Any Hotel, Anywhere

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Polite notice. This story contains scenes of a sexual nature featuring two or more adult men over 18. These are entirely fictional but with a basis in actual events. Any names of individuals or places have been changed. If you are under the age of 18 or you have objection to reading materials of this kind, leave now.


It had been one of those evenings, on one of those business trips, in one of those climate-controlled, city hotels hotels. You could be anywhere on the planet.

My habit of discharging my duties towards client and employer and then turning my attention to my need to discharge a load with a willing partner. As often before, this quest had led again and again to a long list of time-waster, shy youth, prick teasing flirt, fearful closet case and, in one instance, a man who, just about to set off for my room, became so over-excited during our negotiations he popped his wad and lost interest.

After you have wined and dined a client and made your escape to cruise the street or trawl the hook-up app for a few hours, it gets too late for local guys to just pop round for a session and this particular night, in the end, it took a good deal of persuasion to get a horny guy to get out of his bed at 2 in the morning and walk the block to my hotel from his apartment.

Edging for a couple of hours, sifting through potential fuck buddies can sometimes be a rewarding sexual experience in itself but I needed to fuck real bad, so when I went down to the lobby to meet my man and bring him to my room I was greatly disappointed to see that the goods on arrival were a long way from those in the online description.

Now some guys get so horny they can screw anything. It doesn’t work that way for me. I am careful to choose only profiles of guys in maturity, with a fit body plenty of muscle and body hair, good powerful legs and arse. It sounds egotistical to say that I do usually find what I can work with in this way, ok but I do. So I must be offering what they want on these occasions, perhaps by offering an easy way to get it and be done.

I can’t say my thoroughness worked on this occasion, a combination of tiredness and disappointment perhaps. My mark turned out to be a tall, pale, skinny guy, next to no body hair, and a simpering, camp voice. As near as could be to the opposite of what I had seen in his profile and what floats my boat, sexually. I should have blanked him in the hotel lobby but at almost 2:30 in the morning, he’d got up, dressed and walked around here to have some kind of sexual encounter with me so I felt an obligation to try my best. I took him in, I shucked out of my clothes wishing to get it over and get to bed.

He proceeded to douche in my bathroom, giving me a running commentary through the half open door, while I tried desperately to keep a hard on.

His body oder was rank. Ordinarily, I love the smell of man. It’s a kind of talisman for me of what sex is for. This was stale, fetid, sickly and included the traces of old nicotine and tobacco smoke.

I fucked his face with no enthusiasm trying for as little other body contact as possible. To be fair to himhis skills as a cock sucker could not be faulted. He was in love with my cock and greedily gulped it down again and again and between whiles begging me to fuck his arse. Ordinarily, I am very oral myself and love to gobble a man’s arse before I fuck him, however, in this instance out came the lube and with a quick, thick, unceremonious left thumb, which brought forth a yelp of discomfort, I sumarily prepped his hole.

Potent and sizeable though my cock is, I’m a lover not an abuser and I take no pleasure in hurting people with my sexual organ. Very often, after my preliminary chewing, sucking and tongue fucking of a man’s arse, they are a quivering jelly of lust, pleading for my fuckstick and deliriously happy for me to slide my todger into them with my usual care. It has a streamlined head and if my magical oral massage has relaxed the recipiant as it should the entry is more thrill than discomfort, although they often underestimate the girth at the base as it bottoms out in their guts, it’s usually a pleasant surprise and a gasp of satisfaction. It’s no monster-cock and I’m not interested in prissy queens who just have to have the big cock man. You can tell, I think, my mind was inclined to wander.

This was an artless coupling. I turned him over and left him face down, whereas I like to fuck face to face if possible. I pointed my less Cebeci Escort than enthusiastic penis at his anus and with no thrill whatever, I slowly buried it up to my bollocks in his corpse. Thankfully, after only a few minutes, which seemed like way more, he squirted a miserable jizz on the hand towel I had placed under him.

He was obviously disappointed I hadn’t cum but I explained that I’d have to make out with the wife in the morning and she’d be suspicious if I couldn’t seed her. He accepted this rapidly improvised lie with a look of disgust, gathering up his clothes and we headed for the door. It was almost 3 in the morning and I escorted him asIwas, stark naked but for a stainless steel cock ring, my hard cock swinging ahead of me, out into the quiet corridor, waving him off as cheerily as I could.

As he reached it, the fire door at the end of the corridor, swung open.

A stocky, thick set man dressed in a business suit, early 40s, emerged. He politely held open the door for my departing guest without a hint of surprise, then strode confidently in my direction, did a kind of double-take as he lookedahead a broad, toothy smile lit up his face. Not only that I was naked but, thanks to the restraint of the cock ring, my fat semi-hard on was in no hurry to go down. I was frozen to the spot in shock but with his sparkling eyes and broad grin he made it abundantly clear that he liked what he saw.

As a declaration of intent, he loosened his tie and struggled to undo his top shirt button as he stepped closer, his eyes locked on mine. Not tall by any means and not comfortable in a business suit either, he had the kind of massive physicality that belonged in overalls, other loose fitting work clothes or nothing at all. Clearly he was now feeling way over-dressed.He paced the carpeted, anonymous conduit between these identical rooms with the confidence of a well seasoned travelling salesman but he looked more like a labourer, awkward in a once a year suit. Twinling, dark eyes, a dark stubble, cleft chin and a goofy gap between his two front teeth instantly clicked up bonus points during the micro-seconds of instinctive appraisal as he approached. He put a broad hand brazenly over my cock shaft, wrapped as much of it as he could in his strong fist and marched straight past my astonished self, into my room, tugging me behind as the door swung closed with an almost inaudible hush.

He turned to me, reached up behind my head and pulled me into a passionate tongue-wrestling session which left me quite breathless. I opened his shirt blindly and slipped my hands inside to stroke is warm flesh, delighted by the rug of thick body hair and the hard, muscular flesh that greeted my hands. The guy was ripped. I carefully disposed of his tie during our lip-locked engagement and we removed his shirt in a gleeful combination of grunts laughs and slobbering kisses. His arse felt so round and tight and his thighs so heavily developed it was immediately obvious he was one of those stocky fellas who fitted into a regime of heavy gym training as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He murmured approvingly as I explored his mouth with my tongue and his butt with hands.

During the grappling, more clothing was shed and he was standing in his boxers in the lobby entrance of my room, a thick, stumpy protrusion showing in the swelling his reciprocation of my own arousal, his remaining clothes lay around his ankles and he was still wearing his shoes. It was a magnificent sight for all it’s slapstick comedy value. I pulled away to view the whole thing, nodding my approval at the muscular mass of him, in return, he modestly spread his hands and shrugged. The dark halo of body hair enveloping all exposed areas caught the light from the beside lamps beyond him and I blessed my luck for the gift that fate had brought me in such dire circumstances. His response was to beckon me back to him with a look of unmistakeable longing.

I needed to wash my cock and was self conscious that it was, just a few moments before, embedded in another man’s guts. My new friend having already shown his willingness to play with it, I didn’t want to press on without offering it to him in a clean condition. I told him this and he looked at me blankly. Fool that I am, he didn’t speak English. I motioned towards the bathroom and the confusion left his face, I smiled and turned to put on the bathroom light and in another comic moment he Kolej Escort tried to follow me before realising in a stupor of lust and late night fatigue that his feet were still hobbled by clothes.

In the bathroom mirror I watched as I washed, he uncovered his shoes and, bent double as he was, I could see his magnificent shoulders and his back as broad as a barn door all downy with the same dark pelt. I’d never seen muscles ripple across a man’s body while he untied shoe laces and I was agog at how beautiful it was. Kicking his shoes aside, he looked up to see my smiling face in the mirror and laughed at his own predicament. He swiftly swept down his shorts punted everything else aside and was as naked as I had been in the corridor, saving his black socks which were obviously not going to hinder his enjoyment of our coupling. He padded in behind me and pressed his warm fur covered flesh to my back as I dried my genitals, wrapping his immensely powerful arms around my torso. I felt the unmatched pleasure of another man’s tackle prodding me between my legs and I purred with pleasure as his broad fingers tenderly brushed at my tough but oh-so sensitive nipples. My throbbing cock now over engorged inside it’s ring of steel and my balls straining after all the earlier teasing I had given them, I was exploding with desire for this extraordinary stranger. Once again he tugged on my organ to encourage me to turn to him and, going down on one knee, he expertly took the huge, hardened purple-red head between his outstretched lips, and I watched it disappear into his rugged, stubbly face, first into his moist hot mouth, where he gargled and tickled it and then, with a gulp and much to my surprise, straight down into his tight throat pressing his hands into and between my arse cheeks and burying his face hard into my groin.

It was electrifying. The total opposite of my previous encounter. I was in heaven and my eyes rolled back in my head as his throat muscles massaged the length of my hot shaft. His mischievous eyes twinkled with humour as he looked up into my face. Mine filled with tears as I struggled to hold onto the top of my head in my excitement. I stroked his sandpaper chin and marvelled at his thick, thick stubbly neck, running my hand over his quivering adam’s apple where my cock was in torment. In the porn videos, it’s a dominant top trying to choke a submissive sucker, in my case I was trying to withdraw before he made me cum but it was too late he’d gripped my arse tight, the thick index finger of his right hand tickled the rim of my hole, caught in his iron grip of his passion he got his way, pressing his digit into my tender flesh, I felt my hole immediately strangling his finger tip and my wad exploded, pulse after pulse down his gullet and into his waiting stomach. His face was a picture of pleasure and contentment. His throat gave a thunderous growl of satisfaction accompanied by a blast of air into my loins.

I recovered my wits, as he finally released me to suck in a breath and allowed my length to slowly slide back out and into the air, before lunging back into my pubic hair, I could see his own copious juices skate across the vinyl covered floor between my feet. He then contentedly lapped at my spent organ, tickling the shaft and lovingly slurped my head back into his mouth, working the tipof his tongue into my piss-slit as I quaked at the knees in response to his titanic suction seduction.

It was 3:15 am and long past my bed time and I’m happy to say that within a few moments I lay in my bed, at last. However, sleep was not yet to be had as my anonymous companion clambered up and squatted over my face so that I buried my face happily in the musky darkness of his arse crack and here was the delicious scent I loved warm, homely, everything a man should be. It was my turn to pull him in as I encouraged him closer and closer to allow my tongue further penetration. He gargled and snorted in wordless pleasure, wriggling his butt for more and more access and titillation from my lips tongue and teeth. This is absolutely my favourite treat and despite the lateness of the hour and just having pumped a mother-load into his throat, my cock was rock hard again and I was delighted to see that his arse was as eager for my meat as his mouth had been.

Somehow, I was ging to have to go to work, bow legged and deprived of sleep, later in the morning. So reluctantly, after about five minutes of munching on Yenimahalle Escort his anus, I rolled him off me, wrestled him into a big hug and kissed him deeply once more before hoisting those powerful legs up to get a better approach for my planned penetration. Although his body was so thickly muscled he lacked nothing in flexibility and, seeing my intention, grabbed his ankles and made a marvellous splits as, once more, I dove in to harpoon him with my tongue and get some of natures favourite lubricant in there. The pleading look on his face, his hirsuit rack of abs tightly crunched beyond the welcoming V shape he formed with his arms and legs in readiness for my mounting him. I was truly on fire.

Throating his cock a few times and making him squeal with pleasure, I triggered that special gooey saliva that mother nature provides for those occasions when there’s no KY jelly. He whimpered and cooed as I burrowed in, then as I began slurping it into the supple sex shute which pouted and wrinkled as I licked, chewed and sucked to his immense pleasure. My member already dribbling pre-cum in it’s expectation of more action.

Gently and carefully this time, I pushed the huge purple head into that tender opening, his eyes wide, smiling all the while and nodding approval, his masculine mouth widening into an O in sympathy with his other hole stretching with the girth of my glans, he threw back his head as I felt his sphincter snap closed around my shaft and the O at his lips turned into a long, pinched, oval, shape, his huge chest heaved and stuttered as he exhaled gusts of expressive hot breath when the long, deeply veined, tapering shaft of my pork sword slid fully into his soft silken scabbard. Incredible.

He wrapped the downy vice of his great thighs and herculean calves around me and held me tight, reaching up to bring me into another long probing kiss, our bodies totally united. Putting his arms around my neck, he lifted himself completely from the bed and I felt the full weight of him as he hung impaled by my cock and tongue and it was, to my amazement, effortless. He rocked back and forth, pleasuring in the pulsating erection I had embedded in his body, his own cock throbbing against my flat, furry belly, both of us no doubt thankful that the pressure of our earlier longing was already spent and we could relax and enjoy this amazing momentoferotic bliss.

I lowered him to the mattress once more and slowly withdrew until my dick head passed that clasping, grasping sphincter and kept it just moving in and out at that point where the tight band of muscle opens and closes over the flare of the glans. The heat and indescribable sensory connection of such a movement between two men who are totally physically and mentally focussed together is a rare experience and I revelled in it, watching the transfiguration of his ecstatic features as he wallowed in our lust and met my movements with his own subtle re-alignment every so often nodding with an affirmative frown and smile unique to sexual satisfaction, accompanied by a tensing of the jaw as a particular twinge of pleasure rippled up through that extraordinary torso.

How peaceful. How perfectly balanced on the edge of ecstasy. How sweet his mouth and arse to me, how sweet my cock and tongue to him. It could and should have been hours of sensual lovemaking but in reality it was no more than a few precious minutes. I stroked and tweaked his brown bud nipples through the dense tangle of black hair covering his great pectoral muscles. I kissed him hard and picked up the pace of our slow rocking fuck. He took my cue, grabbed hold of my own nipples, at which I snorted loudlywith pleasure and he knew instinctively this would be my trigger. Rolling and pinching them between his strong thumbs and fingers he increased the intensity of his nipple-play. I in turn, tugged and pinched a little harder and I could feel his arse clamped down, spasming and rippling on my rod. I knew this was it.

I felt as if on the edge of a great precipice, high and hard and that I could drive my cock and cum through a brick wall if I had to. My shoulders pumped, my chest full to bursting, my loins banging against his arse and him hanging on for dear life with thumbs and forefingers to my man tits. In a boiling storm of physical and emotional sensations, I bust my nut into his bowels and his second orgasm squirted out, sticky and sweet between us as we collided again and again whimpering and muttering out our combined pleasure, gulping and gasping at the air around us, desperately snatching kisses and each other’s breath. He laughed as my body flopped down onto him and we rolled onto our side still locked together, lip, legs, arms cock and arse, as if cemented by our hot love juice.

There we lay until the daylight crept in around the curtains. I was so in love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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