Almost the First Time

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Big Tits

Readers who have read my story submissions over the past number of years will recognize that I have a penchant for writing in the ‘Mature’ category. I suppose that it comes from my early appreciation of mature women. I enjoyed being around them. As I entered manhood some of these women evoked erotic feelings in me, particularly those that showed a reciprocal interest. Sad to say, all mature age women today are much younger than I!

A sometime dismaying result of my writing efforts is that the more ‘real’ the story was, the poorer was its reception combined with questions from readers about its believability. It became apparent to me that imagination was received better than the real thing and that probably makes sense. Actually I usually base my stories on real life people and events to which I can add a little sauce.

I decided to take one more shot at a mostly real happening from my much younger days.


I was raised in a gold rush village. Actually it was not actually a village but a cluster of homes located just outside the limits of a mining town. The location allowed inhabitants to avoid taxes and ignore town bylaws. It was comprised of houses built randomly along a road to nowhere with an occasional intersection and a road to a few more homes back in the trees. The area had originally been home to bootleggers and prostitutes who could avoid harassment by town cops while still having access to a large population of hard rock miners.

By the time my family arrived the bootleggers and hookers had departed and the village was composed of hardworking men and women with young families. I had a great early life living in the boonies with swimming and fishing and full access to the wild while walking to town and back every school day. We villagers stuck together as kids, teenagers and adults in the face of ridicule from the town folks about living on the “other side of the tracks”. In this case that reference was true, we had to cross railway tracks on the road to the village. Parties and other gatherings were for everyone; the only divisions were by age.

I was twenty-one at the time in question. I had finished high school and traveled around working in mines for a few years, but had decided to try a shot at a college education. I returned home for a year to live with my parents once again while earning top money working in a nearby underground mine.

I realized shortly after my return home that I was no longer comfortable with the teenage group that I had left, and not a hell of a lot more comfortable with the older group who were largely of my parent’s age. I sought out friends in town, looked constantly for a steady girlfriend, and spent a few hours after each shift in a beer parlor with my buddies from the mine. But I did drop in at an ‘adult’ village party on occasion. They were generally held on Friday or Saturday night but often through the week depending on the season.

Eva was one of the village ladies, about 45 years old, almost birdlike in build except for a set of out-of-proportion breasts that she invariably displayed in an up-lift bra. She was pretty, flirtatious and outgoing, always one of the bright spots at any party. She was one of the most well spoken people in the village, quite well educated and aware of local and world events.

She was in a childless marriage to a real Jekyll and Hyde character named Eddy. Eddy was a normal decent guy during the day but turned into a very nasty man in the evening and night, all caused by his addiction to alcohol. He turned ugly during the first hour of a party, insulted his wife, made passes at other men’s wives and became sarcastic and aggressive towards any one close to him. Eddy often didn’t get to see the end of the party because he had been packed off home by friends and often in a near unconscious state. Eddy was lucky to be living among understanding people and married to a well-liked woman.

To sum up the erotic side of my life at that time, I was pretty much a busy but unsuccessful seeker of sex. The only real bedtime that I had wracked up was in two short encounters with working ladies. We are talking minutes here, not hours. I could be classed as desperate to prove my manhood and short of a promise to marry someone, the way forward did not look promising.

I began to drop in for a late beer at the village parties. I was working shiftwork at the time but I could make it to the end of a party on either day or afternoon shift. By arriving late I missed the square dance part, the twist and shout part, and it was usually into the ‘slow dance’ ending of the evening when I joined the rest. I always had at least one dance with Eva.

Eva was of French extraction with an olive skinned complexion and green eyes. Her eveningwear was usually light and mostly white blouses and dresses that set off her skin colour. Her well-presented breasts further magnified her appeal. She was much in demand at the parties and enslaved every dance partner escort bursa by pressing her boobs against their chests as they danced. An occasional bump with her hips thrust forward added a delicious tease to the ballad. Eva left little to the imagination while dancing but admittedly only after Eddy had lost focus.

While I really enjoyed holding her in my arms I accepted that I was just one of several every evening who had felt those lovely boobs pressed against their chest. I did not read anything more into it than that although the desire to do something about it often lingered in the back of my mind.

As time wore on I tried to make it to the parties regularly if always late. The thoughts of having another dance with Eva counterbalanced the slow progress I was having with younger women. I sensed that Eva recognized my increasing interest in her and that she appeared to be open to some sort of advance.

I kissed her on the lips one night as we parted. It was not my usual ‘good friends’ sort of peck on the cheek. She pulled back quickly, looked me right in the eye and pulled my head down for her parted lips and tip of the tongue. We had to pull apart as others joined us at the exit. God there had to be something more coming my way.

The party was at her house one night. I arrived late as usual, and after a beer and a chat with some of the guys drifted out to the main room where half a dozen couples were grinding away on the dance floor to some slow sweet ballad. I had a few dances with some of the other ladies before asking Eva to dance.

She was even more soft and pliable than normal. She was also more serious, her eyes slightly hooded when we looked at each other. She melted into my body and I was quickly at full erection. She was quite short despite her heels and when she moved her hips up against mine, my cock pressed somewhere near her belly button. I was excited and aroused, something new was evolving between us and I hoped like hell that it was what I had been dreaming for.

She moaned softly in my ear as she ever so slowly massaged my erection with her belly. She kissed my neck and brushed my skin with her lips. I dropped my holding hand down her back, aching to reach down and cup a cheek.

She whispered, “Wait in the front porch and I’ll chase the rest home, it’s late anyway. Eddy’s out of it until noon tomorrow probably. We can talk.”

Talk was not on my mind at that point, but what the hell it was a start. I drifted into the kitchen and pulled a beer out of the fridge before sidling my way out onto the fully glassed-in front porch. I don’t think anybody noticed me and eventually all would have assumed that I had left the party.

Things quieted down within half an hour, I could hear the sound of all of the goodbyes and so on from the main entrance located to the side of the house away from me. Within minutes Eva appeared, pausing to kick her heels off and advancing directly to me as I stood to greet her. She encircled me with her arms, pressed her entire body against mine and tilted her head up for a full-tongued kiss. The kiss lasted minutes, not seconds, it was the hottest kiss that I had ever been part of and I wanted more.

Eva pulled back from me, a wan smile on her face as she said; “I’ve been aching to do that for months now, ever since you came back home.” She came back in for another one, even more exploratory than the first one. She had the most active lips and tongue of anyone that I had yet encountered. I now believed that anything would be possible this night.

She pulled back again to look at me, leaving her hips and belly pressed against my now throbbing cock. She said, “Don’t you want to touch me? I’ve been dreaming of those big rough hands feeling me.”

Our eyes remained locked as I moved one hand up inside of her arm to clasp one of her tits. My fingers trembled as I gently massaged it through her light sweater. I was much emboldened now and moved my hand down between our bodies to find and rub on her mound through her skirt. She signaled her acceptance by burying her tongue deep in my mouth so I pulled the front of her skirt up and pushed my knee between her legs. My hand soon followed up along the inside of her thigh to discover that Eva had removed her panties. I touched her pussy with a tentative finger.

I felt her stiffen, had I moved too fast? She pulled back and sighed. She said, “I can’t do this. It doesn’t seem right. We have to think about this.” She leaned in and kissed me softly and whispered, ‘Better go now.”

I groaned as her words hit me, my hand sliding down to console my cock over its loss. Eva smiled a little as she said, “C’mere baby, can’t let you go home like that.”

She loosened my belt and zipper and then pulled my pants and shorts down to the floor. She circled behind me and reached around to find my stiff cock. Oh God, what a feeling. I wasn’t sure which was more pleasurable, the small soft hands jerking bursa merkez eskort me off or the tits jammed and rubbing on my back. I was off very quickly but Eva was ready and quickly wrapped a hankie around my knob as I blew my load. My knees were weak as I reached behind to pull Eva tight against my back.

One would have thought that I would feel terribly let down at not getting some pussy that night. But it was the opposite as I think back. Here was this pretty married woman showing sexual interest in me. Who knew? I had always believed up to that time at least, that married people did it every night and never had to go look for it. For some reason this lady had wanted me! A hand job was progress.

The summer drifted onwards and I was soon to leave for my first year of college. I was quite content, my bank account was filling up, I was getting a few dates and I was excited about the coming school year in a new environment containing a lot more females.

I was walking home at the end of an afternoon shift and noticed that the house for this night’s party was still lit up and crowded with people. I decided to drop in and say goodbye to all of these good folks as I prepared for my pending departure.

I grabbed a beer and began to mingle, talking and chatting. The party excitement was dying a bit as people began their exits. I noticed Eva sitting beside Eddy, who was apparently right out of it with his chin resting on a table. She spotted me and came right over. She said, “Do you have time to help me get Eddy home? I can’t handle him if he gets angry.”

I said, “Sure, I’ve got time, be glad to help.”

Eddy was a little guy with a very frail body. I did not anticipate that there would be a problem in getting him home. It was about a half-mile walk in pitch-black darkness to their home and Eva and I supported him from each side as he stumbled and bitched and cursed all the way. I had to pick him up at one point and his body felt like a sack full of jelly. We got him home and into his bedroom. Eva told me to wait in the front porch for her and she would get Eddy undressed and under the blankets and that we had more things to discuss.

I suspected that I was going to get more than conversation from Eva. She seemed to be very confident in her thoughts and appeared to have made a decision regarding the two of us. I was ready for either option regarding our relationship but damn she looked great. I was sure that she was horny for me.

I settled on a foldaway sofa that was kept there in case an extra bed might be needed. Eva appeared suddenly. She had undressed and pulled on a bathrobe, white of course. She was without heels and apparently without a bra. Her hair was loose and she was acting in a submissive manner. My heart was pounding in expectation as I stood to greet her, although I was not real sure about what to do.

Her intentions were clear however; she slid into my arms pulling my body to hers. She kissed my neck and nuzzled my ears and then her parted lips found mine. I could feel her bra-less breasts rolling and pressing to my chest. I opened her robe and ran my hands under it to feel her bare skin. Her warm silky body felt tiny in my hands, slim waist, little round hips, bare soft ass cheeks and finally a handful of a silky tit. God is good.

I pushed back enough to be able to view her entire naked body. My previous experiences had not included full views of the woman involved. The ladies of the night had only pulled their skirts up to the hips to allow me access, and on those rare occasions where I had bared some portion of a girl friend it had been in total darkness. This was actually the first time that I had been in intimate contact with a naked woman.

The naked Eva was spectacular to look at. There was enough light streaming through the windows to see every bump, wrinkle and belly button. Her tits hung somewhat lower than when she was dressed but they looked even more enticing than what I had imagined. She had a full bush, black and untrimmed, nestled in the Y between soft pale belly and round little hips and thighs. I pulled the robe off of her and tossed it to one side.

She undressed me as I kissed and fondled every part of her. I was much more calm than I had ever been with possible sex approaching; probably because I was certain that the decision had already been made and some pussy was definitely coming my way and that there was no need to rush. We were finally both naked and I lifted her up along my body dragging her soft tits along my belly and chest. We kissed passionately as I held her against me.

My cock ended up between her legs and I lowered her down to position my erection along her slit. She gently slipped her pussy back and forth along the shaft of my cock.

“Oh Jimmy,” she whispered, “How I’ve wanted this ever since we said goodbye that night. I had you in my hands, so urgent and desperate, I could feel it throbbing bursa sınırsız escort and wanting to get off. I was going to suck it but you started coming. I wanted to taste you.”

Talk about adding heat to a boiling kettle! I duck walked her over to the sofa and set her down while we both struggled to release the back and flatten into a bed. We tumbled onto it desperate to feel the others naked body. We kissed and rolled like two snakes, bodies and legs intertwining in an effort to feel every inch of the other.

I pushed her to her back to quiet her as I leaned over to suck on her tits. She lay still, occasionally pulling me off one tit while presenting the other. I could have sucked the damn things all night and been content, but then I touched her pussy, her legs parting for my fingers. It was so moist that I could hear the sound of my fingers making lapping noises in her slit.

I moved between her tits and began to lick her skin with long vertical suggestive licks. I wanted to go down on her and taste her pussy. She knew where my mind was and whispered, “Are you sure baby? Is that what you want? It’s been a while for me.”

I said, “Do you like to be kissed there?” I had never done this before although I had heard that it was guaranteed to convince a woman to spread.

Eva’s answer was to guide me down, gently pushing on my shoulders. I kissed my way down from her tits to her soft belly and then to a point where my chin rubbed between her legs. I could smell the musk of her pussy. She raised her legs over my shoulder and guided my head to the inside of her thigh. I licked downward until I could tongue her moist slit. A repeat with the other thigh before she raised her legs and spread wide for me with her heels resting on my back.

She jerked upwards as I massaged her pussy with my nose, fingers, tongue and lips. I was tentative and uncertain of what was expected of me and waiting for guidance from Eva. She arched upwards using her hands on my head to press her pussy against my mouth. It was wide open and larger than I had imagined. I flattened my tongue and she rubbed back and forth on it. I finally came to understand that short of biting her anything I did would bring her pleasure.

She started to talk between her moans of pleasure, “I was your age when a man first went down on me. He was older, a family friend who often flirted with me. He became bolder with his eyes and suggestive talk.” She stopped to cry out, “Yes there, there, stay there.”

I have since learned that I was circling her clit with my tongue tip at that point. I felt powerful now, certain that I was controlling matters, and damn it was fun to have a woman desire me enough to want me to drive her to distraction.

Eva continued softly, “He made passes at me when we were alone and I enjoyed arousing him. He got me in the back seat of his car one night. I let him take my panties off.”

She stopped again as I continued to suck and lick. “Ah careful baby,” she moaned, “I’m close to coming.” I backed off a bit, removing my tongue and just rubbing my face and head on her belly and pussy and thighs. I wanted to crawl inside of it.

She continued, “I wasn’t expecting him to go down on me, but suddenly I felt his hot tongue in my pussy and I almost got off!”

I pulled up off of her and crawled up over top for a passionate kiss. I moved my cock down between her legs and whispered, “So did you get off?”

My knob was poised between her pussy lips when she cried out, “Yes, but only after he fucked me.”

I lurched forward and slid into her so easily. She was so ready for it, my knob parting the velvet folds of her pussy on its way to heaven. I felt her wet pussy lips close around the base of my cock. I can still feel that first thrust despite the years. She controlled me, quieted me when I became aggressive but never appeared to be considering stopping me.

I centered my hips between her legs and slowly withdrew my shivering shaft. I am not sure if I was slow because I didn’t want to get off at that point or if I was uncertain as to what to do next! But nature guided me and I was soon humping my beautiful family friend with slow measured strokes.

I pushed up on my arms to see her under me. Her eyes were shut; she was biting and moving her lips as I stroked her. She was spread wide encouraging me to pump harder and faster. I was very proud of myself. Her knees closed tight to my thighs as if trying to contain me in her. The hard black nipples mesmerized me as they bounced and swung to and fro. I suddenly became desperate, speeding up my thrusts, trying to bury deeper into her pussy.

Eva’s arms reached around to pull me down on her while thrusting her hips up to meet each stroke. She whispered in my ear, “Now baby, it’s time, bring me home.” She hooked her heels into the back of my thighs and began fucking me. That’s what it felt like anyway but I had little time to think about me or she or the man in the moon. I was coming with a more powerful release than I had ever before experienced. My balls tightened as I shoved my cock into her from every angle possible while the cum-column entered the base of my cock and raced upwards. I could not have stopped it if I had wanted to, and I did not want to.

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