Anna’s and Dave’s Online Date

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Anna’s eyes started to open as the light of the morning started to stream through her window. After a few minutes of lazing in bed she threw her sheets off then walking into the lounge room, she almost jumped onto the lounge. Anna grabs her iPad off the lounge and launches her email. Connecting it says downloading email. 17 items download she smiles to herself she’s still a very popular girl. She swipes through the emails. There are some names she recognizes, serial emailers some she likes to hear from and will reply to later in due time but they are not the one she’s looking for. She scans looking for an email from Sneakys aka David.

Now David is a bit of Dom who wants Anna to be his sub. He’s sent a few emails and the tone and the direction of them caught Anna’s attention straight away. Dave told Anna he’d be sending an email to her overnight. You see with the time difference between London and Australia this sort of thing took some coordination or even direction from Dave.

Anna opened the email and there it was list from Dave with his requirements for Anna to prepare for their first online chat which was scheduled for that night her time.

Anna had sent him photos of her before and she had some of him as well. He was of average height with a slim yet toned muscular physique he was 35 so nearly 10 years her elder and she liked that as well. She liked the way he emailed her and they had developed a rapport quite quickly. She already knew a number of his likes and fetishes and while she hasn’t experienced a man with some of his tastes she was looking forward to exploring some of them with him.

With that knowledge much of what was on the list was of no surprise. She was to spend the day preparing her self. Ensuring she was well hydrated rested and relaxed but also presented in just a way. You must shower and shave your legs now this morning then repeating with a shower late in the afternoon with an application of cream to your whole body. The one with a hint of lavender which we have discussed before. While I won’t be in the room with you every element of preparation must be followed as if I were there to feel your smooth supple skin and smell your sweet scent. Remember you will be there for my pleasure, for my desires and satisfaction and this is what will begin to satisfy me. Your pussy must be also smooth and silky and ready to be used and devoured. I also expect you to put on the black lace boy leg underwear and a black lace bra I sent you a few weeks ago.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Firstly today you must go to the post office box at this address and retrieve the packages I have sent you. They will be in three boxes each marked with a number. Do not open these boxes simply have them ready for our meeting tonight. Following this you must go to the beautician and have a manicure and pedicure. I want your nails on your fingers and toes in French polish. This should be followed by a massage. You can then go home and prepare your lounge room for our video call. You must set up two chairs facing each other. They should be less than 3 feet apart, you will be placing your iPad on one of the chairs and you will be sitting on the other. You should be dressed as described and ready at the agreed time for our call. See you soon xx.

Anna’s heart was racing and so was her mind she was so looking forward to tonight. She went through her checklist once more. 3 boxes what could be in those boxes…. She would find out soon enough she thought so she jumped up and headed for the shower.

After a busy day of running around doing her list Anna was finally home. She loved how Dave could control her from the other side of the world with his words and the way he directed them at her. She showered again and creamed herself from head to toe. She looked at her freshly painted toes and fingers as she pulled her lacey underwear on and could see why he liked them so much they did make her look even sexier.

She arranged the chairs as instructed and placed the three boxes by her chair. Like a child she was intrigued and excited about the prospect of what might be inside. Would it be a reward or a punishment or both? Why three, was it just simpler to send three or did it have meaning. She was sitting staring at the boxes and pondering all of this when that familiar tune played when you have a face time call coming through.

Anna quickly moved to the end of the chair swung slightly to Maltepe Escort one side, crosses her legs straightened her back, and finally placed her hands on her knee. She broke the pose then only for a second to hit answer then returned to her perfect position.

The screen flickered and then the familiar two screens appeared her in a little box in the top corner and him filling the screen. She took a quick glimpse at herself and was pleased with how good she looked and then focused her attention on him. He wore all black. A black suit, with a black button down shirt. He appeared to be sitting with a similar set up to her on a chair facing a chair, which was holding his iPad. His shirt had a few buttons open other than that he was fully clothed, which made Anna feel a little exposed as well as nervous and excited all at the same time. She was sure it was part of Dave’s plan to set the situation in his favor.

Well hello there Dave said as the screen came up. You look amazing. I’m glad to see that the sizes I picked were accurate and you seemed to have followed my instructions perfectly on your appearance. You look exactly as I imagined you would.

I love how the black lace contrasts against your creamy white porcelain skin. I love how that bra accentuates your perfect, pert tits and those panties show off and hug the curves of your gorgeous hips and thighs. Hmmmm yes indeed. Those last few words he almost growled in a raw way, which sent a spark right through Anna, causing goose bumps on her skin.

Why thank you. Anna replied with a sheepish grin and casting her eyes down in a mix of enjoyment and a tinge of embarrassment in the approval and the clear note of lust in Dave’s eyes and voice.

Did you get the packages I sent Dave asked?

Yes replied Anna I have them right here.

Good girl. Open the package marked with the number one. These are a reward for your perfect following of my instructions so far.

Anna picked up the box and opened it. In side were a pair of Guess black Lacey open toe high heels. Wow they are divine Anna said as she removed them from the box.

I’m glad you like them. Put your legs up one at a time on the chair and place them on so I can see. Anna did as instructed leaving her second foot there for Dave to take in and enjoy. She loved how he played the roles of both Dom and also daddy by buying her gifts.

Now Anna you know I would want nothing more than to be there but as this is the arrangement, you must follow every instruction I give you as if I were there. I cannot accept any deviation from that do you understand.

Yes Anna said with a sheepish nod of her head.

You and I both know we both won’t get the full satisfaction of this experience if we do not play out parts. Dave continued.

I understand Anna said with a timid almost whisper of a response.

Excellent Dave said. Well before we get to the other boxes I want you to stand up. Anna did as she was instructed and stood placing her hands together in a self conscious way. Not like that Anna you are a stunning looking woman. And you are mine. My girl doesn’t stand like that. Anna automatically responded opening her stance somewhat and placing one hand by her side and the other on her hip.

Hmmm excellent Dave said with a throaty growl again now that’s how a girl of your status should stand. Now turn around. Anna did turning to show Dave her sexy taught ass and milky white legs and back. Hmm now slap that ass like I would if I were there. Dave said in an even more commanding tone. Anna was so absorbed in his voice she simply obeyed and hit herself so hard she took herself by surprise causing her to yelp. The sting in her ass was a mix of pleasure and pain. Looking over her shoulder she saw she even surprised Dave. He was looking at her with even more desire than before.

Dave quickly regained his composure and gave Anna his next command. Now unclip your bra and let it fall to the floor. Anna again obeyed dropping her bra to the floor turning slightly showing the curve of her succulent breast.

Now your panties. Dave says. Slowly take them off by hooking your thumbs in the sides and sliding your hands down your legs like your touching your toes.

Anna does as he says. That’s it. Dave purrs his approval. Now while staying there step out of them and spread your legs. Anna does as she is told and looking through her legs she Kartal Escort can see that Dave is taking in the view of your exposed pussy and little bud. Anna wonders if Dave can make out the wetness of her slit. As the excitement grows inside her.

Now this time slap that pussy. Anna raises herself up slightly and rests one hand on the chair. With the other hand Anna slaps herself between her legs. Anna sucks in air through her teeth as the sting sent another wave of pure excitement through her.

That’s my girl now turn around and let me look at you. Anna turns and looks at Dave in a state of growing desire.

Now sit down on that chair. Anna lowers her self and sits on the chair. Now lift your legs up and set your heels on the edge of the chair. Anna responds by moving her first leg and then the second. Causing her to split her legs open. She is feeling very exposed again but this time she doesn’t really care.

Now Anna show me how you play with yourself while I watch. Anna slides one hand down over her taught stomach, parting her fingers as she moves her hand down over her pussy. She starts by rubbing and pulling at her lips then with every third or fourth motion up and down she runs a finger across the middle of her slit. After a few moments Anna then started to split her lips and seek out her growing clit. She then switched between teasing her clit and pushing a finger inside herself. Dave then instructed her take her other hand and pull at her tit. Anna started to moan and pant as she took her tit in her hand pulling and twisting it. Her body starting to twist and grind as the excitement inside her grew.

That’s it baby keep going get yourself off. Look at me while you do it. Show me with your eyes how much you’re enjoying yourself Dave said.

Anna continued to play with herself, her excitement building with two fingers now insider herself, her hips grinding and her body twisting. Being watched like this was such a turn on.

One of her legs slipped down from the chair then she removed her hand from her chest and placed it on the base of the chair propping herself up as she lifted up on one arm and the one heel still on the chair. She was now basically pumping herself grinding her hips forward, fucking both her fingers and the air. She dropped her head down to one side biting at her shoulder and arm. That’s my girl Dave called out get yourself off for me. LOOK AT ME AND CUM FOR ME!!! Dave shouted out to her.

Anna threw her head back looking at Dave through strings of hair, which were down across her face. As she came a screamed escaped from deep inside her, her juices running down her fingers and hand, over her thigh and onto the chair. Anna then slumped back in the chair one leg still up on the chair and the other on the ground. With one hand she pushed her hair from her face and with the other she was gently rubbing her pussy as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

Anna could see towards the end Dave had grown even harder than before his cock pushing hard against his pants his hand drifted on and off it as he did each time giving it a squeeze. Then Dave said I think we’re ready for box number two. Sit on the floor, put the box in front of yourself and open it.

Anna slid onto the floor her legs still shaky and pulled the second box into her lap. She opened it and Dave saw her eyes widen as she looked in. Inside was a silicone cock, not a huge one, just average, maybe 7 inches with a good natural width and appearance with the bulbous head all smooth and appealing. Whilst Anna was admiring the toy Dave explained, I hope you like it, you see, because I couldn’t be there myself I made a mould of my cock which is what your holding now. That way while I’m not there it will still be my cock that fucks you. Now lift it up and place it on the chair in front of the screen.

Anna did and as she did she noticed that Dave had pulled his own hard cock out of his pants while she was distracted with the rubber version. His cock was pulsating and the head glistening with Pre-cum. Now Anna you’re going to suck me for a while with those gorgeous soft red lips. Anna got up onto her knees and started to lick up and down the shaft of the toy while looking directly at the screen and Dave’s face and cock in front of her.

That’s it now suck my cock. Anna moved her mouth over his cock and started to work it in her mouth. With Dave watching on Kurtköy Escort as he teased his own shaft.

Look up at me as you do it. Anna looked up not removing him from her mouth. Dave put his hand out to the screen and curled his fingers in a fist saying can you feel me grab a fist full of your hair and start to work you onto me further and further into your mouth. Anna responded with a groan and started to take the cock deeper into her mouth. That’s it baby Dave growled feel me fucking your face faster and faster. Anna bobbed her head up and down on his cock. Now feel me pushing your head down and holding you there I want to feel the head if my cock hit the back of your throat. Arrghhh Dave groans.

Anna kept one hand on the base of the cock and with the other took a fist of her own hair and pushed herself down harder and deeper onto the cock holding it there until she heard Dave’s voice Stop baby I’m not going to cum yet. With that she pulled her head back gasping as she sucked air back into her lungs.

As Anna regained her composure she looked up realizing that at some point Dave had shed his clothes. He was now in front of her as naked as she was. His muscles taught and glistening with a light sweat. The head of his clock gleaming with Pre cum so much so it looked as wet as his cock he sent her which she had just had her lips wrapped around.

Now sit back up on that chair and get the third box and open it. Anna grabbed the third box it was much smaller than the other two and tore it open. Inside was a blindfold. Now put the blindfold on. I want you to be totally focused and absorbed in this. I want your imagination to run with what we do next. Anna put the blindfold on. Now pick up my cock and rest back in the chair. Kick off your heels and push your pussy out to the edge of the chair. Now start to rub the head of my cock on the outside lips of your pussy. Anna did as she was told clearly she was enjoying it but also clearly she wanted more as she squirmed in her seat. Now baby when I command you your going to slam that cock deep and fast all the way inside you in one quick move. Do you understand.

Yeeess. Anna responded breathlessly.

Good said Dave. Because you saw and felt how hard I am. Didn’t you.

Yeesss Anna’s voice trails off again as the teasing of the clock on the outside is having a greater effect on her now.

So you know I wouldn’t just slide slowly in you when I finally give you my cock would I. No I would thrust it hard and deep inside you. Now are you ready for it. Do you want it?

Yeeesss Anna says breathlessly again.

Tell me you want it. Do you want me to fuck you tell me!

Yessss Dave I want it I want you to FUCK ME (NOWWW!!!) EEE. Dave yells now as Anna’s “me” trails off in a scream as she immediately responds to Dave yelling now and thrusts the cock deep inside herself hard and fast all the way up to the balls holding it there.

Oh yeah baby that’s it now in and out feel my cock fuck that sweet tight pussy. Anna does as Dave says and starts working the cock in and out of herself. Harder and faster Dave says. You know how hard I am, you know how bad I want you. Anna is moving his cock in and out of herself now with a hard and fast rhythm. Oh year baby I can see your pussy getting so wet and creamy. It just makes me want to go harder and faster.

Do it Anna says. Anna with her eyes in darkness is lost in this moment and feels like Dave is fucking her. She can hear the rubber cock as she pumps it in and out of herself but she can also hear another fucking sound which she realizes is Dave pulling himself off also hard and fast she can hear his hand almost slapping against the base if his cock and then pulling forward again. This sends Anna into a frenzy picking up her own pace. Harder she says fuck me harder. She hears Dave start to groan and the sound of him pulling himself gets louder and harder as well. Yes yes she says that’s it. They both pump hard and fast together feeling an orgasm start to well deep inside and make its way to the surface.

I’m going to cum so hard inside you my sexy little slut.

Anna responds with yes baby yes fill me up, cum with me. With in a few moments their moans grow together in a crescendo as they both let go. Dave spilling ample amounts of his seed on his hand and floor and Anna with a rush of her sweetness drenching the chair and floor underneath her.

They both slump back in their chairs their breathing still heavy, slowly returning to normal. Anna exhaustedly pulls the blindfold down from her eyes. That was amazing she says. You certainly were says Dave. I think I’m going to have to book a plane ticket.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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