Annie Kirk Ch. 05

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“Red Bra and Panties”

Note: the Annie Kirk series is not a sequential story. The series is comprised of separate fantasies about a real person. Some of the stories were inspired by an erotic photograph she sent where I created a story around the image. Other stories are inspired by real-life elements, but they are not descriptions of real events. This story was inspired by a picture of a red bra and panties, lying on the bedroom floor.


Lying face down and toward the foot of the bed, she could see all the way to the door she had entered just a couple of hours before. Correction; she could see it, if only she could open her eyes. Exhausted, and thoroughly satisfied from what seemed like a marathon of raw sex, Anny Kirk willed herself to slowly open her eyelids. She saw her red bra and panties on the floor, and clothes hanging from furniture, dropped or tossed haphazardly. They told a story of passion, desire, and a raw will to consume each other.

Handicapped by an orgasm-induced haze, she nonetheless remembered every detail. She remembered arriving at the room at the scheduled time. Her heart beating with excitement and anticipation. They had not seen each other for several weeks and the separation was painful. After each encounter, each exchange of text messages, and each phone call, she felt herself being drawn closer to him. She long ago gave up any resistance, instead she let herself be taken with and by him. He made her happy, he made her feel wanted, and, as evidenced by the last two hours, he knew how to satisfy her completely. Plus, she wanted him just as much. She told herself she deserved to feel this way and she was not going to fight it.

Her eyes focused on her coat laying in a pile just inside the door. She remembered. One tap on the door and it opened quickly. There he stood, wearing the hotel robe, soft and white. He greeted her with a big smile and open arms. The door closed behind them as she rushed into his arms, letting him pull her tight to him. The robe was slightly open at the top, so she buried her face into his chest. She could feel the softness of his skin against her cheek and smell his scent. That’s when her coat became the first casualty. He pushed the collar off her shoulder and slid it down both her arms until it dropped at their feet. Reaching up, he touched her face with both hands, tilting her chin and pulling her face toward his. Her skin burned with desire from his touch and she opened her mouth slightly to receive his kiss. As their lips were just about to touch, he stopped. She had closed her eyes, expecting to feel his lips and then nothing. It was like taking a step and finding the curb is gone. She opened her eyes and she could see him looking right into her eyes. There was so much desire and passion she could feel it in her body. A wave rushed through her like electricity. She wanted him, she wanted him to take her, and her eyes must have given it away because he pressed his lips to hers. Their lips parted slightly, allowing their tongues to engage.

Anny remembered thinking that she wanted to drop to her knees right there in the entry, open his robe and take his cock into her mouth. But he had other plans today. Her gaze now turned to her dress, a few feet from her coat. Escort Bayan It was partially hanging on the arm of the couch. She remembered that he broke their kiss and started kissing her ear, nibbling on her earlobe. His hands now moving down to her neck and shoulders. His lips trailed along the nape of her neck, placing gentle kisses and licks on her neck, and chest. He cleared the way for his mouth by unzipping her dress. Rather than drop it to the floor, he slowly peeled it away, baring and kissing her shoulders, across her chest, which by this time was heaving with passion and desire. Her breathing was strained as she felt his lips trace across her body. He slid her arms out of the dress but held it up at her waist. His hands, on each hip, his kisses trailing across her stomach. He circled her belly button with his tongue and rubbed his lips across her red bra. Even though they had not been touched yet, her nipples were hard and protruding from the red lace fabric. He removed the rest of her dress and gave it a toss toward the couch.

Next, she saw the red lace bra close on the floor in front of the couch. She remembered that its removal quickly followed the dress. Once her dress was removed, she had nothing on but her bra, matching red lace panties, and her black pumps with four-inch heels. He stood up and kissed her passionately. As they were locked in a delicious kiss, she remembered his hands gently caressing her skin. From her neck, to her back, along her ass, along her sides and stomach and stopping to play with her tits. Alternating between gentle squeezes and rubbing her nipples through the fabric. He unclipped the bra, tossed it toward the couch where it settled on the floor in front. She almost gasped when he took one of her nipples in his mouth and gently sucked it in, pulling on it with his lips. He nibbled it gently with his teeth and slowly flicked his tongue across her erect and sensitive nipples, giving equal treatment to each side. Her nipples were so sensitive she could be brought to orgasm by playing with them and she was getting close. As he sucked on her nipples, they continued to make their way to the bed.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her red lace panties on the floor at the foot of the bed. Shoes? Where were her shoes? They weren’t in the trail she just followed with her eyes. The realization made her smile. “Ah yes,” she said to herself, “the shoes.” She wanted to take them off, but he stopped her. She remembered standing at the bed as he removed her panties. She stepped out of them and reached down to take off the shoes. His hand stopped her. “No,” he said. “I want you to keep the shoes on.”

The next thing she remembered was sitting down on the bed. He took her thighs in each hand and gently pushed her backward, so she was lying down. She remembered that her clit was so hard it almost hurt, and she was dripping wet. She felt his warm breath on her bare pussy. His tongue gently licked up and down her wet slit, flicking her clit each time. It must not have been more than a minute before her hips were rocking and he took her clit between his lips. As he gently sucked her hard clit into his mouth, she started convulsing and gave a loud scream as the first of what would be many orgasms overcame her.

Everything Escort seemed to blend together after that. Her hips were thrusting back and forth, she couldn’t break free. He held her tightly and kept sucking on her hard and swollen clit, holding it tight between his lips. She had a hold of his hair with both hands, making sure he didn’t stop. He expertly alternated between sucking and licking her clit. Her second orgasm arrived more quickly than the first, but like a rolling earthquake, wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her body.

She was dazed, unable to move. He spun her around, so her head hung slightly off the end of the bed. He attached cuffs around her knees, and she felt him tighten the straps. As the straps tightened, it pulled her legs apart and drew her knees up toward her chest, slightly raising her hips and fully exposing her pussy and ass. He put her arms to her side and attached cuffs to her wrists, tightening the straps to hold them in place. She was completely immobilized, fully exposed and at his mercy. She loved the feeling of being under his control, of giving herself completely to him to use her however he wanted.

He approached and stood over her face. She could see his erect cock sticking out and just above her face. She tried to raise her head and stick out her tongue to lick him. The tip of her tongue reached his balls and he lowered himself so she could take one in her mouth. As she gently sucked on his balls, she felt him squeeze her nipples with both hands. He pulled and twisted them, sending a direct communication to her clit, which quickly swelled and pushed out of its hooded hiding place. He continued to play with her nipples and she quickly started thrusting her hips into the air. He reached for her swollen clit with one hand and rolled it between his fingers. He tugged on her nipple with one hand and toyed with her clit with the other, and she could feel another orgasm building on the path between her nipples and her clit. She started to quickly repeat, “oh God, oh God, oh God,” and then unrecognizable sounds emerged, “ohhhhhhhhhhh, arrrggghhhhh, uggggggggghhhhhhhh!!”

He gave her a few seconds to recover and then she felt the tip of his cock on her lips. She quickly opened her mouth and felt him slide over her tongue and into her mouth. Placing his hands on either side of her head, he held it firmly in place and began slowly sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. With each stroke he went deeper and deeper until she could feel the tip of his cock at the entry of her throat. He held it in place allowing her to relax and avoid gagging. The angle of her head provided a clear path from her lips to her throat. She felt his balls press against her face as he thrust his entire cock into her mouth and throat. She felt her throat expand with each thrust, he slid out just enough to allow her to breath and maintained a steady pace. Her saliva dripped from her mouth and over her face as he continued to fuck her throat.

He slid his cock out of her mouth, she felt him wipe over her face and slap her cheeks with the hard shaft. She could see him go around to the bed and felt the tip of his cock rub along her slit. His cock was almost too big for her pussy, but she was so wet he slid right in. “Oh God,” she moaned Bayan Escort as she felt him stretch her tight pussy. He quickly began pounding her pussy with deep and hard thrusts. With her legs pulled bag and hips raised, his cock rubbed along her G-spot and plunged deep inside her. She felt another orgasm building and tried to meet his thrusts with her hips. “Please baby, keep fucking me,” Anny pleaded. “Yes, yes, yes, you’re going to make me cum.”

Despite Anny’s pleas, he withdrew and returned to her face at the end of the bed. Holding her head, he thrust his cock past her lips and into her throat. Anny could taste the juices of her pussy mixed with her saliva as he fucked her throat. With each deep thrust she felt her throat expand. He paused with each stroke, pressing his pubic bone firmly against her face and lodging his cock in her throat. She would catch her breath when he withdrew.

He took turns fucking her face and fucking her pussy. Each time he fucked her he brought her close to orgasm only to withdraw before she could grab it. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. “Baby, please, please make me cum. Your cock is making me crazy, please!” Anny pleaded. Her begging was enough, he fucked Anny hard with fast deep strokes and when she came, she almost pulled herself loose from the restraints.

He returned to her mouth one last time for her to clean her cum and juices off his cock. He removed the restraints, allowing Anny to stretch her legs, and turned her over onto her stomach. Spreading her legs, she could feel the cool gel on his finger playing with the entry to her ass. He slid a finger in and slowly pushed it deep inside her. As she adjusted to the invader, he slid in a second finger and slowly slid them in and out. As her muscles relaxed she met the thrusts of his fingers with her hips. He slid them out and she felt the tip of his cock press against the entry. Slowly he pressed forward, she the head of his cock slide in, then inch by inch he went deeper inside her until his cock was fully buried in her ass. He paused, holding it there to allow her to adjust.

“I’m ready,” Anny said. He started slowly with long, deep strokes. After the initial pain, Anny started to feel a stirring inside her like she had not experienced before. He quickened his pace and was soon driving his cock hard and deep inside Anny’s ass. The feeling building inside her felt like an orgasm but not like anything else she experienced. With each thrust, she felt him deep inside her and heard his body slap into her firm ass. He quickened his pace and she could feel his cock swell inside her. She knew he was getting ready to explode and deposit his cum inside her ass. “Yes, baby, cum in my ass, please give me that cum. Fuck my ass baby, it’s yours,” she said, hoping to send him over the edge. And as she said it, the orgasm that had been building inside appeared like an ambush. Anny screamed as her body shook, “Arrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh…” Her ass clenched around his cock and with that he exploded, she could feel his cock throbbing and pumping inside her sending his cum deep in her ass. After he emptied his balls into her, he collapsed on her back and they laid there, their chests heaving with heavy breaths.

Anny remained there smiling at the memory of feeling him inside her, the closeness, and the bond between them getting stronger. Even though it was raw passionate sex, it was intimate and beautiful. As she dozed off to sleep, she knew she would hold that memory until the next time they were together.

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