Adam and Kyle Ch. 01

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Hey everyone!

This is my first attempt at Part 1 of a potentially ROMANTIC story, so if you’re looking to get your rocks off quickly, this is not the story for you. For those of you who are interested in reading, I truly hope you enjoy it!



“I can do this…I know I can.”

Adam repeated this mantra continuously, hoping that he would convince himself that he would be able to get through it. He looked absolutely ridiculous; standing in front of a floral-framed mirror in the bathroom of his current girlfriend’s house. His thick brown hair was disheveled, his Levi’s dangerously unbuttoned, and his remaining sock had a hole in the toe.

He looked at himself in the mirror, and saw a bead of sweat threatening to fall on his bare chest that was rapidly rising and falling.

“I can do this,” he repeated once more, “what the hell is wrong with me?”

This was not the first time Adam encountered this problem. No more than a month ago did he have the exact same panic attack, albeit with another girl. No one could blame him; he was in fact what most teenaged girls called “the hottest fucking guy they’d ever seen”. With 19 years of age under his belt, his future looked extremely bright, in both the educational and aesthetical sense. At 6’3″, Adam pretty much towered over the remaining seniors at Thurgood High, except for the Varsity basketball players, but who knew what “physical enhancers” they were taking. But yes, he was your typical Casanova, except for one anomaly: he was still a virgin. With his piercing blue eyes, muscular, sturdy frame, varsity letter for wrestling, and an SAT score of 1460, he was many a high school girl’s wet dream, yet he hadn’t gone through with the dirty deed despite the countless offers. Whenever presented with the opportunity to have sex, Adam would break out into a cold sweat and run for the nearest door. Don’t get me wrong, he took full advantage of the countless blowjobs under the bleachers in the gym or in the backseat of his car, but when it came time to have actual sex, he fled.

“Babe, is everything okay?”

The overzealous muffled voice of his girlfriend, Melissa, snapped him out of his zombie-like state.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’ll be out in a second.”

Adam began to pace, constantly running his fingers through his hair. All of a sudden, he stopped dead in his tracks, as though struck by lightning. He heard Missy’s squeaky voice coming from the bedroom.

“Hey Jules. Oh, no, I’m getting studying for my final tomorrow….”

“Thank God. A phone call. That should buy me some time.”

He looked at his pathetic reflection in the mirror.

“Who am I kidding? All the time in the whole fucking world can’t help me.”

He glanced at the tiny bathroom window. Damn. Too small and too high to jump out of. After a panic-stricken 10 minutes had passed, Adam finally mustered up the courage to go out there and at least try to go through with it, but wasn’t given a chance.

“What’s taking so long??”

Missy had burst through the door, dressed in a teddy that was far too large for her and hung off her tiny frame, and she had somehow gotten hold of pink stilettos that had the little fluff of feathers on top. Adam had to bite his lip to stop himself from laughing at this attempt to get him in the sack (which, by the way, was NOT working).

“I’ve been waiting for hours.”

“Pfft. Hours? I’ve been in here for 20 minutes, tops.”

“Whatever. Are you ready? Julie’s gonna be home in an hour and I still have to study for tomorrow’s final,” she whined.

Missy had long ago given up on being coy as a means of trying to get Adam in bed and figured that plain old consistent nagging would eventually do the trick. She swore up and down that she was getting carpal tunnel from all the hand jobs she’d given him, and a convenient canker sore made it “deathly painful” for her to suck him off. Adam saw this as a perfect way out.

“Oh shit! I forgot that I was supposed to help Kyle with his paper. You know how he’s been struggling in Zihlman’s. Zihlman’s an asshole, especially with the jocks.”

“Must you use that word? You’re only making it worse for yourself, I mean, you’re a jock. Isn’t that like, a perpetuation of self-prejudice?”

“I don’t have a problem with it. Anyway, I’m gonna go help Kyle before büyükesat escort I have to listen to his nagging all day tomorrow about how my wife has me pussy-whipped and how I’ve ditched my best friend of 15 years so I could get some.”

Adam began to make his way into the bedroom, but Missy stopped him.

“Is there something wrong with me? Am I too skinny? Too ugly? If you don’t want me, please just give me a logical reason instead of running away.”

Adam felt horrible at the fact that he made the girl feel self-conscious. She wasn’t in the least too skinny, or ugly. In fact, she was almost perfect. Missy, too, was well up on the “Most Fuckable” list at Thurgood, and she took advantage of this, indeed. With her wavy auburn tresses, big hazel eyes, impossibly perfect breasts, and ultra-long legs, she had been sexually active since she was 15, which is why she found it so difficult to be denied in bed.

“Missy. Don’t be like this. You know you’re the hottest chick at Thurgood. I’m just… I don’t know. I’m still getting over my last girlfriend, and it’s kinda tough to get her out of my head.” He lied. “I just want to be sure that when we do it, it’s just you and me; Not you, me, and her.”

“Awww. Okay, baby. I wouldn’t want to pressure you.”

Adam didn’t hide his frustration at this. He was fed up with her subtle comments about him being the bitch of the relationship and constantly patronizing him.

“God damn it, Missy. Why do you have piss me off with this emasculating bullshit??”

She tried mouthing a response, but Adam pushed right past her into her room, grabbed his t-shirt that was hanging haphazardly off of her lampshade, kicked his worn-out Converse from under the bed, and silently jogged downstairs to the front door where he got dressed as best he could, closed the door behind him, and began the trek to Kyle’s house.

“Shit. I left my damn jacket there.”

He got about 2 blocks from Missy’s house when he noticed that he was missing still missing a sock, but he couldn’t care less. He figured that this would be the straw that broke the camel’s back with Missy. He was finally free from their sexless relationship, and not a moment too soon.

This was the usual process with Adam: He’d pick up on some girl who’d been pining for him and simply ride out the relationship…till it came time for sex. He’d take all the freebie hand and blowjobs, but when actual sex became an issue, it was pretty much over in his eyes. This may present a problem for an average teenager, seeing as how word would get around that the man wouldn’t put out, but as said before, there was a long waiting list to be Adam’s nameless girlfriend.

About 15 minutes later, and with a blister forming on his left foot, he arrived at Kyle’s place. The green Ford Explorer in the driveway meant that he and Kyle wouldn’t be able to write the paper over a few beers, seeing as his parents were actually home. This isn’t to say that Kyle’s folks were deadbeats, but they were both research psychobiologists working on a groundbreaking stem-cell research project that kept both Kyle’s parents at the office for 70 hour weeks, so them being home was indeed an oddity.

Adam stopped at the stained-glass front door. “Wipe Your Feet, Stupid”, the welcome mat told him, and he smirked out of delight knowing that Kyle had put his birthday gift to good use. He was unsure of whether or not to ring the bell; Kyle’s parents’ presence made him uneasy for some reason. He didn’t have to wait long for his mind to be made for him. The door was almost ripped off the hinges, and there stood an agitated Kyle.

At 6’1″, Kyle was also a sexual force to be reckoned with. His body was nearly identical to Adam’s but was tanner due to the fact that he was on the varsity water polo team. His sandy-blonde wavy hair constantly got in the way of his emerald green eyes, but didn’t affect the depth one could easily see in them.

“What the hell took you so long?! You know this has to be in Zihlman’s box by 9 tomorrow. He’s gonna shit all over me.”

Adam had to stifle his laughter. Here was his 19 year old best friend wearing a Pokemon t-shirt and pajama pants with booties attached. He looked him up and down and raised his eyebrow.

“Nice PJs.”

“Give me a fucking break. It’s laundry day and Jenna says they make cebeci escort me even sexier than I already am… If that’s humanly possible.”

Adam cringed at the name, knowing that Jenna, being Kyle’s 8 month-long girlfriend, had been incessantly nagging about the fact that Kyle spent more time with Adam than he did with her.

“Well, she must’ve been trying to get you in the sack because I’ve never seen you look and more ridiculous.”

“Are you gonna help me with my paper or not? I’m freaking out, man. If I don’t get at least a B+, my GPA’s gonna go down the shitter; Which means no UCLA, which means no dorming together, which means no fun for the rest of your life. Got it?”

Another jock worried about his GPA. What’s the world coming to?

“Well, maybe if you actually let me in, I’ll consider it.”

“Sorry dude.”

Kyle finally stepped aside and let Adam in.

“When you think about it, you helping me with my essay is basically you helping yourself. I mean, what’ll you do without me at UCLA? Your life will have no meaning!”

“Fuck you, dickweed.”

After the exchanges of the usual greetings occurred, they both headed upstairs to Kyle’s room to start on the paper. After chewing the fat for a few minutes, the guys actually got their work done, and within three hours, “Nature vs. Nurture in Regards to Sociopathy” was complete.

“I can’t wait to see the look on that geezer’s face when I hand him this baby.”

“Yeah. Me too.” Adam quickly changed the subject seeing as he didn’t want to talk, think, or hear anything about school anymore. “So, Missy and I are probably over.”

“WHAT?! What the hell happened?!”

“I just—”

“—You did that thing again, didn’t you? She tried fuck you and you flipped out again, am I right?”

God. It sounded even worse when someone else said it. A 19 year old alpha-male in his prime…unable to put out.

“If you must know…Yes. That is what happened.”

“Dude. She’s smokin’. If you can’t make it with her, I really don’t know what to tell you. I mean, this has been going on since you were 14. Ever since you and, what’s her face,” Kyle closed his eyes tightly, trying to remember a name, “—Kara! Holy shit. Kara Lindley! I remember it as though it were yesterday!”

“Alright, alright. There’s no need to rehash those days.”

Adam looked down at his shoed foot, feeling the sensitive skin of the freshly-forming blister. He winced in discomfort.

“Dude, what’s up with your foot?”

“I got a blister walking over here to help your sorry ass. I think I left my sock in Missy’s r—”

Adam caught himself before he divulged and further embarrassing tidbits from his uneventful afternoon.

Kyle smirked, but said nothing.

“Do you wanna stay over?”

“Is it cool with you parents? I don’t really know them and I don’t know how to act.”

“Don’t sweat it man. I’m sure they’ll be out of the house by 10. We can get a pizza, have some brews and veg out.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Kyle, being true to his word, ordered a pizza just as soon as his folks left at around 10; just as expected. Adam and Kyle had stripped down to their skivvies and a T-shirt and plopped on the couch for a long night of relaxing and just plain old shooting the shit. Adam decided now was a better time than any to call his mom up and tell him he was staying over at Kyle’s. He made his way into the kitchen to use the phone.

10 minutes later, a visibly upset Adam plopped himself on the couch.

“What’s up?”

“That bitch called my mom and told her that I’m gay, which is why I can’t sleep with her. Can you believe that shit?! Now my mom wants to take me to some therapist to ‘sort out my issues’.”

At this, Kyle laughed so hard he spit out the watered down beer he was sipping.

“Gay?? You’re shitting me. Man. Missy really is a bitch. That’s harsh.”

Seeing that Adam was visibly upset by this comment, he decided to try and push his buttons to see how far he could go.

“Now that I come to think about it…”

“Shut the fuck up. I’m not gay, asshole.”

The broad smile on Kyle’s face let on that he was joking, but he still kept on.

“I mean, you can’t perform with chicks. Hot chicks even. Chicks that are willingly putting out! Seriously though, how long have you been kolej escort attracted to men?”

“You’re an ass.”

Both guys were laughing now, but Adam felt somewhat odd. A little confused even. He had never even thought of men in THAT WAY, but now he started wondering if maybe there was something wrong with him in that sense. I mean, why couldn’t he make it with girls? He couldn’t be gay. He liked women. He loved blowjobs from them. He got his rocks off, and that was that.

Their banter lasted for about 15 minutes and the pizza had not arrived, so they flipped on the TV and tuned into Ultimate Fighting.

“This is brutal. It’s basically like a drunken bar fight but with a referee.”

“You think any contact sport is brutal, Ms. Synchronized Swimming.”

“Screw you. It’s water polo, you douche. Anyway, I bet I could spar with a few of these guys.”

Adam figured now was the time to get back at him for the “Gay” comments he was making earlier.

“Whatever. You wouldn’t even last one round in Thurgood’s wrestling ring with a JV girl.”

“That’s it. Let’s go. Right now, bitch.”

Kyle had leapt off of the sofa and began pushing the coffee table out into the kitchen. There was now a squared area in the living room for the “fight” to take place.

“Please. This is embarrassing,” Adam quipped, “You wouldn’t want to get hurt before the final game versus the Hawks, would you? They handed you guys your asses last two times.”

“Screw you. Let’s do it.”

From his tone, one could tell that Kyle was joking but still wanted to show that he could indeed beat Adam, a 2-time champ and all-out wrestling God at Thurgood.

“I guess I’ll have to humor you.”

The two guys got into position on the little rug where the coffee table once was.


Kyle immediately lunged for Adam’s legs, and was unsuccessful. Before he knew it, Adam was right on top of him from behind, with his arms somehow being pinned behind his back.

“That was—fool..ish.” Both guys were exerting all their strength to try and make the other submit. Sweat was already gathering on their foreheads as they spat and swore.

“Screw….YOU..ouch—dammit…Just…let me—”

In one swift move, Adam had Kyle on his back on the rug, laying directly on top of him—straddling him.

“Just give up…Kyle. Admit—that I’m—stronger—than you.”


Kyle began thrashing under Adam, using all of his energy to try and break free from underneath him. At this moment, something was happening to Adam. Here was his best friend—a man—thrashing, sweating, and swearing underneath him. Using all of his strength to break free, but nothing was working. He could feel everything—Kyle’s strong arms trying to find a way out. His golden hair covering his unbelievably emerald eyes. His stiff nipples raking through his shirt. His flaccid dick constantly rubbing against Adam’s own growing cock. What the hell was going on? Adam still had a strong grip on Kyle’s wrists, so he just continued to stare into his eyes.

“Okay, damn it. I give up.”

Adam did not move, but just kept staring.

“Dude. I said I’m done. I’m getting a cramp.”

No movement. Adam felt that familiar feeling in his loins.

Kyle was completely oblivious to what was going on. He just knew that Adam, who was heavier than he, was not getting off of him and he was getting a really bad cramp in his calf, and was having a hard time breathing.

Adam was completely confused. He was lost in thought. There was only the sound of a referee on TV screaming that Chuck Liddell was still the champion due to…

“Adam…What are you doing?”

Adam really didn’t know. He began to lean in. Inch by inch. Closer, and closer. He could really feel Kyle’s body heat and smell his sweat. There was only inches between them when…

“Pizza Hut!”

Adam literally jumped off of Kyle and ran to the door to pay the man. He made sure to give him a big tip seeing as how he stopped him from ruining his life and a 15 year friendship over what was going to be known as “The Great Beer-Induced Woody”.

Before returning to the living room with the pizza, Adam ran upstairs to the bathroom and splashed his face with ice cold water. He needed to snap out of whatever caused the truly mortifying experience in the living room.

When Adam returned with the pizza, the coffee table had been replaced and there were two fresh beers waiting.

“What the hell took so long? Did you go to Italy to get the Parmesan cheese?”

“Fuck off.”

He plopped the pizza onto the table, cracked open his beer, looked at the seemingly unfazed Kyle, and began to think; What the hell just happened?

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