African Encounter

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I could feel the sweat rolling down my back, between my shoulder blades, as I pulled my wet shirt away from my chest for the thousandth time already. I savoured the icy coolness of the glass as I lifted it to my lips. Ice jangling, I slid the cold scotch over my tongue, reveling in the feel as the cool drops of condensed African night dripped from the bottom of the glass onto my body.

“So, how do you manage your needs when you’re away from your girlfriend so long?”

Mike’s question caught me straight between the eyes. Perhaps I should say legs. Mike looked directly at me, waiting for an answer. We had been playing cat and mouse all night and he was slowly pinning me down, closing off all avenues through which I might escape and believe that I was misreading his intent. He was coming on to me, big time, I realized and I wasn’t at all sure how I felt about it. My cock was definitely excited by the raw sexual energy he was beaming my way, but my mind was saying “Whoah! This is out of your league, big fella!”

I’d been in Africa for four months travelling and doing various photo shoots that I’d spent the past year arranging. The trip was business, but business carefully planned to allow me to fulfill my boyhood fantasies of exploring the Dark Continent. I’d been away from Sonja, my most recent sometimes girlfriend, and all other luscious females, since the beginning of the trip and was horny as hell.

Mike bumped into me, literally, at Victoria Falls earlier in the day and, after we discovered we were both Americans, we spent the balance of the day chumming around, seeing the sights. We both tried, and failed, to bed a couple of English lasses we’d met in the afternoon and invited to dinner. Our female quarry having escaped, we headed back to the Vic Falls hotel where we both had rooms.

On the walk down a dark and winding footpath to the hotel, Mike kept bumping into me. He was walking very close and I kept moving over to give him room as his hand kept brushing my ass. After three or four times, I finally started to think it might not be an accident. I’d tried the same manoeuvre many times in high school to cop a feel of some unsuspecting date.

Back at our hotel, we’d decided to have a nightcap on the patio and settled in for a few more drinks. Mike slowly steered our conversation around to sex and I was feeling the heat and humidity deep in my soul, and slowly spreading through my loins. He sat next to me on an angle and his knee kept pressing against my leg. Every time I shifted to give him more room, he extended his leg until it was pressed against my thigh again. He was definitely putting the moves on me.

Although I’d never had any type of sexual experience with another guy before, I’d always wondered what it would be like. Every time I looked down on a woman sucking my cock, I imagined what it would be like to do that. But I’d never had the balls, or the opportunity to find out. Until now…

“Well, you know,” I responded. Shifting uncomfortably in my seat. My hard cock very obviously distending my sweat drenched shorts. “I take care of it myself, I guess.”

Mike smiled. He was quite good looking, actually. I rus escort was surprised that Becky, the English girl he was after hadn’t jumped him at first sight. He stood about six feet, was thin but muscular and had wiry black hair which he wore quite short. Brilliant blue eyes and a dark, tanned complexion.

“Me too,” he said, openly sliding his left hand over his crotch. “Wish Mary Anne was here. I think she’d go for a three some, right now.”

“Have you ever done that?” I asked.

“Only once,” he answered, his hand stroking his cock through his pants while his knee pressed against my leg. “It was great. She’s a real fireball and will go for almost anything.”

“With another guy or a girl?”

“A guy. Just like you,” he said and his hand slipped off his crotch and rested on my thigh. I almost jumped right out of my chair at the electric jolt that ran through my body at his touch.

“I’d better get to bed, my flight’s in the morning,” Mike started to stand up, leaning on my knee. “Want to come back to my room and I’ll give you the name of that game park I told you about.”

“Uh, sure…” I stood up as he turned and headed towards the guest rooms. I quickly grabbed a newspaper to hide the tent in my shorts and followed, not really believing what was happening….

Mike closed the door to his room and turned to face me. He leaned close to me and reached past my shoulder to flick on the ceiling fan. I could feel the heat radiating from his body and the smell of the gin on his breath. I closed my eyes.

“Fucking hot in here,” his voice rasped close to my ears.

I opened my eyes as he unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off, revealing a broad, hairless chest, well muscled and darkly tanned. His nipples were small and very erect. His sweaty skin glowed in the flickering light of the desk lamp.

“I need a shower so fucking bad, I can’t wait. Care to join me?” Without waiting for my response, Mike brushed against me, I could feel his naked chest against my arm, and stepped past into the bathroom. I stood there while I listened to him turn on the shower and draw the curtains.

“Come on in, Jordan, it’s hot in here!” Swallowing my fear, I pulled my soaking wet shirt off and dropped my shorts and underwear on the floor. I pulled aside the curtain and stepped in behind him.

He was facing the showerhead, head tilted back and the water cascading down over his face and body. His back to me, I could see the muscles in his shoulders, the smoothness of his back and the bright white triangle of his untanned, tight manly butt. “Soap my back?” he asked and passed the soap behind him. I grabbed the soap from his hand. His fingers lingered in mine. I stepped closer and began to spread the lather over his back, my fingers sliding over his slippery body. As I worked my way down to his hips, my hard cock danced between us and poked against his leg. It was like a rocket fired in my loins and I moaned out loud. I damn near came all over his ass when I felt his fingers close around my cock and start stroking me.

“Oh, God!” I fell forward and grabbed onto his shoulders yenimahalle escort for support.

“Mmmm… that’s right lover,” he whispered. “Come to me.” Mike turned around and pulled me into his arms. I could feel his cock pressed against mine as he pressed his lips against my mouth. His hands roamed my body and slid up and down my shaft. Slowly, he slid down me, stopping to lick and suck my nipples. Kneeling before me, he reached his tongue out and pressed it against the head of my cock. Smiling, he looked up at me and pulled his tongue away, drawing with it a long, glimmering thread of my pre cum which hung in the air until the crashing shower of water obliterated it.

“Yes, suck me,” I begged.

Mike was too happy to oblige.

I fell forward until my palms pressed flat against the cold marble wall of the shower stall, the water knifing into my face and chest then pouring down my stomach and battling the fire in my loins. It was a losing fight.

Even with my eyes closed, I could see him smiling up at me. His fingers circling lightly around by shaft, stroking, conducting an electric current along its sensitive skin. I could feel the heat of his face close to me, the silky searing touch of his tongue on my glans.

I found his other hand sliding up my inner thigh, fingers gently caressing my sack, my balls retreating tighter against my body as they readied their contents for an explosive release.

“Oh, God,” I sighed, a long low moan rolling out of my lungs as my elbows began to weaken and I collapsed face against the cold wall.

The muscles of my stomach contracted in a rhythmic motion as my hips began to rock my cock forward and back sliding along Mike’s outstretched tongue.

“Do you like that, Jordan?” His voice was taunting me.

“Yes… please,” I begged.

Suddenly, I felt the hot envelope of his mouth surrounding my cock. I gasped as I felt his teeth close lightly around the base of my shaft, his hard nose pressed into my belly, his tongue bathing the vein of my shaft with tender, slippery heat.

Opening my eyes, I looked down on the back of his head. This beautiful man, golden tanned skin of his back arched before me. Dark hair slicked to his skull by the slicing rain of the shower. I could watch the sliver beads of water explode against his shoulders and slip down his spine, mingling with sweat as they slid around his vertebrae, crossing the boundary between tanned godliness and the brilliant white, tender zone of his taut ass. Rivers converging to race between the valleys of his ass.

His head moved slower now, sliding back and forth over my pole. Tongue caressing me. His fingers starting to squeeze my balls, I watch as his right hand releases my shaft and climbs up my body. I twist my torso slightly and lean down to guide his fingertips to my nipple and feel the electric jolt arc through my body, short-circuiting the nervous connection between my balls, glans, nipples and soul.

As he twists my sensitive bud harshly between his fingers his other hand slowly closes tightly around my balls and I feel the pressure breaking in my gut. The rippling waves of pleasure surge against my inhibitions and crash over the edge, forcing the wall down and gushing hot come through my veins, exploding out the mouth of my cock, rushing over his sweet manly tongue and coursing down his throat. I feel his throat contract around my organ, his tongue moving the volume of my jism down deeper into his being, milking me.

The shudder consumes me as I slip down the wall, knees buckling as I fall to the steel floor of the tub. Kneecaps cracking, the pain is distant as my being melts with the water and I fear I will swirl down the drain. His strong arms support me, lifting my chin so he can capture the look in my eyes.

His sparkling blues eyes aflame with humour and wry passion. He smiles and presses his miraculous lips against my mouth, tongue wriggling past my lips and searching out my own. I taste the salty slickness in his mouth which is mine and a vibration rolls through me once more.

“You are delicious,” he whispers in my ear.

His arms hold me for a long while and then silently, knowing when I am strong enough to stand once more, he pulls my upwards and out of the bath.

I lay, dripping wet on my back on his bed. Watching him move around the room. His nakedness awes me as every muscle moves in tight synchronized ripples. He draws the curtain and pulls open the glass door, letting in the creaking chirp of the crickets and the low rustling of an African night wind. The breeze dances with the thin curtains, casting sensual ballet-like shadows on the walls. The rhythmic hum of the ceiling fan pushes the air down on my naked body, I feel my strength begin to gather, I feel my excitement begin to wax again.

Mike smiles as he watches me, sees the strange an new-found passion awaken once more on my face. He stands in the doorway, moonlight kissing the side of his body, turning his skin to silver. I watch his hand caress his chest and slide down over his tight stomach and pull his cock. I watch it grow and marvel at its spiritual connection with my own which mirrors its movements.

He moves to the bed and kneels and cover. I hear his breathing, slow and deep. Watch his chest rise as his hips begin to roll to the rhythm of his hand. He reaches out and I feel his fingers, slightly sticky from his cream, trail across my chest and nipples, down my arm to lace between my own digits. He lifts my hand and draws it towards him.

I close my eyes and relish the feel of his hot stomach. The coarseness of the sparse black hair and the hard smoothness of his cock so big in my palm. My fingers find a home and instinctively wrap around his shaft. It is alive in my hand, twitching and breathing its own fire as my hand begins the familiar journey along its skin… yet unfamiliar as I stroke another’s cock for the first time.

His breathing grows quicker and I feel him move, his weight shifting on the bed as he moves closer to me. His heat suspended over my face, I can feel my fist against my chin with each stroke. It is so natural, so right as I open my lips and feel his velvet head against my tongue. Taste his juice, sweeter and lighter than my own on his tongue before.

My hands find his ass as he steps over me and falls forward on his hands, rocking his hips as his cock enters my mouth, my tongue lavishing around his shaft.

I cannot wait to feel his power, to taste his wealth, to make him explode in me and complete the circle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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