An Island in a Wine Dark Sea Ch. 03

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You may want to read the prequels to this story. It’s all about the adventures of Maggie – beach name Sheila – a preacher’s wife from Kansas, on vacation on a Greek Island. Spoiler: There’s a lot of sex.


Maggie woke up with the sun shining through the window. She was naked. So was Charles, lying beside her on his back. His large, languid penis and pendulous testicles reminded her of a description by Sylvia Plath: “turkey neck and gizzards.”

She got out of bed and looked out the window. The sun reflected off the gentle waves of the sea. The white-sand and shale-rock beach was empty; the water rushing through rock caves guarding the entrance to the tiny bay was a deep green. “Another day in paradise,” she said to herself.

She walked into the combination living room and kitchen, feeling the soreness in her crotch. “I’ve overdone it,” she thought. “Charles and I are going to have to slow down today.” She thought about that a moment. “Maybe not!” she laughed. “The amazing thing is that I don’t feel guilty: Not a bit. Two men in one day and I feel. good.” She repeated aloud, “I feel good, fucking good!”

The European espresso machine on the kitchen counter was a mystery to her. She wanted a cup of coffee, but she had no idea how to make the machine work. She shrugged and walked out through the double glass doors onto the deck overlooking the beach.

Oscar was on the beach, naked, jogging, his penis flopping as each foot hit the ground. She waved at him and he waved back. “Could you show me how to use the espresso machine?” she shouted.

“With pleasure,” he shouted back, and jogged toward the staircase leading to the deck of the house.

She had a moment of panic. “Should I put clothes on? Can I greet a man I barely know with not a stitch on? But wearing clothes would seem weird.” In any case it was too late. Oscar was coming up the stairs.

“Good morning,” he said. He kissed her on both cheeks and she felt his penis against her abdomen as they embraced briefly. “You are fine? And Charles?” His English was stilted and formal. He and his wife Alicia were Swedes. “You are called Sheila? Do I recall correctly?”

“Yes,” Sheila was Maggie’s beach name – given her by her now-absent lover, Rory, two days ago. “Only two days,” she thought with a start. “It seems like a lifetime. First Rory, then Charles. I have been loved. Or at least,” she muttered with a smile, “I have been well fucked. That’s new for me.”

Oscar explained the espresso machine to Maggie as he brewed a cup of coffee. “Your coffee,” he said proudly, handing her a tiny cup. “Be careful. It’s hot.”

She sipped the sweet. black coffee carefully. “It’s a hazard, isn’t it? Drinking hot coffee while naked.” They laughed together.

Oscar said, “You are shaved.” He was looking down at her crotch.

“Yes,” her face turned red. “Charles did it. I asked him too. Everybody else here was shaved.”

“Now you are beautiful everywhere.”

She kissed his cheek. “Thank you, Oscar.”

“I must finish my jog,” he said. “And then I must fix breakfast for Alicia and Fiona.”


“The English woman we saw on the beach yesterday.”

“Oh, yes, Alicia said she was spending the night with you.” Then, quickly, “Both of you, I meant.”

He smirked. “We’ll see you on the beach later.” He kissed her on the cheek, turned, and walked down the stairs and onto the sandy beach.

Maggie watched him go. Oscar was tall, slender, and blond. “I’m not that sore,” she thought.


Maggie made and drank another cup of coffee while sitting on the deck. Fiona walked by on the beach. She had a rounded stomach, a dimpled backside, and large, pendulous breasts. Maggie guessed her age as about the same as her own: thirty-seven. Oscar and Alicia were a few years younger. Charles was forty.

Fiona saw Maggie on the deck looking at her and waved. She was smiling and happy. She must have had a good time last night with Oscar, Maggie thought.

Charles came out on the deck, casually scratching his testicles. “You’re glowing,” he said. “You must have had something good happen to you.”

Maggie stood up and they embraced. “I ran into this wonderful man with a giant dick.” She laughed. “Oh, my God, Nobody would believe this back in Kansas.”

He took his penis in his hand and directed it toward her vagina.

She pushed the penis away, feeling it harden in her hand. “May I have a rest?” She kissed him. “I’ll make it up to you later.”

“D’accord, but for now…” He thrust his penis, back and forth, through her enveloping hand.

“You’re insatiable,” she said stroking his penis, “And keep that cock away from my vagina. I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“You said “cock.” You’re learning proper English. Only Americans call it a “dick.”

“Shut up and cum. My hand is getting tired.”

“For a preacher’s wife, you are cheeky.”

“You wouldn’t believe what a prude I am in real life.”

“This is not real?”

“This is lotus-land.”

“I’m going to cum.” cloud storage He did, all over her stomach and hip, big gushing spurts, hot and sticky.

“God, what a mess!”

“Sperm is good for your skin. I’ll clean it up.” Charles disappeared into the house and returned a moment later with a paper towel. He knelt down and wiped away the sperm. Then, planted a kiss on her clitoris before rising to his feet and embracing her.

“Are you always this horny?” she asked.

“No, but you are new and exciting. And how about you? Why don’t you leave your husband?” he asked abruptly.

She thought a moment. “Kids. They’re both in high school. And career. I’m an accountant and my customers are churches and religious groups. If I got divorced, they’d take their business elsewhere. I would be a fallen woman to be shunned.”

“So, back home you’re a good girl?”

“Let me explain. I come from a family of religious fanatics. Sex is shameful and only for procreation. My father was so puritanical that in high shool I could never even go swimming in the public pool. A bathing suit was too revealing. Plus I was ashamed of my tits. They were so small.”

Charles ran his hands over her bare breasts. “I like them. So different from those norks of Alicia. And Fiona’s jugs. You’ve seen Fiona…We make fun of Fiona, but she’s very nice – and not bad at all in bed.”


“Aussie for tits, especially big tits.”

“Does your wife in Australia know about your extra-curricular activities?

“She knows. We have a good marriage. I’m sure she’s doing exactly what I’m doing right now. We have an open marriage when we’re apart.” His hand had found her vagina and he thrust a finger inside her. “I have to go to work. We could do a quickie right now. I’m up for it. Or wait for this afternoon?”

“This afternoon,” she answered. She kissed him on the lips.

“I’ll be ready. See you later. I’ve got to go dig up some stuff.” Charles was an archaeologist and was digging for antiquities on the island.


Oscar and Alicia invited the two of them plus Fiona to a barbecue on their deck. “Clothed,” Alicia said, “To be different.”

Charles put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. “What should I wear?” asked Maggie.

“I have a dress that may suit you. It’s my wives – if that doesn’t bother you.”

“Not at all. I’d like to know more about your wife.”

Charles went into the bedroom and returned with an ephemeral, flowery, knee-length dress with spaghetti straps. “I like it,” she said. “But the fabric is thin. I should put on panties and a bra.”

Charles laughed. “Don’t. You haven’t had a stitch of clothes on for two days – and now you want to get modest?

“Okay, maybe not, if you think this dress is appropriate.”

“More than appropriate. It will be beautiful on you.”

“No more compliments, or I’ll want to fuck you right now.”

“You are a shameless hussy.”

She pulled the dress on over her legs and tied the straps on her shoulders. She spun in a circle for Charles’s examination. He nodded in approval. She looked down at her shallow cleavage and the outline of her legs visible through the thin fabric. “It doesn’t conceal very much.”

“But too much. Let me loosen those straps.” He untied the spaghetti straps over her shoulder and retied them, lowering the scoop neck of the dress an inch.

“My tits are just barely covered. It’s funny,” she added, “I feel more naked wearing this dress than I did not wearing anything.”

“Your body is mysterious now and alluring.”


The five of them drank and ate grilled fish at Oscar and Alicia’s, a small house just down the beach from Charles’s house, and then Oscar turned on the CD player and they danced in the dark – men with women and women with women – until they were exhausted and sweat-soaked, A million stars dotted the sky. Moonlight flooded into the room.

They collapsed on cushions in the living room. Oscar sat on one cushion and he pulled Maggie down and she sat between his legs. Fiona lay beside her. Oscar was wearing the same as Charles: shorts and a t-shirt. Fiona wore shorts and a tank top. Her large breasts bulged out the side of the tank top. A bowl full of condoms was conspicuous on a nearby coffee table.

Alicia and Charles sat on another cushion, facing each other, kissing. Alicia wore a man’s blue dress shirt which reached nearly to her knees. “Should I be jealous?” Maggie asked herself, “The man I have been fucking is kissing another woman and she has nothing on under that shirt. But Oscar has his arms around me and I’m feeling pretty good.” She leaned back further into his arms.

Fiona snuggled closer against her. Maggie involuntarily flinched. “Does she want to have sex with me? How do two women have sex?”

“Fiona is bi-sexual,” said Oscar, wrapping his arms around Maggie, his two hands clasped just below her breasts.

“Really?” asked Maggie. “Do you have a preference: men or women?”

“Back in England usually women. Men are such a lot of cloud file storage trouble. But here, with these wankers,” – she pointed at Oscar and Charles – “I must do my part.”

“I appreciate your sacrifice,” said Oscar sarcastically.

Fiona kissed Maggie on her hip. “I bet you’ve never had sex with a woman?”

Maggie laughed. “You would be right. I’ve never even thought about having sex with a woman.”

“Does the idea offend you?”

Maggie thought a moment. “No. In for a dime, in for a dollar.”

“What does that mean?” asked Oscar. “I am unfamiliar with the English phrase.”

Maggie giggled at the formality of Oscar’s English. “I guess it means that since you all fuck each other, so I suppose I can too. But be nice. This is new for me.” She stole a glance at Charles and Alicia sitting on a cushion an arm’s length away. They were entwined, facing each other, Alicia sitting on his lap.

Oscar laughed. “We know. We call you the virgin queen.”

“I’m getting less virgin every day I’m here,”

Fiona pulled Maggie’s dress up to her waist. “May I? If you are uncomfortable with this, I won’t.” Fiona’s head was resting on her stomach.

“I’m comfortable.” I still feel a little guilty, sinful – to be having sex with men, but having sex with a woman? I’m curious, more than anything else.

Charles tapped her on the shoulder. “It looks like you’re being taken care of. Alicia and I are going to the bedroom where it is more comfortable.” Charles and Alicia got up from their cushion and walked toward the bedroom, hand in hand.

Maggie watched them go, then turned to Fiona. “Should I take my dress off?”

“Leave it on.” Fiona rolled over and laid between Maggie’s legs. “I like the feel of the fabric on my face.”

“May I participate in this?” Oscar asked, putting his hands on Maggie’s breasts.

Maggie leaned back in Oscar’s arms and kissed him on the cheek. “Well, since you asked so politely, yes, you may.”

Oscar untied the straps on her dress and the fabric fell away from her breasts. He weighed one in each hand, and then cupped his hands under them. Fiona was kissing her flanks, her hands running up and down the outside of Maggie’s thigh. “Oh, my God!,” thought Maggie, “I think I’m going to have a threesome.” She laughed out loud. “What would the Woman’s Missionary Union think of that?”

Maggie gasped as Fiona’s mouth circled around her vaginal mound, and again as Fiona’s tongue found her clitoris. Oscar was kissing the back of her neck and caressing her breasts with his hands.

“Hold your hands still, would you?” she asked Oscar. “I love your hands, but I can’t handle all this. Sensory overload.”

“How am I doing down here?” Fiona asked with a laugh. Her tongue was now inside Maggie.

“I am fucking breathless – and I’m going to cum in about one minute.” Maggie’s legs were twitching, and she was rocking back and forth, thrusting her hips forward to take in more of Fiona’s tongue, feeling her teeth, the wetness of her mouth.

“May I leave you for a moment?” asked Oscar, taking away his hands from her breasts, sliding away from her while lowering her head to the cushion. “I’d like to be inside Fiona when you cum,” he said. He pulled off his t-shirt and shorts and threw them aside.

Fiona sat up, took off her tank top and shorts, laid down again, and raised her hips in welcome, her tongue flicking against Maggie’s clitoris.

Oscar picked up a condom from the bowl, bit through the plastic package, and pulled the condom out.

“May I put it on you?” asked Maggie. “I like to do that,” she laughed.

“Oh, yes, you may,” answered Oscar. “But don’t play with me. I don’t want this to end too soon.”

“Oscar has a problem with pre-mature ejaculation,” said Fiona, raising her head from Maggie’s crotch. “The first time we had sex, he cummed all over my face before we could get the condom on.”

“I get a little over-excited,” admitted Oscar, “especially the first few times with a woman. Fiona is a sex counselor, and she’s been working with me. I think I did pretty well last night.”

“You were splendid. The best man I’ve ever had.”

“Do you tell all men that?”

“Of course, and I tell all of them that they have giant cocks. They like to hear that.” She looked up from Maggie’s crotch. “Do you wonder why I prefer women?”

Oscar extended his engorged penis toward Maggie. She unrolled the condom and slid it onto his penis. She felt the weight of his testicles, pulled up tight against his body.

He walked around to Fiona, knelt with his penis in hand, and inserted it into her vagina. “I don’t want to cum yet, just watch,” he said. He began a slow humping of Fiona, and she responded with twitches of his buttocks, welcoming his penis.

“You’re a sex counselor?” asked Maggie.

“I’m a nurse. I work with a doctor. We advise clients on sex problems. Pre-mature ejaculation, impotence, inability to climax, fear of sex, etcetera. You’re so fortunate. You don’t seem to have any hangups.”

“Believe file upload me, I’ve always been a prude.” Maggie thought about that a minute. “Well, until recently. Very recently. Two days ago.” She laughed.

“Do you always talk this much during sex?”

“I’m nervous and a little scared.”

“Just focus on my tongue and my lips – and my body against yours.” Fiona moved her head upward, and lowered her hips, pulling away from Oscar’s penis, kissing Maggie’s clitoris, then up to her navel, then to her breasts, a hot mouth encompassing each of them, her large, pendulous breasts, wet with sweat, rubbing against Maggie’s abdomen. And then she kissed Maggie, a full on passionate kiss, their tongues colliding, their bodies folding into each others, Fiona’s hips driving against Maggie, searching for a union that was not there.

“I am so ready,” said Maggie, falling back onto the cushion. Fiona moved her head downward caressing Maggie’s breasts with her hand, circling her navel with her tongue, and then, suddenly, covering Maggie’s clitoris with her tongue, sucking, hard.

Maggie’s legs thrashed around, closing on Fiona’s head, opening. She went stiff all over, motionless for long seconds, and then came the explosion of passion that made her shake from head to toe. It was too intense. She took Fiona’s head in her hands and raised it from her pubic area. “That’s enough,” she said gasping. “I can’t take it any more.” She feel back on the cushion, feeling the sweat that ran down her chest and between her bare breasts.

“Wow!’ said Oscar, his penis in his hand. “I want to fuck you.”

“Give me a minute.” Maggie was breathing hard, her muscles slowly relaxing, a mellowness creeping into her mind.

“I’d like to relax, ” said Fiona to Oscar. “If you would kindly take your cock elsewhere.”

“Oh, yes,” answered Oscar. He pulled his penis out of Fiona, stood up, took the condom off, and walked around to the cushion where Maggie lay. He sat down and cradled her head in his lap, his penis resting against her cheek. “Can I fuck you now?” he asked Maggie.

“I think I’d like to do Fiona now.” She looked at Fiona, her head resting on Maggie’s stomach. “That would be what you would like, wouldn’t it?” It seemed polite to ask.

“Very much so.” They changed positions, Fiona lying on her back, her head on the cushion, Maggie lying between her legs. Oscar crouched over Maggie’s buttocks.

“This is so hot,” said Oscar.

“Put another condom on, please” asked Maggie. “I can’t take a chance of getting pregnant if you get, uh, too enthusiastic back there.” She turned to Fiona. “I want to kiss you. I liked that.”

Oscar got up, took another condom out of the bowl, sat down again behind Maggie, and put it on. The two women were locked in a passionate embrace. He massaged Maggie’s buttocks lightly with his hands and his penis.

Maggie rubbed her nipples against Fiona’s breasts, pushing her hard brown nipples and firm breasts against Fiona’s, large and soft, yielding to her touch. She kissed each of her breasts, flicking the nipple with her tongue, feeling it respond and become erect. Her breasts are so soft and big, and her nipples so small compared to mine. I’ve never done this with a woman. It’s nice.

Maggie moved down to Fiona’s crotch, smelling her, feeling her wetness on her tongue and lips, a clean fresh taste and smell. She inserted her tongue into Fiona’s vagina, testing how deep she could go, then flicked her clitoris with her tongue before encompassing it with her mouth, sucking on it.

“I want to fuck you,” said Oscar from behind her. “Like a dog.”

“Not like a dog. Doggie style,” Fiona laughed. “You Swedes are like Americans. You butcher the English language.”

“I speak Swedish, the language of the gods. English is the language you should speak only to your horse,” answered Oscar.

They all laughed together, Maggie raised her hips. “I believe,” said Oscar, “that is my invitation to enter your soft American pousy with my rigid Swedish cock.”

“It’s pronounced pussy, not pousy.”

“I am now going to enter your pousy.”

“Pussy!” Both women said in unison.

“Fitta is the word in Swedish. And my kuk fits perfectly.” He guided his penis into her vagina.

“It fittas very nicely,” said Maggie.

“Funny. May I put my kuk in your rumpa?”

“If that means what I think it means, no”

“See, I am teaching you Swedish.” He was stroking her vagina smoothly with his penis, his crotch rubbing against her buttocks.

“This is the wildest thing I’ve ever done. I can’t go any further with my rumpa.” She laughed.

“No problem.” he slapped her lightly on her bare buttocks as she turned her attention to Fiona’s vagina and clitoris with her mouth and tongue.

“This looks like a nice group.” It was Charles’s voice. He and Alicia were silhouetted standing in the open door of the bedroom, naked, their arms over each other’s shoulder. Are you doing okay, Sheila?”

Maggie had almost forgotten the name she had been given on the lotus-land islands of Greece. She raised her head from Fiona’s crotch. “I’m keeping busy.” Alicia was tall, slender, curvaceous, with large firm breasts. Her body was so perfect that Maggie felt intimidated. Charles’ enormous penis hung loosely between his legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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