Alice’s Discipline

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LESBIAN: Mom and Aunt instruct her.

((Mom will be named Sarah))

(The basics of this story was given to me some time ago by an ex-girlfriend. I have changed all the names to protect the guilty)

Hi! My name is Alice, I’m 18 years old, and a freshman in Jr. College. I need to tell somebody about the fateful day that turned my world upside down—and turned me into a kinky lesbian.

My cross-town soccer game was cancelled because someone had called in a bomb scare at the other school, so I came home much earlier than expected.

Aunt Flora’s car was in the driveway. That was cool because Aunt Flora had a bubbling, outgoing personality. She always had something funny to say, and I always felt comfortable around her. She was also an incredibly beautiful woman of 35 years with shoulder-length, slightly curly blonde hair, a cute pixie face, and an hour-glass figure stacked onto a 5’9″ frame. Did I say stacked? She had the biggest tits I’ve ever seen. And they didn’t sag either. They stuck out front like a couple of cannons. I’ve always admired Aunt Flora’s tits and wish mine would grow out like that. And she had the big, round, muscular ass to match anchored onto a pair of broad, heart-shapped hips.

Of course, my own mom was no slouch either. She always cut an impressive figure. At 40 years of age she towered a couple of inches over Aunt Flora. She kept her blonde hair cut fairly short and had a beautiful, well-chiseled face with no wrinkles. And her tits, though not quite as big as Aunt Flora’s, were still an impressive pair of headlights in their own right. Like Aunt Flora, she had the sexy hour-glass figure, but it was her incredible sexy, long legs and magnificent ass that were probably her best features.

As for me, I think I will grow the same ass that my mom and aunt have because it already looks pert and juicy, and is muscular and round from playing soccer. But for some reason I never sprouted up in height, so that both my mom and my aunt tower over me. And, my body still rather petite, means my tits were only now just beginning to sprout.

When I came home that day, I expected to see them in the living room when I entered the house, but they were nowhere to be found. I went upstairs to my bedroom but before entering I saw that the door to mom’s bedroom was open, so, curious to see if they were there and wanting to say hello, I peeked in. And, oh, what a sight it was!

Mom was standing up in all her glory near her bed. And I mean all her glory—given what she was wearing (or not wearing). On top she had a latex bra on, but it had no cups so her huge, gravity-defying tits stuck straight out. Her nipples were all red and engorged, sticking out about an inch and there were lipstick marks surrounding each nipple. (The thought that Aunti Flora must have kissed her there—or even sucked on them made me feel dizzy). Down below, mom had on a red latex mini that was so short that part of her ass and pussy lips were showing. Garter straps extended down from inside her mini holding up the nylon stockings embracing her gorgeous long legs. And, this entire package was standing on a pair of red 6-inch heels.

I had never seen mom dressed like that, and the mere sight of it took my breath away. And that sight alone would have been enough to make me masturbate (though I’d never had desires for another female before)—but there was much more to the picture.

In her hand, mom held onto a leash. At the other end of the leash was a collar, and the collar was around Aunt Flora’s neck!

And here is the gasser: Aunt Flora was completely naked and was down on her hands and knees—her voluptuous bubble-shaped ass sticking up in the air and her huge tits seeming to nearly touch the floor. Her nipples, like mom’s, stuck out over an inch, huge and throbbing. And like mom, she had lipstick marks on her tits.

The thought that mommy and Aunt Flora had been sucking each other’s tits made my own ach to be sucked. My nipples poked out through my T-shirt (I wasn’t wearing a bra) and screamed to be tweaked.

Mom tugged the leash, and Aunt Flora began to crawl towards her as if she were a doggie or something.

“Lick!” Mom commanded

“Yes, mommy!” Aunt Flora responded as she began to lick mom’s feet while all bent over with her ass in the air.

And the utterance of those words by my aunt sent electric jolts all through me. The idea of mommy and auntie playing kinky, mother-daughter incest role-playing games was too much.

As Aunt Flora licked and kissed mom’s feet and ankles mom bent over and began to slap autie’s ass with the flat of her hand making these real sexy “slap” sounds.

What a perverse sight! I was shocked. I trembled all over. But at the same time the sight was incredibly erotic and my pussy began to throb and gush.

I couldn’t have moved from that spot if a nuclear bomb went off next door.

With each slap of mom’s hand against aunt Flora’s ass, not only did Flora’s ass jiggle and turn a little red, but mom’s huge tits jiggled too.

Aunt Gaziantep Escort Flora began working her way up mom’s legs, kissing and licking, and all the time calling my mom “mommy.” And I stood there wondering how far she would go. One part of me was not believing what I was seeing, while the other part of me was getting incredibly turned on over it.

I didn’t have long to wait. Soon Aunt Flora was kissing and licking the insides of mom’s thighs. Mom stopped slapping auntie’s ass and stood back up straight to fondle her own tits while auntie nuzzled her face between mom’s thighs.

And then, I couldn’t believe it. It happened. Moaning in delirious pleasure Aunt Flora nudged mom’s skimpy skirt up with her nose and planted her mouth right on mom’s glistening wet pussy!

I was so mesmerized that I’d lost track of my own body and my own hands. Then I realized that one of my hands had slipped up under my skirt to rub my pussy while the other hand fondled my tits as I watched this incredibly erotic scene unfold.

“Such a naughty little girl you are,” mom said to auntie, “trying to lick mommy’s pussy like that. Perhaps mommy should give her naughty little girl a real spanking?”

“Yes, mommy,” Aunt Flora said. “I’ve been very, very naughty.”

Mom then sat on the edge of her bed and patted her lap. Aunt Flora laid across mom’s lap, and then mom began to spank her. The spanks were gentle at first, just playful ass slaps—but hard enough for that sexy “smack!” sound to reverberate in the room again. And with each “smack” my own pussy throbbed to the sound. And, with each of mom’s slaps on auntie’s ass, her gorgeous ass cheeks vibrated and jiggled making me wish I could fondle them and kiss them. And, mom’s huge tits jiggled making me want to play with them.

Mom began to spank a little harder, and then harder still, and that sexy “smack, smack, smack” sound grew louder and louder, making my pussy throb and gush all the more. And, now I was mindlessly fingering my cunt making sloshy wet sounds that I should have realized that they could hear. But I was so out of it I didn’t know what I was doing, or care.

As mom spanked auntie, auntie thrashed on mom’s thighs, her hips and ass bobbing up and down as if she were trying to fuck mom’s leg, all the while moaning “mommy, mommy, mommy!”

Auntie’s jiggling ass soon turned bright red, and then mom bent down and began kissing Auntie Flora’s butt cheeks. Then Mom stuck her hand between Auntie’s thighs and up under her butt to finger her pussy. And as mom kissed Auntie’s ass and fingered her pussy the loud “sloshing” sounds from Auntie’s cunt told me how wet she was. (Or was it my own pussy making all those sounds since by now I was fingering myself pretty furiously?)

The next thing I knew they were both on the bed 69ing each other! I couldn’t believe it. My mom and my aunt slurping away at each other’s cunts, moaning and thrashing in ecstacy.

I was about ready to cry out in orgasm myself as I felt my knees buckle. I staggered to my room on trembling legs, closed the door, and quickly brought myself off. I had to masturbate five more times that evening before I could go to sleep.

When I went to school the next day I couldn’t concentrate on anything. My mind was so fried I couldn’t think of anything but the kinky sex mom and aunt Flora had done. That kept me in squishy heat all day long.

After soccer practice when I showered with the other girls I couldn’t help but look at their bodies in a different way. I now found it rather arousing and wondered what it would be like to have sex with another girl. What would it be like to have a couple of pretty faces sucking on my tits? Their soft full lips clamping down on my swollen nipples and drawing them out. What would it be like to have a pretty face down between my legs licking and sucking on my pussy? Blonde pony tail bobbing up and down as she gave me head!

As the other girls moved around in the locker room and the shower it turned me on to watch their butts jiggle and flex every time they moved. I watched their tits jiggle and bob up and down and found it to be incredibly erotic. What would it be like to play with another girl’s titties? To suck on her nipples and feel that erotic flesh between my tingling lips? As they soaped up their crotches in the shower I wondered what it’d be like to kiss their clean, sweet slits, to kiss and lick and suck until they moaned. To stick my tongue into their hot wetness?

As I rode my bike home I could think of nothing but kinky girl-girl sex, and my pussy was so hot and swollen that the way it rubbed on my bicycle seat as I pumped my legs felt almost as good as masturbating.

When I reached home, I noticed Auntie Flora’s car in the driveway again and I immediately got even more excited. My nipples tingled and my pussy gurgled. I wondered if, no I hoped, that they’d be having their kinky sex again and would leave the door open so I could watch and masturbate to them again. Before getting off Gaziantep Escort Bayan my bike I rubbed my throbbing cunt back and forth on the seat. Umm, it felt so-o-o good. I wanted to stay there and finish myself off, but then, I didn’t want to miss any of the action inside in the event that mom and aunt Flora were already doing their thing.

To my surprise, and mild, and temporary, disappointment, mom and auntie were in the living room, sitting side by side on the couch, clothed, well, at least sort of.

Three other women sat across from them.

Mom was dressed in a similar latex outfit today (as she was yesterday), except that everything was black, black latex bra, with conical shaped cones to hold her huge tits and making them stick out even more than usual. Skimpy, black latex mini, so short the entire length of her garter straps showed. Her feet, enveloped by her leg-embracing beige stockings, were tucked into black heels. In contrast to all the black, she was wearing white panties—which were quite visible under that tiny skirt.

Aunt Flora was dressed the same way, except she was in blue latex—with her white panties also quite visible.

The other three women sitting on the couch opposite of mom and Aunt Flora I had briefly met before and had thought that they were just casual friends of mom’s. Cindy, a redhead, was dressed in a red T-shirt mini that barely came down to her hips in the position she was sitting. Next to her was Sandy, another redhead, dressed identically. The third woman, Tamara, was a brunette and she wore a dark brown T-shirt mini.

“Come here, Alice.” Mom patted the space on the couch between her and Aunt Flora.

“Yes, mom?” I said as I sat wondering what she had up her sleeve.

“I was picking up laundry today I found this in your room.” She held up the stained panties I had masturbated in when I watched her and aunti.

“You’ve been masturbating, haven’t you sweetie?” Mom pressed her thigh against mine.

I felt terribly embarrassed. I couldn’t answer such a question in front of all these other women. But then, the sexy warm feel of mom’s thigh against mine was turning me on. And then, the way everyone was dressed. I was so confused about what was going on.

Aunti Flora pressed her thigh against my other leg like mom was doing. Then she put her hand on top of my thigh. “It’s okay sweetie. Both your mom and I masturbate once in awhile, don’t we Sarah?”

“Sure,” mom said, placing her arm around my shoulders, turning towards me and rubbing my stained panties under my nose. Her sharp pointed bra cone poked into my shoulder exciting me as much as the smell of my own cunt on my panties. “Everyone does it, isn’t that right ladies?

“Yeah, we do it all the time,” Sandy said re-crossing her legs and flashing her panties at me. And she made this move so slowly as she looked right at me that it was more than obvious that she was flashing me on purpose

Cindy and Tamara did the same one after the other, and both made it obvious that they wanted me to look up their skirts. And all three of them were wearing sexy white panties, and all three of them showed some dampness there.

“You see,” Aunt Flora said moving her hand up a little higher on my thigh, “we just want you to admit it, that’s all.”

“Well . . . yes, “I stammered. “I guess I do a little. Sometimes.”

Mom turned even more sharply towards me, letting her hand slip off my shoulder to caress my tit. At the same time she rubbed both of her huge bra cones against my shoulder while rubbing my panties all over my face and neck. “Not only do you masturbate, but you masturbated yesterday while watching your auntie and I play around and have sex with each other, now didn’t you?”

Aunt Flora slid her hand up my skirt and touched my quivering cunt through my panties. “You might think we didn’t see you jerking off to us, but we did. So, why not go ahead and admit it?”

“Y-y-y-yes. I saw. I was shocked at first. Then I found it rather exciting. I couldn’t help myself. My hands just took on a life of their own . . .”

Mom put my panties aside and turned back to me, her face only inches from mine. “Mommy doesn’t mind if you masturbate, it’s good for you to have orgasms, but you were a very naughty girl for peeking, and standing there and watching us when we thought we’d have some privacy.”

“I-I-I-I’m sorry.”

“So, I’m going to have to spank you for being so naughty,” mom said, “so stand up a moment and turn facing me.”

As I stood mom parted her magnificent long thighs and guided me between them. Then she closed her thighs pressing them against the outsides of my legs, the erotic warmth of her sexy gams causing my already throbbing pussy to gush even more girl goo onto my panties.

But then, all the kinky excitement I was feeling became mixed with outrageous embarrassment when mom reached up under my skirt and began teasing my as and cunt right in front of everybody. As she toyed with my panties and Escort Gaziantep the goodies they contained, her face was only inches away from my crotch. Her hot breath against me only made my slit all the juicier.

The combination of all the sexy talk, the sexy way my mom and all the other women were dressed, and mom’s playing with my ass and cunt—all of that combined with the embarrassment of having my own mom do this in front of all these other women turned me on beyond anything I’d ever felt before, beyond anything I’d ever imagined. My cunt ached to be fucked, licked, and sucked. My by now rock hard nipples ached to be toyed with. I wanted to play with them myself so bad, but I was still too embarrassed to do something like that in front of all these other women.

By this time, Aunt Flora had scooted over to be closer to mom so she could more closely observe what mom was doing to me. She reached her hand up under mom’s skirt to play with her pussy while mom was fondling me up under my skirt.

Then mom added to my embarrassment by pulling my panties down around my knees where everyone could see.

“Oh, look how wet she is!” One of the women behind me said.

“Such a naughty little girl,” another woman said.

My face grew as red as a beat when aunt Flora and the three other women giggled at my predicament.

“Now take your shirt off honey,” mom commanded.

And so, there I was, my panties pulled down to my knees where everyone could see how wet they were. And now, with my shirt all the way off everyone could see how erect my nipples were.

“Look Sarah,” aunt Flora said as she took both of my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and tweaked them this way and that sending new waves of pleasure throughout my body, “how erect your daughter’s nipples are. I think she likes what we’re doing with her.”

“Yes,” mom said as her hands replaced aunt Flora’s on my tits. She began to fondle me while aunt Flora stuck her hands up under my skirt to play with my pussy and my ass. “My little girl is becoming quite the young woman.” Mom flicked her tongue against each of my nipples. While mom continued to tease my nipples with her tongue, aunt Flora pulled my skirt all the way down my legs and had me step out of it.

“Quite the sexy young woman,” mom completed her sentence. “But now she must pay the price for spying on us.” Mom pulled her face away from my chest and patted her lap. “Lay down across my lap, dear.”

Aunt Flora situated herself so that when I lay across mom’s lap, my face was right in aunt Flora’s lap. And I thought that was real sexy in spite of the embarrassment I felt from the other women watching and with the only clothing I had left was my wet panties still around my knees. The feel of their sexy nylons and the flesh of their upper thighs against my bare skin was sheer erotica. And the heat steaming up from their crotches made my own cunt salivate.

“Whack!” Mom gave my bare naked ass a slap. In spite of my embarrassment at being spanked in front of all those other women, the feel of my ass cheek jiggling from the blow was kind of sexy.

“Whack!” She slapped my other cheek and it too jiggled. I was beginning to think this was fun.

Mom began slapping my ass a little harder, first one cheek, then the other. Both my ass cheeks began to burn a bit—and I was delightfully pleased that the heat went right to my cunt for some reason.

By this time Auntie had pulled her huge tits out of her latex bra and begun to rub them against my bare back. Her nipples were hugely erect and felt so fucking sexy the way she scrapped them back and forth along my back.

Mom began to spank me harder and faster making my ass jiggle as hard as if I was standing on one of those vibrating machines some gyms have. And as my ass jiggled, I thought of how much it had turned me on to see all the other girls’ asses jiggle in the locker room and shower. I wondered (no, I hoped) that mom, auntie, and all the other women were getting just as turned on from watching my ass jiggle with each swat mom gave me.

And with each swat of her hand on my ass it pushed my pussy ever harder into her thigh. And the increasing heat of my ass enflamed my cunt all the more.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see right up the skirts of the other three women who all had parted their legs as they rubbed their very wet panties and talked dirty while watching mom, auntie, and I. They were mumbling things like “she’s such a hottie! Mother-daughter incest. Fuck yeah!”

And that turned me on even more—being able to look up their skirts, see them masturbating over what mom and auntie were doing with me, and hearing their dirty talk. I couldn’t help myself any longer. I began to fuck my erect clit against mom’s thigh while rubbing my erect nipples on auntie’s thigh.

Aunt Flora shifted her position so she could spread her legs and stick my head up her skirt.

Delighted and thrilled at how wet her panties were, I inhaled deeply of the latex of her skirt and the steamy aroma of woman emanating from her soggy panties. And by this time I was so fucking horny I didn’t need any encouragement. I buried my face right in her crotch and began munching on her already soaked panties. Auntie responded by squeezing her hot, creamy thighs against the cheeks of my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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