Adventures of an ‘Innocent’ teen guy part 1 the first fuck_(0)

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It all started out as a normal day for James, he had been at schooo all day and it was time for forth period. James loved forth period because he got to see his girlfriend Kaylynn. Kaylynn was his first girlfriend so he was allways nervous around her as she was much more experienced than he was. “Hey Angel” he said as he walked up behind her to let her know he was there before he hugged her. “We still on for my place after school” she inquiered. “Yeah” James said not wanting to say no. As the class started it seemed to take longer than normal for the bell to ring and class to be over. After class he waited for Kaylynn to be done before he walked over to her and helped her with her bags. “You ready”? He asked as they headed for the door and then his car. “Definetly” was her frevrent reply.

The drive to her house was mostly uneventful though her hand never left his jean-covered crotch as he felt his not unsubstantial member start to rise in her grip. “Lets go!” She all but yelled as they got to her house. As soon as they got to her room she pressed herself against him and kissed him hard ahoving her tounge into his mouth. “Oh James!” She moaned into his mouth. He reciprocated and kissed her back content to let her be in control. “Clothes off now!” She demanded leaving no room for debate as he started stripping watching her slid her dress off her shoulders suductivly.

As Sex hikaye he slid his boxers down his legs she grabbed his six and a half inch member and started to jerk him slowly he moaned savoring the moment. Then suddenly she threw him on to the bed stardiling his face and grindingnher dripping pussy onto his lips. “Eat my pussy!” She demanded before leaning down and taking his rock hard dick into her mouth. He moaned as her lucious lips slid over the head of his cock and along the shaft only making it two thirds of thr way before he hit the back of her mouth before shoving more of it in deepthroating him. James couldn’t have imagined how good this could have felt he moaned just before he came for the first time that night right down her throat. ” Oh James eat my slutty pussy” she moaned through his dick as he slid his tounge along her lips before shoving it into her slutty fuckhole making her moan in ecstasy. “Oh baby I’m almost there” she moaned as he started sliding his tounge over her clit. He bit down on her sensitive clit making her squirt juices all over his face “I’m cuming!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

She turned around and started rubbing the head of his dick on her pussy lips. “Oh baby I’ve got to feel your hard throbbing cock inside of my slutty pussy” she moaned right before slamming down and taking all of him into her. “Oh god” the sound of his moan Erotik hikaye as he lost his virginity was drowned out by her cry of ecstasy. She was so tight to him he was having to recite shakespear in his head to keep from blowing his load right then. “Oh angel your pussy is so fucking tight I don’t know how much longer I can last” he cried out. “Just a little longer I’m gonna cum again” she said barly catch her breath. He reached up to rub her clit as he humped upward into her pussy when she suddenly came hard, the feeling of her pussy clenching and unclenching sent him over the edge as blew his load inside of her spasming pussy. James pulled out of her a content smile on his face but his cock still hard as a rock for some reason. As Kaylynn rolled over to lay on her stomach she looked back to see his perdiciment and then reached back and spread her ass checks and gave them a slap to get his attention. Seeing Kaylynn’s crinkled star in front of him James got down and stuck his face in there and gave ner ass a lick. He instantly decieded he liked the taste so he dug in and started eating her ass out frevrently. Kaylynn started moaning and with one hand began pinching and rolling one of her nipples while the other went down to her snatch as she began to finger herself.

Soon this attention wasn’t enough and she begged him to shove his rock hard cock into her ass. Porno hikayeleri James gladly obliged her demand and shoved his dick into her ass without any warning what so ever causing her to scream bloody murder and cum at the same time. “Fuck this whore’s slutty ass” she begged to witch he replied by pounding her even harder than he thought was humanly possible. As he was fucking her ass she was shoving three fingers into her now sopping wet cunt. James reached down and grabed her hair and started pulling on it while he started spanking her which brought a brand new group of moans from her raw throat. “Oh god put it back in my cunt” she moaned as she raised up onto all fours like a dog in heat begging to be fucked. James shoved his dick into her pussy knowing he wouldn’t last much longer, but he was determined to make her cum agian before he did. He reached down and shoved his fingers into her ass causing her to orgasm for the third time sendind him over the edge as he came in her pussy for the second time. With his cock deflating inside of her Kaylynn and James passed out together.

Sometime later

James woke up his now soft cock still in Kaylynn’s pussy he stealthily removed himself and set about to find his clothes. As he got dressed Kaylynn was still fast asleep amd his cum dripping out of her gaping pussy. He did the obvious thing and took a picture with his phone. God what a day he thought to himslef as he left.

To be continued

My first story tell me in the comments what you guys think and any ideas you might have. I promise the rest will be longer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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