An Evening of Firsts_(1)

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Quiet, and darkness. Those are the only things I can sense right now. Kneeling by my bed, hands bound behind my back, blindfold over my eyes. Haven’t heard much of a sound since you put me like this and told me to wait, quietly. Soon I hear the soft footsteps of you padding across the floor to me. Silence again before I feel the sudden, sharp sensation of your teeth on my earlobe. I gasp out at the surprise only to have it met with your hand across my mouth and a harder, stinging bite on my neck. I feel your hands running down my chest and your breasts on my back as you run your tongue up to my ear, giving it a soft kiss before whispering to me.

“You are mine tonight. To do with as I please. Be good and obey and you’ll enjoy it. I promise you an orgasm that you’ll feel for days. Fight me, and you will regret it severely,” you coo in my ear. “Understand?” Your words are playful and soft, but I can sense the stern tone behind them. 


“Yes, what?” you ask. 

“Yes….mistress,” I reply hesitantly. 

“Good boy.” I barely have time to fathom what might be in store for me later before I feel something warm and wet being pushed into my face.

“Open your mouth,” you order. My mouth opens slowly and is instantly full of your already moist cunt. I slip my tongue in as far as it can go, rolling it and flicking it inside you; my lips rubbing against your clit. “There you go,” you say. “Get me nice and wet so I can slide my toy in easily. If I get my toy inside me easily and smoothly, then you receive the same treatment.”

Letting these words roil around in my head apparently becomes noticeable to you as you start giggling slightly. “That’s right, pet. I’m going to fuck your ass. I’m going to slip my purple cock into your tight little ass, and pound you until you’re weak. I meant it when I said you were mine.”

As that realization sinks in, I evidently get distracted and lose focus on my oral duties, to your displeasure. You make this fact clear to me with a pinch to my nipple. Faced with the idea of a something going in my ass roughly, I eagerly get back to pleasing you with my tongue and lips. With every passing second, as my tongue slips all over you, I can feel you getting wetter and wetter. The soft moans, and quick gasps of air I can hear escaping your lips tell me I’m doing well at pleasing you.

After a few minutes of this, you stop me. You don’t say anything to me, but you were close to coming, and started to get weak in the knees. “Lean forward, put your face on the bed,” you tell me. I lower myself down, burying my face on the bed. I feel you kneel down as well, behind me and between my legs. I can hear you moving around, and suddenly sense something cold and slick slip between my ass cheeks. It takes a second before I realize that it’s your lubed up finger. I can feel you tracing around my puckered hole, making the area around it as wet and greased as you can. My heavy breathing of expectation gets worse as you slip your finger inside my ass. Immediately I tighten up and hold my breath, expecting to feel your toy slide up my ass.

“Relax,” you say softly. “It’s not that time yet. This is just to help loosen you up.” I relax as your finger retreats from inside me, but it’s immediately replaced by something larger and wider. I start to squirm away, but you throw your arm over me and hold my hips in place and in one smooth motion, shove the object in me.  “There we are. Let’s see how you like this,” you tease as you run your nails across my ass, smirking at the lines you leave. Lost in thought at the wonderful feeling of your nails, and trying to come to terms with the intruder in my ass, I’m jarred from this train of thought abruptly. What instantly distracted me was you turning up the vibrations on the bullet to full, without warning. Initially tense, I start to give in to how pleasurable the sensations are; squirming and rocking slightly, slight moans escaping from my lips. Pleased with my reaction, you decide to play a little more.

Throwing a leg over me, you sit on my back, and lean toward my rear. Taking the cord in your hand, you begin to pull the bullet out excruciatingly slowly, practically dragging it along the walls of my ass. As it gets toward my now involuntarily flexing hole, you pull a little harder until just the very edge of the toy is poking out of my ass. Unable to fight against the intense sensations rolling across my body from this, I tense up, my butt apparently hungry to have the toy back in me. Unfortunately, it slips out. “Bad boy,” you chide. “If you can’t play with your toys correctly, then we won’t have them anymore. Now keep…it…in.” With those words, you kneel behind me again. This time, you push the bullet back in me, following it with your fingers and jamming it as deep as you can. “There….Now it should be safe in there.” I’m already panting and squirming at what’s going on, but you take it up a notch by flicking your tongue across my shivering asshole. This sends me wild and a labored “Oh, God yes” escapes my lips. 

“Like that?” you ask, clearly happy with the result.

“Oh, yes,” I reply, instantly regretting my mistake. Your quick swat across my ass reminds me of my errant slip of the tongue.

“I mean, yes, mistress.”

“Very good.” Keeping up with making me shudder in delight with your tongue, you raise the bar even further by slipping your hand between my legs and stroking my cock. I cannot process all these overwhelming sensations happening to the most sensitive parts of my body, all at one time and rapidly feel an orgasm building. After a few more moments of this, I’m on the verge. I can barely hold back. The heavy, throbbing vibrations deep in my ass, the warm wetness of your tongue on my asshole, and the soft squeezing of your hand around my cock are all contributing to what I can tell is going to be a massive orgasm. My breathing quickens and I start to tense up, feeling the orgasm coming from deep within me. Sensing I’m about to cum, you stop immediately.

“Oh, no you don’t. You do not get to cum before me.” I whimper at being denied release and am met with a cold “Not yet” from you. I start to protest again but you stop me short. “You’ve had plenty of pleasure, now it’s my turn. Up on the bed, on your back, and spread,” you bark. I comply, standing up. You stop me long enough to undo the cuffs holding my arms together behind me, then push me to the bed. I lay on the bed, trying to position myself in the middle, and spread my arms and legs as far apart as I can, inadvertently pushing the bullet deeper in me. Still blindfolded, I can only tell you’re on the bed with me when you start binding me to the corners of the bed, pulling the straps as tight to the edge as you can. I try to move an arm, but don’t get more than an inch, if that. And I can’t move my legs around at all. You lower yourself down on me, sitting just in front of my raging hard-on. Leaning over to kiss me, you run one hand across my chest as the other slips between your legs to play with my dick again. Kissing me intensely, you squeeze my cock when I bite your lip. “Now, now,” you say, returning the favor by nipping at my ears and sinking your teeth and lips into my neck, your hand never ceasing stroking. 

You sit up, and I can tell you grab something from off the bed. The next thing I’m aware of is a leg on either side of my head, from you kneeling over me. The only reason I know how you’re sitting, is because you promptly pull your knees close, effectively locking my head in place. Without warning, you drop down the rest of the way until you’re covering my face between my eyes and chin with your delicious pussy. The sudden warmth and wetness smothering me jars me for a second, but I quickly recover and eagerly slip my tongue in you, tasting your juices and breathing you in. I can’t help myself but to lift my head up, trying to bury my tongue deeper in you.

Enjoying this immensely, you start grinding your hips against me, running your fingers through my hair and grabbing handfuls with each exquisite ripple of feeling racing through your body. Again, you start to get undeniably wet; it dripping into my mouth, and soaking my face. The taste of you, and the warm feeling of your wetness covering me sends me wild and I begin getting more aggressive. I nip playfully at your lips, and silently smile at the shudder and gasp you emit when I take your clit between my teeth lightly. The sensations ripping through your body, racing at break-neck speeds are making your skin crawl, and your body shake, taking you to edge, but not taking you over it. Luckily, you know of, and have a way to combat this.

Stopping your grinding against my face momentarily, and having to fight me off of you for a second while you’re at it, I hear a sudden loud buzzing above me. Confused, I realize what the sound is very quickly: you’ve got your vibrator that you grabbed earlier, and are rubbing it around on your most sensitive areas, picking up your slow back and forth movement against me. Thoroughly loving the sounds you’re making, I’m laying there taking in the moment. Not giving me a seconds rest, you remind me I have a task ahead of me in pleasing you. “Just because I’ve got this, doesn’t mean you get to stop,” you chide. Focused back on the task at hand, I go back to arousing you with my tongue, now working in tandem with your vibrator to get you off. Whether it’s the sensation of being deprived of my senses and feeling the dual vibrations of the bullet in me and your vibe in close proximity to my face, or the enticing smell and taste of your dripping wet cunt, or the electric sensation of your skin all over mine, everything becomes intoxicating. We both start to lose focus and any conscious thought as I lose myself in you, and you start to feel the orgasm building and creeping down your spine.

This zombie-esque writhing, grunting, and squirming carries on for not much longer, as you can barely hang on much longer. Razor-close to coming, you start to tense and tighten up. Your breath catching in your throat, your skin electric with heightened sensation. Finally, you feel it coming. The only clue I get to you being so close to the edge are some subtle clues. The strength and force by which your free hand is grabbing handfuls of my hair. The steadily growing louder, panting and gasping coming from you, and your knees squeezing tighter and tighter against my head. Not sure what to do, I just keep licking and massaging with my tongue. Without warning, you suddenly cry out and seize up, and the first gush of fluid splashes into my mouth, surprising me and making me cough. It takes me a second to regain my composure, and I go back to work with my mouth. Completely oblivious to anything going on with me, so focused on the orgasm rocketing all over your body, spreading like wildfire, you keep going. One hand holding your toy in place on your now swollen and sensitive clit, the other rubbing your pussy with fervor, sending juices all over the place; splashing against your body, spraying all over my face, running down my cheeks and chin, down my neck. This continues for a few more moments, effectively soaking my face and arms, and coating the inside of your thighs. Settling back on my chest, you collapse forward, resting your head just above me, panting heavily.

“Enjoy that?” you ask through labored breaths. I can manage nothing more than a mumbled “Mhmm” as one of your breasts is smothering my mouth. “Mmmmm, good. You’ve no idea how amazing that felt,” you reply. Finally sitting up, you survey the damage. Everything from my arms, down to my chest, is literally dripping, coated in your juices. You take off the blindfold so I can see as well. My first sight is your flushed face, a light, satisfied smile on it. I look down to see the part I’ve been attending to for the last while. Your pussy is swollen and glistening, juices still seeping out slowly. I can feel a drop running down the outside of my lips, and I quickly dart my tongue out to grab it, as you taste phenomenal.

“Mmmm…I Sex hikayeleri must taste awesome. Do I?” you tease.

“Yes mistress,” I reply, the stinging of my nipple still fresh in my mind. You lean down slowly and lightly run your tongue along my lips, lapping up the remaining juice, as if to taste yourself. You bite down on your lower lip, seemingly savoring the taste.

“I really do taste good. Now I see why you kept at it. You wanted more. You couldn’t get enough of it.” All of this said through a knowing grin on your face. “Well don’t worry, you’re about to get much more. And since I tasted myself and liked it, maybe I’ll have you taste yourself later,” you declare, sort of winking at me as you do. Standing, you step off the bed and walk to the end. You uncuff my ankles and tell me to raise my legs up. I comply, and you take the cuffs around my ankles, and using extended straps, you connect them to the straps binding my wrists. This keeps my legs up and back, but allows me to change position slightly if they get fatigued. You reach down past the end of the bed, grabbing things I can’t see. Keeping them from my view, you climb back over me. However, this time your legs are on opposite sides as you squat down over my face again, burying my face in your pussy again, before sliding forward off it, almost taunting me with it.

Lying stomach to stomach, you reach toward the bottom of the bed for one of the items you grabbed earlier. Scooting back again, your wetness only inches from my face, you grab my cock in your hand again. Keeping your grip firm and tight, so as to prevent me from getting harder, you slip a couple rings on me. One around the base of my balls, two tighter ones around the base of my shaft; designed to keep me hard and prolong me being able to get off. Easing yourself backwards, stopping with your pussy just outside my mouth, and say one thing to me before burying my mouth between your legs again. “Relax and enjoy this, and no matter what, do not stop with your mouth.”
Comfortably positioned, and loving me attending to you with my tongue, you refocus your attention to my lower half, still stroking my hardening cock. With your free hand, you crack open a bottle of lube and pour a small amount on the head of my dick. Letting it ooze down, you pick up stroking again; your intention being to get me as hard as you can, as the rings take effect and keep me rigid for you to play with. You wipe up the excess lube with your still free hand, and slowly trace your finger down, between my cheeks, and start rubbing it in a circle around my hole. Wanting to play and explore more, you finally pull the still-vibrating bullet from deep in my ass. You slip in two fingers as far as you can go, and begin rotating them around, digging and rubbing against the walls.

Noticing me starting to squirm in reaction, you take it to the next level and take my cock in your mouth. Slowly, you slide your lips down my shaft, bit by bit, until you reach the bottom. Your mouth tightens around it, and at the same time, you push your fingers into my hole as far as they will go. Inching your way back up, you run your tongue along the side, making me feel every bit of the wild sensation. Reaching the tip again, you lightly flick the tip with your tongue; your hand now running a firm grip up and down. You start to gain a rhythm now.

One hand tightly wrapped around my throbbing cock, working its way up and down. The other exploring my ass as deeply and open as it will go. Your warm, wet mouth running in tandem with the hand on my dick; all while grinding your hips back into my face, burying me in your pussy. Staying at this pace, eventually I feel an orgasm building again. You notice it too, as I’ve started moving, jerking erratically, and breathing more shallow and quicker. You let me enjoy it for a few minutes, before stopping abruptly. Fingers, three of them now, still buried firmly in me, trying to stretch me out, and hand still pumping madly away at my dick, you turn back to look at me, moving your hip away to make eye contact, reminding me, “Don’t you cum. Remember, you are not allowed to cum without me saying so.” To emphasize your point, you push your fingers in deeper and bite the head of my dick. My muffled cry and back arching lets you know your point was made.
Turning back to working, you finally, slowly remove all but one finger from within me. “You’re starting to loosen up, my pet. But we still need a little more. Plus we have to get your tight little hole used to having something rammed in and out of it, because once I’ve got my cock in you, I’m not going easy on you.” With saying that, you reach over the bed and grab a set of anal beads, as well as the lube again. Holding the beads in one hand, you generously apply lube to it. Using two fingers to spread my cheeks open enough, you guide the beads toward my ass. As soon as the first small bead pushes through and into me, my body jerks and I clench shut. This denies you the ability to play and you smack me hard on the thigh, backed by an “Open up!” command. I reluctantly comply; opening back up and allowing you access again. You push the second bead in quickly, not giving me time to adjust to it. Again my body twitches at the unexpected intruder. “If you can take all the beads in at once, and not fight it, you’ll get rewarded after I’ve had my fun. But…don’t forget, each bead gets bigger,” you taunt, popping in the third one.

For the next few beads, you deliberately take your time forcing them in, making my hole expand around them bit by bit, stretching it for your eventual amusement. Reaching the last 4 beads, the biggest ones, you pause briefly. After taking my cock tightly in your hand again, you rapidly shove the final four beads into me. The sudden pressure and sensation of something firmly hitting that sensitive spot makes my dick twitch out of control in your hand. Smirking mischievously, you keep pushing them in deeper, cramming the entire strand in, rotating it so the balls keep rubbing up against the sides, and driving me wild. Still twisting them around inside me, you wrap your lips around my cock, picking back up the rhythmic motions from earlier.

Your goal here is simple: Tease me endlessly, get me as close to coming as I can, but not allowing it, and loosening up my ass for you later. The whole time you’re driving me wild (and succeeding), you’re grinding your hips back into my face harder and harder, loving the feeling of my tongue caressing your most sensitive areas. It’s turning you on more and more, and getting you incredibly wet again, while also serving to put you on the path to getting off again. Starting to pick up your pace again with your mouth and hand, you also start rapidly sliding the entire strand of beads in and out of me, at alternating speeds, which drives my ass insane and starts to violently shove me toward coming.

For a few minutes, this particular torture carries on, doing exactly what you intended it to do, and driving me insane. Yet again tonight, I’m on the verge of having a massive, brilliant orgasm. But unfortunately for me, you again sense it, and stop suddenly, denying me a release. You finally remove the beads from within me, and lift yourself up off of me, standing next to the bed.

“Just about that time, my pet. You know…where I fuck your tight little ass mercilessly  until you’re loose and weak in the knees? Because that’s coming. Hope you’re ready,” you taunt. Not letting me move an inch, you decide to give yourself a little quick pleasure and not let me relax or tighten up. You grab the full black cock plug, and lube it enough to slide home. Reaching back down to spread my cheeks, you line it up with my puckered hole.

“Hold your breath,” you whisper, before beginning to push it in to me. The swollen and bulbous head is the hardest part to get in. I start to push back and clench up, fighting you, but you only pin my legs down, and push harder. Doesn’t take much more, and with a slight pop, my ass swallows the head. I let out a slight moan of discomfort, and start squirming in protest.

“Honey, you better get used to it. My cock is bigger and thicker than this, and won’t be as gentle. Plus one day I might want to get my entire hand up there…” You can hear me react to that statement, and use it to slip the remainder of the toy in me, the edges snug against my ass. “But we’ll see about that another time,” you say with an edge of tease. “For now, we’re going to keep you loose and push you a bit closer.”

You pull on the toy again, holding it in place when my hole is tight around it’s thickest point, before slowly inching in back in; entertained by watching my ass work its way around each vein of the toy and stretching to accommodate. Again you make it all the way to the bottom. Lifting yourself up off of me, you wrap your hand around my still mostly hard and throbbing cock, squeezing it tight. You start stroking and pumping, getting me fully hard again, and straining my cock against the rings. You bring yourself around, running your hand up and down my shaft faster and tightening your grip. Your tongue flicks lightly against the head, making me jump each time. My legs are twitching and shaking, and overwhelmed with the insane desire to cum. You stop your hand, but only so you can wrap your lips around my dick and continue to run them up and down, doing everything you can to get me to cum, and succeeding.

At this point, it’s not hard for you to tell when I’m just about to the point of coming, so after keeping up your teasing, you start to notice me hitting that point. I’m tensing up, breathing quicker, and moving around.  Just as you feel my hips raise up to meet your mouth, and my cock start to swell, you suddenly stop completely, with nothing more than an extremely tight grip at the base and around my balls to prevent me cumming. Amidst my moaning and whimpering at being denied an orgasm I so desperately want, you remind of the rules. “I told you you would only cum if I allowed it, and I’m not ready to let you yet, my little cum slut. I just wanted you to have a little pleasure before what happens next, because you might not enjoy it. Though I know I will,” you declare.

“I think you’re finally ready,” you declare, rising again from the bed. Walking over to the chair, you grab the bag of toys. Reaching in, you pull out your toy: the large, thick, ribbed, purple, double-ended strap-on. Stepping back over near me on the bed, you slowly, and carefully, step into one leg strap, then the other, pulling it up. Standing very close to me, you remind me of your promise earlier.
“I told you that if I could slide my toy into me easily, you would get the same courtesy. Now, your job since we’ve started was to make me as wet as possible, so that my toy went in with no issues. Let’s see how well you’ve done your job.” Grasping your side by the head, you start to guide it into you. Laying there, bound up, I can only watch. I notice that your pussy is clearly swollen and wet, and I hope it’s enough. I also realize this was part of your plan; to make me helplessly watch in anxious hope. You start pushing the toy into you, and at the start it slips in without issue. However, much to my despair, as soon as you meet the ridges on it, it starts to meet resistance. I can you see you trying to push harder to get it in, and finally it budges. Eventually, you get the whole thing in to the hilt, mostly without too much difficulty. You kneel back on the bed, sitting on my chest with a leg on either side of my head again, this time putting the blindfold back on so I can’t see your next move. “Well, you get lucky, somewhat,” you say. “ Wasn’t the hardest thing to get in, but it did fight back at some points. Apparently you can’t even get a pussy wet correctly. Such a pathetic slave. So you’ll get it lubed up some from me, but first you’re going to learn how to properly make something wet when you’re ordered to do so.”
Before I can react, you grab my head by the hair in one hand, and your Sikiş hikayeleri toy in the other, and jump forward, forcing your toy into my mouth. Not relenting, you push forward with your hips, and pull my head toward you, pushing in farther. I’m literally bucking underneath you, trying to get away, but you hold me there for a few seconds. Easing back, you slip the toy out of my mouth, but maintain your grip on my head and your toy. Coughing briefly, I choke out a “What the fuck?” which is immediately met by you thrusting forward again and jamming your cock back in.

“I never said you could talk,” you command. “I told you, you’re going to learn how to use your mouth to get something wet. You couldn’t do it with my pussy, so you’re going to learn the hard way: Do it to my cock before I put it in your ass. Keep fighting, and it’s the only lube you’re going to get.” To drive your point home, you reach back and twist one of my nipples as hard as you can, and at the same time, you push more of your toy into my mouth, to where I can feel it hitting the back of my throat.

“Do you fucking understand me?” you bark. Still fighting somewhat, I eventually nod my head in defeat and acceptance. “Good boy. Now, do what you’re told.” Releasing my now incredibly sensitive nipple, you take my head in both hands, and pull slowly back, until just the head is resting on my lips. You linger there a moment, then pull my head forward as far as you can. This slides my lips an inch or so down the shaft, which isn’t good enough. You let me know with a, “This entire thing is going up your ass, not just the tip. So you’re going to have to do better if you want it all lubed,” you say curtly. As you can’t bring my head any further down on it, you ease your body forward again, watching in delight as my lips slide down the shaft, bit by bit. You stop when it’s gone as far as it will easily.

At that, you pull your hips back again, pulling it all the way out of my mouth. After a second, you jump forward again; thrusting your fake cock back in as far as it will go. You start rocking your hips back and forth, getting wet at the sight of your purple toy sliding and out of my mouth, completely against my will. Not to mention the fact that every time you hit the back of my throat, your side of the toy pushes into you, and rubs against your clit. There’s also the fact that you’re creating a suction with my lips, which causes your toy to gently slip in and out of you, each time it does the same thing in my mouth. Naturally, this starts to get you hotter and wetter. Because of this, you start going faster and faster, and pushing harder, which forces it further down my throat. Lost in your own world, enjoying both the sensations, and the view of my lips tightly wrapped around your toy, you ignore my whimpering and moaning as you invade me further; your body picking up an almost wave-like motion.
It’s not long before you start to feel the all too familiar sensation of you coming, but you stop yourself quickly. You don’t want to cum from this toy unless it’s because you’re pounding at my ass. However, because you were so into it and not paying attention, you look down and notice you’ve forced almost the entire toy in my mouth, with my nose less than an inch from your stomach. Pulling back and all the way out, I begin coughing from it being difficult to breath. I recover after a moment, as you still sit there. Thrilled with what just happen, you lean down next to my ear, and tease me by telling me, “You’re just a good little bitch. I’m very proud of you, but I want to see if you can take it all the way down. I want your nose against my stomach, is that understood my pet?” I hesitate a second, before acknowledging your request. You show how thrilled you are with a soft moan, and plant a taunting kiss on my cheek.

Sitting back up, you scoot yourself forward, so there is less space between you and my mouth. Without asking if I’m ready, you place the tip at my lips again, and lift my head slightly up so the head of your toy slides in my lips. You begin pushing forward; slowly, but with determination. You reach the first wall, and with a brisk “Open!” you see my mouth open wider, allowing to push the intruder in further. Next you feel your toy cock hit the back of my throat, but you’re not letting that stop you. Rising up on your knees a little, you start using your body weight to push, and after a few readjustments of my jaw, you feel my throat give way, and your cock slides the rest of the way in. My nose is now firmly buried against your stomach; your toy the whole way in.

You let out a squeal of delight, and after leaving it there a moment, you pull all the way out. I barely get a chance to catch a breath, before you’ve shoved it back in to the hilt again. Keeping your toy pushed in all the way, you push my head back against the pillow, and lift yourself up on your knees, so you’re almost directly above me. In that position, you start pulling your hips up, withdrawing your toy from deep in my throat, until it’s barely out. Then you let your body fall back down again, driving it back down until it bottoms out. You repeat this over and over. “If I can take it all the way without a problem, so can you. None of your holes is allowed to be any tighter than any of mine,” you tell me, pumping up and down, again and again.
After a few minutes of this, you’re satisfied that I can take all of your cock down my throat with no issue, and pull yourself off me. Choking and coughing, trying to catch my breath, I again ask you what you were thinking. Not hesitating, you smack my cheek, and grab the gag from the chair. “That’s the last time you question or argue with me,” you snap. Grabbing my head again, you force the ball gag into my mouth, and secure it tightly around my head. Now tied up, blindfolded, and gagged, I am left completely to your will and cannot do anything about it. Enjoying the silence now, you let out a quiet sigh, with a “Much better,” before moving on to your next task.

Disconnecting one of my leg restraints, you order me to flip over, on my stomach. I comply, and roll over; the restraints around my wrists tightening. Once over, you restrain my free leg again, and kneel down behind me. Holding the bottle of lube, you put the tip between my cheeks, at the entrance to my hole, and squeeze gently. “I promised you a little bit of lube, and even though you have fought back, I’ll keep my promise. Besides…. With as hard as I’m going to fuck you, you’re going to need it,” you tease. You swipe up a little lube on two of your fingers, and push them into my ass, noticing that it’s fairly loosened up now, and add a third finger to make sure the entrance to my ass is lubed up. Withdrawing the fingers, you take your toy in your hand, and squeeze a decent amount of lube down onto it. Catching the excess in your hand, you wrap your fingers around the shaft, and work your hand up and down, lubing it up generously. Satisfied, you set the lube down, and put yourself in position behind me, the tip of your dick hovering just above my ass.
Leaning forward to whisper in my ear, your toy settles in between my cheeks. Biting my ear playfully, you whisper a question to me.

“Are you ready?” you ask.

I nod my head.

“Ready for what?” I manage to utter a muffled “You” from behind the gag. You loosen it a bit, and ask me again, “Ready for me to what?”

Able to answer, I respond, “For you to fuck me Mistress.”

“Good boy,” you answer. “Now beg me.”

 I’m quiet for a moment before you hear my response. “Please Mistress, fuck me.”

“Fuck you how?” you taunt, an almost playful teasing quality to your voice.

“Please, fuck me in the ass, Mistress.”

“With….?” you say, leaving the answer open. Silent again, I finally answer, “With your cock.”

Giggling evilly, you kiss my ear again. “Well then, very well. You might want to put your face in the pillow; this isn’t going to be easy,” you tell me. Tightening the gag again as you don’t want to hear me just yet, you push my head back down on the pillow, and sit back behind me.
Holding your toy in your hand, you guide it towards my now lubed up, loose and waiting hole. You trace a circle around the opening with the head to toy with me, but soon after, you pop the head into my ass. The twitch of my legs and clenching of my ass, mixed with a quiet sigh, tell you that it was a mix of pleasure and pain, and you smile, as that’s what you wanted at first. Able to guide it in without your hands now, you pull my ass apart so you can watch your dick slide into my ass. Putting your weight behind it as you did above me before, you apply pressure and the cock starts making its way deeper into my ass, until you reach the bottom; your body pressed firmly up against mine.

You let the toy rest there for a minute, making my ass stretch around it and accommodate it. Very slowly, you start inching yourself back out so I feel every bump and rib of your toy cock, until you’re almost completely out of me, with just the tip of the head still in. Not waiting, or taking it easy this time, you quickly thrust the entire shaft all the way in, slamming into me. I cry out from the gag. Without any mercy, you pull out and thrust fully back in again. Now that you know how loose I am, you take your sweet time, getting the inside of me slick with lube. Pulling in and out slowly, reapplying lube to your toy, before pushing it back in me. Eventually, you’re satisfied that I’m well lubricated inside, and that my tight hole is now plenty loose for your enjoyment, you sink yourself fully into me again, getting a soft moan from me.

“Now, I want you to raise up on your hands and knees, but do not let my cock slip out of your ass,” you tell me, leaning back to rest on your heels, pulling about half of your toy out. Very carefully, I lift myself up on my elbows. I rise up on one knee, and then the other, but as I go to plant my hands down, I accidentally lean too far forward, and your toy slips out of me.

“Tsk, tsk,” is all I hear from you. I can feel you behind me, and you tauntingly slap your cock against my ass a few times. “You didn’t follow instructions. And that means you get it even harder.” With that being said, you guide the head of your dick back into my ass, then grab my hips. Settling in, you pull me back as hard as you can, while thrusting yourself forward, slamming your cock into me full force. You aren’t being gentle with me anymore. Fully aware that I can easily take it, you start fucking me with impunity. Using my hips for added grip, you ram yourself in and out of me, as fast and hard as you can manage. Our bodies slapping together at the force makes an audible noise, but you don’t slow down. You’re enjoying every second of watching my ass bounce from each hard thrust into me, and the sound of my moaning in delight.

You’re also loving how your end of the toy is fucking you just as hard and fast in return, which is aided by a small vibrator you secured to tease your clit. Unrelenting, you fuck me like you’ve been wanting too; hard and long thrusts, making sure your body slams home flat against me every time. You have no intention of letting up any time soon, smiling to yourself at my cries of joy and delight, muffled by the gag and the pillow. “That’s right, you know you love taking it in the ass from me. Keep making those noises. If I can’t hear you, then I won’t think you’re enjoying this,” you say to me, before resuming your ceaseless ramming of me.

Eventually, you slow down for a second, to grab my cock, which was been swinging back and forth from your hard fucking. You push the rings around it back up tightly, as you don’t want me coming just yet, and give it a few slow and firm strokes, just to push me that much closer and tease me that much more. Leaning forward, you place both hands on my shoulders, while pulling your hips back. You lean as close to my ear as you can.

“Now it’s your choice how I give it to you. You have options. Which will it be? Erotik hikaye ‘Fuck me faster, fuck me deeper, or fuck me harder.’ Those are your options, so choose,” you tell me quietly. I hesitate, not sure what to say. “Choose,” you bark. “Choose or I’ll choose for you, and you’re not going to like it.”

I pause another moment or so, before mumbling a weak, halfhearted, “Faster, Mistress.”

You think for a second. “You know, I don’t like your answer. You took too long, and you didn’t seem like you really wanted it. So now you’re getting all three,” you say, chiding me. Grabbing onto my shoulders tightly, you pull me back quickly onto your toy cock. In this new position, you’re able to go deeper than before, and you take advantage of it. You don’t stop furiously pounding away at me, but now you’re also pushing more when your hips hit my ass to drive your toy in to me as far and as deep as you can. The harder and faster you pound, the more I can feel the rolling waves of an orgasm building, and you’re not even touching my dick.

The same is true on your end. As you’re feverishly fucking me with everything you have, you can feel your body start to tense up, an amazing orgasm building. The closer you get, it seems like you find extra gears in the speed and power of your thrust, because as you get nearer to coming, your pounding gets even more intense, until I’m moaning and crying out behind the gag, and you’re panting and breathing heavily, stifling your own cries of pleasure. Thrusting in and out. Long, deep bursts of motion. Slamming yourself in and out of my ass. Pulling out until your cock is barely in, and forcing yourself forward so hard that your body is flush against mine. Every so often, your cock slips out, but that doesn’t stop you pounding away at me, as you force yourself forward again, and your long, thick purple toy guides itself back into me, sliding back into my ass with no resistance or effort.

You carry on like this for some time, not getting tired or worn out, just riding the force of the intense orgasm building inside you. The brilliant pain, pleasure, and pressure sensations I feel against my most sensitive spot are making me weak in the knees, and my entire body is tiring from handling the force of your ass-fucking, making me lower myself down on my elbows for support; the whole time, my dick oozing pre-cum. It’s not too much longer, and you can feel yourself start to come. Just at the edge of climax, you slam in one final time, before your pounding ceases. As the orgasm hits, you fall against my back, now just grinding against my ass. Hard, slow grinds that rub your toy against your clit, which push the orgasm harder and faster. I can feel your heart racing against my back, hear your heavy and tired breathing, and actually feel some of your juices running down your leg and onto mine. You keep lightly grinding against me, the toy still planted deep in my ass, putting the most amazing pressure on me and forcing more pre-cum out of my dick. 

After a moment, you collect yourself. You sit up straight again, but leave your cock in me. Reaching down, you take my swollen, throbbing cock in your hand. With your fingertip, you rub it against the head, collecting some of my cum on your finger. Holding it up, you tell me, “No one said you could cum yet. But you’ll be able to shortly.” Finally, you slide your large cock from my ass. Running your hand on it, you admire the warmth it’s picked up from being in me, as well as the smoothness of it from the lube and the juices in me. You step off the bed, and undo my leg restraint again. You order me back over, laying with my cock facing up. I roll over, and you secure both my legs up as they were before, and this time you’ve put a few pillows under me to lift my hips up a bit.

Slipping back under me, you reach forward and pull the gag off me. You give me a moment to stretch my jaw, and then let me know the reason for the gags removal. “Before when I was fucking you, it was for me. Now, it’s for you, and I want to hear it,” you tell me. I manage a half confused “What?” before you respond, “What? You didn’t think I was done with your ass yet, did you?”

Laughing, you continue, “Of course not. I know how sensitive that little spot in your ass is, and I’m going to use it to make you cum so hard, you can’t walk.” With that, you position yourself, and reach down with a few fingers to feel my asshole. Nothing how loose it is now, and how easily your fingers slide in and out, you decide to try something. Moving forward, you guide your cock hands-free toward my ass, and smile gleefully as my ass hungrily accepts it, and it slips right in to the hilt with ease. “This will be easier than I thought,” you tell me. You start slowing grinding your hips back and forth, letting most of the dick slide in and out of my ass at will. Your goal here isn’t the mad, furious, ass-fucking you were after here. You are determined to put as much continued, heavy pressure on my most sensitive spot as you can, until my cock explodes with cum. You were going to try to do it with no contact on my dick whatsoever, but have decided against it. You are trying to make me cum as much and hard as you can, since you have something in mind.

Reaching down to take my cock in your hand, you start grinding a little harder and deeper. While you’re at that, you’ve started stroking my dick with a firm grip, slowly working up and down my shaft. You’re loving all the moans of pleasure coming from me, and the way I’m actively grinding against you to get more of your toy in me. You notice my breathing getting shorter and quicker, and I’m squirming around more, so you know I’m on my way to finally cumming after a night of torture, teasing, and orgasm denial. Picking up the pace with your hand, your turn to quick pumps of my cock, running your hand down the whole length of it. You’ve also started moving your cock around more, rotating your hips to move it around in me. Faster and faster you pump my cock, and fuck my ass, barreling me closer and closer to an orgasm. My breath quickens, and you know I’m close.

“Beg me to let you cum, slave,” you order.

“Oh fuck, please Mistress. Please let me cum,” I cry out. Satisfied at my urgent and pleading response, you pick up a thrusting motion, angling upward with your dick so that it hits my spot hard each time. You’re also furiously pumping at my cock, unrelenting in your quest to get me to cum.

Suddenly, you feel me tense up tightly, raising my hips up sharply to thrust my cock into your hand. At the same time you hear me utter a “Oh God, I’m coming.” At that moment, you stop thrusting, and clench your fist around the top of my dick. You can feel my cum shooting up through my dick, slowed down by your pressure, but it’s building. Right at the perfect moment, you let go. My cum flies out of my cock with force, shooting up above me, before splattering back down on my stomach. Since it had been days since I’d cum last, and you’d been toying with me all night, it’s nothing short of a massive load. My dick continues to erupt and twitch in your hand, spurting more and more cum out; it running down your hand and landing around my stomach and legs. Eventually it ceases, and I lay there, panting and exhausted. My entire body is shaking, my cock sensitive to the touch. And your toy cock is still wedged solidly in my ass, and when I came, you could feel my hole clench tightly and violently around your toy.

Giving me a moment to catch my breath, you survey your damage. I have cum everywhere. More than a large mouthful. “My, my. Quite the mess you’ve made. We’re going to have to clean this up,” you say observantly.

“Yes Mistress, I’ll clean it up,” I say through labored breaths, not aware of your meaning.

“Will you now? Such a good little pet. I’m glad you’re offering to clean up your mess for me, but I would’ve made you do it anyways,” you tell me. It’s apparent to you I still haven’t caught on, so you decide to make me learn. There’s plenty of cum on your hand that was wrapped around my dick. With the other, you scoop up some of the larger drops. Leaning forward, you command me to open my mouth. I do, expecting the gag, your pussy, something. Acting before I can do anything, you pour your handful of my cum into my mouth. It takes me a moment to realize what it is, and as soon as I do, I try to get rid of it. You stop me by clamping your hand over my mouth. With a clean finger from the other hand, you lift up my blindfold and stare me in the eye with a look of cold determination.

“I told you,” you say calmly, but sternly. “You’re going to clean up your mess. You cleaned up mine, and you clean up yours. You are going to taste not only me, but the taste of your cum, so you can appreciate it when I do it. Now, open your mouth, and do not do anything with this.” I glare at you in defiance before giving in reluctantly. I lay back on the pillow, and open my mouth; the little bit of cum you got in, resting there. You wipe up a little more with your clean hand, and wipe it into my mouth. Reaching back down, you scoop up the final parts, which is quite a load in itself. This time, you surprise me, and lick it off your hand. With a mouthful of my cum now, you close your eyes, tasting it, licking your hand clean and savoring it.

“Mmmm…you do taste good, don’t you?” you manage to get out, keeping the cum in your mouth. Leaning down, inches from my mouth, you tilt your head so you can speak without losing any of the cum. “Now, I wouldn’t want to deny you any of this. And it’s your job to clean it up. Here you go.” With that, you plant your lips on mine, firmly kissing me. With your tongue, you feed the rest of my cum to me. I can feel the large load sitting in my mouth, but I’m enjoying kissing you too much. After kissing me passionately for a few moments, you pull back, licking your lips.

“Enjoy that?” you ask. I nod my head. Noticing the remaining bit that’s on your hand that was around my dick, you put your fingers on my lips, telling me, “Now now, be a good little slut and clean up all of your mess. Lick my fingers clean.” I lift my head up, taking your fingers in my warm, wet mouth, and use my tongue to lick your fingers barren of any cum, which is a sensation that sends chills down your body. Once they are clean, you withdraw them. Looking down at me, you can see I’ve got quite a large mouthful of my own cum. Smiling, you tell me the final part.

“Now, you’re almost done. But all that cum needs to go somewhere,” you playfully taunt. Turning serious, you look me in the eyes. “With that being said,” you say in a firm, no fucking around, tone, “swallow every last drop.” The look in my eyes is nothing but pure disbelief. I shake my head. “Do it!” you command. Staring at you incredulously for another moment, I give in, accepting that your way is the only way. I swallow it, but it’s such a huge, thick load, that it takes me a second to get it all. “Now, open your mouth and show your Mistress that it’s all gone, like a good little bitch.” I do, and upon seeing an empty mouth, you give off a squeal of delight again, and grab me to kiss me, thrilled at my humiliation and obedience.

“You’ve been such a good little pet tonight. You took it up the ass, made me cum, and cleaned up your mess. For that, you get your reward,” you tell me, smiling and excited.

“Does that mean I finally get free?” I ask, almost pleading and begging. This makes you chuckle.

“No, of course not. You’re still my little fuck toy. But now, you get to enjoy my pussy the right way!” With that being said, you throw a leg over me, and straddle me. “Are you ready? You know the rules. Make me cum, and don’t you dare think of cumming without my permission. If you do, so help me, I’ll sit right on your face and make you clean it out of me.” I nod my head in understanding.

At that, you lower yourself down, grabbing my still hard cock, and guiding yourself down onto it. Once fully settled, you look at me, and give me a final order.

“Now lay back, and let me ride your dick. Oops, I mean, MY dick, since I own you now.” No sooner are the words out of your mouth, you start sliding up and down my cock, riding it as hard as you can, into the night…

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