Anal Adventures of Alex Ch. 04

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Alex’s hands spread Jen’s ass cheeks as he licked at her hole, enjoying the slightly musky taste of her anus… she moaned, wiggling her hips a little as she pressed back against his tongue. Sex with Jen was great, but he especially enjoyed how open-minded she was about everything… she was totally willing to try just about anything he suggested, and sometimes surprised him with her own desires.

Like, as much as he’d enjoyed having her play with his ass, it almost came as a surprise that she was more than willing to have it reciprocated… although he hadn’t yet gotten up the nerve to ask if she’d be into anal sex. But he loved fingering her, and she seemed to enjoy it too… and he especially loved moments like right now when she was on all fours on his bed, ass high in the air, cheeks spread, and he had open access to her asshole, as well as a fantastic view of her heart-shaped cheeks.

She moaned again as he licked up and down, trying to press his tongue a little into the hole, fingers digging into the fleshy curves of her ass.

“Alex…” her voice was almost crooning and he knew that she was going to make some kind of request; his already hard cock jumped a little.

“Yes?” he bit down gently on her ass cheek.

She groaned, and looked over her shoulder at him, eyes glassy with lust, “Would you like to fuck my ass?”

Oh god… his cock felt like steel.

“Yeeeees…” he breathed, almost unable to believe this was actually happening. Jen’s eyes lit up, and he realized that she wasn’t asking just because she thought he wanted it, SHE wanted it too… “Oh God… Yes!”

Jen laughed and reached towards the drawer where she knew he kept his lube… they’d only had to use it once or twice when their sex had reached marathon time limits, but she knew where it was. Alex slowly pressed his thumb into her ass as her hand felt around inside the drawer, and Çankaya Escort heard her lustful sigh… he pumped his cock with his other hand, his heart beating faster at the idea of actually putting it between her sweet cheeks. Finally she found the lube, and pulled it out. He thought she’d hand it to him, but instead she spread some on her own fingers.

Reaching back, she gently pushed his thumb out of the way and slowly sank two fingers into her own asshole. Alex shuddered with arousal at the sight, she’d never done anything like that before. He realized that she was watching him over her shoulder as she pulled her fingers out a little and pushed them back in, fucking her own ass with her fingers… it was one of the hottest things he’d ever seen, the kind of thing you only expected to see in porn… God it was so much better live.

“Mmmm…” she moaned, sliding her fingers back and forth for him, wiggling her ass a little and clenching the cheeks… his hand moved faster on his cock, at the moment he felt he’d almost be perfectly happy just cumming onto her ass cheeks while he watched her finger herself.

But then she pulled her fingers from her ass and pushed her hips back towards him… her hole looked ready and slick… Before he could even think he was kneeling behind her, cock head pressing against the crinkled star. It slowly opened for him and she moaned, shaking her head back and forth a little as he pressed into her ass… he moaned too as the head popped in, her ass was incredibly tight… it felt amazing… it LOOKED amazing!

“Oh God…” he pushed forward a little and heard her whimper.

“Slowly…” she groaned, “Oh fuck you’re big…”

Alex’s cock pulsed, he drew out a little and pushed back in slightly; she responded by pushing back and a little more of him slid into her, making her wince a Keçiören Escort little and pull away. He didn’t like the idea that he was hurting her, so he just stayed still and she began to work herself back and forth on his cock… it was incredibly hot watching her ass move, swallowing more and more length…

When she was almost there her ass suddenly squeezed down hard on him and he moaned.

“Shove it all in,” she squeezed again, “Fuck my ass hard!”

His hips were pressed against her soft butt before he’d even really registered what she said, and he could hear her yelp a little… but she was pushing back against him at the same time. Hands on her hips, he looked down, watching as his cock penetrated her backside, over and over, her asshole looking strained around his girth. Massaging her hips and buttocks, he rode her, long and hard strokes, just taking in the velvety smoothness of her asshole, the slick feeling to the tightness, the way she pushed back against him, ass rippling around his cock as she moved.

Propping herself up on her elbows, she got a little more leverage to push back against him, and he groaned, rubbing himself up and down against her cheeks and making his cock bounce inside of her. Leaning forward, it felt like he was going even deeper inside of her dark hole, and she grunted as he took a hold of her breasts, using them for leverage to pull her back against him. His weight seemed to sink her lower and lower as he rode her ass, and so he reached out and grabbed one of his pillows, pushing it under her hips.

Pinching her nipples, he really let loose on her, starting to fuck hard and fast… she tried to push back against him, but the force of his thrusts were too much and she collapsed onto the pillow, ass propped up to receive him. Moaning, she still pushed back against him, writhing a little Etimesgut Escort underneath him in an almost gluttonous manner.

Spreading his own legs, he pushed hers together and groaned as her ass got even tighter in this new position. Massaging her breasts, he moved back and forth, feeling her tighten around him in her own world of lustful titillation. They moved together, and although he didn’t think it was possible, the way her hips were starting to move felt very similar to when they were making love regularly and she was approaching orgasm…

In fact, her breathing was getting heavier too, with a little bit of a whimper to it, and she was panting his name under her breath… as her voice started to gain in volume and quality, he realized that she WAS approaching orgasm…

Holy fuck… she was gonna cum while he fucked her ass.

The thought sent him over the edge, and Alex gasped with elation as his balls tightened and he buried himself in her ass, just as her cries of gratification hit their peak. His hips moved back and forth, just a little, as her ass milked his cock, cheeks pressing up against his groin, as he filled her ass with cream.

His muscles started to relax and Alex sighed with a kind of heavenly bliss, his arms buckling underneath him, and he let himself fall on top of her, dick still lodged in her ass. Jen breathed deeply beneath him, shivering a little as she came down from her own rapturous high, reaching back with one hand to stroke his hair as he rested his cheek against hers.

“That was good,” she sighed.

“Yeah it was.” He nuzzled against her neck and kissed it lightly, making her giggle a little, and her ass clench around him, but he stayed where he was. Eventually he’d slip out, but he wasn’t leaving her ass till it happened on its own… grinning and murmuring with contentment, he ground a little against her, and gently bit her finger as she rubbed his cheek.

That had been more than good… that had been perfect. He licked at finger, before kissing her neck again… liking the way her ass tightened around his softening cock.

A thought occurred to him.

Nuzzling her ear with his lips he whispered, “Wanna take a shower and then do it again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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