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Have you ever walked past an open door and not turned your head and looked in? Of course not. And that’s exactly what happened last night. I was going to my room to go to bed when I walked past your room.

We haven’t started sleeping together, although we have discussed it. A couple of months ago we decided that we would give each other space to do our own thing until we were sure. And seeing you lying there – I knew that the time had come.

The light from the hallway illuminated your bed. You were lying there sound asleep. Curled in a semi-fetal position facing away from me with the beautiful globes of your butt – oh so tempting. I hurried to my room; undressed and returned to slide in behind you. Easing into a spooning position, I positioned my rapidly hardening cock between the globes of your butt and pulled you closer. God! You felt so hot.

I began to move my cock between your ass cheeks, slowly (so as not to wake you) and my cock began getting harder and harder.

You moaned and started to spread out on your stomach, my cock slipping from the grasp of your butt. Moving with you, I took the “ties” that were attached to the head of the bed and began to slip them on your hands. Within minutes, I had your hands and feet bursa otele gelen escort tied in a spread-eagled position and, placing several pillows beneath your pussy, had your butt up in the air – just waiting for me. You had been sexually active at college but no one had taken your anal cherry. Your virgin ass was just waiting to be fucked.

I found the pear scented love lotion we used occasionally and began applying it to your ass, gently rubbing around the puckered ring. Easing a fingertip in until you began to moan and wiggle your butt. Applying more lotion, I eased my finger in and out until I finally had it in to the last knuckle. Moving it around. Stretching your butt until I could finger-fuck you with ease. Still you haven’t awakened although now, you were more vocal and your butt was responding to my ministrations.

I applied more lotion and began working a second finger in with the first. Soon – I was able to bury it to the hilt along with its brother. Your ass is so hot and tight! Do I dare try a third finger? I think so. I must be able to stretch your ass more so that it will accommodate my huge cock.

I worked the two fingers in and out while putting more lotion bursa eve gelen eskort on your ass and starting to insert the third finger along with the other two. Your moaning increased. Are you awake? I can’t tell. But you are moving your butt back against my fingers as though it’s something you really need. The third finger is finally in. Working them back and forth, twisting them as I go, your ass begins to loosen until I think that my cock will finally fit.

Positioning my cock near your sphincter, I begin to ease the huge mushroom shaped crown in. Soon it slides in past the ring and, with no effort at all, goes in to the hilt. All 8 inches of it buried deep within your ass. My God daughter, you are so hot!

I begin slowly thrusting in and out of your ass, not knowing how long I can hold out without cumming. Each thrust brings another moan from you. As I increase my pace, you begin telling me to “Fuck me Harder – Fuck me Harder – Harder – Harder –”

Now I know you are awake. I lean forward and place a kiss on the nap of your neck, sucking gently until you begin to whimper and thrash about. I bite gently and then harder. Your ass tightens on my cock and I think I’m about bayan escort bursa ready to cum. That’s when you start quivering and thrashing your butt back and forth, milking my cock. I begin to cum. Spurt after spurt of red hot cum deep within your bowels. Then you clamp your ass down as hard as can be and I stop cumming.

I withdraw my cock from your butt and go the bathroom where I clean my cock. Then I get a washcloth. From the kitchen, I get a small kettle and fill it with warm water. Returning to the bedroom, I begin to slowly clean you up – rubbing the washcloth gently so as to not hurt your already sore and painful ass.

The washing has an effect on you. You begin moving your hips as though you are getting further excited. The pillows beneath your pussy are soaked.

I kneel on the bed and reach my tongue toward your pussy lips. Red and swollen, your sex is so beautiful. Your large clit is poking out from its little hood. I can’t resist. I begin licking your pussy – working slowly from your clit all the way up to and around your recently fucked ass hole. You are constantly moaning and thrashing. I can hardly hold you still even though you are still tied to the bed.

Then you begin to orgasm. Your body is one quivering, shaking mass of jelly. I insert a finger in your pussy and find your G spot. Massaging it gently as you continue to shake and orgasm. Finally – with one massive shudder, you collapse. Out like a light.

I untie you and turn you over. Removing most of the pillows from the bed, I hold and cuddle you. You are mine, baby girl. All mine. And I love you very much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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