And so to Badger

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Alina Lopez

And so to Badger…© Alex Carr 2011

Its hard to put on the breaks but even harder when Dan’s around.

I keep on saying to him to save some for later but no, he goes for it like a bull in a china shop or rather a bull at the cow and the result is I am rendered tender and sore when he has had his fuck of me.

So then, he is absolutely done for and ends up laying there completely exhausted so it comes to it that I have been left in the lurch, simply because the guild up lacked concentration and patience, all the time Danny just waning to get his end away with no thought for the other sensualities that slow foreplay can bring – and I am utterly bored with the whole thing.

I guess that is what the reason was for his dumping me, because I got irritable and when he tried it on the last two occasions I just was not ready for him, so no way could he get it into me, the door was closed, he not having done a single thing to promote true bonding.

All I got out of it was a quick suck and then his endless prodding , trying me this way and that in effort to fuck my very stubborn ass.

So all the best mate with your new coloured guy, I wonder how long he will last. And it will be no use coming back to me with your tail Büyükesat Escort tucked between your legs because I am well and truly happy with my new guy, Badger, the guy I met who has an allotment and who is showing me just what he can do with his dibber, and that’s not the one he used for planting his tatties of his shallots, far too splintery and anyway Badger cherishes the sensitivity he enjoys inside me, he loves for me to bend over that just high enough potting bench inside his allotment shed as many of my reader’s will have heard about, and the various adventures shared with Badger and on a couple of occasions, with his mate too

Although Badger is coming on sixty he has the energy of a twenty year old and a very tempting and adequate cock to match his vigour which always give me more than enough good deep and satisfying fucking.

I do so love being all ass for him, watching just how he enjoys me in different ways, looking down to see how he so loves to suck cock to the extreme as I lean back onto the bench and push forward my credentials for his perusal.

Badger is definitely my favourite fuck of all time, and I have had several partners now, but never as especial Elvankent Escort as dear Badger who I have quite grown to love also.

And there is nothing lacking in the foreplay stakes either, there is something about an older guy anyway who enjoyed the long sensual slow approach with lots of good oral and massage to prepare the way, so by the time he is ready to fuck me I am well lubricated, given his gently sucking and the lubrication he administers with squirty cream, yes that is what I said and he loves it, squirts it deep up my ass and enjoys a good five minutes just sucking and licking and sucking more and I cant tell you just what that does to me – soon I plead for the feel of his rigorous well sucked cock inside me, to feel his thrust deep inside me to feel his throb and his ardour grow and grow with each penetrating thrust until he yells with ecstasy that he has cum!

Now that is being with someone you so enjoy, I have really come to the point where I just can’t seem to do without and each week seeing Badger just us two all alone in his shed is something very special.

The way he pours me a coffee, tells me to park my ass as we start to talk dirty to Beşevler Escort each other,

I tell him just how I dream of feeling his ripe prick inside me and how I just want his fuck all the time and he tells me just how much he loves my tight young ass, how he likes to stretch me over, my ass up high across the bench as he just kneels, between my legs and ‘opens the larder’ as he calls it, stretching my cheeks so wide apart and sniffing my hole, licking and tasting it before its weekly ‘seeing to’- and you know what? It is so lovely, just laying over like that for him, anticipating and enjoying what he is doing down under, the way he tends to my balls as he sucks my hole, that gently frigging which soon makes me cum all over his hand, then the way he rubs its cream into my hole, to make it all nice and easy for him to enter me nice and firm and clean, hearing it making that exciting ‘squeegee’ sound as I feel the delightful warmth and soothing feel of his cock slide into my hole like it belonged there, and as far as I am concerned it does, because even when he has fucked me and removes it I still feel as if it is inside me, it leaves me with an indescribably feeling of warmth and the feel that all is well with the world.

And all those little things that matter, like the way he likes for me to bring a clean pair of briefs so he can keep my soiled ones after I have left. I love so the way he rubs the crotch all over his face when I leave and that fives me that certain warm feeling again, to be wanted and to look forward to that regular warm fuck every week and all that goes with it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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