Ann: The Married Years Ch. 19

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It was hard to believe it actually all started with a toilet. Sometimes that’s how great inspirations happen, occurring in the most unusual of circumstances. Opportunities present themselves in ways that can seem unimaginable. When they do one has to alter their vision in order to alter their future.

It seemed a bit dramatic when Neil thought of it in those terms. It wasn’t that simple and it certainly wasn’t guaranteed, but there was no denying that he’d become inspired the day he found himself lugging a toilet through his back yard.

Ever since that moment he’d been planning and scheming, changing from what he was originally doing for Ann to something much grander. Twisting the end result into a sexual adventure for her that was so big and so outrageous, he often doubted he’d be able to actually pull it off, even while in the midst of tirelessly working on it.

The fantasy wasn’t new and it wasn’t just for Ann. The truth was he was more obsessed with the idea than she’d probably be, even though he’d done everything he could think to do not to let it get to that point.

He was basing his assumption of how she would ultimately react purely on the fact that while it had been something they’d done several times, it had slipped off their sexual radar for so long it seemed lost forever. He’d convinced himself it was a role she’d crossed off her list, not wanting to play it anymore but not actually having the heart to tell him. Or maybe it was just one of those things that had run its course.

Regardless Neil had vision of sorts, and he decided to take a chance and see if he could entice his wife into doing something that was once a bigger part of their sexual lives. It was always the smallest of the parts but it existed, yet the idea that they might do it again always seemed to keep that pilot light burning inside him.

He also felt that he didn’t have the right to actually ask her, and he certainly wasn’t going to demand it. That wasn’t something he was comfortable with at all. Instead he buried it inside, finding it hard to even bring the subject up. That was odd since they had always prided themselves as being a couple able to talk about anything, sexual or otherwise.

That didn’t mean he didn’t try to subtly stoke her fire though. Weeks before he had been giving hints and acting in ways that he’d hoped would spark a desire. It was sexual kindling in search of a match. When it came to lighting that fire, he wanting her to be the one to rub it against the striking surface. It was always going to be decision that was ultimately up to her. She had to be in the right frame of mind mentally. Frankly she’d have to be up to it physically and emotionally as well. All he could do was set the stage and then hope she’d want to act upon it.

In a way that’s what he’d been doing, although he wasn’t setting the stage just yet. He was a big believer in first things first. He was actually building a stage of sorts. It was more like a dark, damp playground for them to explore that world once again. Hell, he was already using her playful name for the crawlspace underneath the house as motivation. He was creating a dungeon, for Annabelle.


It was the Wednesday after their rain-soaked tryst in the yard. They’d spent the rest of that weekend fucking in the guest bedroom, but they never went so far as to use it to play any bondage games, despite the fact it had been somewhat designed with that very purpose in mind. When she was looking for decorations for the room before they ever officially owned the house, Ann found several with hidden hooks and bars and other items amongst the designs to allow for tying one up and having fun with them. Annabelle had such a profound impact on her early in her relationship with Neil that she felt compelled to account for her needs.

Instead those special features went unused. They just used the room to fuck. But it was more than fucking. Neil was dominant and Ann was submissive, at least as far as who controlled the action. He’d been rather physical with her as well, which she always seemed to love. There was just never a point where it all fell into the place; where Anna switched her mindset and Annabelle appeared.

Her mind really didn’t work like that. There wasn’t a switch. As they’d discussed many times, it was like Annabelle was in a box on a shelf, along with many of the other roles she played. She never came close to pulling that box down and opening it.

That didn’t mean he didn’t spend the weekend subtly pointing to where the mental closet was that had the box in it. He even opened the doors, pointing to the shelf… and the box, reminding her in a veiled way that it was there, just waiting to be used. All she had to do was pull it down and brush off over two years’ worth of dust on the top. Yes, it had been that long. Neil began to wonder if it was the kind of box with a lock and she’d thrown away the keys. Ataşehir Escort More likely she’d simply misplaced them, and she was having too much fun to bother looking for them.

Come Monday he put it out of his mind. He’d done all he could do to that point and he was tired of obsessing about something that might never happen again. They’d had another incredible weekend, one that they honestly would remember forever. It was there along with dozens of other memorable weekends they’d shared since they’d been married. When he kissed Ann goodbye at the front door, he resigned himself that it was time to move on.

That was harder than the thought though. It wasn’t that he couldn’t set wanting to be with Annabelle aside. That proved rather easy, actually. It was that when he watched Ann pull out of the garage to head to work, he knew it was the first day in a three week stretch where they’d be spending a big chunk of time apart. That was tough to swallow.

Ann would be covering for several vacations at work, the most important of which was Mary Ann. While Camilla would still be there, she was more of a behind the scenes person, doing the designing and literally creating a lot of the lingerie they carried in the store. Ann had become Mary Ann’s right hand girl. She was the assistant manager of the store, assuming the title after she’d been there a year. She’d had the unofficial title before that, but Mary Ann and Camilla were so thrilled with the ideas and energy she brought to the job, they created the position and gave her a nice raise.

With titles come responsibility, and one of them was covering summer vacations. She had no right to complain, since she’d just taken over a week off herself. But the timing was bad with regard to Neil’s job. He was just beginning his four-week stint on second shift and she was going to be working exclusively on days for three. That meant the only hours they’d be together during the week would be when they normally would be sleeping.

They both committed that they would make every effort to spend time with each other sexually, either when he came home sometime between 12:30 and 1:00 in the morning, or before she went to work at 8:00. But it was going to be rough, what with them having to adjust their sleep patterns. It didn’t help that he was a night owl that would want to stay up and unwind when he came home, while she was a morning person that liked to get up early, but they vowed to try and make the best of it.

Neil was going to have a lot of time on his hands when he was home. If it would have been a day here or a day there, he would have tried to set up a few rounds of golf with some buddies. Three weeks was too long a time period for golf to fill that much idle time. Instead he decided to surprise Ann by doing one of the redecorating projects she’d wanted to do since they bought the house.

She wanted to remodel the bathroom. Not the master one. She’d been able to decorate it the way she wanted from the start. But she had ideas for the one in the hallway, wanting to make it more contemporary for their guests when they came over. The genesis of her ideas all hinged on color; she wanted the scheme to be black, red and white. She didn’t want to repaint the white walls… as they would work to her advantage. But she didn’t like the almond colored fixtures in the bathroom at all. While they worked well in what she considered her bathroom with the separate vanity just outside it, she hated the ones in the hall bathroom.

Suddenly having time on his hands, Neil put together a rough list of things he’d need to accomplish her goal. He’d started the actual list almost a year before when they’d first talked about it. It hadn’t really been a priority and she didn’t bitch about it. It was more of a suggestion on her part. She had mentioned that she wanted a bathroom that showed their friends who they were; one that was more like they were as a couple… sexy. And to her, the color scheme she wanted to use screamed sex, especially if she could decorate it the way she envisioned in her head.

But it started with Neil and a remodeling job that would take some work. Actually, it wasn’t going to take that much work. He figured he could finish it in a week and a half if he put his mind to it. The part that bothered him was that he wasn’t going to be able to surprise her with it. There was no way he was going to be able to hide tearing out a vanity and a sink, or the tiles in the shower, or changing the toilet. The best he could do was surprise her with the fact that he was actually going to do it for her in the three weeks he had before they were back on the same shift.

When she left for work on that Monday, he hopped in the shower. Twenty minutes later he was driving off to the local home improvement center. The same one he’d gone to for the dishwasher and the island in the kitchen that worked out so well. He ordered a black sink, with a white vanity top. He picked out a white tub to replace Bostancı Escort the almond one and he selected white, black and red tile for the walls and backsplash. He also ordered a black toilet. He considered a black tub but that was going to be a special order and it would take far too long to arrive.

The floor covering already in the bathroom would be fine. So would the walls. He’d let her pick out the accessories; towel bars, toilet paper holder and whatnot, wanting her to have control over the actual decorating. But the remodeling itself was something he knew she’d love, so he went with his selections.

The truck would be arriving on Wednesday morning with his order so he made plans to golf on Tuesday, thinking he’d get a round in before the project started and then he’d slip a day in here or there when he didn’t feel like working on the house. He wasn’t going to do anything on the project over the weekends, wanting to make up for lost time with his wife. That left him two and a half weeks’ worth of days to get the entire project done, and he knew it was likely only going to take him half that.

He was going to use the entire time though. He wanted keep his options open for golf on the nicer days. And he might just want a day to sit back and relax. He wasn’t going to tell Ann how long it would take, because he knew how she could be with her impatience. If he told her it would take one week, she’d expect it done in that timeframe, thinking she could start doing her part of the redecorating. If he told her three weeks, she’d back off knowing he was doing something special for her. She wouldn’t question him on why it was taking so long because she wouldn’t be there to see him working on it.

The only problem he was going to have, if you could call it a problem, was keeping her from wanting to do all the decorating she’d want to do to it as soon as he finished. He was worried she’d want to do that instead of spending the week with him, since they’d finally be back together working the same hours.

“Ah, I’ll deal with that when the time comes,” he thought, not wanting to change his mind about moving up the project. Truthfully, he didn’t want to be rushed, so he was going to stick with his original plan and worry about how she might act later.

He’d been somewhat disappointed that they weren’t able to get their sexual clocks to line up Monday night and all of Tuesday, but he had to be realistic. He’d just started second and she was under some pressure running the show at work. Considering that, he was happy they’d at least slept together. Come Wednesday morning he’d woken up early while she was in the shower. He was excited because the delivery crew was due to show up that morning. He was also horny and he was hoping that by being up, even though she’d had a shower, they might be able to have a quickie before she left for work.

When the shower turned off he called out to her, letting her know he was awake. She cheerfully responded, telling him she’d be there once she got herself ready. Throwing off the covers he went to use the other bathroom, returning with a semi-hard cock. Lying on his back he remained uncovered, slowly stroking himself to full hardness, knowing there would be no time for foreplay.

“What’s taking her so long?” he wondered as he watched twenty minutes go by, all the while still slowly stroking his erection. Ten more minutes passed and he knew they’d have very little time to be together. When another five came and went he got pissed.

“Fuck!” he grumbled quietly, knowing there was realistically no time left for them to have sex.

He could hear her, but barely. She wasn’t in the actually bathroom anymore. She was in front of the vanity just around the corner, primping herself in the mirror. It was one of the things he never pressed her on. She took great pride in making herself look amazing for him… and for herself too. But one of the quickest ways to an argument was to complain about how long it took her to get ready. That didn’t mean it wasn’t a pain in the ass from time to time.

He let go of his cock, his hands going behind his head as he crossed his legs at the ankles. He looked like he was lying in a hammock except for the raging erection sticking up from his naked body and the scowl on his face.

He heard her quietly enter the walk-in closet that was behind the wall at the head of the bed. She spent about ten minutes in there, presumably getting dressed, and then she returned to the mirror. In his mind he could see her checking out how she looked, the soft, happy humming wafting from down the little hallway that connected the bathroom area and the bedroom.

She finally walked into the bedroom, past the two windows, turning her head as she rounded the bed. She was still trying to be quiet, holding a pair of black leather stiletto boots in her hands. She stopped in her tracks, looking at him lying there with his thick, throbbing cock pointing at the ceiling.

“Oh Kadıköy Escort my God… Neil! I totally forgot!”

“Forgot what, that I called out to let you know I wanted to make love to you this morning?” he said bluntly, his eyes scanning her scantily dressed body. Her makeup was dark, her mascara and eyeliner thick, her lipstick actually black.

“Yes. I am sooooo sorry,” she said as she stared at him, the look in his eyes a mixture of hurt, disappointment and hint of rage.

“But that didn’t stop you from getting dressed like a whore this morning,” he snapped, mad at himself as soon as he said it.

“Wow!” she replied, her mouth hitting the floor, her eyes starting to well up.

“I… I’m sorry Ann. I didn’t mean -“

“Baby, you know it takes me longer to get ready on Wednesday’s.”

And it did. She wasn’t dressed as a whore. Well, actually she was in a way. Or a slut… maybe. She was definitely dressed for sex. If anything, she looked like she’d dressed to come to bed with him instead of heading off to work.

It was all part of the Happy Humpday events the store put on each Wednesday. Ann came up with the idea and part of the allure was to dress the part. Every girl scheduled to work would wear something from the store, and Ann was always one of the more daring. She was wearing a black leather bustier that lifted up her breasts, which were covered with a lace that showed just a hint of her areolas. She had on leather hip hugger shorts that matched the top. They were tiny and tight, and showed off her amazing ass while the top showed off her slender waist. She’d forgone stockings, what with the boots she was carrying. They were going to go up past her knees. In fact, she started putting on of them on at the foot of the bed, bending over at the waist as she tried to divert her eyes from his icy stare.

“What’s with the collar,” he said, looking at the inch-wide black leather piece that was adorning her neck.

“We’re promoting our new line of bondage wear today. I’m supposed to be a Dominatrix,” she replied as she flashed a sheepish smile… one that quickly disappeared when he glared at her.

“That figures. Always the Domme of late; never the sub,” he commented bluntly, albeit in a quiet, reserved way. It was the most obvious he had been about what had been occupying his thought for some time, but the frustration in his remark had more to do with the fact that she was about to leave.


“Never mind,” he grumbled, pulling the sheets over his body as he rolled over with his back toward her.

“Neil, I swear, I’ll make this up to you. I promise.”

“I’m sure you will someday. Have a good day at the brothel.”

“Uh… okay,” she said softly as she pulled on her other boot.

“I’m surprised you’re not wearing your red wig,” he said as he shut his eyes, feeling his cock throb as it pressed between his body and the mattress.

“Oh my God! That’s a GREAT idea!” she yelled, pulling out the key to the trunk from the jewelry case on her dresser.

“Great… that you have time for,” he said dejectedly under his breath as she whisked by him, taking a few more minutes to rearrange her hair and put the wig she used as Barbara in place with bobby pins.

“How do I look?” she asked excitedly as she stood next to the bed a short while later.

He never bothered to open his eyes, stating “Beautiful” with more disdain than he cared to admit.

“Neil, you’re not even looking. Really, how do I look?”

He opened his eyes, sitting up just a bit, resting his head on his hand. “You look fine.”

“Just fine? I was hoping for slutty,” she giggled.

“Well, there you go then. Mission accomplished.”

“Baby I know you’re upset. But I promise I’ll make it up to you. Why don’t you come down to the… brothel today and I’ll take care of you on my lunch break.”

As tempting as that was, he knew he had the delivery coming, and he didn’t want to tell her about it. He wanted to surprise her. He could feel everything was about to come apart at the seams. He had to make up an excuse, and it would have to be a good one. Then again, he had a built in one at the ready. But it would mean sending her to work worried. Feeling his cock spasm again, he decided to just go with it, mainly because it was still how he was feeling.

“I’ve got plans,” he said at first, thinking that would suffice. But of course, she followed up by asking what they were. The stern look he gave told her to back off the questioning, but it was already too late. Taking a deep breath, he said, “Well to start, I’ll either be taking a really cold shower, or I’ll be jacking off. Do you want the rest of my itinerary?”

Storming off, she yelled at him from the hallway.





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