Am I Dreaming

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I went to bed early last night around 7:30pm. I had such a bad day; kids screaming gave me a terrible headache. I lay in bed for hours trying to go to sleep. Finally sweet peaceful slumber found me.

Lost to dream world my mind decided to release the tension that had built all day. I was drifting through a surreal world. Where men were built like Greek gods and women were so beautiful your eyes hurt from looking at them. They were feeding each other chocolates and licking their fingers so slowly and sensually. I wanted a closer look.

I found myself sitting on a velvet blanket. Looking at myself, I was wearing nothing but a towel. My hair was cascading down my back. On my left was this drop dead gorgeous man, on my right was a beautiful woman. His eyes were a deep brown, dirty blonde hair flowing down past his shoulders. He was at least 6 feet tall. She had long red luxurious hair, built perfectly. She was wearing a red sarong.

At next glance all of us were nude. I was blushing so profusely, that my face felt hot as if on fire. I looked at both of them, their bodies so perfect. The embarrassment quickly faded and another more animalistic heat took over. I found myself Escort bayan wanting to touch both of them, and I did.

I found myself touching his chest, then her hair. Erotic feelings coming unleashed in me, I lost all inhibitions and gave in to the feelings. He took my hand and led it to her breasts. I touched them softly at first, reveling in the roundness and the softness of her. While I was exploring her he came from behind me and was touching me softly. Doing to me the things I was doing to her. I traced my way down her body stopping just above her navel. He leaned over and whispered ever so softly in my ear to kiss her. I did. I tasted her lips timidly at first but when she responded I kissed her harder. I opened her mouth gently with my tongue and tasted her kiss. I felt him placing little small kisses down my back.

I slid my hands down her back cupping her buttocks and pulling her closer to me. Our breasts touching sending ripples of desire through me, I leaned my head down and kissed one of hers. Taking just the nipple in my mouth. I felt his hand go between my legs. I sucked her deeper into my mouth and her moan. I traced my hand down her stomach again Bayan escort and between her legs. She was so moist and warm. He slipped a finger in me as I slipped mine in her. The three of us so close made my head swim. He whispered in my ear once again to lay her down. I laid her down and saw her spread before me. Such a beautiful sight. He told me to taste her and guided my head down to her beautiful bare bottom. I could smell her scent; I wanted to taste it too. I leaned down and gently licked her outer lips. I got braver and licked her inner lips barely brushing her love button with my tongue. I felt her shiver. I was bent over her and felt him from behind his hardness brushing my bottom. I felt him glide into me as I slid my tongue in her tasting her honey. She moaned and I could tell she was getting close to orgasm so I licked her with longer strokes making sure to hit her nub just right every time. Darting my tongue in her as I passed her love tunnel, she starting exploding in mouth giving me tastes like I never had experienced in my life.

He quit pumping his huge manhood in me and rolled me over.

Laying me down on my back she leaned over and tasted herself Escort on my lips. He slowly got between my legs and positioned himself at my opening. She leaned down and started sucking and fondling my breasts. My large brown nipples enjoying her attention I felt myself begging him to enter me and give me the release I needed so badly. He did in one long stroke his whole self deep inside me, he began rotting his hips as he plunged in and out with a forcefulness I let out a long scream. She was biting my nipples as he entered me again and again. I moaned loudly he could tell I was so close to letting go. He told me to let go. He pumped me harder she sat herself on my face and leaned down with her hand and touched my nub as he came out of me. She leaned into me harder and I felt her tongue licking my nub as he was bucking me wildly. I felt myself tense up and knew I was ready. I stuck my tongue deeply into her as I let go with abandon and came so hard in ripples that lasted hours it seemed. He burst in me and she came again at the same time. Totally satisfied I closed my eyes and drifted through the feelings all over again in my mind enjoying them. I opened my eyes to the bright sunny morning, headache gone, feeling refreshed. I ask myself was this just a dream? I look to the window to see a bird that was singing and I saw the red sarong lying on the floor in front of it. A single red rose on the window sill. Was I dreaming?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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