After Hours Cocktale

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It was late at night as usual when she was closing the bar up. Savana looked around at the mess the patrons had left behind, and exhaled a big sigh. Sav, as most called her, leaned back on the bar in between two stools. She let her head fall back onto the bar as she rested a minute, gathering her thoughts on what to tackle first. Her long lean legs stretched out beyond the stools, moving one foot in a circular motion and then the other. Somehow she felt as though she had been on her feet for days, instead of just the eight hours. Savana couldn’t help but take a few more extra minutes to stretch out, flexing her muscles as she arched her back and neck.

Finally she pushes off the bar and goes to the closet to get her comfy clean-up shoes, the flat sandal type that let her feet breathe and don’t hurt nearly as much after a long night of serving. Looking to the tables first, she gets the dish bin and takes it to the first table, starts to clear the dishes, mostly empty beer mugs then remembers that she needs music to go with the cleaning. She walks to the jukebox, drops in a couple of quarters and selects something with a beat.

Petar stumbles from the bathroom stall and holds himself up on the sink while he washes his hands. Positive that he had indeed drunk too much tonight and sure that he couldn’t possibly get sick again. Thinks to get upset at his friends for it later, then has to laugh as he realizes he likely won’t remember too many thoughts from tonight in the morning.

He realizes that he should write a few things down, so takes the paper towel, tosses it in the trash and slowly (or quickly) opens the door. As he struggles with it he hears some loud music come on. Finally getting the door open, he quickly hops through it so it doesn’t hit his ass on the way. Not so graceful at this point, Petar trips and stumbles out then lands to the floor with a thud.

With the music on so loud, Savana is startled by the sudden thud near the restroom. She grabs used fork off the table, and walks towards the restroom to investigate. She looks down to the floor near the restrooms to see a dark haired man, struggling to stand up but failing miserably. Rolling her eyes and counting to ten as she looks him over figuring he is another drunk asshole. She saunters over to him, mustering up her best bitchy voice. Loudly she says, “What the hell? The bar is closed, get the fuck out!”

Petar struggles with his balance and failing. He hears her voice and immediately pauses to look in her direction. Now in a sitting position he sees her feet first, the toes neatly painted in green polish, the sandals loose around her feet. As his eyes trail up her long legs he notices her toned thighs and the tight little shorts that grip her little hips perfectly. Petar can’t help but lick his lips as he continues on up, the green belly button piercing sparkling at him. A smile now parting his lips as his eyes move up her incredible torso, feminine but not too girly. Toned and sexy, he catches his breath as he gets to her lips, full and pink plus so kissable. Then her eyes catch him and seem to hold him mesmerized for a time, blue with a touch of green sprinkled in.

“I…. I am sooo sooorrry,” he slurs badly.

Sav realizes that this poor guy is too far gone to be a threat and tones it down a little when she speaks quieter, “Let me try to help you up, get you a cab maybe?”

Petar gathers his mind and slowly says, “I could use a cab, pleeaasssssee” only slightly slurred this time.

Seeing how hard he’s struggling, Savana walks to him a little faster. Her arm goes around his lower back to help him. They both grunt as they get him leaning against the wall. She makes sure he is steady by looking into his eyes. She gasps gently as she notices his handsome face, tanned with little laugh lines at his eyes and mouth. Showing that he is in fact playfully mature. Sav moves her eyes over his face, taking him all in. She sees his nose looks slightly tilted, like it had been broken before. Sav stops herself from the intense study of his face when he smiles at her. She looks him straight in the eyes, and pats his back.

“Well hello there sir, I am Savana. The bartender and/or waitress here at this fine establishment.” Sav adds with a grin, her eyes still studying his face.

He lets out a low growl as he tries to let go of the wall but can’t, the wall his only way to stay somewhat standing.

“Well Miss Savana, it is a pleasure to meet you. I am Petar, your very drunk left behind patron!” Petar proudly manages without slurring, a slight playfulness to his tone.

Finally Sav peels her eyes from his face, to look toward the door. She wonders how she will get this man to the door by herself. She realizes that even in his drunken state he is sexy as hell. Hard chest, well defined, even through his loose shirt; the curves of his ass are tight, shaped by the black jeans he has on. His face is almost perfectly symmetrical except for the nose, though it didn’t Kocaeli Escort make him any less attractive.

Savana was having some trouble her whole body seemed to be reacting to this man, a complete stranger. It took her by surprise that her body would betray her like this. Not only was Savana not a fan of drunkenness, she didn’t like strangers either. She could be friendly but liking them so willingly and being attracted to one was new to her. Her nipples grew hard, brushing against the fabric of her lace bra. Her muscles contracted between her legs, almost aching to be touched. As she looked to the floor, she hoped she was the only one noticing her reaction to him. She had to gasp when she saw what had to be the biggest bulge she had ever seen forming a tent in his jeans.

Petar couldn’t help but run his eyes over her again. He knew that she wouldn’t be happy with the thoughts in his head. Things that were passing through his mind; things he could do to her. Her moaning his name as they fucked each other quick and hard on the nearest bar stool. Her gasp jarred him from his thoughts and he looked at her face. He saw where she was looking, so Petar adjusted his stance and looked down to see if that helped hide it. As he turned back to her face, she was now looking him in the eyes. Their eye contact was suddenly something out of one of the romantic comedies Petar never watched.

Savana abruptly stands. “I’ll call that cab for you,” As she walks towards the phone.

Petar has more strength now and he makes quick work of the space between them. Grabbing Sav on the arm just above her elbow, he tugs her back into his arms. The minimal force almost knocks both of them to the bar floor. Savana struggles to keep them upright and looks at him, quite puzzled. As she stands close to him, all she can do is notice how tall he is compared to her. Savana has long legs that can usually make up the height difference between her and any man. But Petar is a head taller then her.

Shocked again by the effect this man has on her, Savana pushes away from him, but his hands tighten their grip and hold her there. His arms are too strong to argue with or break free from, so she has no choice but to look up at him. She sees, his smile and eyes look gentle, sweet almost, yet his exterior tells an opposite story. Aware of the blush dusting her cheeks she tries the subtle approach of speaking to take control of her self again.

“Petar, do you always bring strange women this close to you when you first meet?” Savana asks with a hint of laughter.

Petar laughs out loud. Savana’s laughter soon follows and they both collapse, still embracing on the floor.

“Why Savana I do not believe I have ever taken a liking to someone this much during a first meeting. So no, I do not have a habit of forcing beautiful women into my arms.” He replies matter of fact, no slurred words at all.

Her blush becomes more then just a dust on her cheek. She is sure her face is the color of an apple when she questions him again with wonder in her eyes. “What is it that you plan to do with me now that I seem to be imprisoned in your strong arms?”

Her whole body tenses with anticipation, waiting for his come back. Part of her wants him to tell her to order the cab, other part of her wants him to take her right now. So when he does speak she jolts a little startled from her thoughts.

“Now that is a question I cannot yet answer.” Petar says curiously as he looks down at the woman laying on him. Then he adds, “I know what I want to do.”

Savana is now completely embarrassed by the thoughts she has, she tilts her head up and back to look at him. As their eyes meet, sparks electrify her body, sending tiny sensations coursing through her nerve endings that make goose bumps appear on her skin. Sav wants to look away, but she is so held by him, so engulfed in the moment that the only thing she feels is when his lips brush against hers. As he whispers something she doesn’t catch, their lips press firmer together. Then his tongue invades her lips, Sav opens her mouth and Petar uses his tongue to stroke hers.

Their tongues engage in some serious wrestling, both pushing, pulling and sucking. She can’t help but run her hand up and down his back several times. She moves her hands around to his chest, her palm flat against his chest as she rubs him up and down then sideways. Feeling his very hard muscles, he moans and she bends her fingers to play with his small patch of chest hair. Now passionately embracing while kissing, and rubbing. She moves closer, straddles him while she pumps her body up and down. She feels his hardness through their clothes and grinds against him, the fabric of her shorts catching on her clit each time.

When Savana moves upward Petar takes the opportunity to break their kiss and gently brushes his lips on the side of her neck. Using his open mouth to start suckling as his kiss closes, he flicks his tongue teasingly Kocaeli Escort Bayan as he proceeds to trail down to her cleavage. The tight shirt that she has on allows for ample cleavage, and he wants to devour it like dinner. He feels a headache building in his head; he knows it’s the alcohol and that he is sobering up, so he pushes it to the side. He continues to use her as a plate of food he hasn’t had in ages.

Savana’s body is on pins and needles. One more downward stroke onto him and the fabric pricks her clit just right she could cum. A sigh escapes her lips before she realizes it, but she is content as well as disappointed at the missed opportunity.

Hearing her sigh Petar stops and raises an eyebrow to look up at her, “Are you ok? Is this too much? Should I stop?” He inquires quickly.

Sav sees the expression on his face, almost like defeat and can’t help but giggle a bit. She takes his head between her hands, brushes her lips just to his and whispers, “I am good, this is new for me but I am enjoying you. Hell no, I don’t want you to stop!”

His facial expression softens and he grins at her. He places his head back down to nuzzle and kiss her cleavage. This time Petar needs more, he reaches his hands up, caresses her back and his hands run under her shirt. With Sav’s help, Petar takes her shirt off over her head. Thrown to a chair the shirt lands softly. He gazes at her a few minutes, taking in the beauty of her breasts, confined by only a demi lace bra. Her breasts could fill a wine glass, yet are so perky. He can see her nipples are hard, so he uses one hand to rub his palm over the lace as they harden more.

Savana surrenders to his touch and holds still as his hands move over her. The moisture between her thighs is morepronounced ever before. The ache that her pussy feels needs to be released, a tightness that needs to be let go. Her clit is completely hard and swollen, her skin has goose bumps, and every time his warm hands touch her she wants to cry out for more.

Petar can’t seem to get enough of her, Savana’s skin is soft to his touch, her scent inviting to his senses. With the moans and sighs coming from her lips, he wants to keep touching her everywhere, to see her reaction to him. He wonders what she will sound like as he sinks his cock deep into her. He moans then lifts her so she is standing above him, then pushes off the floor to stand himself. His eyes and mind still run over her body. Deciding that they are wearing too much he removes his shirt, placing it on the chair next to hers. He turns to her, his hands moving to her hips as he brings her closer.

Savana wants to open his pants, to see the hard bulge in his jeans. She holds her breath as his shirt comes off, finally exhaling when she sees his magnificent chest. What a chest it is, chiseled and tight with a slight tan. When he pulls her closer she touches him, fondles his chest as if it were the greatest thing she ever felt. Her finger tips caress every muscle, her palms explore the curves each muscle makes. She holds her breath again as he removes her bra and releases, her breasts from confinement. She waits for his reaction, searching his expression for some sort of approval.

Petar gasps as her breasts are revealed. Not large enough to drop, they playfully bounce while his eyes follow and he smiles affectionately. He begins suckling one nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the nipple then latches on to nibble it. Teeth rasp against each nipple causes the already hard points to harden more.

Savana moans in pleasure as she feels his teeth rubbing against each nipple, the five o’ clock shadow he has affecting the sensations as brushes against the soft tissue beside each nipple. She wants more, so she pushes her hand into his hair, holding his mouth on her nipple longer, then guiding it to the other for the same attention. Urgency in her loins causes her to pump her hips, hoping her shorts will rub her clit again.

He can tell she is hot, and wants more of him as he wants more of her. Petar takes her and lifts her into his arms, her legs instinctively wrapping around him. He moves her and sits her down on the bar, in between two stools. He notices he forgot to remove the shorts, and groans at himself as he takes her off the bar, sits her feet on the floor and undoes her shorts. Wasting no time he tugs them over her hips, slides them down and watches as she steps out of them.

She forgets herself a minute and helps by removing her thong right after her shorts are off. She is placed back on the bar in a swift upward lift, like she was as light as a balloon. She looks at his face, and sees his eyes stalking her body. She is the prey and he is going to catch her and eat her. She feels very vulnerable and closes her legs slightly. His hands press against her inner thighs and she has no choice but to open her legs again.

He spreads her before him, licking his lips, and inches close enough to Escort Kocaeli lean in and lick her. One lick from that spot between her ass and her pussy, all the way up in one smooth motion to her clit. He leans back to get a better look at her, drinking in the sight of her, gulping as she wiggles beneath him. He leans back into her, breathing in the sweet sexy smell of her pussy. The smell of her fills his nostrils as he slurps up her clit. Flicking his tongue out as he sucks, rubbing his teeth gently back and forth over her nub. She is aroused, swollen and her clit is hard. He moves his thumb near her clit and nestles his head down further between her thighs inserting his tongue into her wet pussy. Plunging it deep inside her, his thumb creates a hard friction on her clit. He repeats this with every jab further inside her. She writhes and bucks up to meet each stroke of his tongue.

“Ohe my god, Petar!” She breathlessly shouts.

He inserts his tongue deep inside her and sweeps it from side to side. His thumb still applying a gentle circular pressure to her clit, she is still bucking against him. Balancing himself against a stool, he takes his free hand, and grabs her hip to hold her steady while he stimulates her to release. Her hip still wrestling with his hand as she wants to writhe, she finally cries out at the height of it. He figures she is at the edge, so he gently circles his tongue deep inside her as his thumb rubs.

“I am going to cum, it feels sooo ….” Savana trails off as her whole body jumps up and she screams.

Savana looks at him and giggles as her clit regains its sensation. Twice as sensitive now, she has to move his thumb quickly, “Sensitive spot now,” she manages through the giggle.

“If I don’t stop you may cum again, we could try it!” He raises his eyebrow at her with a sly sexy grin.

Savana knows he means it so she closes her legs and gets a conscience, realizing what just happened. “I don’t know anything about you, are you an axe murderer in your spare time?” She teases.

Petar stares at her face, looking down at her complete nakedness, “A little late to be asking that, don’t you think?” He replies.

He runs his hand over her ankle, and massages her foot as he looks at her. He explains that he is a private investigator, owns his own business and has a few people he works with as needed. He leans closer to her after massaging the soles of her feet, captures her mouth, and feels her need in the passion that is in their kiss. The spark starts in her stomach and shoots straight to her pussy; instant wetness dribbles from her onto the bar. Groaning as it trickles down she pulls away, wiggles to get away.

She reaches down and undoes his pants. Reaching her hand inside she begins to stroke him. She gasps at the size of him because she can’t close her hand around him. She jumps from the bar, stands on the floor and wobbles a little. He takes her arm and steadies her as she grabs his pants on both sides tugs them down to his ankles, and then pulls down his tight fitting boxer briefs.

She is astounded by what she sees fling free as soon as the fabric reveals his erection. His cock is by far the biggest she has ever seen (not that four would really count as much experience), and is astonished by him. He is all muscle, from head to toe, a sexy muscular man standing naked before her. Her eyes dart over every gorgeous inch and her hands shake with anticipation. Not sure where to start, she feels his hand move from her waist. She watches carefully as he takes hold of his cock and strokes with slow jerking motions. She loses her balance that the sight and has to lean back against the bar.

“You like what you see, Savana?” He drawls out sexy and sweet.

“Yes very much!” She whispers as her voice seems to leave her.

All of a sudden she lands with a thwap back on the bar, his hands spreading her legs where she sits. His index finger nudges into her. Her wetness covers his finger easily, so he inserts two fingers into her. She is so wet and tight, he stretches her. His cock has sprung to attention, his balls are pulled up tight, and he feels like he will explode at the slightest touch.

Petar wants Savana to cum on his fingers though. He wants to taste her again, so he leans in and nibbles on her clit while his fingers work in and out of her. Her hips grind and pump to meet his fingers. She is so close; he can feel her pussy tightening around him, contracting and ready to pop. He pumps faster, nibbles and sucks on her clit, and flicks it with his tongue. Her hips increase the rhythm, she’s just about over the edge, and her eyes are closed tight.

“Yes Petar, right there, Yes!” She calls out loudly as she jerks up one last time and he feels the wetness squeeze around his fingers.

“I am going to take you now baby,” He mutters as he pushes his cock gently into her.

He pushes into her as far as he can get, staying buried at the time. She adjusts to his size and he finally pumps, very, slowly moving his cock in and out of her wet pussy. He gradually increases the speed and force until he is ramming into her hard and fast, her breasts jiggling with every hard thrust. Her ass moves along the bar with each plunge and he pulls her back to him.

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