Adult Nursery Rhymes Ch. 02

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“Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for your pizza requests, they will be delivered at the end of the next story. If you would all like to take your seats, we will be continuing with the re-telling of the classic Georgie Porgie.

Can I have the lights dimmed once more… thank you.”


“Georgie Porgie was a stout old fellow. He was of average height, nothing special in that, but he had a girth to his appendages that attracted even the most prude of village residents. Somehow Georgie had managed to remain single, despite his expertise in the art of pleasure. His fingers were a replication of his stature, average length, but so thick. Two fingers could easily stretch the pussy of the loosest woman in town. His cock followed suit; average length, or the perfect length as most women and men would attest; but the girth made even the seasoned prostitutes squeal.

Georgie Porgie, Pudding and Pie…

Now, Georgie did have a weird attachment to his name, almost a nickname if you will. Many speculated that the origin of this kinky nickname was the reason he was single. As a young man in his early twenties, Georgie was actually a virgin. Having never been with a woman, or man for that matter, he really didn’t understand the art of pleasure.

Feeling particularly adventurous, Georgie found love in a chocolate pudding his mother had made. Being a curious young man, Georgie held the bowl in front of him and dangled his limp cock into the bowl. As his head pressed against the springy substance, he felt a jolt of electricity run through his body. His cock immediately hardened. Standing at attention he pushed his throbbing rod forward and tilted the bowl. He closed his eyes as he pulled the bowl to him, slowly pushing his hard cock into the spongy liquid.

The pudding slid along his shaft, sucking him in deeper. His breathing increased as his hips rocked, pulling his cock out of the pudding, then back in. The consistency of the dessert clung to his nob, sucking on him as he withdrew. Feeling his whole body shake he screamed out as he filled the pudding with fresh cream.

Now, had his eyes been open he would have seen his parents, and neighbours rushing in to check on him. But his eyes were closed as he emptied his balls into the bowl. The shocked gasps were his first inclination that something was amiss.

Naturally, the story spread throughout the village and Georgie Porgie became Georgie Porgie Pudding. I think you can see where this is going. Georgie was, of course, caught in a similar situation with a cherry pie and hence became Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie. This kink carried on well into adulthood for Georgie and, though an interesting kink, Georgie learned a lot from devouring both pudding and pie.

So… Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie

Kissed the girls and made them cry.

In addition to the thick cock and fingers that Georgie put to good use, he also had a tongue that could derive great pleasure from anyone. Long, thick and pointed, Georgie had spent many years exercising his tongue on his pie and pudding. The control he had was exquisite, and he enjoyed using it often.

Georgie eryaman escort particularly enjoyed ‘kissing’ the ladies. He would hover in an office courtyard and wait for the women of the business to come out for their lunch. Hiding behind a large garden feature that was present at every office building, he would stroke his throbbing cock waiting for them to arrive.

On this particular afternoon Georgie attended the executive offices of the village council. The CEO was permitted to have lunch first and innocently entered the courtyard. Sitting down on the square cement bench, the woman removed a slice of apple pie from her lunch box and proceeded to devour the dessert, unaware of Georgie’s presence. As he watched from his vantage point Georgie imagined his cock sliding into the lukewarm apple pie, the soft apple pieces sliding along his shaft. His cock strained at the thought, begging him to stroke, long and slow.

The woman finished her lunch and stood to return to her office. Georgie took the opportunity presented to him. Quickly moving from his vantage point and surprising the woman, Georgie pushed her back down on the bench. She attempted to protest but found Georgie’s stocky build easily held her in place.

Georgie knelt on the ground between the legs of the woman now helpless on the bench. One large hand held her down as he expertly tore the panties off first one slender leg, then the other, exposing her pink lips to him. He shivered as her unmistakably excited aroma hit him.

Leaning forward the tip of his tongue pressed against the puckered hole of the woman. She shuddered as he rimmed the taunt flesh. Her body involuntarily responded, clenching and releasing, almost capturing his tongue in the reaction. Moving closer under her business skirt, he watched as fresh juice seeped from her pussy, dripping on the bench beneath her.

He smiled knowing how much he was going to enjoy kissing the pussy before him. He drew his tongue over the length of her, starting at the puckered entrance, pushing between her wet lips, the tip of his tongue delving into the sweet warmth between them, tasting the excitement he found. Hearing the woman moan he continued, briefly flickering the clit presented to him.

You can imagine that, at this point, the woman was not going to resist. Georgie instinctively knew this and removed his restrictive hand, using it instead to spread her legs wider giving himself more access.

Georgie moved his fingers along the inside of her thigh, pressing into the tight flesh, enjoying the moans and whimpers the woman emanated as he edged closer and closer to her pussy. His fingers brushed her lips but continued on. He felt her hands on his, begging him to touch her, trying to push him inside. He resisted, savouring the tease.

He leaned in, his breath warm on her dripping pussy, watching her body shudder as she felt the breeze. He ran a single finger up and down each lip, pushing in gently with each pass. Her excitement coated his fingers the deeper he probed. Her hips bore down on him, willing him inside once more.

He sincan escort obliged and drove a thick finger into her aching pussy. She stifled a scream as his digit stretched her tight space. He had never felt anyone so tight before. Her pussy gripped his finger with force. He wiggled the rod inside her, feeling her body jump with each movement. Georgie loved the feel of a well prepared pussy on his fingers almost as much as he liked the sensation on his cock.

He drove a second finger inside her and clamped his mouth onto her clit. This time she could not contain the scream and he was sure those in the immediate vicinity would have heard her pleasure. His tongue expertly flicked over the sensitive nub sending electrical impulses through her body.

Her pussy gushed with each tap of his tongue, allowing him to push deeper, spreading his fingers and her in turn. Her whimpering signalled her impending orgasm. He swapped his fingers for his tongue, diving in deep, tasting her arousal. His thumb strummed her clit as his tongue “kissed” her pussy.

In and out, rimming the entrance, in and out, rim… her continued till her body arched, her hips rising off the bench. His whole mouth cover her sex, sucking on her clit and lips, his tongue fucking her as she came. Georgie held her down as she bucked on his face. Juices dripped down his chin as he continued to draw the orgasm out of her.

Wave after wave of electricity flooded her body making her spasm and vibrate. Her head rocked from side to side, a fist stuffed in her mouth to keep from alerting colleagues. He continued, his tongue lapping inside her pussy, a thumb pressing against her clit once again.

The sound of heavy footsteps brought them both back to the courtyard. Georgie pressed his tongue into her one last time, travelling the pressure up over her clit, making her quiver once more. She stood, smoothing over her business skirt, leaving her torn panties on the ground, and staggered towards the office door. Her flushed faced surprised the business manager as he headed for the courtyard for lunch.

Now, Georgie Porgie pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry.. but when the boys came out to play…. Well…

Georgie grabbed the torn panties and resumed his spot behind a brick pillar in the courtyard. He watched as the business manager casually strode confidently into the lunch space. He leaned against the other side of the pillar and proceeded to light a joint. Georgie could smell the sweet aroma of the illicit substance. His cock twitched and strained in his pants.

The man moved around the pillar looking out over the village below. He had not noticed Georgie kneeling against the wall. He was startled to feel a tug on his zipper and the speed of the hand delving inside. His protest was halted by thick fingers grasping his growing cock, expertly kneading the limp muscle to the hard rod. The medicinal herb relaxed his mind and prevented thoughts of escape as the pleasure took over.

Kneeling before the businessman Georgie release the hardening cock from the confines etlik escort of the business pants and brought the head to his lips. He breathed his warmth onto the bulbous knob, feeling him shiver at the sensation. He locked eyes with the man and slowly slid his tongue between his lips and rimmed the head of the cock before him.

The man leaned back against the wall, his legs growing weak and his head beginning to spin, a combination of the herb and the rush of blood to his groin. Georgie slid his tongue down the shaft in his hand, his fingers circling the base and squeezing as he travelled down the taunt flesh. His lips grasped the cock as his teeth nibbled the flesh, sliding back up to the head.

The man jumped feeling teeth nip his sensitive knob. Georgie soothed the raw bite with his tongue, circling the head and dipping into the slit, tasting the salty bead spilling out. His hand moved up the shaft, squeezing the muscle tight, moving in small up and down strokes. He felt hands on his head and took the direction opening his lips and taking the head into his warm, wet mouth.

The deep groan made his own cock twitch. He moved a hand to his shaft, stroking gently, slowly. He had no intention of cuming while in the presence of another, but the strain of his cock was becoming painful and he needed to ease the pressure. He squeezed the tip and breathed deep, relaxing his muscles and decreasing his tension.

His deep draw of breath on the man’s cock elicited another guttural moan. Fingers entangled in his hair, pulling on the short locks. Georgie returned his attention to the rod in his mouth. He lowered his head slowly, bouncing the cock between his lips, down and little, up a little, down further, up further. He edged the rod deeper and deeper into his throat.

Georgie gagged briefly, sending a vibration along the shaft, before relaxing his throat and taking him further. His beefy hand pressed against the tightening balls against his chin, while his fingers sought out the puckered entrance. His middle finger rimmed the taunt opening before pushing inside. The resistance was brief before the opening gave way to the thick digit. The excitement growing in them both, Georgie didn’t go slow. He rammed the finger deep and pressed against the nodule inside.

The man nearly lost his load and his balance immediately. Georgie deftly circled the shaft with his tongue as he sucked the cock in his mouth. He felt the man wobble and the balls restrict, and pressed a second finger inside. The cock jerked against his lips as the man grabbed Georgie’s head and thrust his cock in deeper, spraying his cum down Georgie’s throat.

Georgie wiggled the fingers in his arse, milking each spurt out of him. Taking it all, greedily swallowing the salty nectar. His tongue licked the head as he pulled away, cleaning the remnants and any evidence of the pleasurable encounter from the cock. He manipulated his fingers once more before sliding them from the stretched arse.

He zippered the spent cock back into the confines of the business pants and casually walked from the courtyard.

You see… Georgie Porgie pudding and pie… kissed the girls and made them cry.. but when the boys came out to play… he kissed them too cause he was gay.”


“Okay, I can see the pizzas have arrived and are being set up in the foyer. Enjoy dinner and… each other if the desire takes you… we will return in about an hour to continue our little adventure.”

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