Ageless Sex , Eternal Love Ch. 08

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Forty-six-year-old Tommy has sex with Susan’s best friend’s daughter, 20-year-old Christine.

Continued from Chapter 7:

“Sorry Susan. Really, I am,” he said even, no doubt, he wasn’t sorry at all.

Susan looked at him as if she hated him as much as she hated her mother.

“I know what I can expect from my mother, nothing, but expecting more from you, I thought you were better than that,” she said glaring at Tommy before her face was awash with hurt and sadness. “Expecting more from you, I thought we had something. Why in the Hell would you have sex with her, my mother, when you have someone like me in your bed?”

He looked from daughter to look at mother before looking back at daughter.

“I don’t know, Susan. I’m sorry,” he said taking a step back. “I can explain. Really, I can.”

Susan put up her hands as if they were two mini stop signs that stopped him in his tracks from coming near her. She didn’t want to hear what he had to say.

“I don’t want to hear it. I’ve heard enough from the both of you. I can’t believe you had sex with my mother? Is there no end to the lunacy that is my life? Oh, my God. Mom! Get the fuck off my bed and put on your clothes. The both of you,” she said pulling her mother by her hair and pulling her boyfriend by his ankle. Wanting to kick her mother in her face, she pushed her to the floor before kicking her boyfriend in the balls.

Holding himself in pain, Tommy grabbed at the sheet before grabbing for his clothes to get dressed.

“Sorry, Susan. I’m so sorry. It just happened,” said Tommy. “I was sleeping and when I opened my eyes, your mother was sitting on the bed with my prick in her hand.”

Susan looked from her boyfriend to look at her mother with hatred.

“Sorry Susan. I’m so sorry,” said Deb with a shrug while making fun of Tommy before returning to her bad self. “When I saw that big cock, I just couldn’t help myself from touching it, stroking it, gumming it, and fucking it,” she said with a dirty laugh before she started coughing. “With me not as good looking as I used to be, I take whatever I can get,” she said with a shrug and another annoying laugh.

A crime of passion that no court of law would convict her, enraged, if Susan had a gun she probably would have shot the both of them.

“Get out! The both of you get out! If you’d rather be with a 70-something-year-old drunk, be my guest,” said Susan to Tommy.

He looked at her with panic.

“Wait Susan. Don’t do this,” he said begging her to give him another chance.

Susan continued pushing him out the door.

“When she’s not drinking and smoking, she’s fucking and sucking or gumming some man for money. With all the men my whore of a mother has been with, hundreds, maybe even thousands of men with her working as a stripper and a prostitute for fifty years, I’d see your doctor for some penicillin, if I were you,” said Susan.

Tommy looked from Susan to look at her mother with horror.

“Seventy-something?” He looked at Susan before looking back at Deb. “I thought you were sixty-something,” he said. “Gees. Damn. You don’t look 70-something. Looking ten years younger, you look good for you age,” he said to Susan’s mother. “I never would have guessed you being thirty-years older than me.”

Deb ran a slow tongue over her red lipstick clad lips while staring at Tommy’s exposed prick.

“Thank you,” she said putting on her clothes. “It’s the black hair. It makes me look younger, don’t you think?” She tossed back her black hair with a practiced flip of her head.

With neither of them fully dressed, Susan shoved Tommy out of her apartment before shoving her mother out her apartment door.

“Get out! Get the fuck out! The both of you,” said Susan pushing them both out the door and locking the door behind them. “Go fuck yourselves, the both of you. I never want to see either one of you again.”

Chapter 8:

Tommy having sex with Susan’s mother was her boyfriend’s second chance. After she threw him out of her house and with him throwing her mother under the bus, she more blamed her mother for seducing her boyfriend than she blamed him for having sex with her mother. She knew how irresistibly tempting, sexually teasing, and erotically enticing her mother could be when it comes to sex and seducing men. Sexually experienced enough with men to know what men want, no man young or old could resist her. If anyone was a naughty minx, her mother was.

Before he had dared had sex with her mother too, she even forgave him for having sex with best friend’s daughter, Christine. She stupidly and naively thought after one false step that his sexual transgressions were over. Assured that his infidelity would never happen again, she thought he was sincere in his apology of having sex with her best friend’s daughter, until she caught him having sex with her whore of a mother. So gross and so nasty, he having sex with her mother was his second sexual transgression Ataşehir Escort and his last chance. She was done with him. She was done with men.

Understandable that a forty-something-year-old man would want to have sex with a 20-year-old woman, what Susan didn’t understand was why a forty-something-year-old man would want to have sex with a 70-something-year-old woman. Further, why would a 20-year-old woman want to have sex with a 46-year-old man? Are there enough men her age to fuck and suck? Why would she have sex with her mother’s best friend’s boyfriend? How dare she, that little conniving cunt.

‘Gross! Eww! That’s just nasty. That’s just sick,’ she thought to herself now that she was alone with her bad self.

When he had someone like Susan in his life and in his bed, why would he risk losing her for her old, mother? Nonetheless, with him cheating on her once with her girlfriend’s daughter, and a second time with her mother, of all women, she wanted nothing more to do with him. Next, if he had the chance, driving a wedge between them, he’d be cheating on her with her best friend. Just as she was done with her mother, she was done with him too. Done, done, done with them both, if she never saw either one of them ever again, she’d be happy.

* * * * *

While she was out at the mall with Jennifer, her best friend, Jennifer’s daughter, Christine, went to Susan’s apartment looking for her mother. With the two of them as close as sisters, Jennifer’s daughter no doubt figured that she’d find her mother there with Susan. Only, what she found was much like what Susan’s mother found when she opened the front door to Susan’s unlocked apartment. She found Tommy in bed naked. Then, when Susan and Jennifer arrived to Susan’s apartment, a sight to behold indeed, they found Tommy naked and in bed with Jennifer’s naked daughter, Christine, having sex.

Too busy having sex to hear Susan and Jennifer walk up the four flights of stair, unlock, and open her front door, seemingly neither women could believe their eyes when they rounded the corner. They had caught them red handed having sex. Susan would have been less angry if she caught Tommy having sex with anyone but her best friend’s daughter and Jennifer would have been less angry if she caught Christine having sex with anyone else, preferably with a boy her own age. Only, Susan’s boyfriend and Jennifer’s daughter were naked and in bed. With Tommy humping Christine, really pounding her oh, so young pussy, seeing them having sex was indeed a sight to behold.

“Tommy,” yelled Susan.

“Christine,” yelled Jennifer.

How could he have sex with a child in her bed when he had a woman like Susan in his life? Unless his intention was to deeply hurt her, of all the women to have sex with, why would he have sex with her best friend’s daughter? How dare he? What’s wrong with him for him to do that? Testing their friendship, Tommy knew how close she was with Jennifer.

“Mom? Susan? What are you doing here? Why are you back so soon? Whenever you go to the mall, you’re gone for the day,” she said quickly grabbing her clothes to cover her naked body and hurriedly getting dressed.

If looks could kill, in the way that Susan and Jennifer stared at Tommy with hatred, he would have died a horrible death. If only they were witches and could burn him to death with their stares, they would have. Tommy had cheated on Susan with her best friend’s daughter. Why would he do such a thing? How could he do such a thing?

Christine had cheated on Susan with the boyfriend of her mother’s best friend. Why would she do such a thing? How could she do such a thing? She was so young, just 20-years-old. She was so innocent. She wasn’t a virgin but she wasn’t a slutty enough to be having sex with someone old enough to be her father especially when he was the boyfriend of her best friend.

Understandably, after her mother divorced her father years ago, perhaps Christine missed having a father in her life. Perhaps Christine was looking for her Daddy. With Tommy in Susan’s bed naked, perhaps the timing was right even though it was all wrong. With that in mind to soothe her anger somewhat, not only could she understand why Tommy would want to have sex with a 20-year-old girl, she could understand why Christine would want to have sex with a 46-year-old man.

* * * * *

Christine knocked on the front door while calling for her mother and for Susan.

“Mom? Susan?”

When there was no answer, she turned the doorknob and with the door unlocked, she walked in Susan’s small, studio apartment in the way Susan’s mother would do months from now.

“Mom? Susan? Are you here? Mom? Susan?”

As soon as she turned the corner and walked further in the apartment, there was Tommy in bed naked. In the way he would do when Susan’s mother, Deb, saw him naked months from now, he had a partial erection when Christine saw him too. Pretending he was sleeping just as he’d do with Deb, Christine stood in the large room staring at his naked cock. Seemingly Kadıköy Escort he enjoyed exposing himself to women, especially when his exhibitionism appeared unintentional. As if she was a perverted peeper, she stood motionlessly quiet while staring at his cock. Tommy’s eyes were closed but opened just enough for him to see a very pretty, young woman.

Instead of looking embarrassed, she looked sexually excited. Instead of looking away, she stared at his semi-erect prick. With her having never met Tommy, obviously she was nervous seeing a naked man in Susan’s apartment and seeing a man in Susan’s bed with a partial erection. Seemingly not knowing what else to do, Christine looked away from Tommy to call out to her mother and for Susan again. This time, taking care not to awaken the naked man, instead of calling out to Susan and her mother loudly, she called out to them softly.

“Mom? Susan?”

As soon as she called out for her mother and for Susan, she looked back to Tommy to see if she had awakened him. Only, instead of looking away once looking back at him again, as if she was mesmerized by his growing erection and hypnotize by his throbbing, big dick, she continued staring at his erecting penis. When he didn’t open his eyes, she called out for her mother and for Susan louder.

“Mom? Susan?”

It was such a small place, barely 600 square feet, if they were anywhere, they’d be in the kitchenette, in the bathroom, or out on the balcony. Instead of walking out to the balcony to enjoy the view and to see if her mother and Susan were sitting out there, she seemingly preferred the view inside and the view she was seeing now. If her mother was out there with Susan, perhaps she had seen this naked man too. Perhaps, instead of going shopping at the mall, they just had a threesome. Perhaps, embarrassed that she was unexpectedly there, her mother and Susan were hiding and pretending they were home.

* * * * *

As if he was Burt Reynolds posing for a Playgirl cover, with his semi-erect, naked cock shamelessly on display, Tommy was prominently prone upon Susan’s bed naked. Ready for whomever it was entering her apartment, he heard someone climbing the stairs, before hearing footsteps in the front hall. He knew that Susan had gone to the mall with her best friend, Jennifer. Being that no one ever climbed four flights of stairs but for Susan, Jennifer, and him, he figured that Susan was coming home with Jennifer. In the way he was sexually attracted to Susan when he first met her, he was sexually attracted to Jennifer when he first met her too. With him wanting to expose his erection to Susan’s best friend, he had been stroking himself to an erection in anticipation of them opening the front door.

Then, when he heard someone call for Susan and then for Mom, he wondered if Susan had a daughter. Debating if he should cover his nakedness or not, with Susan 43-years-old, chances are her daughter wasn’t a minor but over 18-years-old. In the way he was ready to expose himself to Susan’s daughter, if that’s who it was at her front door, he’d never exposed himself to a minor. He may be a lot of things but he wasn’t a pedophile.

Maybe it wasn’t Susan’s daughter but Jennifer’s daughter. Being that she was the same age as Susan, he knew that her daughter wouldn’t be a minor but an adult too. In the way he’d love to expose his cock to Jennifer, without having even meeting her or seeing her, he’d love to expose his cock to Jennifer’s daughter too. Not expecting her to react to seeing his naked prick with much more than shock and revulsion, it would be fun so flash some 18-year-old woman what may be her first cock.

Obviously, under the pretense that he was there waiting for Susan to return home as her naked surprise, he had an ulterior motive. He wanted to expose himself to Jennifer too while playing Mickey the Dunce by acting as if he thought Susan would be coming home alone. With Jennifer an attractive woman also, no doubt Tommy fantasized over having sex with Susan’s best friend in the way he would later fantasize over having sex with Susan’s mother. No doubt, if he had his druthers, he’d love to have sex with Susan and with her best friend at the same time and in the same bed.

Incorrigible in his horniness and in his sexual lust for women, only, he never expected for Jennifer’s daughter, Christine, to be at the door. Just as Christine was surprised to see Tommy naked, he was surprised to see Jennifer’s young, attractive daughter standing there staring at him as if she had never seen a cock before. Now, that he had exposed his cock to Jennifer’s daughter, in the way that he’d love to have sex with her mother, he’d love to have sex with her too. How hot would that be to have sex with mother and daughter in the same bed, as hot as having sex with Susan and her mother in the same bed?


* * * * *

With Christine standing at the foot of the bed staring at Tommy’s cock, he remained silently still while pretending he was sleeping. Staring at her through the slits of his mostly Ümraniye Escort closed eyes, she was so young. She was so pretty. She was so sexy.

Ruling out that she was Susan’s daughter while remembering that she didn’t have children, she looked too much like Jennifer not to be her daughter. A younger version and a carbon copy of her attractive mother, albeit without Jennifer’s big tits, in the way he wouldn’t mind having sex with her mother, he wouldn’t mind having sex with her daughter too. He always wanted to have sex with a mother and daughter, separately or both at the same time. With Susan telling him that her mother was a whore, even though he never met her mother, he sometimes sexually fantasized of having sex with Susan and with her mother in the same bed. Having seen old photos of her, she was a fine looking woman with breasts as big as Susan’s big breasts.

Christine continued staring at Tommy’s cock as if his naked body was her gift from God. Christine continued staring at Tommy’s big prick as if she had never seen a man’s naked prick before. Christine continued staring at Tommy’s naked body with lust and with sexual passion in the way that Tommy stared at most women when undressing them with his eyes. Only, with Christine not having to undress Tommy with her eyes, he was already naked. Wanting to surprise her, shock her, and embarrass her, Tommy opened his eyes.

“Hi,” said Tommy popping open his eyes to catch her staring. While making no attempt to cover his nakedness with his hand or to conceal his nakedness with the sheet, he stared back at her in the way she was staring at him. “Who are you?”

She was pretty, so very pretty. Tall and shapely thing with dark, shoulder length hair and big, blue eyes with red, full lips, in the way that Tommy looked so very much like Brad Pitt, Christine looked like a much younger version of Angelina Jolie but without the big tits. Seemingly with him returning her stare, Tommy was instantly and sexually attracted to Christine. Shameless in his immoral and immodest exhibitionism of himself, instead of covering his nakedness with the sheet or even with his hand, when he moved his hand to his penis, Christine’s eyes followed.

Instead of covering his nakedness with his hand, just the opposite, he started touching himself, actually playing with himself. Seemingly having never seen a man touch himself before, Christine watched him touch himself. She watched him holding himself and fondling himself. As if fascinated watching a man play with himself, she watched him fondle the head of his prick with his fingertips. The more he touched himself, the more she stared at him touching himself.

As if teasing her and sexually seducing her, he brazenly fondled the head of his cock while staring up at Christine and while she stared at his cock that continued to grow bigger and harder. With her giving him an audience of one, his cock throbbed and pulsated in his anticipation of him having sex with her. Just as he shamelessly masturbated himself in front of her, she shamelessly stared at his cock growing bigger and harder.

As soon as he was semi-hard, putting on quite the masturbation show, he collected his prick in his hand and started stroking himself faster and harder in front of her. As if he was intent to cum in front of her, with her still staring at his big prick, he was now giving her something even more to see. With her staring at him before, Christine was even more engrossed watching him masturbate himself now. Still staring at his big, hard, hairy, erect prick, she never removed her eyes from his cock, especially as his cock suddenly twitched, pulsated, and grew bigger and harder in his hand. Then, once he was hard and fully erect, obviously not wanting to cum, he stopped stroking himself. As soon as he stopped stroking himself, as if breaking the spell his cock had over her, she stopped staring at his big prick and was finally able to speak.

“I’m Christine, Jennifer’s daughter,” she said walking closer and talking to Tommy’s cock instead of to Tommy.

He let go of his cock to shake her hand. Instead of recoiling and refusing to shake the hand that held his cock, if he had offered her his cock to shake, he wondered if she would have shaken his big cock instead of shaking his hand. As if his big prick was a microphone, seemingly she looked like she wanted to take his cock in her hand and speak into the mike. Tommy looked at her in the way that any naked, forty-something-year-old man would look at any attractive, 20-year-old woman. He looked at her with lustful desire. He looked at her with horniness. He looked at her as if he was a lecher, a predator, and/or a vampire and she was his next, intended victim.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?”

Tommy stared at her in the way Christine stared at him.

“I’m old enough,” she said with attitude.

With her hair continually covering one of her eyes and giving the illusion that one eye was larger than the other, she looked at him as if she was peeping on him through a hole in a fence. As if she was getting ready to take his stiff prick in her mouth and suck it, she flipped back her long, brown hair with a toss of her pretty head. Then, she stuck out her chest as if proud to tell him that she was a woman and no longer a girl.

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