An Attachment Is Made Ch. 07

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Part 7 — Swinging

It wasn’t just the ‘Dear John’ E-mail the next day, it wasn’t the ‘Tom incident’ but the fact Jerry had beaten her to it. Sally was incandescent; it was she who had been going to end it: not him. An attachment undone.

Obviously it was another woman; so not only had he had another man fuck her but was already going out with someone else. He had just used her and was now discarding her. Sally was furious. Who was this other woman?

Just an E-mail and that was that. No more seeing Jerry, no more meals out, no more sun-drenched holidays, no more fun sex, no more riding his lovely long dick, no more Jerry… the bastard. The end of a romance but a romance she had been planning to end; end because she was getting bored with him but how dare he get bored with her!

It was not a good few days, it all kept going around and around in Sally’s mind. She slept but fitfully (eventually) and looked drawn and haggard at work. Her colleagues left her alone. A difficult choice on their part, do you leave someone to their own private thoughts or ask what is wrong? Sally might have thought Katrina would have said something; not that she really wanted sympathy or talk about it, but she was her closest friend at work: yet she seemed distant.

Was it the fact she’d lost Jerry that had really upset her, given she was probably about to do it to him (but only probably), the Tom incident (probably not) or the fact Jerry had got in first that really got to her?

Perhaps surprisingly it was the guard who came up trumps and lifted her mood. Late night shifts had kept him away for a few days but he had already pencilled in the Saturday. Sally hadn’t expected him so early, was not even out of bed when he arrived at her door but the guard was in such an infectiously jolly mood she could not be cross with him for long and to turn up in a blazer like that!

“Thought we’d go to the coast, forecast is for a perfect day, grab some things and we’ll be off.”

And they were, before the traffic built up, heading out on the open road to the coast under a gloriously blue sky. The sunshine and fresh air lifted Sally like a tonic and the pleasant chatter of the guard kept her amused. It was not simply a day on the beach, the guard had an itinerary all planned, a visit to a castle looking out to sea, coffee and a nose around an historic house and then lunch in a seafood restaurant overlooking a harbour full of boats. It had all been lovely. Somewhat replete the beach did beckon in the fikirtepe escort afternoon for swim­ming and lazing. Once more the guard had his camera out and Sally found her­self draped over breakwaters and the like as if on a fashion shoot. He did take his photography seriously.

Even the fun of such a glorious day did not keep Sally’s mind completely from her breakup.

“And I don’t even know who she is.”

“Does it matter?”

“Not really but…”

“Shall I find out?”

“Um, yes please.”

The day wore on and the sun began sinking low, people were packing up going home to tea, supper or dinner; taking their tired offspring home to be tucked up in bed; the light was changing as the beach emptied; Sally and the guard were walking far down the beach, away from the town; it was warm, quiet, peaceful and empty of people. They walked along until they came to a small playground next to the beach with swings and the like.

“I should like to take your photograph on the swing; you look such a pic­ture in that dress, just so summery.” He was so good with the flattery.

Sally hadn’t used a swing since she was a little girl but, like riding a bicy­cle, you don’t forget and soon she was riding high and laughing, her brown legs flying.

“The light is wonderful, I wonder if you would object if I asked you to be a bit more revealing, I’d like to catch a glimpse of….”

“Oh yes, you want me to take my knickers off?”

“If you don’t mind, you see the light is coming just right, a hint of curls could work just right, more suggestive than blatant I’m thinking, will you?”

Sally was amused — why not, it was not exactly his first picture of her in a revealed or erotic pose. She slowed, jumped off the swing on the rise, just as she had when she was ten and, with a quick look around, slipped off her panties before hopping back on the swing. It was slightly funny, pulling her­self back into motion and swinging higher and higher, to know on each for­ward swing she was revealing herself to the guard and his waiting camera. It felt both naughty and nice; she pulled hard as the guard snapped away. Sally felt really happy just swinging away in the warm evening sunshine.

“These are good.” The guard was evidently pleased with his photographs. She would see them later.

A couple strolling hand in hand along the Promenade were coming closer; the guard turned, looked and said,

“No problem there, just carry on.”

Sally kept swinging and the gebze escort guard kept going with his camera. The couple wandered up and watched. A pleasant looking couple, red headed girl in sun dress and tall, sandy haired boy in tee shirt and jeans.

There was an, “Oh,” from the girl and a, “You get a lovely view from here,” from the boy. It was evident they had spotted Sally’s nakedness under her dress.

“I haven’t swung for years,” said the girl, “shall I try?”

The boy was not going to stop her. The girl looked up at Sally, then down at Sally’s panties and said, “Is it a requirement to leave these here?”

Sally replied with a laugh, “No, but it helps, frees your legs!”

A pair of thin white panties fluttered down the girl’s long legs to the ground to lie beside Sally’s discarded pair. The girl got on the swing next to Sally and started off, gradually going higher and higher and not being as care­ful as Sally about keeping her legs closed.

“Ooh doesn’t it feel free, you are right and the air rush so cooling and… nice.”

Sally was amused, it was obvious the guard had been at his tricks, whis­pering in ears whilst stopping time and she hadn’t even noticed him move; his ability to make suggestions and influence people’s thoughts and actions was a little creepy but she hadn’t seen him be bad, well not really bad, with it. She watched him taking his photographs looking all serious trying to get the best shot, take advantage of the low sun, now photographing the red headed girl as well, no doubt catching the sun making her auburn curls even redder..

The girl was swinging higher than Sally and making a lot more noise about it, she seemed to be having a great time.

“Do you think,” she turned to Sally, “it would be even better swinging with nothing on at all.”

“Naughty,” said Sally, “certainly naughty and what will the boys think?”

“Come on Sam, you’re to go swinging too!” She was slowing as she spoke and no sooner than she had stopped she was wriggling out of her dress, slip­ping out of her bra, standing for a moment naked in the park, before hopping back on the swing dressed in nothing more than a pair of sandals and a wrist­watch. “You too, Sam,” she said as she started to swing again.

Sally winked conspiratorially at the guard. It was clear to her how much he was enjoying the swing of Sam’s friend’s boobs as she pulled herself back up to speed, the flow of her long hair and the flash of her curly red hair be­tween her thighs as she moved içerenköy escort to and fro.

“Better?” asked Sally.

“So free,” said the girl, “come on Sam, and join me.”

Sam seemed reluctant but complied. The guard was not alone in admiring bodies, the boy was well built, fine chest, fine limbs, tight little bottom and re­spectable penis amusingly at half mast. Evidently the sight of Sally and the girl had had an effect and presumably accounted in part for his reluctance to swing—naked that is. But he joined them, his long legs easily pulling him up­wards. Sally’s glance kept returning to his working body and his penis bounc­ing around as he worked the swing.

Swinging in the sunshine of an evening is a pleasure remembered from childhood but these were grown-ups and thoughts of grown-up pleasures took hold. Of course the guard had a lot to do with it but, in the absence of further evening walkers, the two couples walked away from the playground towards the sea and the golden sand merely carrying their clothes when they weren’t wearing them. The evening was warm and the sun still casting a golden glow over the sand. They sat on the sand staring out to sea and then gradually the touching started and before long there was more intimate touching. Sally looked across at the others, finding it strange to be watching another couple having sex, not on the video screen, but right next to her, in the flesh. To watch another woman fellate a man, see the lips close and take hold; it was different and rather companionable in a way she would not have expected. She turned and did the same to the guard; the eyes of the girl and hers met sharing the ex­perience.

Intercourse was unhurried, the motion relaxed and in time with the surf, the endless pull and push of the tide on the shore. Sally relaxed, on her back with the guard above her, lying upon her, lying between her open legs, his short but rather thick cock working her as she simply lay back enjoying the feel of man, sun and sand. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Afterwards they swam. The trouble with sex on the beach, and perhaps half the pleasure, is the warm sand soft beneath you but it does get in the most surprising places; it gets there even when you are just having a day on the beach, let alone when you engage in intercourse. It did need washing away and how better than a dip in the sea, swimming in the (not really warm) English water as the sun settled red gold to the west.

It had been nice to go back to the guard’s house that evening, after the drive back, and collapse after the excitement and fun of the day at the coast. It really had been a fabulous and memorable day. Early to bed and Sally had snuggled up against the guard a bit puzzled at her role: was she just a play­thing or a friend?

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