Amy’s Big Blast

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Based largely on real events of the night with a few embellishments.

My former girlfriend Amy had led a bit of a wild life before I met her. A cute sandy blonde with fair skin and freckles, she was built like a brickhouse: 5’7″, large D-cup breasts and a beautiful curvy physique. She was 28 (a year old than me) and had, by her count fucked about 30 men, and sucked countless more cocks. However, never a woman or any kind of group thing. We had talked about other girls and even the group thing, but she didn’t want to plan anything, although she was open to it “just happening”.

One night I was at her place, and per usual, I proceeded to undress her and enjoy every inch of her sultry body with my hands, tongue and cock. I was fucking her sweet shaven puss on the couch when the phone rang. She stopped and picked up the phone. It was her friend Julie whom I had never met.

She asked what we were doing and Amy replied, “I was just getting fucked really, really good.”

Julie told Amy she was out on a blind date and had already fucked her date twice that night. I was growing impatient as they chatted and told Amy to ask Julie when they were gonna come over and do lesbian stuff for us. To my surprise, she asked her. To my amazement, Julie said they’d be right over.

Sure enough they did. I was just in my boxers and Amy had put on a t-shirt to cover her pumpkins, and her panties. Her hard nipples were clear through the shirt and it didn’t quite cover her bulbous ass either. No sooner than they got there, I couldn’t keep my hands off Amy, and this dude Jeff couldn’t keep his hands off Julie. I couldn’t help but watch as Julie let this guy undress her right in front of us.

Julie was shorter than Amy and with dark shoulder-length hair. She wasn’t real pretty, and she was a little big – but in all the right places. Her jugs were even larger than Amy’s, topped off by big chocolaty nipples and she too had a power ass. I was just dying to see those two together, and hoping I’d get a shot at Julie as well.

After a few minutes, both us guys reminded the girls that we came here to see them together. So Amy slid off the love-seat, and moved over on all fours to the couch where Julie was sitting up with Jeff’s cock in her mouth. Julie saw what was developing and spread her thighs to reveal a nicely trimmed puss already splaying open with wetness.

Any nervousness Amy might have had was gone when Julie looked down at her and said “eat me, bitch!” in a joking tone.

Amy laughed, leaned in close, and spread Julie even wider like a pro. Amy stuck her tongue in and began licking. Neither one of us guys could stand ourselves: Jeff’s dick was back in Julie’s mouth while she moaned loudly. Meanwhile, it took me about two seconds to slide my cock slowly into Amy’s flowering cunt from behind.

This went on for a few minutes and then the girls took center stage on the living room floor. The rules were we guys couldn’t touch. So we sat back drinking and smoking from a distance while they knelt facing each, passionately tongue kissed each other while stroking each others massive melons and buxom bodies. After a few minutes, they were very comfortable together Bycasino and ended up in a 69 position. I was amazed at the beauty of it.

From where i was sitting, Amy’s ass was facing me in all it’s glory, as she was atop Julie. I watched as Julie’s tongue darted about her beautiful pink puss in between her own screams of passion.

Amy was getting turned on too. She was shoving her love nest deep onto Julie’s mouth, crying out, “lick it! lick it! lick my pussy!”

She leaned up and backed her ass onto Julie’s mouth and stretched forward ever closer to Jeff on the couch, stroking her magnificent jugs. Jeff started stroking his cock watching Amy get wicked.

“Ya wanna fuck my big boobies, Jeff?” Amy asked.

“Oh, yeah!” he replied.

“OK, but you gotta promise me you’ll cum for me …”

Amy leaned close to him, still resting all her weight on Julie’s face and cupped her tits with her forearms and outstretched her hands to play in Julie’s pussy while Jeff’s salami wedged between her monster mams. Watching Jeff screw my slut lover’s tits made me rock hard. I moved up behind Amy and rocked her forward off Julie’s face and slid my steaming rod into Amy’s wet muffin.

As I fucked her, Julie licked and sucked all about my balls and near my ass. This met with Amy’s approval and she continued to rock back onto my cock until I could take it no more and exploded coating her pussy walls. The cum slowly dripped down onto Julie’s face who was still seemingly trapped between Amy’s legs while Jeff was moving to spill his load.

Amy exclaimed, “Julie, lick that jizz out of my pussy while your man spunks on my boobs.”

Julie stuck her tongue deep into Amy’s cunt chasm and began licking out the remaining seed. Not a minute later, Jeff grunted and squirted a massive load of thick cock milk all over Amy’s bountiful bosoms.

“Oh yeah!” Amy exclaimed, raising up and turning around to face Julie. As she stroked her knockers she suggested, “Julie, get up here and lick your man’s hot cum off my tits.”

Julie complied while Jeff and I finger-fucked Amy’s swollen cooze at the same time.

After that, they took a little break from their lez-fest and Amy started talking about her vibrator. Julie said they never did anything for her.

Amy said, “You just gotta know how to use it – I think we need to show you.” She promptly scampered upstairs, her jugs jiggling marvelously and ample butt bouncing.

While she was gone I told Julie “you realize she’s going to use it on you – there’s no way she’s gonna lay here open to the world with us watching and fuck herself?”

Julie objected, “No, I think she’s planning on doing herself.”

It should have been clear to me by that point that nothing was beyond the realm of possibility tonight.

Seconds later, Amy was on her back on the living room floor, spreading the wet and swollen lips of her well-fucked hole open while we three watched from the couch. After demonstrating how wonderful it could be, Julie wanted to try. She laid on the couch while we sat on the floor besides her. After a few minutes, she wasn’t getting anywhere.

Jeff spoke up and Bycasino giriş said “let me try.”

He knelt between Julie’s thighs and began licking and rubbing her with the vibrator. That definitely hit the spot – she was howling uncontrollably.

In a moment of clarity, Julie asked, “Amy, will you suck my tit?”

Amy’s response was “Yeah, but you gotta suck mine.”

Soon Amy was leaning over Julie’s head so that both could suck the other’s tit. I lapped Amy’s puss for awhile before moving to a tit of my own.

Julie was about done and suggested that Amy try it with a guy licking her. Apparently, this meant Jeff because Amy asked me: “do you care?”

Of course I said no. This woman’s pussy was a jewel that I felt should be shared and tasted by all. So she took her place on the couch and Jeff resumed his duties. Now Julie and I knelt near Amy’s upper body on the floor and stroked Amy’s tits and kissed her. With my free right hand, I reached back over Julie’s ass and began caressing it and finally working a few fingers into her hot cunt.

As I sucked Amy’s tit and worked over Julie’s puss, she reached over and started jacking my wrought-iron cock, and then she bent down and took me in her mouth. She was sucking the life out of me for all she was worth while her man was licking the hell out of Amy inches away. She shoveled my manhood into her wet mouth with a passion I don’t know if I’ve ever felt. It was so soft, so fast, and so deep. Finally, I exploded, spewing a load of cum into Julie’s mouth.

After she had taken all I had, she sat up and said “Umm, Amy … I hope your not pissed but I just swallowed a load of your boyfriend’s cum …”

“That’s OK, but Jeff better not get his hopes up,” Amy responded.

Shortly thereafter, I went upstairs to the bathroom. When I came down, the first thing I saw was Julie on her knees, her bountiful rear spread out before me, gaping her holes open. As I moved closer, I could see she was eating out Amy, who was on her back, and Jeff was near Amy’s face. Looking closer, I could see that Jeff was fucking Amy’s pretty mouth while Julie ate her out. Amy was moaning and trying hard to hold in her screams as she bucked her hips against Julie’s tongue. Apparently, Amy had changed her mind about sucking strange cocks.

I stayed silent and just watched for a minute. Jeff raised up just a bit and dangled his dong just above Amy’s lips teasing her as she snaked her tongue and lips at it like a baby bird yearning for nourishment.

Frustrated, she whined, “Put that fuckin’ cock in my mouth!” She reached up and pulled Jeff down onto her face, taking in all of his cock in her mouth and he began fucking her face again as she pulled him closer.

I moved in and thrust my face into Julie’s pussy and licked for all I was worth. It was like a hollow, gaping chasm, apparently from all the fucking she had received earlier. I inserted my fingers into her cunt and began lapping at her puckering asshole until I felt her pussyhole tighten around my fingers. She was clearly cumming now.

Julie lifted her mouth from Amy’s puss long enough to scream out: “Oh God, YES! Lick that Bycasino deneme bonusu fuckin’ asshole! oh yeah!”

As Julie was delirious with her orgasm I looked up over her shoulder and saw Amy now rubbing Jeff’s balls while her tongue flitted about the swollen mushroom cap head of his cock. I looked up at him and I could tell he was ready to cum by the grimace on his face.

Just then, he growled, “I’m gonna cum all over you again, you sexy bitch!” And then “blammo!” – a jetspray of semen splattered across her face, and down over her mountainous boobs. Amy latched onto the head of his member and began stroking it as he blasted into her mouth, small rivulets of cum, running out of her mouth and down her chin.

“Mmm, yummy!” Amy exclaimed, wiping her mouth with fingers and then licking them clean, “but were not done here until I get my ass filled.”

She rolled over into the doggie position and spread her ass wide open in my direction, mewing, “You’ll do it, won’t you, lover? You’ll fuck my little winker, won’t you?”

I said, “Of course, if Julie will help me lubricate. “

“OK, I’ll lick her ass, if she’ll lick mine while your fucking her.” said Julie.

“Yer on!” said Amy.

With that Julie and I moved forward and began licking in unison Amy’s pucker, our tongues randomly filling each other mouths in a soul kiss.

I then slid easily into Amy’s prize asshole. As I gained rhythm, Julie got up on the couch in the same doggie position with her love holes right in Amy’s face. Amy buried her face between Julie’s plump ass cheeks and began tongue kissing Julie’s sexy little brownie. Meanwhile, Jeff laid down underneath Amy and began sucking in earnest on her rock-hard nipples, and reached out between her legs and began massaging her ripe, red clit.

I continued to pound Amy’s asshole faster and harder, her cheeks rippling with every thrust. Jeff continued to furiously rub her pussy out, going faster as my pace increased.

“You like that cock in your ass, slut?” I said, as I gave her butt a hard spank.

She moaned deeply and loudly into Julie’s ass.

“Ohhh! Fuck, yeah! Fuck me! Fuckmefuckmefuck me!” Amy screamed.

Then it happened.

“Oh shit! Ohhhh shit! Ohhhh!” she screamed as she bucked her hips, and I felt her anal ring seize up on me, and then spasm around my cock.

“Aaaaahhhh! Fuck!” she howled as her body shook like a seizure, and her pussy exploded in a waterfall of girl-cum, spraying all over my balls and Jeff’s hands as he continued to rub her out.

Amy collapsed on top of poor Jeff, and in a puddle of her own mess on the floor. I fell on top of her, but continued to rut in her ass until I blew one last mind-blowing load of jism up deep into her bowels. As I pulled out, her asshole remained gaped open for a few moments before winking shut.

“Holy shit!” Amy murmured into the floor, too drained to move.

All four of us laid on the floor exhausted and unable to move. “That was fucking amazing.” I responded.

Jeff and Julie agreed. After several minutes, Jeff and Julie gathered their wits and their clothes and departed. Amy and I ended up sleeping right there on the floor in an embrace.

Amy and I continued to date and have great sex for another year, but it just didn’t work out. I have no idea why not. It’s been a lot of years, but I still wonder what would have happened if we had remained together. She was one hell of a lover.

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