Alyah: 01 – First Time Camper

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Chapter 01 – First Time Camper

It was Thursday night, during the fall break of our senior year in high school. My friends and I were at a camping site, next to a beach, for the long weekend. When I turned 18 last month, my parents promised I could go with just my friends, so this was my first time camping without a family member around. We sat around a campfire, relaxing from a delicious dinner and a long day of fun in the sun.

I sat in a lounge chair, twirling my long, wavy blonde hair, which was a mess from swimming. The fire was still drying the pink one piece swimsuit I was wearing, which tightly hugged my hourglass figure. The swimsuit did a good job showing off my round butt and smooth legs, while modestly covering up my large breasts. My body developed at a young age, so I was always self conscious about it. Unlike the girl who sat next to me, a devilish 18 year old, named Ella.

Ella was my best friend since elementary. Straight, long, auburn hair covered a petite chest. What she lacked in bust, she made up with a large, toned butt. She always had no shame, today was no exception. The white bikini she wore was basically just strings, with small triangles barely big enough to cover her nipples and vagina. More of her body was covered by the guy she was sitting on, a 19 year old college freshman, named Jason.

Jason was Ella’s boyfriend, although they had an open relationship. He was a tall, muscular man, with spiky short brown hair. He was just wearing dark swim trunks, which couldn’t be seen with Ella in his lap. His hands were “massaging” Ella’s inner thighs, subtly going up her legs. He was also chatting to the hot guy behind me, Jason’s almost 19 year old college roommate, Erik.

Erik was also my boyfriend, who was NOT in an open relationship. He was just as tall as Jason, with an average build, and dark brown hair combed to the side. He was also in just his dark trunks. He was massaging my neck, as I rubbed his strong arms. He was also talking to the guy across from us, the 18 year old college drop out, Ian.

Ian was a high school friend of Jason and Erik. He had a slim build, with black, slicked back hair. I actually didn’t know much about him, but he seemed ok. It was a little awkward with him around though, since we were all paired up except him. There was supposed to be another couple, but they couldn’t make it.

Eventually, Ian stood up and proclaimed, “I’m going to go check out the showers.”

I looked at Ella and gestured toward Ian, wondering if we should lay off on the coupling.

Ella nodded to me and pushed Jason’s hand out from between her legs..

She then asked, “Maybe you should take a shower and cool down too, tiger.”

Then she winked and nodded at me, as if she did what I wanted.

I simply shook my head at her.

Then Erik said, “Yeah it’s pretty late. I’m going to take a shower too, baby.”

As the guys left, I whispered to Ella, “What was that?”

Ella responded, “What? I thought you wanted the guys away for some girl talk.”

Before I could ask about Ian, she gasped, “Oh!” and darted into her tent.

Ella came out with her backpack and threw at me a long, plastic strip..

When I looked at what she threw, I realized it was condoms. Like a whole box worth of condoms.

I looked at her with disgust and said, “Oh my god. I don’t need these.”

“Look. I promised Alex I wouldn’t let my innocent little princess get impregnated this weekend.”

“It’s sweet that you and my step brother worry about me, but he doesn’t know you’re the skank that needs to worry about stuff like this.” I replied with a smile.

Ella glared at me and said, “Oh he knows. He knows.”

She moved back and forth suggestively and moaning. “Oh Alex, fuck my tight pussy Alex.”

I winced at the thought of Ella having sex with my step brother.

She grinned and moaned, “Just don’t get cum on Aly’s bed sheets.”

I threw the condoms back at her and yelled, “You better be joking!”

She caught the condoms, and put them in her backpack.

When I looked down, there was a single unwrapped condom on the floor at my feet.

“Of course. I wouldn’t fuck my bestie’s step brother.”

Ella opened her tent and threw her bag into it. This gave me just enough time to pick up the condom and slip it in the pocket of my denim shorts that were sitting on my arm rest.

Ella turned back to me and said in a serious tone, “Although, I heard Alex has a huge dick.”

After I causally stood up, holding my shorts with the condom in the pocket, I gave her a look of disgust. Then I walked into the tent Erik and I were going to sleep in.

“Gross. I don’t want to know that. Or even why you know that.” I said from inside the tent.

Then I placed my shorts in a corner near my backpack.

Ella walked toward the tent and said, “seriously. Like 10 inches. And the girth. It just fills you’re-.”

I wanted to get out of this conversation, so I quickly gathered some clothes, a small lantern, and bathing items. Then walked out and Keçiören Escort said, “I’m going to take a shower.”

Ella replied, “Does my wet little kitty need to rub one out? Gross by the way, that’s your brother.”

I briskly walked away toward the showers, then turned and yelled, “Sorry, I can’t hear you!”

When I turned around, Jason and Erik approached me with a confused look.

“Don’t ask.”

The guys just looked at each other and shrugged.

Then Erik said, “Oh, Aly. Use the left shower. The water is actually warm.”

Jason added, “Yeah, the rest are freezing cold.”

“Nice!” I said with glee.

“Hey Jason, do me a favor and tell Ella the right side shower is the warm one.”

Jason smiled and said, “Dude, that’ll be hilarious.”

I continued walking with a big grin.

When I reached the shower, I turned the knob of the left shower and let it run on my hands for a few seconds. The warm water felt so good on my hands.

I peeled off the one piece swimsuit, exposing myself to the cold wind. The wind sent a shiver down my spine, putting goosebumps all over my body and turned my nipples into diamonds.

My nipples are really sensitive, so the cool air also sent a tingle down to my pelvis.

I gently lathered up my chest, trying to avoid my sensitive spots, hoping the warm water would calm my body down.

After washing the soap off, I still felt sand on my right nipple, so I tried to gently rub it off. It wasn’t coming off, so I tried to pinch it off. After a few pinches, I couldn’t stop pinching and twisting my nipple. My left hand headed south toward my vagina. Right when I was about to start touching myself, I heard a flush from the bathrooms.

“Oh my god.” I said, before immediately rinsing the soap and turning off the shower.

When I went to put on my bra and panties, I realized I forgot them back at the tent.

I quickly put on the black, low cut tank top I brought. The fabric rubbed my cold nipples, making me squeal softly. When the sink turned on, I quickly slipped on my long, floral print skirt.

When I grabbed my stuff and started to head back, I heard some groaning from the men’s bathroom. Ian wasn’t back yet, so I was worried he might have gotten sick or food poisoning.

When I was about to call out if they needed help, I heard another groan and a slapping sound.

A voice in the bathroom whispered, “Oh fuck. Yeah, suck my cock Aly.”

Hearing my name used in such a disgusting way, I peaked in with my lantern.

Their lantern was also on, so I saw a nude body. Holding his erection, legs spread, was Ian.

“Oh shit.” Ian whispered. He froze for a second, with his slicked up penis in his hand.

“What the hell are you doing?” I whispered in anger, as I walked in.

The hand around his penis started slowly moving up and down. “What’s it look like?”

As his foreskin covered and uncovered his head, Ian let out a soft moan with a heavy sigh.

“Are you really masturbating right now?” I hissed. “Cut it out!”

Without missing a beat, he groaned, “feel free to leave. Unless you want to watch me jerk off.”

I rolled my eyes and started to turn away.

Ian moaned, “Fuck. You feel so good Aly.”

Hearing him made me sigh and turn back, “could you at least not use me for your… fantasies?”

Ian let out another moan. “Tell you what. I’ll stop.”

As he kept stroking, “Just show me those fat titties, while I cum.”

“What!?” I whispered in frustration.

His stroking slowed down.

“Come on. I promise I won’t touch you. And I also won’t tell anyone.”

There was no way I was exposing my breasts, I thought.

I felt my middle finger rubbing the collar of my tank top, while the shirt rubbed against my still erect nipples.

Then I stared at his wet member, biting my lip, as my finger started to slide down.

The top of a nipple caught the bottom of the collar, when I heard a voice call out.

“Aly? You out here baby?”

When I snapped out of it, I pulled up my shirt and ran out. “Jason?”

I sighed in relief.

“What’re you doing over here?” Jason asked.

The sink faucet turned on, then off. Ian walked out, wiping his hands on his swim trunks, “Thanks for waiting Aly. I couldn’t see shit in the dark.”

“Your lantern doesn’t work?” Erik asked, as we started to walk back to the camp.

Ian moved to the opposite side of me from Erik. He held up his lantern and responded, “Nah. I think the batteries are just dead. I have some at my tent. Luckily, Aly found me.”

I crossed my arms and felt intense body heat. I didn’t know if it was anger, shame, or arousal.

“If she didn’t see me, I would have had a hard time coming… ” Ian grinned. “… back to camp”

His words caused me to tense up and slip on some dirt.

Erik’s hands caught my arm and back, while Ian’s hands caught my other arm and a butt cheek.

I gasped, “Thanks” and walked briskly toward the camp.

Ella was Etimesgut Escort putting a marshmallow on a stick, when I glomped into her arms.

She smelled my hair and kissed my head saying, “You smell nice, my puffy little marshmallow.”

I rolled my eyes and shook my head, “How many nicknames do you have for me?”

“Hundreds.” She smiled, before whispering, “Did you wash your cooter after you came?”

When I sneered at her, she had the biggest smirk. Without breaking eye contact, I just grabbed the marshmallow off her stick and shoved the whole thing in my mouth.

“Hey!” she exclaimed. Then she started giggling. She pointed at the white sugary saliva dripping down my lips and said out loud,

“Well, just make sure you swallow it. Guys love it when you swallow.”

Ella turned to the guys and yelled, “right boys!?”

Erik just smirked and walked toward me. Jason and Ian were hooting and hollering. Although Ian was sitting in his lounge chair, legs spread, similar to how he was in the bathroom. When I saw him stroking a bulge in his pants, I turned toward Erik and gave him a kiss on the lips.

As it started getting late, we began to wind down and pack up for the night.

After putting out the fire, we headed into our respective tents.

Erik and I both turned around to change into our nightwear. I usually sleep in a tank top and panties, so I dropped the skirt, thinking I was ready for bed. Forgetting I wasn’t wearing any panties, I had to scramble to find one and put it on before Erik turned around.

After I put on a pair of soft cotton panties, I turned around to see Erik adjusting his boxers.

Moonlight entered the window, so when he turned around we were both able to see each other.

As we crawled to each other, he whispered, “You are so beautiful, baby.”

We both laid back on top of our sleeping bags, as I pulled some blankets over us.

When I closed my eyes and cuddled with Erik, I heard a soft slurping sound and a low voice moaning. It seemed like the sounds were coming from Jason and Ella’s tent.

My eyes shot open, but refusing to look at Erik, I just pretended not to hear the noises.

Then I heard a plastic tearing sound, followed by spitting. A few seconds later, there was a moaning, similar to the ones Ella made when she joked about having sex with my brother.

Except, I knew she wasn’t joking. Ella and Jason were having sex.

Erik is a heavy sleeper, like I am, so I hoped he was already asleep.

When I moved my leg up his body to get more comfortable, I knew he wasn’t asleep, when I felt Erik’s erection.

From that point, all I could think about was one thing.

There’s a pair of shorts in our tent, with an unopened condom.

My hands caressed Erik’s chest, which caused him to turn to me and gave me a peck on the head. My hands moved down to his stomach, and I looked up to give him a gentle kiss on the lips. When I slid my hands under his boxers, to his pelvis, he let out a gasp.

“What’re you doing?” he asked, sending a heavy breath down my shirt.

“I… have no idea.”

I grabbed his warm, stiff manhood and slowly tugged on it.

Erik let out such an erotic moan, which seemed to echo, when Jason also moaned after.

While Erik wasn’t new to sexual acts, he knew I was a virgin and that I was waiting for marriage. It wasn’t a religious, or moral reason, I just didn’t want to be one of those teenage moms. I wasn’t exactly a saint though, on my 18th birthday, Erik taught me how to pleasure a man with my hands.

As I massaged my boyfriend’s penis, I could hear Ella’s moan along with Jason and Erik’s.

Hearing my BFF enjoying her boyfriend made me want to go further with mine.

Erik grabbed my hand to make it grip tighter, then began to move it faster and faster. His breathing was getting intense, as he used my hand to masturbate.

“Wait. Hold on.” I whispered and kissed his chest.

Erik immediately let go and asked, “Wha? What’s wrong?”

“N-nothing’s wrong.” I stuttered.

I crawled to the denim shorts, tucked away at the corner of the tent.

After I dug through the pockets, I found the condom and put it in my mouth, then crawled back.

“Where did you get that?” he asked, with the moonlight showing a look of shock.

I took the condom out of my mouth. “Does it matter?”

“Are you sure about this?” he asked.

“I don’t know.” I hesitated, before tearing open the packet.

He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, “You seem pretty sure.”

Without saying anything, I pinched the tip of the condom and rolled it down his penis like we were taught with the banana in sex ed.

Then I sat up and looked out the window to the serene sight of the trees, taking deep breaths to slow my racing heart beat. What was I doing? Why am I doing this? I paused to wonder.

Ella let out one final moan, as Jason let out a grunt. Then another grunt, and another softer one. They both went silent, except Demetevler Escort for the heavy breathing.

I moved back down and dribbled some spit on the condom, as well as my fingers.

As I coated my vagina with saliva, I stared into Erik’s eyes and I placed him at my entrance. When I closed my eyes and slowly took deep breaths, Erik sensed my hesitance.

“We don’t have to do this, if you don’t want to. It’s not too late. I won’t be upset.” He whispered.

I was definitely not ready for this and started to panic.

Erik then placed his warm hands on my thighs, which gave me comfort. In my relaxed state, I slowly moved down a little and felt him press inside me. I always thought it would be painful, but the deed was done and it was fine. Having no issues, I had the confidence to slide down more.


An intense pain hit my pelvis, so I instinctively bit down hard on my hand to stifle a scream. Tears ran down my face, as Erik’s hands rubbed up and down my legs to comfort me. His rubbing was causing me to slide down his shaft more and more, until I was at the base.

There were no doubts. Now, I officially lost my virginity.

“I’m sorry baby.” Erik whispered helplessly.

My eyes were shut, filled with tears, as I kept trying to breathe calmly.

As the pain started to subside, I whispered, “I’m ok babe. I thought I wanted this.”

I didn’t know how to tell him, the pain was too much, I couldn’t do this. As I slowly pushed myself off of him, I felt slightly more pain. It was enough to make me slide back onto his base, which sent a wave of pleasure up my body.

I let out a moan, which did not sound too different then Ella’s.

Erik let out a muffled moan, “everything okay up there?”

“Yeah, give me a sec.” I whimpered, while waiting for the pleasure to subside.

After taking a deep breath, I looked back to the serene wildering.

My heart sank from the sight. Lit by the pale moonlight, was Ian.

He was jerking off, completely naked, while staring right at me.

Losing your virginity is supposed to be an intimate moment between 2 loved ones.

I got to share the moment with my loving boyfriend… and Ian.

Erik was all the way inside, when I mouthed “Go away!” to Ian, waving him away.

Ian leaned back on a tree and just smiled, while slowly masturbating.

“What’d you say baby?” asked Erik.

“Nothing babe. I just saw an annoying bug.” I responded, while shaking my head at Ian.

My eyes widened, when he started to slowly shimmy closer to our tent.

I shook my head, then looked at my boyfriend staring at me in the darkness.

“You’re not having second thoughts are you? It’s a little late.” Erik whispered.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Ian still moving, so I leaned over to grab a towel.

After folding the towel into a bandana, I placed it over Erik’s eyes.

Before he could say anything, I whispered, “Actually. Yeah, I feel really guilty.”

Feeling him twitch inside me, I added, “but I don’t want to stop. Is it okay if I cover your eyes and pretend you’re just like, a really hot… sex toy?”

While I couldn’t see his eyes, his mouth smiled and whispered, “If you’re still okay with that. Sure, use your sex toy any way you want, baby.”

Erik’s manhood slid out of me, when I leaned forward to give him a kiss on the lips.

Feeling around for his erection, I placed it back at my entrance. Without thinking, I sat back down, slamming his full length into me. I moaned and instinctively grabbed my breasts. My body was on fire, as our bodies fused into one. When I started to slowly grind my pelvis into his, I bit my lip to stifle my sounds, but squeezing both my nipples caused me to moan some more.

As I started to really get into it, a shadow appeared at the window. I stopped and covered my breasts, as Ian stood right against the tent. It was so embarrassing, I just closed my eyes and looked down in shame.

Erik’s comforting hands rubbed my thighs, which caused me to move back and forth.

My hips started moving on it’s own, as I slowly raised my gaze to look up at Ian and bit my lip. I just stared at Ian, when I pinched my nipples hard, causing me to moan loudly. In my sexual haze, as saliva poured out of my open mouth, I watched Ian masturbate for me.

There was a slow, unzipping sound.

When I snapped out of it, I looked around for the sound and realized Ian was opening the outer window of the tent. I shook my head in frustration and confusion.

My heart dropped, when his wet dick penetrated our tent, stopping inches from my face.

I quickly stood up, on shaky legs, and pulled the inner window of the tent closed. Zipping it just around where Ian’s shaft was.

“What was that?” Erik asked.

The tent was really dark, so I gently searched the ground for Erik. When I found him, I crawled back to my previous position and whispered, “It was getting cold, so I just closed the window. “

“Good idea. Plus we wouldn’t want someone to see us.”

A wave of shame washed over me, as I searched the dark for his erection.

When I plunged it into me, I let out a howl of pleasure. As I took a moment to sit in a sexual daze, I felt a warm aura, then I remembered Ian’s dick was inches from my face.

“Baby, the sound of your voice is so hot, but you really should keep it down,” he whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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