An Unexpected Birthday Surprise

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Terri tried not to make this about her. Instead she reminded herself that this was about Jake and his birthday party. All week he was excited about turning five and Terri was relieved because it was the first time he stopped asking about the separation. Even Terri relied on the birthday to be happy instead of ruminating over whether or not to divorce Jeff.

She put all her energy into inviting Jake’s friends, wrapping all of his presents and even hiring a birthday clown. She was so obsessed with making this day perfect for Jake that even he commented on how stressed she seemed. It wasn’t Jake’s fault, he had been sensitive to Terri’s well-being, especially the night after Jeff moved out when Jake caught her crying in the bathroom. He just wanted his mommy to be better and prior to the day of the party, Terri was foolish enough to think that Jeff wanted that too.

It was just one text that warmed her up to him. “Hey… I know we’re not talking, but we shouldn’t let this happen before Jake’s birthday. Let me help with whatever I can and after it’s over I’ll give you your space again.” It was the first time he was proactive in addressing how distant he could be and Terri thought that there might be hope.

At first she was skeptical and gave Jeff the simple task of buying the party bags for all the kids. He blew her away when he offered to pick up the cake. He really was serious. Terri got so excited that her mind wandered as to what could possibly happen if he did show up. She imagined Jeff arriving, dressed in his v-neck shirt that showed just the top of his broad chest. Jake would come running to his daddy, whose bright teeth contrasted with his orange beard. Terri would stand in the doorway with her arms folded, smiling as Jeff picked his son up and then took him to the car to show off the cake she picked out. If Jeff could actually show interest in being a family man, then Terri’s imagination wandered to what would happen after the party, after Jake would crash from the sugar rush.

She’d put him to bed and return to the living room to find Jeff picking up all the trash. He’d be so busy with that that he wouldn’t expect her to sneak up behind him and wrap her arms around his neck. Just thinking about how she’d have to practically jump to reach over top of his strong shoulders made Terri’s heart rise. She loved how that was Jeff’s cue to carry her to the bedroom and let her gently fall onto the bed, his hands around her lower back as he leaned forward to plant a kiss. With her legs wrapped around his waist, she couldn’t wait to grind her pelvis against his, the pressure on her groin making her sigh in joy as she let him take her shirt off.

Terri clenched her fist and cursed under her breath as she leaned against the counter. That fantasy wouldn’t happen because Jeff said he couldn’t make it. As always, it was because he was behind on his work and he needed to stay in the office to meet the deadline. Once again, his shitty planning skills were hurting Jake and her.

Jake was bouncing all over the house that day when he thought his dad was coming and she still hadn’t broken the bad news.

Terri actually dressed up to Jeff’s liking for the occasion. This meant putting on the tight black sweater that had a low neckline and the skinny jeans that she was hesitant to put on since she had gained weight after giving birth. She had lost all the baby weight but it was her ass and thighs that she wished would shrink back to when she was in her 20s. What made her most grumpy was that she even put on the underwear Jeff bought her for Christmas one year, all for nothing. Terri was just lucky that her neighbor, Michelle volunteered to pick up the cake at the very last minute.

Michelle was a single mother of a 5 year old girl named Casey. She was a hair stylist and always had a different color to her hair. Today it was blonde with a red streaks in her bangs. She was in Terri’s position three years ago and ended up divorcing her husband. Because of this, Terri had been relying on Michelle for advice on her own struggle with Jeff although, Terri wasn’t sure how much she could relate to Michelle.

After the divorce, Michelle fell in love with another woman. Terri didn’t expect to divorce Jeff and date women, but she did find comfort from Michelle telling her that she wasn’t wrong in needing some time for herself since Jeff wasn’t respecting the boundaries she’d tried to set. Even when she thought she’d go back to Jeff and asked Michelle to style her jet black hair into straightened long tresses, Michelle didn’t criticize her for having a change of heart.

Time for herself was nice, but Terri was pissed because today was the day she wanted time with someone else. Since Jeff had moved out, she hadn’t had an orgasm and it had been three weeks. Every night that Terri went to bed feeling that gentle tug from in between her legs was a battle of self-control as she resisted the urge to slide her hand down her pajama bursa yabancı escort bottoms and sooth the coiling beast that waited to strike below her waist.

Showers were quick and awkward because anytime she washed herself she always avoided touching her soft mons for fear of being tempted too much to finish herself off. It wasn’t that Terri was a prude, it was just that with Jeff gone, she needed to be with Jake practically 24/7 and that meant minimizing any chance of him walking in on her masturbating. He was far too young to be traumatized with seeing his mommy naked from the waist down, legs spread and fingers inserted inside of her as she gasped for pleasure.

At least with Jeff home, Jake knew to respect mommy and daddy’s time to themselves but without Jeff, she had no excuse. What could she say to Jake that he would understand as just “mommy’s time?” That’s why on this day, Jeff was a fucking idiot. Because of his job, Terri would have to go through another day of dealing with a swollen red pussy that would not be sated.

While she ruminated over her dissatisfaction, Terri made some more punch to bring out to the kids. When she turned to get some ice from the freezer, her hips tilted and then she stopped moving when she felt something wet. Closing her eyes, Terri knew what had happened, all the thoughts about sex and getting off primed her body and her labia responded by prepping itself with her own natural lubricants.

As she lifted one leg she could feel the moist liquid staining the inside of her panties and she sighed in irritation. “Fuck you Jeff. Fuck you.” Was all she grumbled as she opened the freezer.

Nothing pissed her off more than being wet like this and being unable to do anything about it. Most annoying was the fact that she had the best opportunity to come since Jake was outside and being watched by other adults. Terri could just run upstairs and grab her vibrator while everyone else was occupied. It wouldn’t take her long, but the supernatural abilities of a child to sneak into a house undetected shot that plan down. But what if she could keep watch of every kid outside?

Standing in front of the window, Terri noticed that every child at the party was in clear view. All of them sitting at a picnic table with their sparkly party hats blowing bubbles or throwing water balloons. If any of them got up, Terri would know, which meant that as long as she stayed in the kitchen, she was alone and could not be snuck up on. All that she needed was a safe way to touch herself without it being too obvious as to what she was doing.

It was as she was mixing the punch that she brushed against the knob of the cabinet below her that the answer came. Looking down, Terri saw it shining under the sunlight like an underwater hidden treasure. It looked like silver but it wasn’t, it was brush nickel and was round, no larger than an acorn. Attached to the upper right corner of the cabinet, it was at perfect level with her groin since she wasn’t very tall. Terri looked up at the window and then down at the knob, realizing it would be perfect because it wouldn’t be clear to people outside what she was doing.

Of course when she pictured herself thrusting against the knob, she laughed never at all thinking that she’d be doing this in her 30’s. The whole idea of her masturbating against kitchen furniture seemed like something right out of Desperate Housewives or Sex and the City and yet, the thought of the hard object pushing into her gave Terri that familiar pulling sensation in between her legs, as if her vulva and the knob were two magnets attracting each other.

Terri counted the children and adults outside and when she was sure that they were all accounted for, she positioned herself closer to the cabinet. Rising on her tip toes, Terri hovered over the knob and then slowly rested on her heels so her pussy sat just above it. At first it felt uncomfortable as it poked her, but it was when she tilted her pelvis back that she sighed and closed her eyes as the handle slid against her outer labia under her jeans. Even though the knob was small and didn’t give her much room to slide back and forth, her weight pressing down on it gave enough pressure to push her jeans against her crotch.

Terri’s lips puckered as she bent her knees to lower herself down, pushing harder into the knob and wincing as the pressure on her clit sent another trail of juice down the inside of her panties. Even though the air conditioning was on, Terri felt her body getting warm, from the center of her chest down to between her legs. It was like a small ember growing inside. In this moment, Terri lost track of time as she closed her eyes to shift her groin over different parts of the domestic sex toy.

Unfortunately for Terri, there were only so many ways she could move on top of it before she bumped into the rest of the cabinet. This meant that all she could do was slide bursa sınırsız escort back and forth barely a centimeter before stopping. No matter how she pivoted her hips, her groove was always halted when she bumped into the drawers and it wasn’t too long before the wetness dried up and the swelling from her labia seemed to die down. Soon, Terri was moving faster and more rapidly with no reward. Just the aching sensation she felt too many nights since Jeff left.

“Goddammit” she whispered as she slid off the knob and lowered her head. She was so close, but it was no use, even though the pressure felt good, nothing was really touching her with her jeans getting in the way. At that thought, Terri looked up and tried blocking the idea out of her head. “Don’t even think about it.” She said to herself. This was supposed to be a quick way to get off so no one could catch her in the act and that meant keeping her clothes on. It was much easier to simply step away from the counter if someone walked in than it would be to zip her pants up. It was just going to have to be that she would go about the rest of the day with a sore pussy because she wouldn’t take that risk.

But she was so close and it was the frustration in being minutes away from coming that kept Terri in front of the kitchen counter. She saw that everyone outside was still having fun and then looked down at the front of her jeans. As long as she didn’t turn around, no one would notice. Even if they did walk in just as she was zipping herself back up, she could say she was fixing her shirt.

Breathing in, Terri unfastened the button to her jeans, feeling the grip of the waistband loosening around her hips. It was actually a relief as every step she took in them made it feel like they were about to burst. Next came the zipper. She pinched the brass tab and slowly pulled down, feeling the air invade the open space, touching her mons and inner thighs as the front of her small black silk g string was exposed. She wasn’t fond of thongs or g-strings but knew it drove Jeff wild. The fact that it turned him on, turned her on by proxy and so she opted to deal with the discomfort of the jeans touching her bare ass for the whole day.

Now with the front of her jeans open, Terri positioned herself in front of the knob but found the flaps to her jeans distracting. Every time she tried to move forward, the open denim wings would fold over in front of her underwear. “Shit.” She said as she looked down in dissatisfaction at her dilemma. All she wanted was to finish herself off and she was running into one block after another.

“Fuck this.” Terri said as she grabbed the sides of her pants and pulled them down to her ankles. Her heart stopped as she felt the air conditioned room wrap around her bare ass like two large hands and sobered up to what she was doing. She was now in the kitchen with her pants down showing her g-stringed ass to anyone who walked in. Immediately, her face got warm and she reached to pull her pants up just before looking out the window. No one outside had budged, it was as if they forgot all about her. It was only her self-consciousness in keeping her modesty that was keeping her from her goal.

As her anxiety died down, Terri stood up, grabbed the edge of the counter, and gently positioned herself in front of the polished knob. As she pushed her pelvis forward, she gasped as she felt black silk flood the inside of her labia. Given the round shape of the knob and the almost non-existent thickness of the fabric to her underwear, the shining handle fit perfectly inside her, like the head of an erect cock. The difference was that this was better because it was always hard and with her panties having more flexibility, it pushed them deep inside her pussy, stroking every nerve ending inside with the soft silky touch of the fabric. Terri moaned as she ran her groin all over the knob, her natural wetness lubricating the surface and making it easier for her to slide against it.

By now, the ember built up inside her was now a wildfire, passing through her stomach and her legs as her lower lips contracted with every stroke against the orb. Terri’s knees were starting to hurt from banging against the cabinet doors, but she was too far gone to care. She bit her lip as she lowered down to push her clitoris against the surface. As soon as she put pressure on it, her voice cracked as she fought to keep herself standing, buckling her legs as the blood flowed to her most sensitive of areas, making it erect.

Just as her blood traveled to her core, so did Terri’s fantasies travel through her mind. Every naughty thing she did with Jeff and wanted to do with Jeff came into her vision as clear as day. Given the position she was in, legs spread and backside left vulnerable without any protection, she imagined Jeff’s hot breath blowing against the back of her neck as he pushed deeper into her from behind. She reared her görükle escort head back, trying to conjure up the sensation of her long black hair being pulled. It was only in this state that Terri felt comfortable about her ass and how age and parenthood made it lose its firmness from her college days. She imagined it bouncing furiously with every thrust of his cock and wanted so bad for Jeff’s gruff hands to come crashing down on it, the stinging pain leaving a nice hot red welt over her tanned cheek.

Terri’s nipples also ached, growing erect under her tight sweater and brassier. The only thing she could think of to soothe that pain was Jeff’s teeth biting down hard on them. Even though her chest was in clear view of the window, Terri forgot about the people outside and cupped her breasts under hands, pushing them together as she rotated her hips counter clockwise over the metal bulb in between her legs.

With her eyes closed, Terri tried to imagine the feeling of Jeff’s penis sliding between her tits, both of them being large enough to hold it tight against her chest. While there was no direct physical pleasure, it was the sound and the feeling that got her hot. Soon, the semen coming from Jeff’s tip would coat her soft skin, making it slide faster in between her breasts and making a smacking sound with every thrust. It made Terri feel a bit in control as she’d look up at Jeff, his eyes closed and mouth open as he moaned when she would wrap her lips around the tip of his penis. It was as if he was helpless and could bend to her every whim with just the slightest flicker of her tongue. If anyone was looking outside, they would have seen Terri’s mouth open and in the shape of an “O” as she tried to bring back the sensation of the sounds of wet flesh smacking together and the tangy taste of his precum against her taste buds.

Sweat ran down Terri’s face as the images combined to make the perfect erotic fantasy, only getting better as she grew accustomed to maneuvering the right way over the knob. She breathed in as her pussy felt so swollen she thought it might explode, almost as if her lower torso was becoming numb. It was when she reached back to slap herself as hard as she could on her right ass cheek that she felt the right stroke up her outer labia and ending at the center of her clitoris.

“OHHH!!” she cried out as her pussy contracted in a series of spasms, warm juice traveling down her inner thigh. Having reached the threshold, Terri’s breathing began to slow down and a chill ran up her spine. Just before she could enjoy her post-coital cool down, the squeaking of her screen door could be heard.

“Sorry it took me so long, the cook at the store couldn’t find the-OH!” Michelle gasped as she walked into the kitchen and saw Terri’s exposed ass with her pants down to her ankles.

Immediately, Terri turned and shrieked as she saw Michelle standing in the doorway with her jaw open holding the boxed cake in her hands. Terri’s forehead burned like needles as the horror of literally being caught with her pants down flooded her mind. Her hands shook as they moved to cover both of her ass cheeks.

Terri’s lip quivered as she stammered, “Michelle… i-i-i-I was just-this isn’t—I’m… oh!” the more she hesitated in doing something to cover her shame, the more red her face grew. Her fight or flight response signaled her to pull her pants up but doing so required her to bend down.

Closing her eyes, Terri slowly bent down so she could reach for the top of her jeans. As she knelt closer to the ground, she whimpered as the flexible string around her waist and in between her ass stretched more into her skin. It was when she was face level with the cupboard that her ass felt like it got bigger, sticking out in front of Michelle as if to make Terri look more ridiculous. Terri tried to focus on something else and noticed the knob that not too long ago was pleasuring her. Seeing it there embarrassed her even more and she could feel her eyes get watery, almost like a young adolescent being caught masturbating for the first time.

Sniffling, Terri grabbed her jeans and tried pulling them up her fair skinned legs. Even though the pants rose, the touch of the denim over her skin made her feel more self-conscious of how scantily clad she was seconds ago. Then something else unfortunate happened, the jeans halted, stopping just under the curve of her buttocks. Terri looked down and saw that the jeans were too small to slide easily up her waist and got caught around her fleshy posterior. No matter how hard she pulled, the jeans would not budge, only instead pushing her ass up and making it dance in front of her one audience member.

Terri bit her lip when she knew what she had to do and with a quick breath, she shimmied her hips to inch the jeans up further. The dance made her feel like a stripper, shaking her g-stringed bum in front of Michelle. Terri could imagine a twenty dollar bill sliding in her waistband for putting on such an erotic show. Still, she was relieved to feel the jeans protecting her shame. With her hands still shaking, Terri quickly zipped up her pants and buttoned them up, her crotch still sopping wet. Even fully dressed, Terri could not turn around and face Michelle, all she could do was lower her head.

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