Alex Mercer : First Kill

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Alex Mercer: First kill (a prototype fan fiction)

(note: the details and powers given in this story differ significantly from the real game, and such changes were necessary in order that the game may be adapted into an erotic story. Apologies for such changes if you’re a prototype fan. Some discrepancies may exist as I started writing out when I was playing the game and progressed as I went through the game. The present story assumes Mercer’s state of knowledge when he is in day 6 of Prototype 1. Readers may kindly notify me of such errors.

I recognize that this is a fan fiction and hence appeals to a limited audience who play games. However, I do hope that it’s not too technical for others, and if it is so I’ll delete facts to make things simpler. Still a little background knowledge won’t hurt)

Alex Mercer was pissed. it had been two days since he had freed the demoness Greene from Gentek, and now the bitch was leading the hordes. Behind him stood his sister Dana’s safe house, where she was busy hacking sites and getting him leads. But she herself was defenceless should the hordes strike. He feared for her safety. The only way to do so was to find clues take down the bad guys and free the city of the infection. Right now though, he had nothing worthwhile to do. Until he evolved more he would not be able to take on the Gentek chief, even as the minions of Greene gradually consumed the whole city.
Mercer changed form into that of a soldier to avoid the numerous marines out in the streets who would all too readily turn their weapons from the horde onto him. He jumped from the edge of Dana’s roof and glided softly towards the street below. The multitude of people in the street moved along heedless of the evolved creature approaching them. Mercer wasn’t surprised. With undead running along the streets everywhere they had more to fear from the ground than the air.

Unfortunately he mistimed his landing and created a large crater, sending one elderly woman into the oncoming traffic. Screams of surprise erupted and people moved back to allow the apparition to move away. problem was he had no idea where to go. should he seek adventure and evolve by fighting the hordes? he walked aimlessly down the street his military attire a reassurance to the terrified folks once the witnesses to the botched landing had melted back into the crowds. As he turned into Haslam he realized that evolution wasn’t the only thing he needed. He needed clues, clues as memories of people tied up in the web of intrigue that McMullen had spun around him, turning him from a normal youth into a carrier of a deadly viral strain that gave him special powers and made both the undead and the armed forces desperate to kill him.

As he thought along these lines, he noticed that the otherwise mundane map had suddenly started showing a possible web of intrigue person. Surprised, he headed towards his new found goal. Alex knew he could easily scale the high rises to save time but wondered if it was worth it. The target was walking leisurely and he assumed his disguise was working well. there was no need of bravado, a stealth kill and consume would suffice.

having set his mind on the mode of attack his senses began to sharpen and focus, till he could almost hear the heartbeat of the person from a block away. He picked up pace as he wove through the multitude he heard a distant scream. Part of his mind wondered what could have caused an alarm so far away from the quarantined areas. There were two military bases nearby and if at all a civilian was to feel secure anywhere it was here. this distraction made him almost bump into his target, the person having stopped at the sound.

To his surprise it turned out to be a woman. She was about 5’4 athletic and (if Mercer was in a horny mood), a great body. She instinctively turned around and smiled at him. he guessed she was around 26, but looked a lot younger due to what he presumed were her Asian genes. Her slanted eyes looked relieved at finding a military man, a look which made her quite attractive, mercer thought. Mercer was spared the unpleasant choice of going for a direct kill (and so attract attention) or disengages and try stealth again, when she screamed and fell into his arms. Mercer followed her gaze to a hulking gorilla like figure in the distance, which seemed hell bent on destroying everything in its path: a hunter was loose in Haslam.
Mercer wondered whether to take it on and gain evolution points or go for the young Asian thing before him. His mind argued that since information was scarcer than EP, the girl was a better idea. But he also realized that his choice wasn’t made only on pragmatic grounds. The girl had a nice body after all.

To the girl’s horror, the trooper began to change into a hooded youth with a grim determined look in his eyes. She didn’t need the TV reports to really recognize him, having been one of his fellow workers at Gentek, she knew what the infected person was capable of. She knew what was coming to her, and began to desperately struggle.

Mercer’s thoughts were elsewhere. It would be impossible to have her without getting knocked around by the hulking creature that was rapidly gaining ground. Cars crashed, pedestrians jumped and fell, all trying to escape the monstrosity. In a split second Mercer decided to take her along. He’d need time for what he had in mind.Wrapping the struggling girl tightly around his body, he leaped at the nearest building and began to. Climb, the few people who noticed his method of exit getting even more frightened at the sight.
It was hard task climbing with a struggling mass of flesh. the only way to make her shut up was to punish her, and exposed as he was to both strike team fire and possible hunter attacks on the side of the building, he didn’t have the time. So the girl kept up her futile struggles until it was clear to her that freedom would mean a forty foot freefall from midair to the footpath. this frightened her into a sullen passivity that nevertheless was welcome to the rather preoccupied Mercer.

Where would he take her? With his identity revealed the safe house was out of bounds. There was a rampaging hunter and already a heli of the forces was on his tail. Tranquility, once a granted in his life, was now a luxury.Reaching the top of the building he began to move sideways, his body agilely zigzagging across the rooftops and occasionally throwing projectiles torn off the rooftop installation at his pursuers.
Much to his relief, the heli seemed rather confident of taking him down on its own and didn’t call for help. This, in itself a daunting task given Mercer’s capabilities became impossible when the hunter, having joined the two foes on the roof, made a lunge at the chopper and made it veer off. Soon they were engaged in a binary struggle and Mercer could catch his breath behind a high wall. Changing into the military form again to evade the forces should they arrive again, he turned to his captive.

The recently cheerful girl now had a look of sheer terror on her pretty face, her eyes brimming with tears as she beheld her likely killer. She knew he wanted her memory to patch together important events and find new leads. And getting memories meant consuming the person, a form of painful murder for all practical purposes during which her body tissue would be absorbed into his. She would cease to exist.
But if she’d expected to live a bare minute more, she was wrong. Mercer let go of her and seemed to study her. She could not possibly fathom as to why he would take time to do so. She was meat on a butcher’s hook as far as he was concerned. The delay gave her hope but also terrified her.

Alex saw that his victim was indeed sexy. Her body was slim, accentuating the curve of her breasts as she breathed fast in her terror. Definitely a C cup at least thought he, his loins starting to tingle in anticipation. her thighs were shapely and he could bet her pussy would be tight. He’d not had sex for a long time and was getting hard. the feeling in his loins translated into thoughts and thoughts into actions. He decided to have her.
The girl backed away, her feminine instincts telling her to back away from a potential predator. But it was no use, he merely reached out and grabbed a tit. She watched in horror as his muscular hand began to mash her flesh hard through her thin blouse. She raised both her hands to stop him but they seemed to be pushing against wood. She whimpered as her tender glands were crushed beyond anything her boyfriend had ever done to her, her tit literally appearing like a sponge under his cruel attention.

His other hand pulled her close, forcing her lips to make contact with the abominable creature as her breasts seemed like they were being pressed under a millstone. Alex enjoyed the tears on the bitch, wondering if she’d ever cried any as he’d been made to suffer in order to satisfy the unethical interests of a few scientists. His anger made him press even further and he could swear he’d ruptured a few blood vessels. As if he cared, the bitch deserved everything that was coming to her, and more.

He pushed deeper into her mouth his hand finally releasing the abused flesh to settle on the back of her head. The position was a common one but the sheer pressure he applied to the back of her head made her feel weak, the kiss doing nothing to ease her pain. Her focus shifting to the pressure on her skull her resistance to his tongue collapsed. she endured the dual sensations of a brutal pain on her skull and the ticklish touch of tongue on tonsil as it extended beyond normal capacity to explore her throat sphincter.

Suddenly the pressure reduced and she found herself swallowing his saliva as he seemed to listen to something. For a moment nothing happened then his forehead creased in thought. His mind told him that a patrol heli was nearby and would in all likelihood find them. He decided to risk it anyway; he’d deal with it when it came. So he pushed her to her knees and began to undo his fly. His neglected manhood was demanding its share of the woman and he knew he had to gratify it. out cake his 8″ dick and promptly began to rub against the shocked girl.

She instinctively recoiled from the big dick knowing it to be a prelude to worser things to come. As before, this didn’t help much. she found her hair grabbed with almost as much power as her tits had been to terminate her attempt at evading her sexual exploitation. The strong pressure on her hair also made her open her mouth in painful protest, but ended up helping Alex push his penis into her facial pussy. The girl was totally unprepared, having hoped to evade it till the last possible moment. The result was a throat rape of a most brutal nature, with Alex trying to make up for the apparent dryness with brutal thrusts. Unlike other blowjobs she’d given she wasn’t called upon to lick or suck, just keep her mouth open like an improvised vagina to fuck her throat.

Normally this wouldn’t have hurt her. but the sheer girth of the cock ( and this was the military trooper’s Cock) and the rapid thrusts in and out of her face made her gasp for breath. Alex made sure no rhythm was possible without her losing a few breaths either way, and this made life doubly harder for the poor girl. Ruefully she thought at how well she was known for her blowjobs. to think that the last she would give would be to a sadistic infected creature ostensibly bent on suffocating her with his well endowed manhood.
Presently the fucking sped up and she felt the sides of her mouth and her lips getting raw from the sheer speed of the facefuck. She’d never thought she’d be used like this, and the feeling of helplessness reinforced her misery at being raped by an infected person. Tears began to increasingly lubricate the pole as it passed in and out of her red lips.

Finally he came, spewing his potent seed into and onto her mouth, taking care that both her throat and her cheeks got their share of the facial. she just hung there limply on his dick as he spread the cum with his dickhead making sure it coated her shiny black hair and her clothes as well. she was rapidly becoming a cum whore.

At this moment however she looked up to see a heli hovering over them, the pilot looking with interest at the scene unfolding below. To their surprise he decided to land the craft. Alex wondered what the man could possibly want. An id proof? But that could be done from the air itself! Why land?

To the cum drenched girl however, things were clearer. The guy was obviously interested in the sexual possibilities of the situation and she figured that if Alex allowed him to live, she may have to do a threesome. Her fears came true when the man walked right up to the infected person and began to chat amicably. He seemed to be rather desperate to have a piece of her ass and to her surprise Alex agreed. She found herself roughly hauled to her feet, the man doing so more by pulling her titties than her limbs. Her clothes were unceremoniously discarded and both men whistled at her pert body.

The gaziantep escort pilot moved first, using his hold on her tits to push her down in a doggy style position. he then got down under her lying down on the roof with her tits to give him company as he banged her pussy. Alex would have himself liked to explore the possibilities of such a position but he’d detected that a hunter was in the vicinity and didn’t want to be caught with his pants quite literally down. Being on top would allow him to move away rapidly after consuming the girl while the pilot was left as hunter’s lunch.

The pilot oblivious to such strategic moves had decided that this was his lucky day. his mate had found pussy and he was going to get his share. His gf was missing since the plague (that’s what he understood it as) had spread to Times Square. He missed her body more than her presence and this slut was as good as any other to make up for it. He positioned his dick along her juicy pussy and enjoyed the way her tits jiggled as she squirmed away from his touch.

he reached out for one to suck on as he felt Alex begin to push into her from the rear end. it was soft and juicy, with finger marks he assumed were of his fellow soldier’s. not that he’d mind, he’d take a good tit even if it was infected.
the girl didn’t know what to expect when she felt strong fingers begin to part her ass cheeks. she was a Virgin there as her mind had never quite come to accept that shitholes needed to be used when all girls came with wet and warm twats. But alex wasn’t a person to be debated with, he had fixed his goal and would get it. So the girl endured endless pain as the focus shifted to her ass, now being invaded by a huge manpole.

Alex got in in four strokes, the very tightness of her virgin sphincter egging him on as the girl began to scream and plead in vain. She howled especially loud when her ass ring finally have way and be pushed in about half of his huge prick in a single movement. The remainder went in by the next thrust and the girl found her body revolting against her docile submission to this novel form of torture.

Without allowing her any time to adjust to the huge invader he began to pull out again. this scraped her ass walls badly and she wondered if they were bleeding from the abrasive that was his cock’s surface. She had no chance to check though as he reversed direction about halfway out of her anus. This gave her another shock as she was again stuffed to the full. This forced her forward in an attempt to ease the brutal pressure, making her tit stretch in the pilot’s mouth causing her even more pain.

The pilot meanwhile had realized that he was getting behind on the action and that he may be called upon soon to fight off the hordes. He had no idea where the other marine belonged, but he wouldn’t want to be discovered fucking cunt while on duty. This realization made him grab the cunt’s waist and ease his dick into her pussy. It wasn’t easy, given Alex had already positioned her for his own pleasure, but he managed to get enough in to feel the tightness of Asian cunt on his 7” member. His fellow marine had found a prize cunt for sure.

With both men firmly entrenched in their respective orifices, a gradual rhythm began to develop. Alex would thrust in and so push the marine’s dick out, and then he would pull out and allow the cunt to pull back onto the other’s pole. While both of them found this arrangement satisfactory, the girl found it to be highly uncomfortable. Although the initial pain in her holes had subsided, this repeated to and fro motion ensured that she constantly had to shift or be pushed into position, depriving her of any pleasure she may have got from the sex.

Alex knew he could hold out for as long as he liked, but the precarious situation made him go for an early orgasm. For the much abused girl though it was not a moment too early when his seed began to fill her rectum, his cock as deep as possible in her distended asshole. Alex was himself surprised at how long he came. It may have had something to do with Karen being more absorbed in studying specimens than sucking sperm, but Alex came for what appeared like an eternity. Exhausted, he then pulled out with a plop, and observed with some pleasure as his seed flowed out of her puckered hole.

Alex now moved to the front, standing in front of the girl with his feet placed on either side of the pilot’s torso. The pilot had pulled the girl down to make it easier for her to ride his dick, which pushed her head up and level with Alex’s shit covered cock. This time Alex simply grabbed her face and landed two hard slaps across it. Her lower lip split and the never ending tears now increased in volume on her stinging cheeks. Yet some part of her was revolted by the idea of tasting something that had been in her shithole, and she backed off.

Alex hadn’t expected this defiance, especially as the two slaps were to ensure an easy passage down her throat for his cock. This not being the case, he sent a couple of her teeth down the route with well aimed punches to her lips. The result was that her mouth began to throb, and her lips swelled up, now bleeding profusely. For practical purposes though, It made it almost impossible for her to keep her mouth shut and undergo further abuse. Her once lovely lips opened to take in the disgusting slime covered prick into her bleeding mouth.

His goal achieved, Alex took a handful of the cunt’s hair and began to violently push in and out of her damaged buccal cavity. His thick pole began to push against her semi dislodged teeth making every thrust double the pain it should normally be. Eventually, the pole managed to dislodge one of her teeth and pushed it into her stomach with a brutal thrust down her throat. The girl had learnt by now how to phase her breathing to survive the cruel blowjob, and made no effort to stop him as the pace picked up.

However, this lack of response annoyed Alex. He wanted to see the results of his devastation in her eyes, in the body language of a broken cunt on his pole. He grabbed the hair at the front of her head and tilted her head as he pulled out, making eye contact with the exhausted girl. He was pleased to see that she was averting his gaze, knowing that he wanted the pleasure of knowing that he had just punished one of the persons responsible for his miseries in the most brutal manner possible. But he wanted to look into her eyes, enjoy the fear in them before he consumed her. HE made her look at him again, her eyes increasingly widening as she realized the look in his eyes to be that of a hunter who had played enough with his prey, The girl unwillingly obliged, the pull on her hair leaving her with no choice but to resume eye contact. Yet she tried to plead with him with those very eyes, hoping to negotiate something even if it meant prolonged sexual slavery to a sadistic bastard. It somehow gave him a high as he slowly shook his head, his smile telling her that nothing could save her now. It was time to move in for the kill.

The pilot was nearing an orgasm, having made the girl bounce on his dick for the past 10 minutes. It had been a struggle to hold back, but he wanted to savour the pleasure of tight cunt as long as possible. But holding back any longer may cause erectile dysfunction, as the folks at the mess liked to joke. Just as he was about to come, he heard a roar, but was beyond the point of caring. The pussy was grasping him like a tight glove, the tits were soft and yielding to his touch and the girl was letting out her delicious screams now that the second blowjob was done. He made a mental note to get a blowjob from her if time permitted; such a tight cunt ought to have a great mouth. Such thoughts were cut short as he felt himself going over the edge, starting to cream her pussy with his seed.

Alex, having pulled out of the terrified girl’s mouth, looked up to see a hunter rapidly approaching the scene of the rape. It was a good thing that he’d had his sexual pleasures before it came; he could now leave without any regrets. Turning back to the cunt, he began to wrap his arms round her torso, making it clear to her that her final moments were at hand. She began to beg hysterically as the evolved talons began to bite into her flesh and a sadistic smile played on her killer’s face: for all her pain and torture, she would die exactly like every other human who had ever crossed Alex Mercer’s path. She had realized she was meat when she had seen him remove his disguise, she knew it now as she died a painful death at the hands of her rapist.

Alex took his time consuming her. he wanted to enjoy her fear as she was absorbed into him, her horror at meeting an end she’d not have dreamed of even in a stasis cell. His tentacles were hungry for the soft flesh that was their food, their midday meal of sorts. Alex watched as they cut into her rib cage, into the back and into her sexual organs. Alex thought he could briefly feel the pilot’s cock as the tentacles ate away at her womb, deriving nutrition from what would have given him pleasure, depriving the pilot of his fuck.
The tentacles began to rip her apart, her mouth opening in a helpless soundless scream as her throat was punctured and his hungry appendage emerged out of those beautiful lips, to hover dangerously close to her face. She would die, she knew she would die, but she would die knowing what the sum total of her body’s utility was, how utterly expendable she was, and how incapable her well toned body was to avert its fate. She would die terrified.

By now his tentacles had begun consuming her lungs, while others emptied her abdominal cavity of the digestive system. Alex took particular pleasure in gently wrapping the tentacles around her breasts as they sunk into her lung less chest, ripping the dainty morsels of fatty flesh away and into himself. Consumption was an art after all.

Alex watched her body writhe and twist, rising off the ground as it was slowly devoured. She was now held up by his tentacles alone, her limbs too useless to support her. Indeed they kept her alive so she could be witness to the destruction of her well maintained body, a full time spectator and her own execution. Alex made sure she looked at herself and back at him, feeling the full power of Alex Mercer course through what remained of her body even as she approached her death.

It was now time to end the show. Two of his tentacles approached her face and chest at a speed which seemed like an eternity to her. Her mind and body had united in asking for a quick release, her mind incapable of enduring such pain. Yet the tentacles stopped as they hit her flesh. She tried to say something but her mouth was just a cavity between her jaws; instead she heard mercer say “goodbye”. She closed her eyes.

Almost simultaneously the tentacles punctured the fair skin, destroying skin and bone with equal ease. She felt them penetrate, then came a searing pain, then she was gone. Her body spasmed few times before going limp. Alex had taken everything from the count, including her life.

The pilot was surprised to find a sudden release of pressure on his cock as he spurted the last of his seed. He opened his eyes to find the girl gone and the dreaded Alex Mercer, the codename Zeus standing above him with a smile on his lips, parts of a human body rapidly disappearing into his torso with the aid of menacing tentacles. The man was terrified, knowing that the choice methods of the infected creature of killing his adversaries were unpleasant to say the least. In all likelihood it (and his commander insisted on “it”) had consumed his fellow marine and the girl, now he seemed to be on the platter.

Strangely, Alex merely asked for the pilot’s key card, and taking it, headed off towards the chopper. It was always good to have a military vehicle to move around in, and the chopper would likely evade most of the detectors on the ground. He placed the card in the panel, and the door swung open, showing that the aircraft was well stocked with guns and other ammo. Smiling, he swung into the seat and started the engine. The girl, apart from being an awesome fuck, had given him the lead he needed and the EP too, his mission was back on track.

The pilot sighed in relief as the chopper took off. At least he was still alive. Pulling his pants up, he staggered towards the stairs down from the roof, but stopped dead as a huge shadow overtook his own. Turning around, he screamed.

Mercer was by now well up in the air, and could afford a glance down. He had seen the hunter from a distance and had packed off in time. There was always a possibility of it chasing the chopper, but in this case chances were low: he’d left the creature a nice morsel on the roof, and it was now contentedly ripping the abdomen apart. All in a day’s work if you’re Alex Mercer, thought the person in the chopper as he sped off towards his next target in the infected city,

(may be continued)

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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