Adventures of a Drycleaner Ch. 6

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I was standing at the bottom of the escalator next to the baggage carousels on the second level of the Orlando International Airport waiting for the passengers to come down for their luggage. Of course, I was waiting for one passenger in particular, Hiromi Suzuki. She was returning from Japan. Her flight had landed in Washington, DC and had gone through customs there. I was sure that I could easily spot her as she descended the escalator but I soon realized that it would not be so easy. There were about three hundred Japanese on that United Airlines flight. They scurried down the escalator joining with several tour guides holding signs for their respective tour companies. I had missed Hiromi.

“Studsan!” I turned to see Hiromi running toward me. Before I was quite ready, she left the floor and her arms were locked around my neck and her short legs were locked around my waist. She kissed all over my face until she finally landed on my lips. The kiss that resulted was one that I felt throughout my body, especially in my groin. She slowly slid her body down mine with her silk covered pussy sliding over my rock hard cock. She said, “Oh, I see you missed me, too.”

“I surely did,” I said. “Let’s get your luggage.”

I loaded her luggage onto a SmartCart and wheeled it down to the “moving sidewalk” that led to the parking garage. I loaded her luggage into my SUV and helped her into the passenger seat. As soon as we paid our way out of the parking garage and headed down Boggy Creek Road to the Greeneway on our way to Lake Buena Vista and Hiromi’s apartment, Hiromi leaned over to me and freed my cock.

“I had a good time at home but I missed you,” she said as she slowly stroked my cock. “I dreamed about your cock and how good it felt inside me.”

She took the head of my dick into her mouth and twirled her tiny tongue around the helmet sending electrical charges throughout my body. She couldn’t get very much of my cock into her mouth but she was doing a great job on what she was working on. I was glad that I had e-pass so that I did not have to stop at the tollbooth. I didn’t want her to stop what she was doing so well.

“I’m about to cum,” I warned her but she only picked up pace. I began shooting ropes of creamy cum into her mouth and she began swallowing. She timed her swallowing almost perfectly with my ejaculations so that my cum was almost shooting straight into her throat. She took all but a small amount that leaked out of the corners of her mouth but she captured the escaping cum with her tongue. She cleaned my deflating member with her mouth and put it back in my pants. For safety reasons, I would not recommend cumming at seventy miles-an-hour; however, the combination of getting a blowjob and speeding down the expressway heightened the excitement of the orgasmic experience.

We drove silently the rest of the way to her apartment complex. It was not so much that we had nothing to say as it was that I was in a post-orgasmic and she was smiling the smile of a job well done. As soon as we put the last of her luggage in her third-story apartment, she handed me an Asahi from the fridge and excused herself. I sat on the sofa and soon heard the water from her shower. I undressed and carried the beer into her bedroom. I lay down on her futon and pulled the sheet over my hips. Soon she emerged from the bathroom wearing a flowered robe. When she saw me lying on her bed she smiled widely. She dropped the robe and lay down beside me.

“I want us to make love together,” she said. “But first I need for you to hold me and let me feel you next to me. O.K.?”

She moved her body close to me and when she felt my hard cock pressing against her stomach, she moved into a position that allowed my dick to lay between her thighs so that it was nestled between the outer lips of her tiny pussy. We lay there holding each other with her head resting on my chest. I thought she had gone to sleep until I felt the slight movement of her hips. She was ever so gently rubbing her wet pussy crack along the length of my cock. The movement was slight but the rhythmic motion felt wonderful. She held me tighter as she increased the speed and intensity of her movements. She was rubbing her clit on the top of my cock and at the same time she was massaging my cock with her pussy lips. I moved my free hand down to her tight ass and began stroking her. I felt the first waves of pleasure roll through her body and I started pumping my dick back and forth.

She was seemingly in total sexual abandon when she pushed me onto my back and straddled me. She placed the head of my dick at the entrance of her tiny pussy and pushed forward. As my dick slit slowly into her tight, well lubricated pussy, it was all I could do to keep from cumming but I held on as she continued to push her velvet love tunnel over my cock. When it was all the way inside her, she started the same slow, rhythmic move as she did before but now I was inside her and could feel the pulsing of her pussy walls as they milked my cock. I had both of my hands on her smooth ass pulling her to me.

Her head Maltepe Escort was going from side to side and she had her face scrunched up tight. Looking at the union of our bodies, I could see the waves of pleasure rolling through her stomach. Suddenly she said something in Japanese that I didn’t understand and leaned forward to lay her trembling body on mine. Until now, she had done most of the work but now I took over and started pumping my cock in and out of her. Minutes later, I exploded and pumped my cum deep inside her. When Hiromi felt the hot liquid deep within her pussy, she began orgasming anew. I held her close to me and let her fly into the orgasmic bliss.

When we came down, I realized that the pulsing of her tight pussy had kept my dick hard. Staying united, I rolled us over until we were in the missionary position. I slowly started pumping in and out with a very sensitive cock. Hiromi’s eyes open wide and she looked at me quizzically.

“You not satisfied?” she asked.

“Very much so,” I answered. “I just wanted to make sure you were.”

“If you have enough, let’s save some for later,” she said. “I don’t think my body could not take some more right now.”

I was not unhappy to hear that. I lay down beside Hiromi and held her as we took a short nap. I nodded off thinking of how lucky I was to have met Hiromi. She gave the impression of being such a sweet, innocent, young woman yet in sexual matters, anything goes. When we awoke, we showered and I left her with the task of unpacking. Since it was close to closing time at the cleaners, I thought I would stop by.

I parked on the street in front of the plant and prepared to enter through the front door. With the intention of surprising Lucy, I carefully stepped over the electronic beam that would have triggered the customer alarm if broken. It was I who was surprised. When I walked around the paneled wall that divided the customer area from the work area, I found Lucy locked in an embrace with Pam. They were lost in a passionate kiss. They were breathing heavily as their tongues dueled. Pam’s right hand was caressing Lucy’s left breast and her thumb was flicking Lucy’s hard nipple through the fabric of her polyester blouse. Lucy’s right hand was holding onto Pam’s butt cheek as they ground their mons de Venuses together.

“I just can’t leave you alone at all, can I?” I said laughingly.

Lucy and Pam jumped apart and had the look of two little girls who had just been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and, I guess, in a way, they were.

Pam was the first to speak, “Ray is up the street at the bar getting sloshed so I came down to invite you two over to the house for a little fun tonight.”

“It looked to me as if the fun started without me,” I teased.

“I’m sorry but we just kind of got carried away,” Lucy explained.

I put my arms around them and said, “I’m glad that you two can enjoy one another but next time, lock the doors first. If a customer walked in on you, they might not be so understanding. Of course it might be Mr. Jenkins and he’d want to join you.”

I picked the one customer that both Lucy and Sarah had said gave them the creeps. “Point well taken,” said Lucy. “But how about tonight?”

“I’ve got a meeting,” I lied when in truth, I just wasn’t ready to have sex yet. “Why don’t you go ahead?” I asked. “It would appear that you two could have some fun and I would enjoy hearing about it later on.”

“If you don’t mind, I think I will,” said Lucy. “Did you close the deal with that Japanese firm?”

“I’m still working on it,” I replied.

Lucy brought back to mind that she wanted to share Hiromi. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to share Hiromi even though sharing Pam and Beegee with Lucy had been a lot of fun. Suddenly, I had a desire to be alone with Lucy. Ever since the night we made love on the hotel blankets on the plant floor, I had a sort of teacher relationship with her. She progressed to the point of picking out women for us to share and tonight she is planning to have her first solo pseudo-lesbian adventure. I didn’t know if it was jealousy or pride but I wanted her.

While pondering these thoughts, I had gone to the office and was about to sit at the desk when I decided to go back out to speak with Lucy. When I reached the office door, Lucy was about ten feet away. She was walking alone toward the back.

“Where’s Pam?” I asked.

“She went back to the bar with Ray,” she replied. “She said he probably had about an half hour before he reached his limit or the bartender reached his.”

“Why don’t you lock the back door and come into the office for a minute?” I asked.

When Lucy came into the office, I was sitting on the edge of the desk. She moved toward me and it was as if she didn’t stop when she reached me. Her arms were wrapped around me and we were kissing passionately immediately. Our tongues were dancing, our bodies were pressed together, and our hands were exploring.

“I enjoy messing around with another women but it’s so much better when you’re Anadolu Yakası Escort there,” she whispered. “Like earlier, I was getting turned on by Pam but I really got turned on when you showed up.”

I took her hand and placed it on my cock. “You just like this,” I said.

“That is the truth,” she replied. “Pam and Beegee can lick my pussy all day long and I like it but they can’t do for me what you and your dick can do. Do you have time to give me some of it now? I’d like to take a little of you with me when I meet Pam later.”

We quickly undressed and I sat her little butt on the edge of the desk. As I leaned her backward, her legs came up and around me. I stepped closer and my cock was laying in her pussy crack. I rubbed the underside of my cock along her wet pussy and brought it back until the purple helmet was at the entrance of her tight pussy. I noticed that her juices were running down the crack of her ass. I slid my cockhead down the crack of her ass until it was slightly pressing against her rosy sphincter.

“If you like this cock so much, maybe I ought to put it in here,” I said.

“I’m ready for you to teach me that lesson when you are ready,” she said.

“That will be soon but not tonight,” I said as I moved my cock back to her pussy and slowly pressed forward. My cock found it’s way into her tight velvety love tunnel. I push myself into her until I had no more to put in.

Lucy looked up into my eyes and said, “I do dearly love your cock and especially when it is deep inside me. Fuck me! I don’t want to make love. I want you to fuck me with that beautiful dick of yours. Fuck my little pussy.”

I had never heard her talk dirty and it was turning me on. I slid my cock in and out and was picking up speed as I went. I stopped long enough to turn Lucy over so that she was standing barefooted on the floor and leaning forward with her hands on the desk. I inserted my dick into her waiting cunt from behind and continued fucking. I reached her with my left hand and rubbed her clit. I wet the forefinger of my right hand with my saliva and pressed it into her asshole. No sooner was my finger in her ass that she started cumming. At first she start trembling and I felt the pulsing of her pussy walls along the length of my cock. As she reach the acme of her passion, her legs became weak and I was holding her up with my cock and the finger up her ass.

She leaned further forward, resting her upper body weight on her elbows. I was getting serious with my dick literally flying in and out of her pussy and my forefinger flying in and out of her ass. Lucy was moaning, lost in the throes of a full-blown orgasm. I was only seconds behind her.

“Well, isn’t this a pretty picture?” I turned to see Sarah standing in the office doorway. “I wondered what you two were doing here after the plant was closed and locked up.”

Outwardly, Sarah looked shocked and pissed. But somewhere in her eyes I thought I might have seen a wisp of desire. Assuming that I was the only one providing her sexual release, I knew that it had been a while since we fucked. I decided to play the only card I had. I pulled my stiff cock out of Lucy who was looking very caught and moved toward Sarah.

“Hi Sarah,” I said as I noticed that she was looking at my twitching cock. “Believe it or not, I was just thinking about you.”

I put my arms around her and was moving my lips toward her’s. “Do you think that you can pull you dick out of Lucy’s pussy and prance over here and kiss me?” Sarah said as she pulled her head back but only slightly.

“Oh Sarah, don’t be mad,” I said. “We were only having a little fun.”

Keeping my hands on her waist, I moved around behind her and stood close to her, resting my cock in the crack of her ass. She was wearing a loose-fitting skirt so my cock could nestle between her cheeks. A very frightened-looking Lucy was watching my every move. I nodded for her to join us and knowingly she came over to us. Sarah was very conservatively dressed. She looked as if she had just left church. She may have been praying a little earlier but now she was standing between a nude man and woman both with the ability and desire to answer her prayers. Lucy reached out and placed her hands on Sarah’s breasts.

“Take you hands off of me,” Sarah exclaimed. “I don’t do weird things with women.”

She talked as if she meant it but she did not do anything to stop Lucy from fondling her breast. I nodded negatively to Lucy and she continued to play with Sarah’s breasts and started tweaking her nipples. I moved my right hand down to Sarah’s crotch and rubbed her pussy through her dress. I felt Lucy’s wet pussy on the back of my hand as she moved closer to Sarah and started planting soft kisses on her face. The only sounds I heard were the sounds of Lucy and I breathing and I though that I maybe heard a very soft low moan from Sarah. I reached down and put my hand under the hem of Sarah’s dress and slid my hand slowly up her leg. When I reached her upper thigh, I felt Sarah shift giving me free İstanbul Escort access to her sopping wet pussy. Her juices had soaked through her panties and pantyhose and had wet an area six inches or so down her legs. I knew we had her then.

I stood up and undid the snap at the back of Sarah’s collar and unzipped her dress. The dress fell to the floor as I moved to unsnap her bra. No sooner had the bra fell away from her freckled breast until Lucy’s lips captured a nipple and sucked it into her mouth. There was no mistaking Sarah’s moan now. As Lucy was torturing her nipples, I was removing Sarah’s remaining garments. When Sarah was nude, I stepped up close behind her and slid the head of my dick through the wet valley between her pussy lips. I bent my knees far enough to insert my cock into her pussy. Sarah gasped when I filled her with one plunge.

A couple of minutes later, I felt Lucy’s tongue on my balls. I knew that in my present state of horniness that I could not last very long with her tongue playing games with my balls so I reached around and opened Sarah’s pussy lips hoping to direct Lucy’s attention there. I knew that Lucy’s tongue had found Sarah’s clit when Sarah’s body began to tremble and she started making those Uh, Uh, Uh sounds. As if it was the most natural thing in the world, I wet my finger and slid it into Sarah’s butt. A few short minutes later, Sarah was enjoying her first orgasm partially induced by a woman. Her legs became weak and I was all but holding her up be her breasts. When I started cumming, I took my finger out of her ass and held her by her hips. My legs gave way and I involuntarily sat on the floor with a plop.

I was sitting on the floor and Sarah was sitting on my lap with my cock squirting cum deep into her pussy. Sarah’s body was convulsing with waves of pleasure as Lucy continued to lick and suck her clitoris as well as the cum and pussy juices that were escaping from Sara’s pussy around my deflating cock. We stayed in this position for several minutes.

“Well, isn’t this a pretty picture?” I asked imitating Sarah when she caught us earlier.

We all laughed. “It surely is one of the prettiest pictures that I have ever seen,” Sarah said as she turned to kiss me.

Momentarily Lucy joined us in a three-way kiss. We were sucking each other’s tongues. I pulled away and guided Sarah and Lucy together. I knew that no matter whatever happened, our lives were changed forever as we forged a new relationship. We got dressed and I invited them up to my place for the night.

“I need to go home and think,” Sarah said. “Plus, I have to get up and be here early in the morning.”

Thanks for asking but I’m going to meet a girlfriend,” Lucy said but as she saw the look on Sarah’s face, she added, “No, just a girlfriend. I can see how you might be confused by my actions tonight but I’m really into men.”

We took turns kissing each other good night. I kissed Sarah then turned to Lucy. It was Sarah who initiated a lip-to-lip tongue-to-tongue good night kiss with Lucy. That led Lucy and I to believe that Sarah really enjoyed our impromptu threesome.

Soon after I arrived home, Sarah called. “I’ve been thinking about what we did tonight,” she began. “First of all I can honestly tell you that I really enjoyed what Lucy did to me tonight but I have always thought that I couldn’t ever do anything sexual with a woman. What confuses me even more is that I also enjoyed the things you did. Am I a lesbian or not?”

“No, you’re not a lesbian.” I replied. “Tonight you just found out that your sexual spectrum was wider than you knew. You experienced pleasure from Lucy and I. It may never happen again or it may happen tomorrow. Why do you need a label?”

“Is Lucy a lesbian?” she asked.

“No more that you are.” I replied. “Remember what we were doing when you came into the office?”

“You were fucking her from the back and had your finger up her ass,” she said

“By the way, I liked that when you did it to me,” she said. “I mean the finger and all. Do you think that you could fuck me there some day?”

“If you like.” I said. “It’s not my favorite thing but if you want me to do it I will.”

“I’ve got to go,” she said, “I’m trying not to masturbate and I’m getting all horny talking to you. Goodnight.”

“Bye,” I replied. I couldn’t help but think that when I bought the cleaners, Sarah wouldn’t even talk about sex and now, she is asking me to fuck her in the ass.

About midnight when I was preparing to turn in, Lucy called. “I’m going to tell you that I’m not going to see her again without you.”

“What happened?” I asked. “Didn’t you have a good time?”

“Lets say that I had a better time with you and Sarah,” she said. “Oh, I had an orgasm with Pam but it wasn’t the same. It’s just better when you’re there.”

“Well, next time I’ll try to make it,” I said. “I’m sorry that you didn’t have a good time.”

“When we got there, Pam and I half-carried and half-dragged Ray up the stairs to bed and undressed him. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw his tiny penis. Pam told me that if I thought that it was pathetic soft to play with it. I took it between my thumb and index finger and massaged it. When it got hard, it was smaller than my pinkie. Pam urged me to jack him off and when he came, maybe three drops of cum leaked out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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