Anna, Blanche and Me Ch. 01

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“Anna, please, be reasonable…”

“Connor, I can’t leave her alone! She is my mother and she needs my help…”

My dear wife Anna is 30 years old and works full time in the nearby hospital as an ophthalmologist.

I am 32 and work in the same hospital as a nurse in the orthopedic department.

We started going out together 3 years ago. Her brother was my friend and he introduced us. I fell in love with her from first sight. She was a pretty girl with big eyes, broad smile, long dark hair and a body of Venus. On our first date we found out that we both liked the same authors, action movies and similar jokes.

We kept our relationship secret for awhile, because we weren’t sure how serious it was and we didn’t want to be the subject of wild gossip in the hospital.

The evening I met her parents started very pleasantly.

The father, Jerome, was a factory supervisor. The mother, Blanche, was a pretty homemaker, that looked like a slightly older version of Anna.

They were nice and polite until during the discussion my profession came up.

The mom seemed to change her attitude quite fast. She didn’t say it outright, but it was clear that her daughter, the doctor, should not date an inferior man who’s ONLY a nurse…

In spite of her mother’s objections, we continued dating and were happy together.

Two months later I proposed to Anna. She was thrilled.

Her father said that the only thing he cared about was to see his daughter happy. If she was absolutely sure about her choice, he’d be happy for her.

However, the b*i*h mother was adamantly against it, saying that a smart, gorgeous MD should marry ‘a guy who’s at a higher professional level’…

During the wedding ceremony Blanche was as cold as ice in my presence and even refused to participate in photos that I was in.

Later on, whatever I tried to do to appease her was futile.

After a year of giving it my best, I gave up and tried to avoid her as much as I could.

About a year ago Anna’s father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

A combination therapy that included radiation and chemotherapy seemed to work in the beginning, but 2 months later he deteriorated again. He died few months later.

It turned out that Anna’s parents saved less money than what Blanche needed.

To make it worse, Blanche fell into depression. She stopped caring about the house chores, her clothes and looks. She stayed at home for days at a time.

Anna was worried, “Connor, I know how you feel about mom, but I cannot desert her at time like that! If something bad happens to her, I’ll never forgive myself… Please honey, let us bring her here… Do it for me… PLEASE!…”

What can I say…

I tried to reason with Anna, “She hates me and will never be happy here with me around…” But Anna begged and cried and didn’t let go.

I gave in a week later declaring, “But you tell her, that she better behave extra nice after being such a jerk to me for years!”

“Of course darling. I am sure that she’ll change.”

Several days later Anna brought her mother to our house.

It was clear that my wife worked hard to make Blanche ready for moving in – She was now dressed nicely again.

With her head down Blanche mumbled, “Connor, thank you for allowing me to stay with you two…”

I wasn’t so sure how deep was the change in Blanche personality…

I blurted, “You welcome.”

The first few days blanche and I spoke only when Anna was around.

We tried to avoid each other.

We live in a one story house with 3 bedrooms. A bedroom for Anna and me, another smaller one for Blanche and the third one as an office or work space with a computer in it. Blanche bedroom was situated 15 feet from ours with the only bathroom in between them.

Anna’s daily schedule was simple. Every morning she went to the hospital. Depending on the number of patients she saw, Anna was back at home between 3 and 5 pm.

My schedule was different. Some days I was assigned to work the morning shift and others I was there for the evenings shift. Rarely I did the night shift.

Blanche stayed at home most of the time and occasionally went out with Anna to do shopping or other errands.

In the first 2 weeks no real conflicts arose, but there was some tension in the air.

I wasn’t sure how to deal with the new situation and felt trapped.

Then one evening I couldn’t take it anymore.

I talked to Anna in bed, “Honey, your mom lives with us and I agreed to help her feel at home, but I want to feel at home too…”

She looked at me, “What are you trying to say?”

“Don’t tell me that not having sex for 2 full weeks didn’t bother you! I know you better. Before your mother showed up, your hands were all over my body the minute I entered our bed…”

She hesitated, “Connor, yes… you are right, but I am not sure yet… I miss your hot body a lot. The other night I dreamt about your dick teasing me and not penetrating, making me beg you to let me cum. I woke up sweaty and very horny. You were oğuzeli escort asleep. I masturbated in bed until I orgasmed. It wasn’t very fulfilling… I think we can do it. I’ll try to be as quiet as I can, but you know that when I lose control, I may be very loud, so try any way you can to muffle my noises…”

I smirked, “Yes dear. I know some ways to make you less vocal. Of course I’ll try to do it with kisses, but from experience, nothing is as effective as filling your mouth with something big, if you know what I mean…”

Anna chortled, “Darling, I love sucking you! Knowing that my lips and mouth control your pace and arousal is a fantastic feeling!… If I remember correctly, every time I blew you to completion, I climaxed at the same time too… In retrospect, I came whether you made me swallow your cum or not…”

“Anna dear, look at what your dirty talk did to me…” I lifted the blanket and my erect cock jolted upward.

She moved closer and caressed my prick lovingly, “Hey monster, greetings to you as well.”

Anna bent down and wrapped her soft lips around the mushroomed head, reintroducing her warm mouth to my ready pole, that was neglected for many days…

Soon we were both fully naked, with Anna’s experienced mouth sucking me like there was no tomorrow! My hands tweaked her perky tits and pinched the hard buds.

After ‘fasting’ for so long, both of us became too horny much quicker than usual.

Don’t take me wrong, I love cumming in Anna’s accepting throat, but now I wished to drown her cunt with my juices.

I turned her around and with little fanfare shoved my stiff cock deep inside her sweet pussy.

She began moaning.

I started thrusting in and out, gradually increasing both speed and force.

Anna’s moans turned into louder groans.

I didn’t have much time to do something about it…

All of a sudden her body convulsed once and then a series of shivering accompanied by loud cries became a reality…

I hurried to French kiss her, blocking her noises the best I could.

Seconds later I erupted inside her moist vagina, damping a ton of semen…

When we both calmed down Anna whispered, “Did I make too much noise?”

I smiled, “Not more than usual… I know that if your mother heard us, at least she didn’t think that I was killing you, otherwise she’d be here in a jiffy… Anything else she may have thought, well, that’s OK with me… You still have the marriage license stored somewhere, don’t you?!…”

“Yes I do! And the only option you’ll ever have to divorce me will be when you lose your current stamina…”

We both laughed.

Fifteen minutes later we were asleep.

The next day I was on the evening shift.

Anna was already gone when I woke up.

I was still sleepy and moved like a zombie to the bathroom.

Only after opening the door, I noticed Blanche standing with only her panties on, applying some makeup in front of the mirror.

As I entered, she froze in her place.

I mumbled, “Sorry…” and then went back to my room.

I was partly embarrassed and partly upset. From now on I’d always have to check if somebody else was ‘decent’, before moving freely in my own home…

However, this uncomfortable feeling faded quickly, because I remembered Blanche body…

I saw her sideways.

Her round ass was covered, but it curved nicely above her shapely thighs…

Her tummy was muscular and flat, highlighting her ample tits, that surprisingly showed very little sag.

Geez! She was above 40… I didn’t know her exact age, but I always thought that once a woman was forty, and especially with big boobs, they’d be pointing down…

But no, hers were proudly standing with her dark nipples straight forward!…

I dressed up in short pants and a tee shirt and went to the kitchen.

I saw 2 mugs in the sink, suggesting that Anna and Blanche had their coffee together earlier.

Blanche exited the bathroom when I was about to finish my coffee.

“Morning Connor, Do you want a toast? Or scrambled eggs?…”

“A toast will be good. Thank you! And I am sorry that I didn’t check if the bathroom was free before entering…”

“That’s OK. It’s your house… I was just worried that seeing an old lady almost naked will make you lose your appetite…”

“Blanche, you hated to see me with your precious daughter and I understood your position. A doctor is more educated and earns more money than a nurse, but you ignored our love for each other…” Blanche glanced at me and opened her mouth to speak.

“No Blanche, let me finish!… As I said, I understood that whatever you did was for your daughter. But even after the wedding you treated me like an inferior human being… Anyway, once I agreed to let you be here with us, I hoped we can start a new chapter. You just mentioned that seeing you half naked would make me less hungry… Well, first of all, my appetite was always healthy. But, after seeing you, I became hungrier!… For your oğuzeli escort bayan knowledge, even when I hated your guts for treating me like dirt, I admired your body… I’ve never seen you in your undies until this morning, but I already told Anna, that if HER body looked like yours at your age, I’d be the happiest man in the world!…”

Blanche blushed!… I’ve never seen her face as red as now!…

“Blanche, it’s not a compliment. It’s the truth…”

“…Connor, you didn’t answer me, do you want eggs or not?…”

I laughed, “No, thank you… By the way, when you blush you are even cuter. You know, when you are not nasty toward me, you seem like a nice woman and… a very attractive one!…”

“Connor, please…” Then she served me the toast and disappeared in her bedroom.

She never came out of her room until 1 pm, when I left the house and drove to the hospital.

I returned home slightly after 11 pm. Everybody was already asleep.

I went to bed, knowing that the next day I’d have the evening shift again.

I woke up with the sun in my eyes. It was 8:30 am.

I brushed my teeth, shaved and drank my coffee.

I saw Blanche for a moment. She went to take a cup of water. She smiled at me, “Good morning.” Then she went back to her room.

What caught my eye was the way she was dressed. She had on a short skirt and a thin blouse that emphasized her exquisite breasts…

Did I mention already that I was a tit-man?…

I didn’t shower the other night, because everybody was asleep and didn’t want to wake them up. And now I stunk. I definitely needed a good shower.

I took a set of underwear and decided to sit in the tub and relax. I was in no hurry.

I was dozing, imagining Blanche’s boobs teasing me…

My cock reacted favorably and I woke up with an erection…

Blanche was older and… Anna’s mom, but her body was supersexy!…

My hand began bobbing my tool as my brain focused on her curvaceous body…

Not thinking I talked to myself, “Blanche you are so sexy… I would love to suck on your big tits. And my cock is going to fuck you fast and furious…”

Seconds later I exploded in my palm groaning like a beast…

Then I stood up, soaped and poured water on my self.

When I used the towel to dry up, I noticed that the door to the bathroom was slightly ajar.

Didn’t I close it completely?… I wasn’t sure…

I dressed in shorts and tee shirt, then went to the living room.

Blanche was nowhere to be seen.

There was nothing good to watch on TV.

I recalled Anna telling me the other day to take care of things in the small garden.

It was a hot day, so after 1/2 an hour I took off my shirt and worked topless.

As I was planting some seeds, from the corner of my eye I saw a flash of light, like somebody was aiming a mirror in my direction.

I stared and saw Blanche backing fast from the window.

Blanche was watching me… Was she ogling me?…

I went into the house and made cold lemonade.

Blanche opened her bedroom door, but then she saw me.

She went back to her room and closed the door.

I knocked on her door, “Blanche, can I talk to you?”

“Connor, it’s not a good time. Let’s talk later, when Anna is at home…”

“Blanche, I go to work in 2 hours and I’ll be back when both of you are already asleep. It will take only a minute.”

“OK, come in…”

I saw her sitting on the bed, blushing… again.

“Blanche, I saw you watching me from the window… Anything you want to tell me?”

She hesitated and her face became crimson red, “When you were in the bathroom, I heard you…”

“Blanche, I’ll tell you the truth. Since the time I saw you almost naked, very often your sexy body appears in front of my face. I already told you that in my opinion you are very sexy!…”

“Connor, you are married to my daughter! What are you saying?…”

“I think you know what I am saying… I do not know how YOU feel about it, but I consider you watching me through the window a good sign… Blanche, I am not going to say or do anything further. In fact, starting tomorrow I work the morning shift for 5 consecutive days, so we’ll see each other only with Anna around… Oh shit, I am too sweaty now, I’ll go take another shower.

I grabbed new clothes, entered the bathroom and closed the door without locking it.

This time I was standing up in the shower singing the tune from Top Gun.

As I was soaping and holding the showerhead, I noticed the door opens slightly.

I was on my side toward the door at the time.

I turned to face the door, pretending to be busy with the showerhead pouring water on my back.

The thought of Blanche ogling me was arousing enough to stir my cock, that gradually began to expand and rise up…

I heard a soft gasp from the direction of the door and then it closed again.

I smiled to myself… The lady was, how shall I say it… very curious!…

Then escort oğuzeli I dried myself, dressed in my work clothes and was ready to go.

Blanche came out of her room toward the kitchen.

“Blanche I am leaving now. I hope you enjoyed the show…”

As I was closing the door behind me, I saw her open mouth and perplexed expression.

Like the night before, after finishing work I found the house dark and quiet.

I brushed my teeth, undressed and fell asleep soon after.

In the morning Anna and I had early continental breakfast and out the door together.

Blanche never came out of her room.

I finished my shift earlier than Anna and was home 2 hours before her.

Blanche stayed in her room until Anna showed up.

“Girls, I have an idea. How about we go to a nice restaurant instead of eating at home?”

Anna smiled, “I like it. Mom, what do you think?”

Blanche, “I spend too much time at home. Going out, even if only for a dinner, is a great idea…”

I called a nice Italian restaurant nearby. It was a week night and no reservation was needed.

At 6:30 the girls were ready, dressed to kill!

Anna had a white short sleeve blouse with black midi style skirt and 3″ high heels.

Blanche had short black tight dress with 3″ heels as well.

Both ladies had red lipstick. The only difference was that Anna’s was glossy…

We arrived at 7 pm. There were only 2 other couples.

We sat at a corner table with Anna to my left and Blanche to my right.

On the large white table cloth there were small bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, as well as 2 flowers and a lit candle.

The waiter gave us the menu and we ordered soon after.

Anna took the ravioli, Blanche the lasagna and I ordered Osso Bucco.

We opened a bottle of Chianti and I filled everybody’s glass.


By the time the food arrived, we were on our second glass of the red wine.

As was customary between Anna and me, our knees touched each other quite often. We were doing it purposely.

However, one time my knee incidentally touched Blanche’s.

Her leg moved away in an instant.

Next time it happened was also unintentional.

She moved her leg away too, but this time her reaction was much less abrupt.

I waited 5 more minutes and while talking to Anna, I moved my knee toward Blanche’s leg until it touched hers.

She didn’t move her leg this time and I kept mine there as well.

For the next 2 minutes that our thighs were touching, I was looking and talking to Anna, but then I turned to Blanche, “How is your lasagna?”

She almost choked before answering, “Oh, very… good. Thank you.”

Anna, “My ravioli was excellent too. How is your meat?”

I smirked, “My meat is in good shape. And the food is not bad either…”

Anna chuckled, “Mom, I’m sorry, but Connor can be disgusting when he is in a good mood. Ignore him!…”

Blanche whispered, “It’s not that easy…”

For dessert Anna chose tiramisu, her favorite cake.

Blanche took spumoni, the classic Italian gelato. Was it because she liked the taste, or she needed something to cool off her distracted mind?…

I ordered black coffee.

All throughout that time my thigh was in direct contact with Blanche’s.

Every now and then I’d move it slightly and then bring it back, gently rubbing hers.

While sipping my coffee, I was talking with Anna most of the time, occasionally sneaking a peek at Blanche.

She remained quiet, pretending to be focused on her ice cream, but her face was reddish…

At one point I moved my hand under the table and placed it lightly on Blanche’s thigh, but she quickly pushed it away without saying a word or letting anything be visible to Anna.

Blanche stared at me in a pleading way, as if trying to say, ‘Please, don’t embarrass me here in front of my daughter…’

I didn’t do it again.

When we were done, Blanche offered to pay for dinner.

I smiled at her, “Thank you, but you are our guest this evening. We hope you enjoyed the food and the atmosphere…”

Blanche blushed again. It was amazing to see her red face so often lately! I’ve never seen that side of her before…

Blanche, “Guys, thank you for taking me out tonight. The food was excellent. And I enjoyed the ‘atmosphere’ too…”

Anna laughed, happy to see her mom in a good mood.

I Just smiled…

I paid and we drove home.

Anna and I entered the bathroom together and finished quickly.

I wore briefs to bed and Anna had on a sheer babydoll dress.

Anna went to Blanche, “Mom, we are done, you can go in now.”

Blanche gave her daughter a long look and entered the bathroom.

Anna and I went to bed.

‘By mistake’ I left the door slightly ajar.

Anna joined me on my side of the bed and hugged me, “Connor, you were so nice to mom in the restaurant… You see, it’s not as bad as you thought it would be.”

“Anna dear, your mom is as pretty as you and she can be very nice when she cares to be… Let’s forget about the past. Did I tell you that you looked very sexy during the dinner? I was debating whether I should eat the food or certain parts of your body…”

“Connor, you are so naughty!… Let me check something…”

She moved her hand in the direction of my groin and met a solid object.

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