An Emily Story: Afternoon at the Pool

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All people in the story are 18 years of age or older.

My Blackberry vibrated on the desk at work. I picked it up but did not know the number calling me.

“Hello, this is Jim.”

“Do you usually face fuck young girls in the front seat of your Silverado?” asked a very sexy female voice.

Not knowing who this was but also ready for about anything I answered “Only when they need it or really really want it. I usually take them to their bedroom fuck their face then their pussies and if they really need it I may even fuck their ass. I hate getting my truck messy.”

I heard a little giggle on the other end of the phone. It was not just one giggle it was a couple of them..

“Who is this?” half knowing but wanting to hear the girls say it.

“Hi big boy this is Emily and the foul mouth you just put it her place was Becky. I told you about her the other day.”

“The girl with the great upper deck? And I take it you told her about me too?”

Another couple of giggles. I am not sure what was going on but I started thinking little Ms Emily may be looking for another lesson. My cock started to stir just thinking about the look of lust and fear in her eyes when I forced my hard staff deep into her mouth.

“Yes, I told her a little bit. She did not believe me when I told her about losing control during a blowjob. She said the girl is always in control. That’s why we give blowjobs. ”

“I thought you gave blowjobs because the boys could not outlast a fastball down the middle when they try to fuck you?”

More laughter and then the sexy voice was back “She gives blowjobs because she likes to watch the boys faces when the come in her mouth.”

“So what do I owe the honor of this phone call ladies?” I asked hoping for reason to leave work early.

“Well, Becks and I are playing hooky and laying out at my pool. She got me talking about you again and we both started to get a little horny. I was hoping you could leave the office early and come over. My parents are gone till Monday. I promised them no wild parties but just a couple of friends over. Becky is one and well you could be two.”

This sounded almost too good to be true. I needed an excuse to leave early on a Friday and I had been waiting for Emily to call. I was not expecting to be a third wheel but with the early banter it may not be a bad thing to have both of them there. I had not had a threesome since college and that did not go that well. The girls both wanted each other and not willing to admit it. They used my presence as an excuse to get together. I mean I did get off but it was mainly the two of them going at it and just using my stiffy to help themselves do it. Now I was being presented with another chance where I could be in control.

“So when does the wild party start?” I asked.

“No wild party. We are good girls just with dirty mouths and maybe minds. Please tell me you can come over. You promised me we would get together again and I promised to introduce you to Becky. I try to keep my promises.”

“Ok, I have to finish a couple of things but I can be there about noon. Do you need me to get anything?”

“Condoms and lube.” said the sexy voice and then the line went dead.

Dang these girls were going to get me going early today. I adjusted my hard cock in my pants and tried to get the work on my desk done as fast as possible. Forty-five minutes later I was pulling my truck back into the same driveway where I had abused Emily’s sexy little mouth a couple of weeks back.

The house was still huge and in the drive was a deep purple new model Camero parked next to Emily’s small BMW. My truck barely had enough room to get off the street. I got out with the small bag from the drug store and pair of baggy shorts I was going to use as swim trunks if we get to the pool. I was about to ring the bell when the door swung open.

Before me stood a goddess. Long blond hair down over her shoulders. Green eyes staring up at me. A bright warm smile welcoming me. Maybe 5 foot 5 and hundred and ten pounds max. Perfect breast Onwin being held up with a white bikini top. Belly button showing with a sexy little ring just wanting to be sucked. Going down to long smooth athletic legs to perfect bare feet with black or maybe dark purple painted nails that matched her fingers.

“HI I am Becky and you must be the perv that Emily keeps bragging about.”

“I guess I am. Hi Becky good to meet you.”

Becky led me through the house to the kitchen and the back door. Emily was laying out on the back deck by the pool topless. I had not seen her topless the day at the batting cages just in her sports bra. It was a wonderful site. Her small breast were capped with small but very long nipples and she was even more tan now. Becky started to undo her top as we walked outside. Her breasts were perfect. Big round nipples with hard nubs sticking proudly out the top. Very slight run of tan lines that had been covered by her bikini top. My cock was almost at attention in my slacks looking at both of them.

Emily hopped up and ran to me. She kissed me full on the lips and slipped in a little tongue. “Thanks for coming over. I knew you would but Becky did not think so.”

“She seemed surprised I did not try to carry her off to one of the bedrooms when I walked in. But you were right. Anyone would want to put their bat in that upper deck.”

Becky turned a little red with us talking about her but she kept taking off her bikini not stopping with just the tops. As she removed them I got to see her bald mound and so sexy little pussy lips. Emily started to take her bottoms off too. Looking at me she said “You are way overdressed. Take em all off big boy. This is a nude afternoon.”

Not wanting to spoil the moment, I pulled off my polo and was reaching for my belt buckle when Becky’s hand reached out and undid my pants for me. With a flourish she pulled my black belt out of the loops and snapped it with a loud crack.

“We may have to find a use for this later” she said.

She went back to my slacks and pulled them down fast trying to get my boxers briefs with them. She half succeeded with my butt now sticking out as I stepped out of the pants. My socks were next and then Emily was pulling off the briefs from behind. All my clothes, except the belt which Becky had draped over her lounge chair, ended in a pile on one of the tables by the outdoor bar. I was now standing nude between two very sexy teenagers running their hands over my body. I was not in heaven but I was damn close.

“She wants to taste you. She could not believe it when I told her about you fucking my mouth. She wants to suck on your big cock.” Emily whispered in my ear as she rubbed my butt.

“Do you want to suck it Becky? Or do you want me to give you want what Emily got? A nice hard face fuck.”

“I have never had anyone do that to me. I like to suck dicks and the boys tell me I am good at it. Can I try to please you? And if I do a good job then you can see how much I can take.” she said with a lot more confidence than she was really feeling.

Becky sat down on one of the lounge chairs and spread her legs. She pulled me forward by my very hard member bring it up to her pink lips. Emily pushed me toward her friend’s beautiful waiting mouth. Becky kissed the head lightly and then lifted it up and licked the underside of my cock from the base to the very tip. Emily had licked my piss hole when she started her blow job in the hope she would get me off quickly doing so. Becky did not try that but instead popped my mushrooming head into her mouth and started to suck. I am not sure if she was just not as practiced at blowing guys as Emily or if she wanted to get me to the point of taking over. Emily had more tricks but Becky had a lot more enthusiasm in her work.

She swirled her tongue around the head of the very hard member in her mouth. She was bobbing her head up and down just a little to keep the whole head in her mouth. I felt a hand on my balls and saw that Emily had sat down besides Becky and was slowly working on my tightening Onwin Giriş scrotum. Becky had slipped a hand down to her bald pussy and was rubbing her clit and lips at the same speed she was moving her mouth on my cockhead. Emily had her other hand on her own pussy rubbing it faster and faster.

Becky was not going very deep but her tongue was bringing me to the edge. I needed to take a little control or I would be losing my load way to soon. I slowly backed up a half a step and Becky looked up as if someone had stolen her sucker when my tip slipped from her lips.

“Dang that was wonderful. Where do you girls learn those nasty little things?” I smiled at the two beautiful sexy creatures at my feet.

“We steal our daddy’s porno tapes” said Emily. “Or the Internet!” laughed Becky.

“Well have you seen anything on them that you want to try?”

Becky looked straight at Emily and the said in unison “Eat me!” and then both laughed.

“The boys at school love us to suck them but none of them are willing to go down on any of the girls.” Becky explained.

“They will learn girls I promise. I would love to eat both of you.”

I then helped the two sex kittens off the lounge and laid down myself. I pulled Becky over to my head and kissed her lips. I pushed Emily down toward my stiff dick knowing she would start to work her magic on it again. Becky quickly figured out what I wanted her to do and lifted her leg to straddle my head. I put my hands on her wonderful hips and pulled her down to my open mouth. I felt Emily’s tongue on the tip of my dick as I touched the bottom of Becky’s swollen lips with my tongue. I flattened my tongue out on her wetness and licked up to her very hard clit. I then took it in my mouth and sucked on it as hard as Emily was doing to my cock.

My hands were holding Becky’s tight butt still as she started to buck against my mouth. I ran my tongue around her clit in small wet circles and rubbed my go-teed covered chin between her pink lips. Looking up I could see her massaging her tits and pulling at her nipples. I decided to push just a little and brought my teeth together on her engorged clit. The moan I got told me I did not have to be gentle with this sexy creature. Making my tongue as stiff as I could I worked it into her tight pussy. Trying to tongue fuck her quickly.

A cool breeze made me aware they Emily had stopped working on my member for a second. I then felt a hand lowering a rubber onto the shaft. I was wondering how long it was going to take for Emily to get tired of sucking and going to the next step. The weight on the lounge chair shifted and I felt Emily’s thighs on the outside of my hips. I clutched Becky’s ass hard and buried my tongue deep in her sweet wet pussy as Emily lowered her tightness down on the my shaft.

Trying to keep my concentration on the sweet small bald pussy in front of me was going to be very hard as my cock was entering the other young princess. But Becky had a way to keep my occupied. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face harder into her spread legs. She then let out a loud moan as she came for the first time of the day. Her sweet nectar glazed my face and beard and coated my tongue still buried in side of her. Her whole body shook from the orgasm and she let go of my hair falling backwards into Emily’s arms.

Holding her by her bottom and lower back I laid her down on the other half of the double lounge chair. Emily was still barely half way down my 7+ inch staff and holding Becky’s arms in support. Becky was still trembling from her orgasm rested her head on my thigh and said “Em you have to let him to that. He stuck his tongue in me and lick it so good. And his fingers on my butt! He rubbed my popper, that sent me over the edge. “

“I will let him Becks but right now I have to concentrate on getting him inside my pussy. He is so big and hard from your blow-job.”

“Lets changed position so I can help get it in” I said.

Em laughed and said “No!!! The last time I let you take control my jaw was sore for a week. You Onwin Güncel Giriş are so much bigger than Alan I will have to get use to it before you can fuck me.”

Becky laughed at her friends joke and reached out to the lower half of my shaft as it was entering Em’s tight young pussy. I ran my hand up the back of Becky’s thigh and into her still wet pussy. I ran one finger between her lips and my middle finger went back to her butt. Running small circles around her tight hole. She turned at the touch and smacked away my hand playfully.

“Not yet big boy. Later I promise” She beamed at me with that sexy smile.

Becky was helping Emily get lower on my shaft very slowly. So I reached for the lube and handed it to the buxom blond. She squirted some on my dick and some on her hand. She tentatively ran her hand from my hard-on to her friends so tight pussy. The lube worked and Emily settled down the last inches to rest on my thighs with my cock buried til the hilt in her tight pussy.

I looked into Emily’s face and saw a sexy vixen mouth opened wide as if to scream with no words coming out and her eyes fixed and unmoving. She did not move for a very long minute. Then with a loud sigh she lifted up just an inch or so and slid back down. And then again and again. She was getting into a rhythm but before I could start to push back she said “Distract him Becks or he is going to start trying to fuck me.”

Becky straddled my chest and grabbed my hands. She leaned down and kissed me on the mouth and then licked her own juices from my face. It did distract me and so did those perfect breast. I ran my hands up her sides and cupped them from below while forcing my tongue into her mouth. If Em wanted to control my dick Becky was going to have to deal with the rest of me.

I kept one hand on her sexy mounds and ran the other to the back of her neck. Holding her firmly, my mouth ravaged hers. My hand on her tits kept squeezing and kneading her flesh. I pulled her head back and moved to sucking on her ear lobes. I took her hard little nipple between my thumb and forefinger and pulled on it roughly. This elicited a small yelp and then a long moan when I moved my mouth back down to the other nipple. Running my mouth from one nipple to the other and holding those wonderful breast together was doing as much for me as it was Becky. She was still wet from my earlier oral actions and she was rubbing her pussy across my stomach her back touching Emily’s front.

I felt Em starting to pick up the pace and then a set on hands on top of mine.

“He is so deep in me Becky. Is he being mean you? Treating you bad with his hard hands? “

“He is licking and sucking my nipples soooo good!!!!!”

With the two of them distracted, I decided to take a little control of the situation. Shifting my hips I lifted them both enough to slide Becky off my now wet chest. I ducked my head under thigh getting a great look at her bald pussy and then flipped Emily onto her back. My chest spread Em’s thighs as I set up and re entered her very sloppy pussy. She let out a loud scream as I went hilt deep into her with one hard stroke. I had enjoyed both of them but I needed to cum bad.

I slipped my legs back to give myself leverage to begin really fucking this sexy creature. The second stroke got another moan from Em’s sexy throat. Becky was laying on her side. Head on one hand the other between her own legs. One of her legs draped over Emily’s hold her still for my pounding. I knew I was not going to last so I went for broke and fucked her deep and fast.

Becky , seeing that I was getting close, slide down from her friends chest to right above her hips. She reached down and rub Emily’s clit. This started the chain reaction of orgasm we had been building to. Emily’s pussy contracted around my shaft. I stiffened and pulled out of Emily’s vice like snatch. Becky yanked the condom off my hard staff as my first stream of cum shot out. It hit her on then chin and she opened her mouth to engulf my cock head in her warm mouth. She drank down all my seed with just the head of my cock in her mouth.

Setting on my knees still shaking, i watched the angel before my swallow my load lick her chin and then turn a bright shade of pink as she notice me watching her.

Emily summed up all of our thoughts “This is going to be a fun weekend.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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