Angel At Home

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At first I was thrilled to make the switch to working from home full time. I could work in my PJs or even naked if I wanted! What I didn’t take into account was how lonely and boring it could be. No more cuties to flirt with in the hall, no more innuendo from my naughty co-worker, and worst of all, I would no longer see our firm’s sexiest client.

Michael M. is the youngest VP at P.W. Corp. Tall, roguishly handsome, and extremely sexy, Michael looks as though he is just slightly out of place in his exquisitely tailored suit. It’s as if he might spontaneously pop his buttons and rip the seams of his $2000 silk/cashmere blend jacket. I don’t know why it seems this way, perhaps it’s just because I want so badly to see him unclothed. I am ridiculously attracted to him in a way that made working across the table from him almost impossible. Everything he said, no matter how innocent, sounded like sex to me. I read so much into so little. I knew I was being silly- guys like Michael go for the Gingers not the Mary Ann’s. Or, so I thought.

After three weeks of not seeing him, my crush on Michael was just a little nagging thought every now and then. I was ensconced in the depression of working in my spare bedroom. I had stopped getting dressed unless I had to run an errand. Makeup? Forget it! I was looking and feeling like shit. One morning, I was in the shower when the phone rang. I hopped out to answer it- in case it was my boss. I was absolutely thrilled to discover I had no towel. Great, I thought, as I bounded towards the living room dripping all over the carpet and hoping I hadn’t left the curtains open. All I needed was another neighbor or maintenance guy to see me naked.

“Hello” I answered breathlessly.

“Hi”, said the deep voice on the phone. Definitely not my boss, but the voice was familiar.

“Angel, it’s Michael M.” …pause… I could hardly believe it- I was naked and on the phone with him. My mind immediately started to go to some very naughty places.

“Angel, are you there?” he asked.

“Uh, Yes. Hi, Michael. I’m sorry, I was just elsewhere for a moment”, I said. God, was that utterly stupid? Do I sound like some sort of a ditz. Ug. I heard a little chuckle on the other end of the line as he said, “

You sounded a bit Rize Escort out of breath. Were you running or…” Is it just me or was that really flirty.

“I was in the shower” Oh SHIT. I just told him I was in the shower…. It’s 10:30 he probably thinks I’m a total slob.

“So, does that mean you’re not dressed yet? Because I was hoping I could stop by to pick up those comps you’ve been working on.”

UH… Stop by? He wants to stop by? Oh no. I didn’t shave, I’m dripping wet and naked. Oh God.

“Well, Michael, I’m just finishing up another project, and I have to run to FED EX to overnight some documents”, I lied, “Would it be possible to meet tomorrow?”. Good- buy myself some time to get ready to see this gorgeous creature again.

“How ’bout this. I’ll let you dry off and get ready, and I’ll call you in about an hour”, he said.

“Sure, that sounds great. Talk to you then”. After quick goodbyes, we hung up the phone.

I went to my linen closet and pulled out a nice fluffy white towel. I wouldn’t have long to get ready if he was calling in an hour. I hopped back in the shower and shaved my legs, underarms, and pussy. Nice and smooth and smelling like french vanilla, I turned off the shower and grabbed my creme brulee scented body butter. I slathered the thick white cream all over me losing myself in the tactile and aromatic pleasure. I toweled off- time check… he’ll be calling in forty minutes. I either had time to blow dry my hair or masturbate. Tough decision. Good thing my hair looks good when it dries naturally.

Knowing I didn’t have much time, I plugged in my Hitachi Magic Wand and lubed up my favourite dildo. I shoved the dildo in my pussy and pumped away for a couple of seconds, I turned the Hitachi to low speed and I came faster than you can imagine. Shaking and twitching, I dropped the Hitachi to my side and let the pink cock slide out of my dripping pussy. Deep breath… only 32 minutes before the call. I was all jittery and excited to hear his voice again. For a moment, I allowed my mind to wander, and there I was, running my hand up his muscular thigh towards his! Hold it… Thirty One Minutes. For some reason, I was compelled to look really good when he called.

Surveying the rows of skirts, Rize Escort Bayan blouses, and sweaters on the “work” side of my walk-in closet, I was gripped by the realization that I had NOTHING to wear. Okay okay… taupe skirt, burnt out velvet blouse with the jewel tone leaves. It was going to have to do. This outfit always got compliments when I was working in the office. The only difference was, I had no plans to wear a camisole under the sheer blouse today. I had no problem choosing my underclothes. I knew I would wear my cappuccino colored Felina bra and panties. I sat down on the bed and opened a new pair of sheer beige lace-top stockings slowly gathering them into my hands and smoothing each stocking onto my freshly shaved legs. I slid one stockinged leg then another into my panties. I stood and pulled them up. I fastened my bra and looked in the mirror. I ran my fingers over my nipples to bring them to life. I smoothed my stockings again- tugging them up just a little higher.

Perhaps I lingered a bit too long relishing the erotic pleasure of dressing myself for my… Why did this feel like a date? I was thinking it may be time to take my sister’s advice and try the computer dating service she kept pushing down my throat. I needed to get out more! Here I was confusing a business phone call with a hot date. AND here it was just ten minutes shy of that hot business phone call date! No more time to stroke my silky stocking-clad legs. I had to throw on my clothes and my sexy strappy sandals. As I buckled the straps on my high heels, I admired my pretty French pedicure. Seven Minutes. Just enough time for some lipstick and to look over the specs for Michael’s project.

I sat down at my desk- trying desperately to focus on the document I was reading rather than remembering his distinct smell and his strong jaw. I was distracted as hell, and the next three minutes went by so slowly I thought I might scream. Two Minutes to go- Ring! Why was I so fucking nervous?

“Hello” I answered, trying not to sound too anxious.

“So, you’re all dressed and ready to talk business?”

“Um Hmmm”, I replied.

“That’s too bad, I was really hoping to catch you naked again.” OKAY, now THAT was not in my head. That was real flirting.

“Well, Escort Rize I always aim to please. I’m sorry to disappoint you.” OMIGOD did I just say that? I am SO gonna get fired.

“I’m only a little disappointed. Are you at least wearing something alluring?” As I described my outfit to him, I actually started to feel wet. Never let it be said that I don’t have a very strong clothing fetish. His Mmm Hmmm’s and Yesses were all I needed to get me going. As the vibrations of his deep sexy voice floated through the fiber optic wires, I imagined that the fingers I felt on my pussy were his.

“Are you… playing with yourself, Angel?”

“Yes”, I admitted, yes I was playing with myself and I blushed an amazing shade of pink. The hotness in my face was matched only by the hotness between my legs.

“Do you have your fingers in your pussy, Angel? Put them in your pussy for me. Is your pussy nice and wet? Does it taste sweet? Stick your fingers in your mouth Angel, tell me how your pussy tastes.” As I raised my fingers to my mouth, I smelled that most familiar scent of peaches and hot buttered popcorn. I stuck my fingers in my mouth- ramming them towards the back of my throat imagining that I was sucking my sweet juices off of Michael’s cock. I moaned into the phone.

“My pussy tastes like sweet peaches mixed with hot buttered popcorn, and I wish I was licking your cock instead of my fingers. Is your cock out?”

He chuckled, “No, sweetie, my cock is in my pants still, but it feels as though it’s about to pop right now. I’m gonna keep my cock in my pants while I listen to you make yourself cum. Then, I’m going to hang up the phone, and give you a chance to suck your sweet juices right off my member. Would you like that?”

“Oh yes. Yes. I want you to come here and kiss me hard and push me down to my knees. I want you to unzip your pants while you hold me there- then I want you to fuck my face while I gag on your cock. Then, OH, then you’ll throw me down on the edge of my desk and you’ll lift my skirt and tear off my $35.00 panties and you’ll fuck me harder than I’ve ever been fucked before. MMMMMMMM I’ll cum over and over until you finally stick your cock in my ass and make me scream because it’s so big and it’s hurting me, but it feels so fucking good. I’ll cum again while your dick’s in my ass and your fingers are in my cunt! Then, you’ll spin me around to face you, and you’ll jerk off and spill your huge load all over my fucking tits and my face! OMIGOD! OH MMMM…. MMMMM!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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