and drank like that and not once had Ed’s penis stirred or his own. A semi naturist lunch – nudity for the men – and not a hint of sexuality. At least not until he had awoken from his nap. It had been surprising, but he had accepted it.

The sudden change from merely being naked to being fellated was a surprise. He might, though, have been asleep for a time. Perhaps Xylophia had gone out and Ed felt like trying cock sucking again. Perhaps…

Ewan shook the towel from his head and opened his eyes to see his cock was, indeed, in… Ed’s mouth. Xylophia was close by, though, and smiling. Had she been sucking as well? He rather thought so.

Ed straightened himself, his lips leaving Ewan’s penis and Ewan could see that Ed’s own penis was at attention, just as erect as Ewan’s and how it so often was on their walks. And then Xylophia knelt, her bare knees on the concrete of the roof, her lemon dress spreading a little, her hand rising to hold her husband’s penis and, as Ewan watched, her lips came forward and he was watching fellation. Lovely to see her pretty, quite full lips, sliding up and down his friend’s shaft, sliding up so half the knob showed and then going down again. A pretty girl bobbing on a cock. Lovely to see, and as she leant forward Ewan could also see down the cleavage of her dress. He was being treated to a show. He was being allowed to be the voyeur but very, very close to the subject matter.

Ed turned to Ewan, “Would you like to watch us copulate – again?”

“Yes, please!” A private show. Seeing Xylophia naked and engaged in coitus and see his friend’s cock engaged not with himself but a woman was just his sort of thing.

Nice to see Ed’s fingers slipping into Xylophia’s dress and brassiere. Mobile, groping fingers within. It made Ewan’s penis throb with excitement. He sat up on the lounger.

Xylophia lifted Ed’s hand from her breast and rose, leaving Ed’s penis wet with her saliva. She smiled at Ewan, her eyes dropping to his standing penis, and reached behind her to undo buttons. It was clear the dress was coming off. But not quickly! There was no hurrying over the buttons. Wonderful Kıbrıs Escort to be there with his penis at attention looking at her beginning to undress, knowing she was undressing and see her looking back at him. So sexually exciting!

Xylophia reached and began lifting the lemon coloured dress up so more of her fine, smooth legs came into view, the gap between her legs at the hem getting narrower and narrower until, all of a sudden, it became clear that she was not wearing any knickers as a patch of curly hair half obscuring the slit beneath could be seen. Xylophia paused with the dress up over her head so she could not see – but Ewan could. He looked over at Ed who winked and nodded towards Ewan’s erection. It was a cue to stand and wank with Ed, play the voyeur as they had with the black holidaymakers; Ewan and Ed wanking together as they watched more and more of Xylophia slowly appear.

The whole lovely vee shaped patch of curls and then the tummy button. ‘Fap, fap, fap’ went Ewan with enthusiasm, the sound of his wanking distinct in the air. Perhaps Xylophia could hear inside the cotton of her dress and recognise the sound of a man with a foreskin wanking with enthusiasm. Perhaps it would give her a thrill!

As Xylophia’s head appeared, Ewan let go. He was quite content with Ed seeing him wank but rather embarrassed at the idea of Xylophia seeing him: though probably that was exactly what he would be meant to be doing whilst watching them copulate. She had, after all, seen him do that across the rooftops.

No knickers but a white brassiere. Xylophia reached behind her, undid it and let it fall forward. Lovely to see, Xylophia completely naked on the rooftop. Quite a feeling to be so close and be naked and erect to boot. So good to be standing there in the sunshine, feeling so sexually aroused, so hard and seeing his friend the same way and lovely, naked, Xylophia. Nice to see Ed go to her and see them embrace with Ed’s erection squashed between them. Ed encouraged her down onto a lounger and then gently parted her legs giving Ewan somewhat of a view – a view of female genitalia.

“Come over here, Ewan, come and let me show you something.”

Ewan walked over, conscious of Xylophia’s eyes on him, conscious she was watching his swaying vertical erection. It was lovely being above her like that, his erection proud. Had those pretty lips really sucked his cock?

Ed smiled and reached with his fingers, reached to and into Xylophia’s pudenda and parted her inner lips.

Ewan gasped. Perhaps it had been hidden, looking just like part of the folds of her labia but with the lips drawn to either side Xylophia’s clitoris stood revealed – and ‘stood’ was the word! It was penile, like a penis in miniature perhaps an inch long and quite thick.

“See Ewan, my wife’s little cock. It’s even got a rudimentary foreskin like you.”

And it had, a sort of ridge most of the way around near its smooth tip. But it was not a penis. Xylophia was not a hermaphrodite or anything like that. Ewan could see she simply had a rather developed or rather external clitoris. Her urethral opening was not at the tip of her clitoris but was, he could see, much further down in the usual place.

“It’s lovely isn’t it? So special. Perhaps it accounts for my interest in penises!” He leant forward, licked it and began to suckle gently on it, making his wife squirm.

“Lovely,” repeated Ewan – and it was. He too would like to suck, hold it in his mouth. The thought tremendously exciting, as was the whole experience. His cock felt very full, almost as if he could just come like that, suddenly releasing and spurting a great load of cum over his friends – by way of appreciation, demonstrating his considerable approval of what he was seeing. The thought of rubbing his penis against Xylophia’s little penis – her clitoris – so strong.

So nice standing there, his penis rigid, watching and seeing Xylophia’s eyes on his penis. Should he move around her and offer it to be sucked? It was perhaps best to wait to be invited. He did not know if she had actually sucked it already – merely thought she had – and, in any case, he was so close to cumming that it was, perhaps, not a very good idea. Xylophia might take exception to him coming in her mouth and, in any case, he would rather watch developments whilst aroused. Nice, though, just standing there naked and erect and having the woman look at his erection. A man likes to have his erection admired. He was certainly admiring hers!

Developments proved to be firstly Xylophia coming by oral means. It was lovely to just stand there and watch her face as she experienced le petit mort, her face betraying her pleasure. Her eyes screwed up and her mouth opening and closing. Ed at work between her thighs obscuring her wonderfully swollen clitoris but leaving the rest of her exposed to him. Ewan did not touch himself, just stood there with his erection as hard as anything.

Rising from between her thighs, Ed lay atop his wife readying himself for sexual Kıbrıs Escort Bayan intercourse. Ewan retreated to his chair and his lower position gave him a better view of the penetration, their spread legs permitting him to see the penis go in. It was a penis he was getting to be as familiar with as his own and it was really good, for once, seeing it not being worked but at work. Xylophia’s legs went up and her ankles locked over her husband’s back and they fucked. It was a grandstand view for Ewan and he could see everything. Two arseholes on display, the pistoning of the penis and Ed’s twin balls swinging, slap, slap, slap, against his wife as he thrust. It was lovely and Ewan wanked happily as he watched the display only feet away.

After a time the couple changed positions. It seemed to Ewan they were doing it for his benefit. The changeover slow and very clear. The withdrawal unhurried so the penis gradually appeared all wet and slippery; Xylophia turning and getting up on all fours and then Ed approaching her hands free, penis swaying; so exciting to see his knob touch the wrong hole as a deliberate suggestion of possible sodomy before the organ was slowly reinserted into Xylophia in the way of the animals.

And yet another change, with Xylophia riding reverse cowgirl as her eyes watched Ewan’s penis – watched him exercising it. Lovely to see Ed’s penis appearing and disappearing up and down at the join of her thighs as she moved just as if riding a horse. Ewan was close to coming. Should he just spurt there and then?

“May I see you both do your long penis thing, what do you call it? Dicking?”

It was sort of right. Almost the right word! It was, though, unexpected.

Xylophia rose, letting Ed’s penis fall back against his stomach. He had done well to do what he had without coming. Ewan could not imagine he would have lasted the course.

Xylophia sat back on a chair, legs rather apart letting Ewan see not only her rather swollen and wet pudenda but the wetness that had spread to the top of her thighs. Her clitoris was still delightfully big, indicating arousal. He would so like to suck that. Under her dark patch of hair her sex was open, he could see the place where Ed’s penis had so recently entered, it showed as a dark slit within the engorged pinkness of her sex. Very animal in appearance. Obvious that it was the very place to put penises and for sperm to be deposited to fertilise the woman. Ewan very much wanted to penetrate, his animal instinct, his urge to procreate as strong as his penis. Moreover, he really liked the idea of sharing a woman with his friend, first Ed’s penis going in and stroking, then his own and then Ed’s again. Working alternately, making the woman squirm in pleasure and orgasm as they held out, withdrawing without cumming, again and again.

But that was not what was going to happen. Ewan rather suspected it never would: that whilst Ed and Xylophia were permitting him some liberties, copulation was off limits – even shared copulation. However, Xylophia wanted to see them ‘dock’ and what might that bring in due course?

Playing with each other’s penis, touching penis to penis, even docking and cumming over each other had become somewhat normal for Ed and Ewan. Something, though, they did in private. Now, though, they were being watched.

Ewan let Ed do the deed. Xylophia smiled as they moved together and their knobs touched, end to end. Ewan could feel wetness – certainly Xylophia’s and very probably from Ed as well. Ed reached and gently retracted Ewan’s foreskin, rolling it back exposing his glans as much as Ed’s was exposed – and then he rolled it back. The long foreskin rolled easily up Ewan and, as they squashed their urethral openings together, the skin rolled on almost as if Ed’s knob was part of Ewan, on and over the corona and the very end of the foreskin nicely filling the indentation twixt corona and shaft. There they were, connected by a long fleshy hose. Xylphia clapped her hands.

“You, you cannot see the join!” She got up and knelt for a closer look. “It’s lovely, so long, so very long and with balls both ends. Funny though,” she laughed, “no use to women. Nothing to go into a woman!”

Ewan could feel her breath on his penis, could very much see her naked breasts – and very much feel Ed’s penis. It was all rather sexually exciting.

“I suppose,” she said, ” a woman could ride it, rub the long thing up and down between her legs, perhaps squeeze it tight.” Xylophia leant forward, even closer.

Ewan swallowed: was she, was she going to touch with her lips? The end of her tongue appeared out of her mouth but it went to Ed’s end of the thing. Ewan did not feel the touch of her tongue – at first but then she slid from Ed’s end, getting tantalising close to Ewan’s flesh. It was a slow movement up along his shaft but when she reached the swelling of Ed’s knob inside Ewan’s foreskin she did not stop and, wonderfully, the sensation transferred to Ewan’s skin as the wet, caressing tongue carried on until it Escort Kıbrıs met Ewan’s body.

“Long,” she said again and began sliding back.

Lovely for both men. Lovely to feel Xylophia sliding her tongue along their shared shaft from one set of balls to the other again and again. Xylophia leant back and looked at the now wet fleshy tube and reached and held both pairs of balls, one set in each hand.

“So sexy,” she said, “the way you are aimed at each other, the way you are joined.” She opened her mouth and holding her lips over her teeth ran her open mouth up and down the shaft. “I can only just feel the join with my tongue.”

For Ewan not having the girl suckling his sensitive knob was a disappointment – though she might well have done that earlier when his eyes were closed – he did not know – certainly he could now feel her mouth and tongue on his knob but only through his foreskin. On the other hand, it was a tremendously erotic experience and, no doubt, prolonged by the lesser stimulation. Ed too had his glans covered, very unusually for him by a foreskin.

Both enjoyed the wet tongue and mouth, both enjoyed it when she took to holding their pairs of balls in her mouth, first one pair and then the other. Lovely to feel them gently – so gently – being rolled by Xylophia’s tongue. It was so clear she was enjoying the unusual sexual organ.

Xylophia reached and held the central part of the long fleshy tube in her fist. The two knobs firmly held. “I have you,” she smiled and then began moving her fist right and left, sliding Ewan’s foreskin, back and forth over their sensitive glans. Side to side, slowly at first but then with increasing pace.

“Who is going to cum first? Which of you men. I am going to make you cum.”

It was difficult to hold back. This was wanking in earnest, wanking done by a pretty girl with the added feel of a smooth cock-head pushing at each other’s knob, the urethral openings pushed together and ‘kissing.’ A very wet and sloppy ‘kissing’ as both were no doubt exuding pre-cum – and Ed was already wet from Xylophia.. Ewan could feel Ed’s knob end sliding against his in anything but a dry way. It was like having a wet finger steadily rubbing across the very end of his penis.

“Xylophia, slow or we’ll cum,” Ed was gasping.

“That’s right, boys, do that.”

But it was not Ed who came first. Ewan could not hold back and he gasped as he felt his semen rising and pushing out from the end of his penis into the rather restricted space – a little like cumming in a condom!

“I can feel something,” said Xylophia,” and stopped her stroking and took her hand away. Around the join of the erections white fluid was oozing.

“Whose is that? Is it my husband’s or his friend – or both?” Her finger went to the semen and slicked some onto it and she popped her finger-tip in her mouth. Xylophia looked from one to the other looking so sexy with her finger in her mouth, gently sucking on it.

Ewan felt a last trickle of semen coming up his urethra.

“You’re not going to tell me are you? I wonder if there is more to come? Whose am I tasting?”

Ewan was sure she knew.

Her fist returned, and she worked it smoothly but vigorously back and forth. Not easy for Ewan to stand still with his now over sensitive glans being stimulated, the touch, touch, touch of Ed’s glans to the end of his knob almost unbearable but the sensation was reduced by the copious lubrication now under his foreskin. He did not have to endure for long. Seconds only. Ed had clearly been on the ‘knife-edge’ and very quickly Ewan felt the pulsing of semen against his knob.

“So,” said Xylophia taking her hand away and looking at the greater oozing of semen at the join, “only one of you had cum!” Again, her finger touched the sticky white fluid and she brought it to her mouth. “A blend!” Her English really was very good.

Her hand reached again, holding the men as their strength ebbed. Even when she removed her hands the two penises stayed together, Ewan’s foreskin holding its friend and not letting it fall.

She clapped her hands again when they pulled apart. Shaking her head as her husband’s knob pulled out from Ewan’s foreskin. “I liked that – very much. You must do that again another time. I like to see.”

Another week. A week partly in Athens and partly at home. One early morning with Ed coming around to his for coffee and another when they had just waved at each other across the rooftops, their penises erect as was their way. One evening they met for a late drink at a hotel bar and sat discussing the merits of a very pretty tourist girl standing at the bar talking to a young man, they took to be her boyfriend, and another young man. It was the shortness of her summer dress and the smoothness of her legs that had got to Ed and Ewan. The rising of such smooth bronzed thighs up into the hem of her dress at the point where there was, perhaps, not even a gap of two inches between her thighs. A perfect back view, her bottom moulded by the material and her legs just rising, up and up with the gap between them narrowing. Ed and Ewan had speculated on whether she was wearing panties – nice to imagine not – also on how much hair she had ‘down there,’ on labial shape and generally had discussed her not inconsiderable merits.

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