An Afternoon to Remember

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Albert trudged wearily through the mud sodden field, the early morning mist swirling like wraiths in the crisp light of the winter dawn. It was mid-January 1915 and Albert was desperately lost. His regiment had been fighting in the area for some time; forever it seemed. Now, though, Albert was alone an lost.

The light drizzle that had accompanied him on much of his journey since the previous evening, thickened into sleet then snow, and by mid morning the ground ahead of him was coated in a layer of pristine white. Ahead, he saw a small farm. Farm house, barn, some muddy ploughed fields. Smoke drifted from the chimney only to be swept away in the wind and thickening snow.

With great caution, Albert approached the farm. He kept low so that he would not be seen; never sure where the enemy may be. He approached the barn, looked to the snow-filled sky, then crept inside. He shook the white flakes from his shoulders hoping to get them before they melted and made his uniform even colder than it was when dry.

A horse snuffled in the stall at one end of the large barn, and above, up a rickety ladder, was a hay loft. Albert climbed up, tucked himself into a covered corner and drifted off to sleep.

He awoke, with no idea how long he had slept, to a low moaning sound. He could not make out what it was, but moved quietly to try to find out. As he peered over the concealing wall of hay, his eyes widened in surprise.

Laying on the hay just feet from his position was a young woman. Her eyes were Otele Gelen Escort tight shut, her ample bosom rising and falling quickly, her dress was pulled up to her waist, her white kickers hanging off one ankle, her hand rubbing between her milk-white thighs. She moaned again, said something in French, then speeded up the motion of her hand between her legs.

Albert shifted a little, his poorly attended cock pulsing in his trousers, growing at the sights and sounds so close to him. He could hear the soft squelching of the girl’s wet pussy as her fingers delved inside, then popped out to rub furiously over her clit. Just a little more to his left, and Albert could see that enticing delta, covered in thick, dark hair, yet with glistening red lips pouting at him as those fingers worked around and inside the dripping pussy.

He popped the buttons on his fly, pulling out his hardened cock, stroking it as he watched the girl moaning and fingering herself.

His foot shuffled, scraping against the wooden floor.

The girl bolted into a seated position, flung her dress over her knees and looked around. Her blue eyes widened when she saw Albert, her mouth open in shock. She was about to call out, then her eyes fell to Albert’s hand gripping his engorged cock. She smiled, and shuffled her position.

Albert had frozen, but the girl’s warm smile, and the wave of her hand, suggested that she wanted him to continue; so he did. She smiled Balgat Escort again, then slipped the top of her dress down, pulling her arms out and permitting her large, round tits to spill into view. Albert’s cock twitched at the sight and the girl smiled more broadly. She slid her hands across her ample globes, squeezing the soft white flesh, kneading them, pulling the large, brown nipples. All the time her eyes were fixed on Albert’s iron hard cock.

She shuffled to her knees, pulling the dress up to her waist once more, spreading her knees wide so that Albert could see the moist lips glistening from the cover of her dark pubes. She raised her arms to sweep her hair back across her head, and Albert’s cock twitched again at the dark patches of hair in her armpits.

Pre-cum started to ooze from Albert’s cock, and the girl moved slowly forward. Closer. Closer. Until her hot breath fell across Albert’s engorged helmet. She reached up, pushing Albert’s hand away and grasped the shaft, then leaned in, her tongue sliding out to lick the creamy liquid from his oozing cock.

She pushed his foreskin all the way back, and gripped his shaft causing the head to swell and shine in the soft light drifting through the hayloft door. Her blue eyes locked with Albert’s, then she sank her mouth over his glistening helmet and started to suck. Her tongue rolled around the underside of his glans, as her free hand moved up to cup his balls, squeezing gently in time Büyükesat Escort to the rhythmic sucking. Her wet mouth slid up and down his shaft as she sucked, and Albert groaned in pleasure. Then she stopped. She moved back leaving Albert standing with his throbbing shaft dripping saliva and pre-cum.

She turned her back on him, raised her skirts and wiggled her gloriously round bottom at him. She spread her knees, and one hand snaked through to part her dripping pussy lips. Albert needed no more invitation than that, he bent to one kneed behind her, and pushed his pulsing cock towards her glistening cunt. It sank in deeply and easily, her slit was so wet from her fingering and the arousal of Albert’s cock.

Balls deep, Albert paused for a moment. Savouring the warm, wet feeling around his cock. The girl squeezed her vagina around his stiffness making him gasp in pleasure. Then he started to slowly slide in and out, savouring the feeling and the wet sounds that filled his ears. The girl, head down, was panting, her own hand rubbing her swollen clit as Albert speeded up his thrusts. He could feel the pressure building in his under-used balls. He gripped her pale hips and thrust harder still, then, balls deep once more, he tensed as his cum erupted into the depths of her cunt.

She twitched on his cock, her pussy contracting around his shaft as if to pull out every last drop of his spunk.

Albert sank to his haunches, his wilting cock glistening with their joint cum. He watched the white drool oozing from her pulsating pussy, dripping to the floor below.

A voice called from below “Marie?”

The girl pulled her knickers on, pulled up her dress and cried “Oui, maman.” She cast a smile over her shoulder and was off down the ladder.

Albert sank back into his hiding place, not entirely enthusiastic about returning to his troop.

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