Another Erotic Interlude

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I approach you as you brush your hair. The light reflecting off your auburn tresses is the color of a Florida sunset over the Gulf. You are so beautiful. I give in to temptation and wrap my arms around you. My hands come up to cup your full breasts. My thumbs tease your now aroused nipples.

“Mmmmm,” you purr as you press your lovely ass back against my throbbing hardness.

I rub against you, feeling like I can force my way right through both of our clothing. I have to have you. Now!

My hands glide down to your waist, then up, bringing with them your sweatshirt. I toss it aside, then let my fingertips glide down your back, sending pleasant Alanya Escort Bayan chills down your spine. My lips find that sensitive spot just below your ear, and I nibble it softly. You close your eyes, and bite your lower lip as you feel yourself getting wet. My fingers unfasten your jeans, and you’re hands join mine to slide the material over the curve of your hips. I lower myself to my knees as I slide your jeans down your shapely legs, admiring your luscious body. You step free of the material, turning to face me, and lean back against the sink. I lean forward, inhaling the sweet aroma of your sex. My hands move behind you, gripping Alanya Escort the cheeks of your ass. I hook my fingers on the waist of your panties, and slide them down and off. My hands grip your ass again, pulling you forward, bringing your sex within reach of my lips and tongue.

I brush my lips over your soft, trimmed pubic hair. I follow it down, flicking my tongue between the soft folds between your legs.

You gasp, your muscles spasm, and I know I’ve found that special nub of flesh which is the center of your pleasure. My tongue circles around it, then moves away. I don’t want it to end too soon. My lips move down your right Escort Alanya thigh, then up the left, nearing your clit, then moving down again. I slip my tongue inside you, tasting your juices. I curl it and flick it back and forth, causing your knees to buckle. You grab my shoulders, gasping for breath. My lips move away again, down your thighs, around to the backs of your knees. I know this drives you crazy.

I’m not very good at teasing- I want to taste you, now! My lips work their way back up your thighs, tasting you.

My tongue probes you, finding your clit again, and I suck it between my lips, moving my head from side to side.

You cry out, grinding your pelvis against my face, your fingers digging into my shoulders. You bite your lip as the waves of pleasure wash over your body.

I kiss my way up your lovely body, kissing your open lips. I take you by the hand, leading you to our bedroom for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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