Anal Trio

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Clara: 40, Kath’s sister, Melanie’s mother
Kath: 38, Clara’s sister, Melanie’s aunt
Melanie: 21, Clara’s daughter, Kath’s niece
Pilar: 25, Mel’s lover

London, England-2002

Clara is 40, Kathy has just turned 38

Forty year old Clara is a pretty, curvy brunette, about 5’6″, with brown eyes, a toothy grin, and dimples. Her prettiness was is not the first thing one notices about Clara, though: it is her enormous chest. Big, and heavy, she needs a 44F bra to lug those melons about. She has a 30 inch waist, long, shapely legs, and a nicely-shaped, plump bottom. She knows men, and some women, were and are infatuated with her udder-sized boobs, but instead of being conceited about all the attention, she couldn’t care less. She is a friendly sort, though no one who knows her well would describe her as out-going. Her sister Kathy is a different story. Though she resembles her sister facially, she is not as well-endowed as her Clara, though her 36C-24-36 measurements are nothing to sneeze at. She is blonde, like their dad, and the same height as Clara. She is much more extroverted, which is why she has bedded twice as many men (and women) than her older sister. Clara has been divorced for two years has a 21 year old daughter; Kath has never been married.

Clara is reclining on the sofa in the family room, her t-shirt and bra bunched around her neck, while her sister feasts on her very large, very dark nipples. The two have been fucking since Clara was 20 and Kath 18, and though Kath is younger, she has always been the dominant one in the relationship.

The relationship hadn’t ceased when Clara got married; the only reason she did so was so that she could have a baby. She and her sister are lesbians, through and through.

Clara’s ex, Bill, is in the laundry room, fixing a leaky pipe.

“I love these big whoppers of yours,” Kath murmurs, Hatay Escort sucking noisily at the juicy teats.

Clara’s hands are filled with her sis’ long locks; she scratches gently at Kath’s scalp with her long red nails, enjoying her siblings’ eager suckling.

“Haven’t you always?” she teases.

Kath chuckles in response, flicking her tongue over each nipple in turn. “I could gladly suck on these all day.”

“Bill’s just next door” Clara chides gently. “If you keep this up much longer you won’t get a chance to bum-fuck your big sister like you promised.”

With obvious reluctance, Kath lets Clara’s left nipple slip from her mouth and leans-back against the arm-rest at her back, sliding her jeans down to her knees. The foot-long strap-on dildo she wears sprinsg free, pointing skyward. Clara quickly hikes her skirt and climbs aboard; she weras no panties, and has already greased her backdoor in preparation for her sister’s daily visit. Kath reaches down and holds her cock steady while her sister lines herself up with the plum-sized head and sinks down on it, swallowing the thick shaft all the way down to the fake rubber balls dangling beneath the shaft. She easily accommodates the latex monster; she and Kath have been having anal sex for the past twenty years, and Bill enjoyed the kinky act a well. She leans down to give her younger sister access to her hugely-dangling mammaries, and as Kath resumes her greedy sucking, she begins to post gently, up and down, on the man-made dick. The hotter she gets, the faster her pace, and soon she is riding her younger sibling’s cock like an American cowgirl. Kath places a hand on each of her ample hips and using them as levers, meets Clara’s down-ward thrusts with hard, solid strokes of her own; Bill, who is listening to a football match on the radio as he works, lets out a fortuitous yell Hatay Escort Bayan in protest of a call against his team at the same instant Clara cries-out in lustful ecstasy at the hard, rough butt-pounding she is receiving.

The sweating, rutting females pause momentarily; Kath whispers something, and Clara, after nodding agreement, moves one leg, then the other, until she is sitting “side-saddle”, with the huge dildo still buried in her rectum; she slowly and methodically scoots around until her back is to Kath. Moving in unison, they help each other into both women’s favorite position: doggy-style!

There is barely a pause before Kath resumes her wicked sodomy of her older sister, increasing her deep thrusts until each time her groin collides with Clara’s plush ass those luscious globes ripple like big bowls of jello. Clara’s squeals of lust are covered by the loud banging from the next room; Bill curses loudly, and the banging increases, right at the moment that Kath, squeezing hard at the huge ball-sac beneath her rampaging butt-plunger, sends a hot spurt of “cum” gushing into the huge-titted divorcee’s sizzling bowels.

“Gotcha, you dog-fucking bitch! ” Bill crows from the laundry room, sending the incestuous sisters into a giggling fit.


The next day, a little before dawn, Clara is in her familiar position, kneeling on her hands and knees, while her daughter, Melanie pounds-away at her veteran bum-hole with a slightly shorter (10 1/2 “), though equally thick rubber strap-on.

Although she occasionally “makes love” to her mother’s ass, their normal practice is, hard, rough, very energetic butt-sex until Clara’s backdoor is a gaping, cave-like ruin.

The bed springs squeak rapidly and Clara’s heavy tits swing and shake so hard that they whack her in the face with every Escort Hatay pile-driving thrust. A bit of drool slips from her open, panting mouth as the ever-growing bubble of her impending orgasm reaches it’s peak and explodes like an atom bomb. Melanie is nearly there as well; the little nub on the inside of her leather harness is scrubbing her clit with fantastic efficiency; she pops-off a few seconds after her quivering, trembling mother, though she never stops her frantic ass-fucking. Bit by bit, she slows her thrusting until her strokes are lazy, languid; glad to finally get a break, Clara lays her head on her pillow and waits for her darling daughter to finish and pull-out. That doesn’t happen, though: rather than pull-out, Melanie releases her mother’s hips and grabs her shoulders, pumping slowly, then harder and increasingly faster, until both women are panting and grunting once again.


In Clara’s room, Kath is lying on her back, nude, with the big white strap-on dildo strapped round her waist. Clara is wearing just a pair of black stockings and a white, lacy garter belt. She is astride her sister, the big dildo buried in her cunt, which she rides slowly whilst gasping out. Kath grinds her pelvis upwards, fucking her sister hard whilst reaching up and gripping Clara’s pendulous breasts.

“Starting without me?” Melanie grins, quickly undressing, as she enters the room. She is “strapped for action.”

“‘Fraid so” Kath shrugs. “We couldn’t wait, could we sis?”

“Nope” says Clara. “Actually we were just warming up. Come on baby, hop aboard.”

“With pleasure,” Mel smiles.

Clara leans forward and arches her back, causing her arse-cheeks to part. Her arse has obviously been previously pounded by the dildo, as it was greased up and dilated. Mel kneels astride Kath’s legs, behind her mom, and puts one hand on her shoulder and with the other grips the base of her ready strap-on. Kath stops long enough for Mel to slide inside, and after a ragged start, they establish a rhythm. The horny slut is experiencing her first “DP”!!

End of PART I

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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