Anchors Aweigh Ch. 02

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I am a female civilian employee of the Navy at a large east coast base. I am an engineer, and I work in a very technical field, mostly about electronics. For more information to help you understand me, you might want to read Chapter One if you have not already done so. I had a wild sexual adventure with an enlisted man who serves aboard a Submarine that is home ported here. I orchestrated the encounter to act out a fantasy that I was obsessed with.

My life has been a disaster since my adventure with the Sub Sailor. I think about him constantly, and fantasize about taking his incredible cock up my ass. I find myself daydreaming at my desk, with my panties getting wet. My boss has caught me a few times, and chewed me out. He can’t get too snarky with me since he counts on getting a blowjob whenever he wants it.

My nights are even worse. I do my masturbation routine with my rubber dildo up my ass, but it is not very satisfying. I have hot, feverish dreams all night, with kinky sex scenes. Frequently they involve being made to lay face-down, naked, while a large, muscular man fucks me up the ass for hours and hours. He is not my Sub Sailor; he is a non-entity that my brain just makes up. Sometimes he is really hairy, and almost animal-like.

What a fuck-slut I am. I hate to be crude, but I guess I am – my asshole was hungry for a stiff, hard cock, and thirsty for a hot load of cum. I apologize about my use of language; I don’t use euphemisms, I just say what I mean in plain words. I attribute it to working in a field that is mostly military men, and some of them use pretty salty language.

One day I was fantasizing at my desk, and I was wishing my boss would call me in for a session. I was imagining him pumping his load up my ass instead of down my throat. My wish came true.

The boss buzzed my phone extension and requested a meeting. I went into his office and closed and locked the door as usual. He was seated in his chair with his pants down, waiting for me. I walked over and obediently dropped to my knees in front of him.

I began to stroke and fondle his stiff cock, and then I took it in my mouth. He just wanted me to get the job done, but I had other plans. After sliding it in and out a few times, I abruptly stood up and un-zipped my jeans, and pulled them and my panties down to my ankles. He said “What the hell are you doing?”

I answered “Just hold still and let me do this.”

I turned away from him, and started to lower myself into his lap. As I did so, I reached between my legs and grasped his cock, and with my other hand I spread one of my butt-cheeks open. I squatted down lower, and guided his cock to my asshole.

When I felt the smooth tip touch my anus, I sat down without hesitation and took about half of it up my asshole. He gasped in surprise, and said “What the . . . ”

“Just relax and enjoy it.” I slowly sank down onto his lap, taking all of his six-incher up in me. It was much more erotic than my rubber dildo, but it didn’t compare to my Sub Sailors torpedo. I have a pretty good eye for dimensions due to my profession, and I think his tool is at least ten inches when erect.

Holding on to the arms of the chair, I began to raise and lower myself. I was basically jacking him off with my asshole. His flesh and blood cock felt good, even though it was not the object of my obsession.

I was doing an exercise routine and fucking myself at the same time. Typical engineer, multi-tasking again. He didn’t say a word, but he was breathing hot and heavy. I could tell he was turned on, because his cock was stiffer and harder than usual. After a few minutes of steady up and down, in and out, he held his breath and tensed up.

I sat all the way down, as hard as I could, and took the last fraction of an inch up in me. He whimpered and groaned, and I felt his semen squirt into me. We sat there motionless for a moment, and then I began to masturbate. As I stroked and caressed my wet pussy, I occasionally reached lower and tickled his balls. Soon I had an explosive orgasm.

When we calmed down, I got up, pulling his still-hard cock out of my ass. I pulled my jeans up and zipped Büyükesat Escort up. He just sat there, naked from the waist down and dazed. He said “I had no idea that could be done. Didn’t it hurt?”

“Don’t flatter yourself; your cock is not that big.” Now his feelings were hurt, and I regretted saying that.

“I’m sorry. That was mean. You are perfectly normal and you have nothing to be ashamed of. I haven’t sampled the entire population, but I believe six inches is about the average.”

He seemed to feel better, and said “I was just surprised, I have never done that.”

“You obviously liked it; you should try it with your wife.”

“She would never agree to try it. She is such a prude.”

“The next time you are about to have one of your regular, boring fucks, just persuade her to turn over. If she objects, just say what I said to you ‘Hold still and let me do this’.

“She is going to be tight, so hold her down and push it in slowly. She will probably squirm and squeal, but keep going. When it is all the way in, her attitude will change, believe me. Fuck her gently, it will be uncomfortable at first, but she will loosen up and you will lubricate her a little with the stuff that oozes out of you.”

“Warn her when you are about to cum, so she will be ready for it. Once she feels your cum squirt up her asshole, she will never be the same.” He was deep in thought, so I walked to the door. He said “I think I will try it.” I answered “You can thank me later!” and went back to my desk.

Days and nights went by in frustration and boredom. I had hoped that the session with the boss would satisfy me, but it was like an appetizer, and now I wanted the entre. My fantasy life was relentless; I created all kinds of scenes with my Sailor guy. I could vividly recall the sensation of his cock finding its way deep up my ass. I daydreamed about sucking it, and making him cum in my mouth.

I finally realized that I had to see the man who has taken over my life. I devised a plan to go aboard the Sub he serves on. The Sub was in port for extended maintenance and inspection. I created a project to inspect and update a system aboard the sub, and it became official. Funny how a little nobody like me can make the whole Navy jump.

My boss went with me on the Friday afternoon of the inspection, but I knew I could handle him. We were checking out the electronic system I targeted, but of course there was really nothing wrong with it. Then I saw him, standing over against the bulkhead.

Our eyes met, and he certainly recognized me. I sent my boss on an errand, and went over to talk to him.

I whispered “Hi, remember me?”

“How could I forget? I have been driving myself crazy trying to find you.”

“No worries, now I have found you. Can we get together again?”

“I have a weekend liberty. I can’t wait.”

“Meet me at the gate. I will wait for you in my car.” It was so simple; I have no idea why I waited so long to do it.

At the end of the Friday work day, I waited in my car outside the main gate. When I saw him, I flashed the headlights, but it was not necessary, he recognized the car immediately. He jumped into the passenger side seat, and off we went.

There was awkward silence at first, but he was not shy this time. As I tried to concentrate on driving, he unzipped his pants and took out his beautiful cock. My panties were so wet I was embarrassed; I reached over and grasped his cock like it was the shift lever.

I started to stroke it but I quickly stopped because I was afraid that he would cum. I visualized it splattering on the ceiling of the car and hanging down in stringy gobs. Good God, my imagination is running wild. Even he couldn’t reach the ceiling. Or could he? I drove faster.

When we got to my apartment, he said “No motel this time?” No need to be anonymous this time, I wanted him home with me for the weekend.

“No, this is where I live, and you are welcome.” I unlocked and opened the front door, and waved him in. I followed close behind, into the living room.

We just stood and Elvankent Escort looked at each other for a moment, and then I said “We can talk later, let’s do this.” Our clothes flew off like we were having a contest, and it was a tie.

His magnificent cock was already semi-erect, and I took it in my eager hand. I fell to my knees and started to suck him off. When his cock touched the back of my throat, I had less than half of it in my mouth. I felt him getting dangerously close, so I pulled it out of my mouth and said “Don’t cum. I just want to get it hard enough to go up my ass.”

That excited him so much it was as if an electric shock went through him. He said “I bet it is hard enough now!” That was clearly true, and I got up and led him to my bedroom.

I have a chair and footstool in my bedroom, and I had an idea. Instead of getting on the bed, I pulled the footstool away from the chair, and positioned myself over it, as in the expression ‘you have me over a barrel’. I was on my knees, and on the other side of the stool my head and shoulders were on the floor.

I felt like a maiden on the altar for a sacrifice, submissively waiting for my fate. My butt was sticking up in the air at an extreme angle. He straddled me, crouching awkwardly over me, and I felt his cock-head touch my asshole.

The interesting thing was, the only part of him touching me was the head of his cock. That concentrated my attention, and I quivered with anticipation. I didn’t wait very long; he started to push it into me. There was a little spasm as my anus was stretched out again, but I calmed right down and relaxed as it slid into me.

He reached the place where my boss had maxed out in me, and just kept going. When the last few inches slid in he pressed hard against my butt. I exhaled and made a sound like “oof!” and he asked if I was OK. I answered “Yes. Please don’t stop.” I was so full of his cock my breathing was labored.

There is something magical about having a cock in your ass. It is not like a tongue, or a finger, or even a dildo or vibrator. The feeling of its bare skin, and the thick almost muscular shaft, and the pink velvet head, is unlike anything else. I just surrendered and waited for him to do whatever he wanted to me.

He began a slow, steady in and out, just pulling about half-way out and then pushing all the way back in. Of course, half-way was about five inches for him. The sensation had me mumbling as if I was delirious. I knew he wouldn’t last long this first time, and that was OK because he was struggling to hover above me while he crouched down.

I could feel the tension build in him, and he pushed all the way up in me and grunted. I felt his semen gush into me, and I was in ecstasy. Even though I knew what to expect, the amount of semen he produced was amazing. He huffed and puffed for a minute, and then pulled out of me.

I struggled to my feet, and we staggered over to the bed. I fell face down, and said “Can you put it back in me?” He was still pretty hard, and he climbed on top of me and shoved it up my stretched and wet, slippery asshole.

I didn’t expect him to fuck me, and he didn’t try, we just laid there with his cock up my asshole. I reached down to play with my pussy, and he said “Let me help you with that.” He moved my hand aside and stroked and rubbed my clit. I had an intense, almost violent orgasm, and we rested that way.

I think he dozed off for a while, never losing his erection which stayed embedded in me. I was perfectly happy, I didn’t want him to ever pull it out of me. After what seemed like an hour of quiet time, he started to move a little.

“Really?” I said. “Again?”

He murmured “Umm Hmm” and began to methodically fuck me. I was so full of his first load it allowed him to go faster. With me lying face down and him over me, in what I call the anal missionary position, he fucked the hell out of me. His man-meat slid all the way up into my stomach with each thrust, and I tried to lift my hips up a little so it would go even deeper.

He lasted much longer this time, but eventually he Beşevler Escort had to finish. Once again I felt an immense load of cum spurt into me. He withdrew, and we held each other in a close embrace.

He whispered in my ear “God, you are amazing!”

“You are the amazing one. You could make a fortune as a sperm donor!”

We both got a chuckle out of that, and we had a pillow-talk session.

“You have a delightful sense of humor” he told me. “And an incredibly open attitude about sex!”

“Is that because I had your cock in my mouth 20 minutes after we met, and we didn’t even exchange names?”

He laughed out loud at that, and said “Exactly!”

“Well, you hit the lottery when you were born with the genetics to grow that one-eyed monster you have! And I hit the lottery when I picked you out at the gate that day!”

We exchanged our real full names, and talked about our lives, where we were from and what our days were like. Sorry, I can’t share that, because I still want to keep our identities secret. Not that we are doing anything harmful to the Navy or the country, but there might be some repercussions from the morality police.

We spent the rest of the weekend trying every position we could dream up. Once, on the kitchen table with me lying on my side and my knees drawn up to my chin and my butt sticking off the edge, he fucked my asshole standing up. It really felt different going into me sideways, and he emptied another load into me from his bottomless reservoir of love-juice.

I sucked him off once and swallowed his cum. He got me off orally a couple of times. But mostly he just fucked me in the ass. The feeling of his stiff rod stretching me and insinuating itself into me like a curious snake never failed to arouse me.

We showered together several times, and I washed his cock lovingly. I felt like it was mine now, and it belonged to me to take care of. After we toweled off we would just go back to the bed. We spent the entire weekend naked. I held his cock in my hand constantly, no matter what we were doing or talking about. I adore it.

By the time Sunday evening came, we were talking about an arrangement where he would spend all of his off-duty time at my place. I knew he would be gone at sea for many weeks at a time, but the anticipation that would build up in both of us would be rewarded when he came home and found me naked, lying on my side on the kitchen table waiting for him. The first anal penetration with his cock going in sideways would be thrilling, and his first ejaculation would be so huge I might be able to taste it.

On Monday morning he went back to his duties, and I went to my boring office. He didn’t have another liberty for a few days, so my ass had time to heal. I still had intense cravings for him, but I was not as out of control as I had been. I knew in a few days he would be home with me again.

There was an office party for a man who was retiring one afternoon. Fruit punch and cake, whoopee. Family members attend these affairs, and my boss’s wife was there. I noticed a huge change in her personality.

She wasn’t bitchy at all, and she just beamed at her husband with adoration. She never left his side, and she looked like a teenage girl with a huge crush on him. She would occasionally reach over and touch him affectionately. When she finally went to the ladies room, I went over to talk to him. “What’s up with her?” I asked.

“Well, you said I could thank you later, and I am thanking you now. The first night it was like a prison rape, but ever since she can’t get enough. She practically begs me to fuck her up the ass every night and usually again in the morning. I am worn out!”

That explains why he has not called me in to suck him off for so long. Well, fine by me. I am sexually satisfied with my Sailor, and I would rather not swallow any other man’s cum anyway. Maybe I should consider marriage counseling as a second career.

I thought about trying to come up with a way to invite her over some weekend to meet my Sailor. I would like to see the expression on her face when his tool hit one of her internal organs. I really don’t want to share him, though.

As for me, I might need to take the edge off of my cravings when the Sub is at sea. I know, you think I am an unfaithful whore, but we are not married. We just have an arrangement so far, and I get really horny if I haven’t been fucked for a while. So the boss might have to do double-duty taking care of both me and his wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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