An Intimate Friendship

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Big Dicks

It was February vacation and I was going down to Martha’s Vineyard for the long weekend thanks to President’s Day. I was looking forward to seeing my friends, and especially Nicole. We had hooked up in the past and we went as far as me eating her out and her giving me a blowjob. We had talked in the weeks and months prior to vacation regarding our sexual lives and hers had been completely dry whereas I had hooked up twice since the summer. We both knew we would probably hook up again, so it came as no surprise when we did. Below is a retelling of the events that President’s Day. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing and living it.


Let me start out by describing myself to you, I’m about 5’10”, 130 lbs, brown hair, good looking, and a 6″ cock.

I called up Nicole a little after 1:00 on Saturday to see if she wanted to hang out, I was hoping to hang a little more out than usual this time. She lives just down the road from me so I arrived at her house in a little less than 5 minutes walking. I knocked on the door and she opened it up as I drank her appearance in. She was wearing a striped long sleeve t-shirt and sweat pants; I was wearing a sweatshirt which I took off when I stepped inside, a short sleeve shirt underneath and a pair of warm up pants. We hugged a little tighter than most friends, and I knew I was in for a good time.

As we went down to her basement I noticed her parents weren’t home and she just turned around and smiled. I got down there and lay down on the couch to get comfortable, her couch has this one piece that’s perpendicular to the rest but it’s almost like a bed, that’s what I was on. Nicky put 10 Things I Hate About You in the DVD player and came and sat down in the couch next to me. For the first 20 minutes or so we just sat and watched while making mindless small talk about our lives and just catching up. After that we started flirting, mainly I was just tickling her sides trying to get a little closer to her. She was trying her hardest not to laugh so I lifted her shirt up enough so I could touch her bare skin to get more tickling power. She got up to check something on her computer and when she came back I had an idea of how to get more intimate contact between us.

“I bet you you can’t get up if I’m trying to stop you”

“Oh yeah, whatever Will, I’m way stronger than you”

“Ok, Bayan Escort prove it, I bet you will not get off the couch”

Immediately she tried to get up and I reached around her stomach and pulled her back so that she landed on top of me and as I unclasped my hands and broke contact I brushed up against her tits. (Now let me explain to you that Nicky is a little rounded, but she makes up for it with her 36DD tits, she is one sexy friend) We repeated this process four or five more times each time with me pulling her back and making a little bit more intimate contact.

After the fifth time I pulled her back she wasn’t on top of me but next to me and I was on my stomach while she was on her back. I asked her what she would change about her body if she could; to which she replied her stomach. I told her that if she was skinny, she wouldn’t have her great tits and she agreed and said she couldn’t live without her great tits.

I started to play the drums using her big melons as snare drums and her stomach as my bass drum. I started to go from tapping her boobs to tapping the crotch of her sweat pants and each time getting a little more firm with my touching. She just sat there and smiled before she said, “Here, let me tune those drums for you.” With that she took her shirt off revealing her front clasp pink bra to me.

“Holy shit Nicky, those must be bigger than they were last time we hooked up:”

“Yeah, they used to be a C but now they’re a DD.”

Well, I had had enough teasing and went in to kiss her on the lips. Meeting no resistance I slipped my tongue between her lips and we started to make out for about 15 minutes before I started to play with her tits through her bra. She moaned in pleasure and unclasped her bra for me releasing her breasts. Immediately I devoured them by sucking on one nipple while tweaking the other one with my fingers, switching off every so often. She tilted her head back and just enjoyed the waves of pleasure flowing through her body. I released my mouth’s grasp from her nipple and went back to making out with her while still kneading her tits.

She broke our kiss and reached down my pants to my already rock hard cock and started to stroke me up and down sending shivers down my spine. I had to put all my effort towards not cumming just yet. I wanted to wait until I was in her mouth. Regardless of how amazing her handjob was feeling I had to move things forward and moved her hands off my cock so I could move down and take her pants off.

Before I could make any progress though she stopped me, got up and walked into the open space in the basement.

“I want to dance for you..:

So there she was, a buxom beauty with her massive mammaries swaying as she moved and still with her pants on. She started to shake her ass facing away from me and she reached her hand between her legs and dragged it along her ass and over her pussy. With that she started to peel her sweat pants off, revealing her pink and white striped thong (krystal warren has the same one, I can tell you sometime, kara, if you want). She turned around and started to grab her tits and pinch her nipples, I got so turned on my cock ached for release but as a started to take my pants of she said, “No, allow me!” and with that got onto her hands and knees and crawled over to me. She started to drag my pants and boxers down and I lifted my hips so she could get them all the way off. She looked up at me with her shit eating grin and started to fondle my throbbing member while she licked my balls. I was moaning like none other at this point and reached down to caress her left breast. Next thing I know she’s slurping on my, at this point diamond hard, penis. I knew I wouldn’t last long with her giving me a blowjob so I asked her if I could fuck her tits.

She was a little unsure at first but reluctantly agreed after giving it some thought. So she released me member from her mouth and moved up to lie on the couch on her back. I kneeled over her chest and she mashed her tits together around my cock. I started to move my cock in and out of her chasm of warmth. Unfortunately my cock wasn’t long enough for her to suck it each time I thrust up through her tits. Regardless, I knew this was going to push me over the edge so I told her I was about to cum and she told me to just spray all over her tits and face. Now, I had been saving up for this moment since New Year’s so she didn’t really know what was coming when she said that. I took my cock out from her valley of love and started to beat my meat over her.

“ARRGH, I’M CUMMING!!!” I groaned as I sprayed rope after rope of cum on Nicky. The first one hit her right on the forehead while the second and third landed all over her huge breasts. She scraped up the shot on her forehead with her fingers and one by one licked the clean, the whole time beaming with lust. After she swallowed I leaned down and we started to make out with ferocity as I rubbed my own cum into her tits.

About five minutes later I realized I was going to need some time to recover from that episode so I just moved my body down to her sex and peeled her thong off with my teeth, one side at a time. I wanted to make this a memorable experience for her so I knew I had to tease her before I went to her pussy. I began by kissing up her left leg while rubbing my hands along her leg behind my lips. As I neared her pussy lips I stopped and started at the bottom of her right leg and repeated my process. When I got back to her monse I kissed her clit and stuck a finger in her cunt. As she started to moan I added two more fingers and started to slide my tongue on her clit. As I started to finger her with more vigor she started to whimper in a mix of pleasure and pain.

She begged me to stick my rod up her vagina and give her the wave of pleasure she was waiting for. How could I resist? I moved back up and she grabbed my rod, positioning it above her love nest. We were doing it missionary so I put my hands on either side of her to give myself support. After a little while I wanted something different, and told her to get on her hands and knees.

As I entered her snatch from behind she screamed in ecstasy as I began to pound harder and harder. I reached around with my right hand and started to rub her clit, bringing her to more orgasms as her tits swayed with the motion of the ocean.

“Ohhh goddddddddd Nicky, you are amazing…want to try anal?!”

“Ummm, not today baby but it has been perfect so far. Let’s try something else.”

“Alrighty, climb on top of me”

With that I laid down on my back and she straddled my pelvis lowering herself down upon my steel rod. She started to rock back and forth on my cock so I reached up and started to massage her tits and nipples.

“OHhhhhh I’m gonna CUM!”


It only took a few more of her rocks to send me through the roof, my cock releasing my love lotion into her pussy, hitting the back of her vagina walls.

After I climaxed she got off me and lay down on her back and I proceeded to eat her clean. We went upstairs to shower and clean ourselves up, but that’s another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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