Alexander , Hephaestion Ch. 01

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(This is the first chapter of what I hope to continue as a erotic and historical story… I’d really appreciate any feedback you may have – it really does help! The feedback I got for my previous story was very welcome and very useful!)

Now, sit back and enjoy 😉

Alexander had gained mastery over the known world when he had defeated the once might King Darius at the battle Gaugamela and yet he felt unsated as he watched his generals drinking merrily and cavorting drunkenly on the rich carpets and silk cushions in the defeated King’s tent with the sultry Persian concubines. He sipped again at the dark wine in his heavy golden chalice keeping his eyes on the Bacchic scene before him lit only by the flickering light of a dozen torches.

Hephaestion laughingly pushed away the caresses of a raven-haired temptress as she reached under his tunic for his manhood. He glanced to his left and saw Alexander glare at him. He threw his head back in laughter and winked at his lover as he rose from his luxurious couch, the muscles in his thighs flexing beneath the tanned flesh. He walked over to Alexander, stepping over and around gyrating, half-naked bodies lost in the heady pleasures of sex and rich, spiced wine.

Hephaestion leaned over Alexander and kissed him delicately on his full lips, whispering, “Did you not like what you saw?”

Alexander gave him a cold look that would have made even the most hardened warriors flinch, before taking another draught of his wine, but Hephaestion merely smiled knowingly at him and knelt by his side. He ran his hands over Alexander’s thick, muscular thighs before pushing them slowly apart and reaching under the rich, red tunic with one hand. He squeezed and caressed the heavy balls of his lord and lover before pulling Alexander’s hips forward on the cushions. Alexander raised his eyebrow at Hephaestion who kissed his inner thighs passionately, gradually raising the heavily embroidered tunic higher and higher until it covered only his pulsating cock and cum-laden balls.

He breathed in the rich, musky aroma of Alexander before slowly taking one of his balls into his mouth and sucking. Alexander took in a deep breath and lay back, his head resting on the thickly padded cushions of his low citrus wood couch, his eyes closed and his lips forming a knowing smile…oh he knew all about the wonders his lover could perform with his mouth.

Hephaestion released the heavy sac from his mouth, kissing and licking the crease of his hips and then moving back to suck on the hanging balls at the base of Alexander’s long, thick and heavy cock. He gave them a final swirl of his tongue before his talented fingers continued to Eryaman Escort knead them and his mouth gave its full attention to the manhood he knew so well.

He pressed his lips along its length, nibbling and licking it as he worked his way to the very tip which had begun to ooze precum from its little slit. Alexander gasped as Hephaestion licked the dewy pearl from the tip of his cock and quickly took the dark reddish-purple mushroom head into his mouth, massaging it with his full lips. His tongue swirled around it, and occasionally pressed firmly at the sensitive spot just beneath the head before he began to work more and more of the length into his mouth.

“Oh gods Hephaestion!” groaned Alexander, grasping the back of his man’s head, tangling his fingers through his dark, curly locks and pushing his hips back and forth forcing more of his thick cock into Hephaestion’s hot, wet mouth.

Hephaestion swallowed and Alexander’s throbbing manhood slid partway down his throat as he hummed, creating vibration to increase his lover’s pleasure. He did this again and again as Alexander thrust his hips towards Hephaestion’s face faster and faster until at last he threw his head back, the muscles in his neck straining as his cock rammed into Hephaestion’s mouth and began to twitch as he came.

Thick ropes of creamy cum were released into Hephaestion’s mouth and throat as he continued to suck and swirl his tongue around the thick cock, swallowing everything his lover had to give to him.

Alexander lay back taking deep, ragged breaths, his eyes still closed and his chest heaving from the exertion and the utter bliss he had just experienced from his closest friend and chosen lover.

Hephaestion slowly released the softening cock from his mouth with a pop and kissed it before sitting back on his haunches, arms resting on Alexander’s thighs, to look up at the man whom so many loved and followed, but only he knew so intimately. His heart and soul entwined with this man.

Alexander slowly regained control of his breath and gradually opened his eyes to look down upon the beautifully rugged warrior who grinned up at him with a gleam in his eye.

Alexander couldn’t help but laugh and pulled him up to lay beside him on his huge ornate and plush couch. He ran his hand along Hephaestion’s collarbone and then ripped his white tunic open from the neck all the way down to navel and looked at the thickly corded muscle that moved under the smooth, deeply tanned bronze skin with every breath.

He dipped his finger into the half-full cup of wine that he had set down beside him and ran it around each Sincan Escort of Hephaestion’s nipples in turn before leaning down to swirl his tongue around them and suck the heady wine off as the nipples began to harden under his ministrations. He dipped his fingers into the wine once more and ran them down the centre of his chest, following their movement with his mouth. Kissing and sucking the path that ran down to the line of hair which ran to his large, thickly veined and beautifully shaped manhood.

Hephaestion moaned with pleasure. There was no one on earth who could make him feel as wanton and lustful as Alexander did.

The torchlight flickered over Hephaestion’s glistening bronzed chest as Alexander raised his head to look up at him. Hephaestion opened his eyes which, Alexander noted with pleasure, were darkened with lust. He smiled mysteriously, running his hands under Hephaestion’s tunic tickling and squeezing his balls as Hephaestion closed his eyes and moaned, and went back to pleasuring his lover.

Alexander ripped open what was left of Hephaestion’s tunic to look upon a body that closely mirrored his own.

Hard, corded muscle honed to perfection under skin perfectly bronzed from hours of exercising nude under the hot eastern sun and wielding heavy weapons fighting fierce battles against barbarian hordes. Those very same battles had caused the scars that occasionally marred the glowing skin, but to Alexander they only made Hephaestion more beautiful to look upon and caress. They had, after all, been obtained whilst fighting by his side.

He ran his fingers delicately along two long scars that ran across his hip and Hephaestion winced. They had been inflicted by Darius himself during the battle only a few days earlier. Alexander at once removed his fingers and kissed the pain away, although his eyes narrowed at the discomfort caused to his man. His Hephaestion. He vowed to catch up with Darius, who had escaped like a coward when the tide of the battle had turned against him, and make him pay for all he had done and more. But that would wait until the next day. For now, he had his lover’s body to pleasure.

He turned his mind back to the well-oiled body before him, beginning to stroke the thick, throbbing length that jutted out from its nest of dark curls. Alexander leant down to kiss and suck at the very base of the cock in his hand, beginning to massage the spot just before Hephaestion’s anus, knowing it would drive him wild. He didn’t have to wait long.

Hephaestion’s hips began to rise and fall as his breath grew shallow and Alexander smiled before licking the pearl Etlik Escort of precum that had formed on the very tip of his cock, purple with raging lust, into his mouth, delighting in his musky aroma and bitter-sweet taste. He wrapped his lips around the soft, smooth cock-head and began to suck and swirl his tongue over it before sliding his mouth all the way down to the root of his manhood.

Hephaestion gasped with ill-disguised pleasure, arching his back as his cock was repeatedly sucked into the hot, wet vacuum of Alexander’s mouth while one of his hands held Hephaestion’s hip and the other rubbed and massaged his full balls, occasionally stretching out a finger to press against his passage.

Hephaestion opened his eyes, clouded with desire, to look at he man bringing so much pleasure to his body, and spoke in a ragged whisper, “Alexander…”

Alexander knew what he needed and quickly grasped the vial of perfumed oil that lay on the small citrus-wood table beside him, emptying it over his own newly hardened and throbbing cock and rubbing it into Hephaestion’s anus. With a few rapid tugs on his heavily veined cock, he placed it at Hephaestion’s entrance and began to push his way in.

Alexander lay panting above him, bracing himself on his straining arms and looking down at the face he loved so much. He bent his head down and began to kiss those sultry lips as he started thrusting into Hephaestion’s tightness until he filled him completely.

Hephaestion grasped his shoulders and then drew his hands down his lover’s back to his hard, rounded buttocks, pulling them towards him and into him as they reached a strong rhythm together. Alexander took all his weight on one bronzed forearm as he reached below him to grasp Hephaestion’s straining cock and began to work it in the same strong rhythm.

Neither man could hold off the orgasm that was building to a frenzy. They gasped and groaned at the sensations they were both experiencing, feeling at that moment a closeness that bound their very souls together.

Hephaestion cried out as he began to spurt ropes of creamy cum onto both of their chests and stomachs and Alexander could wait no longer than this moment to release his own desire deep into him.

The sweat that had beaded on their bodies began to cool as they gradually slowed their movements to a gentle rocking before coming to a complete and satisfied end.

They drew deep breaths into their lungs as Alexander’s softened cock withdrew from Hephaestion and he wrapped his arms around him, drawing him even more closely into the warmth of his body, kissing him deeply and thoroughly, their tongues entwining.

Shortly afterwards Alexander grasped a silken cloth which had dropped to the floor and wiped off Hephaestion’s cum from both of their bodies, before drawing up a huge richly embroidered red and gold blanket and covering both of them with it.

They fell asleep after the torment of battle and the agonies of pleasure wrapped in each other’s arms.

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