And Evening at the Play

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My wife Amy and I recently had an unexpected adventure while out of town visiting a friend, who was starring in a play. We were happy to attend, especially as it gave us adult time away from the kids.

After a pleasant four hour drive we arrived at another couple’s house who were also attending the play and agreed to let us sleep in the guest room of their house. As we were short on time, we immediately showered and got ready. Most exciting for me was when Amy got dressed in a brand new dress. The dress was bought specifically for the weekend. It was by no means inappropriate, but was pleasantly a couple of inches above the knees. And recently Amy was comfortable wearing only sexy underwear underneath the dress without “protective” shorts. This offered many opportunities for quick access when needed.

After we were both showered we went into the living room to hang out with one our hosts. But it turned out that the wife was in the shower getting ready and the husband was getting dressed. We took the opportunity while seated on the couch to read a ‘gonewild’ story about a woman sitting in a Starbucks flashing her underwear while seating near a window. Amy understood the hint and got turned on thinking about it, despite still being too nervous to do it herself. This quickly led to us browsing some of my favorite erotic pictures.

Our male host, Steve, came from the bedroom and I quickly put my phone down. Amy tapped me and whispered “why did you stop?” with a smile. There was no way I was turning this down. Steve sat down on the couch across from us and Amy and I surreptitiously browsed various pictures that I had previously marked as favorites. Most of these featured women involved with two men and many indicated that they were about a wife being shared in such a way. Amy had no problem with this and indicated to me that she was getting wet.

After our hosts were both done getting ready we negotiated who would drive the 30 minutes or so to the event and it ended up with them driving since they knew the area. It helped that we wanted to continue having a little fun and so guided the decision a bit. It worked out that their backseat had some boxes on part of the backseat so we were “forced” to squeeze in together on one side and the middle. We were not bothered by this at all as during the entire drive we browsed more and more pictures. At one point Amy took the phone from me and switched it over to images of women having squirting orgasms, an idea which turns her on immensely. We had escalated from looking at images to watching silent (we made sure to turn off all audio on my phone) videos of the action.

Both the best and worst part of the drive was that — since Amy was sitting in the middle and our hosts were frequently looking back as we carried on conversation — we could not touch each other. To make things even more steamy, Amy sent me a message indicating how “soaked” her panties were from watching all of this.

We arrived at a pub where we met some other friends for dinner and drinks. The table set-up did not allow too much play (even got slapped away during an attempt!) but before we left I made sure to slip my hand up Amy’s dress and was rewarded with getting to feel just how moist she was after the drive over.

We arrived at the play and met some other friends who were supporting our actor friend. We all enjoyed some wine and snacks while waiting to be let in. At some point Amy had to use the restroom. I suspected that she was so turned on that I would be receiving some fun images. And I was not disappointed. Within a minute or so I received an image of her panties pulled to the side and her fingers tantalizingly close to her obviously wet lips. She made Escort Bayan Gaziantep sure not to touch so as to not push things over the edge too far. I was excited to receive and look at the image while hanging out with friends who were none the wiser.

We went into the play, which itself quickly escalated to some simulated non-graphic sex scenes. This did not help matters with Amy and I. But as we were again in a relatively public area without coverage the best I could do was rub her leg occasionally to keep the mood going. Thankfully the play was awesome and so the time passed quickly.

Following the play we went to a bar to hang out with our friends and the star of the play. We wanted to get a “debrief” from him on what it was like to do the play and what certain parts of it meant.

Through some sexy alignment of the stars, Amy ended up seated at the end of the table and due to space constraints I was on the very end of the same corner. This presented a situation where my hands pretty naturally fell to her legs. Additionally, the table had probably a six inch lip on the bottom which offered some “coverage” from most viewers, especially those with us at the table.

So I naturally took the opportunity as we were talking to begin running my hands over Amy’s legs over her dress. Not getting any resistance, I brought my left hand down so that I could get it under her dress. Meanwhile I continued to drink my beer with my right hand. Once I was able to get my hand completely up I switched to my right hand which was more comfortable. I allowed the dress on the opposite side to hang back down to cover but on my side my hand was fully between her legs.

Once my fingers got near Amy’s underwear I could feel the heat and could tell that this was turning Amy on as much as it was me. I ran my fingers up and down over her lacy underwear and could feel the wetness seeping out from between. This was too much for me and I worked my fingers around the edge of her panties so that I had full access to her absolutely soaked lips. (In the meantime, Amy was carrying on an amazingly coherent and engaging conversation with those at the table. I was slightly less engaged but kept my ear out for anything that might involve me).

Amy finished her drink and requested another one and I quickly obliged, getting a soda for myself. I sat back down and got immediately back to work, sipping my soda as I slid two fingers into her pussy. And I do mean slid. By this time, Amy’s body was fully preparing itself for penetration and was coated in lubrication. I ran my thumb over her clit a few times as well to test her ability to continue with the conversation in the face of what would quickly lead to an orgasm.

It was a game at this point. And so I escalated the stakes. Taking a piece of ice from my soda with my right hand, I switched it to my left hand and ran it over her lips. No obvious response. Except that she was so hot now that it almost immediately melted. I grabbed another one and began working it toward her vagina, expecting Amy to stop me. Instead when she noticed that I was struggling she whispered “more to the left.” This nearly killed me. I grabbed another piece of ice and slipped it into her vagina and closed her underwear up over it.

No response, but by now I noticed that one of the bartenders was far enough back that he could surely see under the table. Going all in, I moved the the far side of Amy’s dress so that her legs were fully exposed under the table. I pushed her left leg a bit to indicate that I wanted her to spread them more. Mentally engaged in the conversation, but physically completely overtaken by the sexual moment, she obliged. I caught one of the bartender’s eye and smiled and looked down. He nearly dropped the drink he was preparing as he watched as I placed two fingers into Amy’s sopping pussy.

I didn’t think it was right for her to be unaware of their glances so I nudged her to and nodded in their direction. She glanced over briefly and then back to me. I really had no idea how she was going to respond, but certainly not in the way she actually did. She casually brought her right hand down and, making use of the fact that my hand was pulling her panties aside, began playing with her clit. Right in front of them. Looking straight at them. They watched as I took another ice cube and placed it directly into her pussy, much easier than before as Amy was holding her lips open with her fingers in that oh-so-sexy ‘V’ that only a woman can form over her vagina. He immediately began to get hard and “noticed a customer” and walked away.

Amy gave me a wicked grin before bringing her hand back, being sure to wipe her fingers on the inside of my shorts. By this time the conversation was winding down and things had escalated enough that I needed some time to cool down if I didn’t want it to be completely obvious my situation. Thankfully there was a bathroom close by where I was able to allow things to settle before we got back into the car.

Unfortunately, my phone was pretty much dead by the time we got to the car for the ride home. The last thing I saw was a text message from Amy asking “was that enough foreplay for you?” I grinned and nodded yes to her at the same time that I realized that our position in the car — Amy was leaning more against me in my arms than beside me — allowed me to reach the top band of her underwear.

While we discussed the play I slowly worked her panties down her ass, fully expecting Amy to stop me. Surely this was going too far. As they got to her ass she found an excuse to lean forward to indicate an interesting billboard. This allowed me to slip the underwear past her ass so that they were around her lower thighs. When she sat fully back down she hooked her own thumb into the top and slid them down her legs. Indicating that she had dropped her purse, she reached forward to complete the removal and slipped them into my hands.

I folded them up and put them in my pocket and returned my hands to her thighs. She noticed the wetness of my fingers and shifted slightly forward. I took what I thought was a hint (I certainly hoped I had interpreted it right) and pressed my right ring finger against the rim of her ass, which always drives her nuts. I felt a slight shudder from her before she indicated that I should stop. We both knew that if I drove her to orgasm in the car we would have some awkward explaining to do on top of the smell of sex which was likely already permeating.

We got back to the house and said a quick goodnight to our hosts before heading to the guest room. The split second that the door was closed and locked, Amy pulled her dress over her head and pushed me to the ground by the bathroom (we were sleeping on an air mattress, which might have been awkward for what we had planned). She then immediately mounted me in cowgirl position — one of her favorites! — and began grinding. Surprisingly, she stopped and said she wanted to get some porn going on her phone.

While she got on her back to find something to watch I began licking her pussy, which tasted so amazing when it was this wet. (By this time I could hear the sounds of two men and a girl on the screen). I had never seen Amy’s lips so wet. The combination of watching porn and mild exhibition had led her body to produce amazing amounts of syrupy liquid. She handed me the phone so that I could take pictures so that she could see.

After that I couldn’t help myself and begin to spread her outer lips so that I could look more closely at her beautiful soaking pussy. As I opened her up, liquid began pooling around my fingers. I also found that I could spread her vagina out more than usual and was able to actually see directly inside. Realizing what this meant, I immediately proceeded to place three fingers inside of her and work them toward the inner portion of her clitoris as she watched the porn and tried not to scream. I then added my pinky finger and continued rotating my hand. I had always wanted to “fist” my wife but she had never been this turned on such that I could get anywhere close without hurting her. Noticing that the fourth finger was taken easily I pointed my fingers more and added my thumb and could hear guttural sounds being emitted from her throat. Sounds I had never heard. She asked me to keep going.

I began to push my hand in more but found a spot where it was just too much and I took my hand out.

Amy was so worked up that she realized that the only thing that was going to satisfy her fully was if her ass was filled as well as her pussy. We had not planned our trip in such as way as to actually involve bringing sex toys so we frantically searched around until we found one of her hair brushes. (Conveniently, many of Amy’s brushes have long rounded ends which we frequently have fun with). I quickly placed it into her pussy to get it wet and then slowly worked it into her ass. As I got it to the brush head she moaned and nodded and asked me to start fucking her.

Unfortunately her position on her back didn’t make it easy to lay fully down so that I could enter her. She had the idea of using the bathroom door to support her legs and raised up her body so that her ass and pussy were vertical. While working the handle in her ass I licked her pussy from that position and could hear her gasping. Disappointed that the position didn’t allow her to be fully double penetrated, but wanting to get an orgasm of the scale that our pre-game activities had created she asked me to fuck her ass from this position.

Due to my size, we had had trouble in the past actually succeeding at anal sex. However tonight, her body was so relaxed and turned on that after taking the handle out I was able to push the head of my cock into her waiting ass, which was still vertical. This itself was a new position which was turning me on so much and presenting new opportunities. She kept her hands on the ground to support her body as I began thrusting in her ass. Amy’s mouth opened in ecstasy as she stared me directly in the eyes with this indescribably sexy look that she has.

I wrapped my arms around her thighs so that I could get better leverage and managed to get my entire shaft in. At that moment I felt her tighten up around my cock and begin to shake. I found it difficult to hold her up because by now Amy was completely incapable of maintaining the position we were in. As she continued to twitch I pulled my penis out and lowered her to the ground. Somehow through all of this I had not yet cum.

Figuring the night should end as debaucherous as it began, I ran my hands quickly up and down near the head of my penis and aimed it at her. She was beginning to recover and nodded at me, pushing her tits together and toward me. I worked my cock faster and faster, feeling that wonderful pressure build to its inevitable conclusion.

Relief finally came in the form of three or four amazing spurts of cum which I was convinced only happened in porns. Amy audibly gasped as I emptied myself with some smaller spurts. By now, her tits were covered in my cum and she rubbed it all over her chest.

She whispered, “I’ve never seen you come so much. That was so hot.”

And so it was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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