Angel Dream

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He slips from his bed, somewhere on the downhill side of the middle of the night. His dreams had been vivid, as they always seemed to be lately. He moves quietly so as not to wake his wife and pads out of the room, down the hallway. A door ahead, slightly cracked, faint glow from within. He pushes the door open, slowly, watching as the room comes into view, as the object of the vivid dreams is revealed in the soft light of the moon through the bedroom windows.

His sweet angel, his lil kitty kat, his daughter, 18 years old now, her big birthday party just the day before. He smiles, remembering the way her face lit up when he danced with her that afternoon, a special moment, daddy and daughter. “How sweet,” he heard from all the partygoers, and wondered if they would say the same if they knew how hard his cock had been, how he had to leave after the dance, go to the bathroom and masturbate.

She slept on her back as usual, the covers kicked off, in disarray. How many times over the years had he come in, tucking her back in safely, keeping his angel warm. But not until the past few months had he had thoughts like this, images of other things he could do before pulling that sheet back up over her sweet, innocent body. That chat site.. that room… Hatay Escort the people he chatted with… and now, something he had always abhorred, thought of as monstrous… he was contemplating in the waning hours of the night.

He moves beside the bed, kneeling there, looking at her perfect angel face, reaching out to brush a stray strand of hair behind her ear. His gaze travels down again, over her slim body, past the breasts, small, firm, perfect.. down to that special place, her secret sweetness. He notices her nightie has bunched up as she wiggled about in her sleep, her light blue panties revealed to him. He moves down to the end of the bed, looking up, shadows playing hide and seek with her most wonderful mystery, the one he longs to reveal.

He settles onto the bed, soft, easy, not wanting to disturb her slumber, for her, and for him. Moving forward, he reaches out, notices the slight tremor in his hand as he gets closer, closer… until his fingertips brush the soft cotton panties. Just the barest touch, and his cock already rock hard, twitches. He strokes slowly over the panties, and then, bold, down between her legs, brushing that place, the one in his dreams. He lets his fingers play there softly for a few minutes, stroking Hatay Escort Bayan up, then down, his touch soft, loving, gentle. At some point a small moan comes from her pretty mouth, her legs parting ever so slightly. He notices all this somewhere in the fog of his mind as he finds his fingers tugging down on the waistband of the panties, the garment halfway down her legs before it registers with him what he has done. But can he stop his hand now, can he put things back and leave, lock these thoughts away forever? The panties continue their downward slide, the questions brushed aside, the need too great to be denied.

He strokes her inner thighs now, the soft pressure as he does so causing them to open wider, and he lays down, his face now an inch from her center. Past the point of no return, no going back for him now, he slides his tongue out, and for the first time in his waking life, he has a taste of his angel. There is just a hint of wetness there, a bit of sweetness, and a scent unlike anything he has ever smelled. The smell of powder, of flesh, of sex, the smell, perhaps, of the the loss of innocence. His cock is throbbing, his tongue flickering out softly, tasting here, there. Finally, he is taking long, slow licks, kitty licks Escort Hatay for his kitten, hearing her soft moans, noticing through the haze of his mind the way her knees push out, draw up. He finds his hand on her now, two fingers parting her lips, opening her more to his questing tongue. Slow, easy circles, that sweet forbidden honey unlike anything he has ever tasted, anything he will ever taste, the most amazing, erotic taste he can imagine. Suddenly he realizes that her hips are moving, pushing to his tongue, her body trying to fulfill a need she does not even know it has as she dreams her angel dreams. He slows his play, gradually easing up, away from her. Sitting now, savoring the taste of her, the smell, the feel. He reaches out, taking the panties and replacing them on her before he stands, moving again to the side of the bed, leaning down to kiss her so softly on her lips. “Sleep well my darlin Kitty Kat, may your dreams be sweet and innocent. Daddy loves you more than anything in this world my angel.” He walks quietly from the room, returning to his bed, his wife, his life, but perhaps a different one than the one he had when he fell asleep bare hours ago.

The alarm, 6 A.M., he sits up quickly, rubbing his eyes, his mind a sudden blur of confused images. Did he… no, of course not, just another dream, vivid to be sure, but nothing more. He smiles, shaking his head as he settles back down, his hand pushing under his pillow… and drawing back out again, pale blue panties clutched in trembling fingers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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