April’s World Pt. 02

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Alex Tanner, named after her father, was April’s 19-year-old daughter who just arrived from Oregon where she was living with her father due to school. When April moved to Boston two years ago, she left her daughter, Alex, with her father to finish her high school. Like her mother, Alex was a stunning looking redhead, with blue eyes and a smile that lights up the world. However, unlike her mother who was tall and slender, she was the opposite, she was short standing at 5’3″, curvy with full DD cup breasts, round ass, and toned calves. Alex had no problem approaching the boys to get what she wants.

After arriving in Boston, April knew that her daughter Alex would be a threat to her by either stealing her man away or die trying. Alex would be in Boston for just a few weeks; she was just here for the summer, but April knew that Alex wanted to move to Boston permanently to pursue her dream of living in the big city and becoming a television journalist. April wasn’t jealous of her daughter, but she knew she would stop at nothing to get to Jayden. She seemed to effortlessly attract men with her long red hair, bright blue eyes and desirable, curvy tan frame. To go with her name, Alex visited the tanning salon once a week and sometimes twice in the winter. When she was in high school, Alex sometimes had more than one boyfriend and would bring them home while her mother was at work. However, out of respect for her daughter, April never dated anyone after the divorce with Alex’ father. She had many guys who were interested in her, but never gave them the time of day. That was until she moved to Boston and met Jayden. April had divorce Alex’ father after she caught him in bed multiple times with the babysitter, Alex’s teacher, Alex’ best friend and mother.

Alex had asked April about Jayden Cole after seeing their photos on April’s Facebook page and a framed picture next to April’s bed; which Jayden had given her after a month of dating. April admitted that he was a great and handsome guy, great in the bedroom, and was more than satisfied by the size of his black cock. April did not mind sharing these things with her daughter because, well, she knew one way or another Alex was going to find out herself. Alex responded “Mmm-hmmm,” after April told her about his sexual performance, a clear giveaway that she wanted to meet Jayden and perhaps sample some of that prowess for herself. Alex made her intentions quite clear when she started roaming around the apartment pointing at different locations. “So this is where he fucked you, right?” She remarked, pointing to April’s bed. “Where else does he fuck you? Ooooh, have you ever been to his apartment to fuck?”

“Yes, Alex, this is where we make love, and yes, I have been to his apartment.”

“Does he ever fuck you on the floor? In the bathroom? In the kitchen?”

“Yes, yes and yes, Alex,” April answered, starting to get agitated.

“Just asking, mother. No need to get an attitude,” she replied, giving April a wicked wink.

“Like I said, he’s really sweet. He makes me happy and not here to destroy my life, unlike you and your father. I’m very lucky to have him.”

“So, do you think he’d go for it?”

“Go for what?”

“A threesome, silly. C’mon mother, keep up!”

“Oh no, no. Alex. There is no way I am going to let you ruin this for me. And plus, he’s not that kind of guy to go after minors.”

Alex laughed. “Why? Why not? I’m not going to take him away from you. I just want to fuck him once.”

“Alex, I’m not going to fuck him with you there.”

“No, no mother. I want him to fuck me with YOU there.”

April rolled her eyes. “Why did I tell you about him?”

Alex chuckled. “Well, you did. And I want to fuck him. It’s only fair. I’ve never been with a black guy. I want to see what the big hype was about fucking a black guy.”

“Can’t you find another one?”

“Where? In Bend, Oregon?”

April sighed.

“Come on, what’s the worst that could happen? You guys don’t use condoms, right?”

“Well, we mean to, but sometimes we just get so hot, and…”

“You mean, you don’t.”


“You want a baby by him, right?”

“Young lady…” April yelled, trying to put a stop to this conversation.

“Just say it, mom!”

“Look, we’ve thought about it, OK? And we’ve also talked about it, too.”

“So you just don’t tuzla escort want me falling pregnant first, right?”

“Young lady this conversation is over.”

Alex smiled.

“I’d like to have a mixed baby too, you know, a cute one like Kim Kardashian’s kids. They’re so gorgeous, you know? Plus, they’ve estimated in twenty-five years, that mixed babies will be the majority of the races.”

April sat down on the bed and put her head in her palm.

“Come on,” said Alex, sitting down next to her combing her mother’s hair with her fingers. “You want one and I want one, right?”

April nodded. “Alex, you’re not fucking my man. And I’d be damned if you were to carry his baby.”

“Well, we’ll see about that. May the first one win!” Alex laughed.

After a lot of thought and contemplations, April had finally invited Jayden over for dinner to meet her daughter Alex. Like every other guy, Jayden couldn’t keep his eyes off Alex during dinner at April’s apartment. The feeling was mutual. At times, it seemed as if Alex wanted to eat Jayden for dessert. She would lick her fork slow and extra long after she put food in her mouth and wink at him. She purposefully dropped a piece of chicken inside her shirt and let it go between her breasts. “Ooops, looks like I’ve dropped a piece of meat between my breasts,” she said looking at Jayden. “Sorry!” she said as she got up to shake it out of her shirt, slightly exposing some cleavage. She took the napkin and slid it between her breast and reached under her shirt pulling it up and down from both ends.

April found the body language between her daughter and Jayden more than a little uncomfortable. “Enough, young lady,” she yelled at her daughter. It was all she could do not to excuse herself from the table. More than anything, she feared that Jayden would think that Alex was hotter and sexier. She was younger, with larger breasts and a bigger round ass. She could tell that Jayden couldn’t get enough of her breasts and ass, and seemed to be fascinated by the tiny freckles on her nose.

After the post-dinner conversation concluded, April walked Jayden back to his apartment to chat for a little bit and say goodbye. Back in April’s apartment, Alex was infuriated and vexed thinking her mother invited him over to let him fuck her or to at least have a threesome.

After closing the door, April paused for a minute to catch her breath.


“Yeah, babe?”

“Do you like her?”


“My daughter?”


“It’s OK. Be honest.”

“Oh, God. I don’t want you to be upset and us to fight…”

“We’re not going to fight, Jay. But I saw the look in your eyes. You like her. You’re attracted to her.”

Jayden bit his lower lip. “Look, April, your daughter’s beautiful. You know that.”

“All too well.”

“But she’s not you. She doesn’t have what you have.”

“She has more of it!”

“Yes, but she’s still your daughter. I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize what we have”

“Look, I didn’t want to mention this before you met her, but she likes you, too. She says she’s attracted to you.”


“And… she… she wants us to have… she wants us to have a threesome,” April said, lowering her head in embarrassment.

“A threesome?!”



“I knew you’d go for it, the way you looked at her.”

“No, no, no. Not unless you’re comfortable.”


“April, I love you. I would never do something like that if you weren’t comfortable with it.”


“Really, what? You mean you doubted me?”

“Well, no, no, no…”

“How could you doubt me, April?”

“I… I thought you’d insist, even if I didn’t want to…”

“What? How could you say that? I would never do that!”

“Oh, God!”

“Come on, April! Why would you assume that?”

“Well, you’re a guy, and…”

“Yeah, I’m just a horny black guy, right?”

“No, no! Not at all, it’s just that… you’re a guy, and…”

“Fuck it, April! I’m not that kind of guy! You know that! What’s wrong with you?”


“Fuck this. I’m going to bed. If you would excuse me.”

April left and Jayden slammed the door shut behind her. April had never seen him so angry.

She walked back over to her apartment and stood behind göztepe escort the door to compose herself. She then walked the bathroom mirror and looked at herself. It had been a miserable night. She realized that she was wrong to fear that Jayden would leave her for Alex, that he would have indeed declined the threesome idea if she said she wasn’t comfortable. She began to cry before heading off to bed.

Next morning, Jayden had calmed down. He called April to apologize for losing his temper and said he didn’t realize why she might be nervous about losing him to her young daughter. April and Jayden agreed to put their argument behind them and also agreed that a threesome with Alex was a really hot idea.

In the days leading up to the three-way sex session, April kept trying to battle back her nervousness. Her worst fear was Jayden cumming inside her young daughter and causing her to fall pregnant. She feared that she would be humiliated if Alex could do something she had yet to do, become the mother of this beautiful black man’s child.

Although she regretted doubting Jayden’s loyalty, she knew that he would want to cum inside of Alex, just to say that he fucked a future television journalist. She was finally OK with that.

Friday night finally arrived, and Jayden showed up just a few minutes after Alex arrived at April’s apartment. Alex had gone shopping and pampering herself for this big night. April wore tight jeans and a white blouse. Alex wore a plaid miniskirt that barely covers her legs and showed off her plump under butt in a red thong, and a tight white button down shirt tied just under her breasts with the top buttons undone to show her braless breast and already erect nipples through the shirt. Jayden wore a white dress shirt and khaki slacks through which the ladies could see his already erect penis.

“Hmm-mm!” Alex cooed as she saw him.

“Hey, handsome!” April said winking at him and licking her lips.

“Hello, ladies! You both look marvelous.”

He kissed April first with passion behind the kiss. Then he kissed Alex, as she grabbed his ass, “yum, sweet chocolate,” she said as she kissed and sucked on his earlobe.

April grabbed his hand and led the way to the bedroom with Alex following behind. Once in the bedroom, April took her clothes off standing in just her white lace panties. Jayden took his shirt off as Alex bend down in front of him removing his pants. She pulled down his boxers exposing his gigantic black cock. She almost fell backward on her ass when his cock popped out of his boxers almost hit her in the face.

Even after so long of dating, Jayden was still admiring April body. He likes how firm her ass was in her thong and even at her age, how her breasts were still firm and perky.

Jayden climbed onto the bed next to April and asked her to lap him. April stood up over Jayden and took off her panties and throw it on his face for him to smell. He loves the scent of pussy on her thong. She always made sure to leave her panties behind when she sleeps over his place. And he always made sure to wash them with his laundry and give it back to her the next time she comes over. April knelt down with each knee at the side of his face. Jayden placed both hands on her ass and gently pulled her closer to his face. He placed his mouth over her pussy lips as he Frenched kissed her nectar. April loved when he ate her pussy and let her come all over his face for her to lick later as they kissed.

Alex got up and took her top off, letting her double D cup breasts free for Jayden to see. As Jayden was busy eating her mother she grabbed his full hard on and placed it between her breasts and titty fucked his big black cock. She took his massive head in her mouth as she rubbed her breasts on his cock. His cock twitched between her breasts. She grabbed her nipples to wrap her breasts around his whole cock and reach under with her other hand and massaged his balls. She rubbed her thumb around his ass hole as she massaged his balls, then stick it in. His body flinched and butt jerked up as she did that and he exploded in her mouth.

April and Alex swap places. April still standing over him, turned around giving him a nice view of her ass as she bent over taking his big black cock in her. She rubbed her clit over his baseball size head before sliding down taking his anaconda üsküdar escort sized cock inside her. By now she’s used to his size and able to take him balls deep. Alex, replacing her mother, stood over his face as she pulled down her thong and sat on his face with her already soaked pussy. She rocked her hips back and forth, sliding her pussy over his mouth. At times, she slid all the way pass her ass to make him lick her butt hole. Unlike her mother, Alex liked a little butt play, whether it’s to her or the guy she’s fucking.

“Oh, yes! Don’t stop,” she yelled as she came over his face. “Oh my God, mom! He is such a good pussy eater.”

“I know. Why do you think I let him eat me first?”

After cumming so many time and countless orgasms, April got off Jayden and walked toward her personal bathroom.

“Want me to clean you off?” he asked her as she walked away. Jayden and April usually clean each other off after they were done. April would sit on his face and sixty-nine him as she sucked her juice off his cock.

April appreciated his sexual loyalty, but she knew what he really wanted. “No, no,” she responded. “Give it to her. Give it to her. She needs it,” and continued her way to the bathroom.

Alex, still weak at the knees, rolled over and lapped his black cock. She underestimated how big he was and attempted to slide down all the way and quickly changed her mind when his massive head could not penetrate her, even as wet as she was. Alex has been with big cocks before, but never a BIG BLACK COCK. She finally managed to get the head inside her and thought to herself, now what. Jayden grabbed Alex by her waist and gently pushed his cock into her until he was more than half way inside her cunt. Alex wanted to cry, but held it inside because it’s always been her dream to fuck a black guy and now she was, she would enjoy it.

Jayden wanting to go all the way deep in her asked her to get on her hands and knees. She obliged and got into the doggy position. He spread her legs wider as he set himself between them, preparing to penetrate her. He drove it into her pussy and slowly pushed himself deeper into her. Once he was all the way inside her, he began to stroke slow and hard at times and let his cock inside her long between each stroke.

“Give it to me! Awe, yes! Don’t stop! Fuck me!” she hollered, working her erotic magic on her mother’s man.

April was surprised at herself after realizing that she was actually enjoying watching her man fuck her daughter. After she returned from the bathroom, she sat on a chair at the end of her bed watching them fuck.

Jayden began to grunt and groan like a man who had completely surrendered to his deepest sexual urges. His fingers and tongue seemed to dart everywhere, enjoying the beauty and scent of this young beauty. He licked his thumb and stuck it in Alex’ ass hole, to return the favor from earlier. She on the other hand actually liked it.

“Come on, come on!” Alex added. “Give it to me! Fuck my ass. Stick your cock in my ass.”

Jayden turned back to get confirmation from April. She nodded her head in approval.

“Sure thing,” Jayden whispered, pulling his cock out of Alex’ pussy and spreading her ass cheeks to insert his large black cock into her gorgeous pink ass hole.

“Oh…oooh!” Alex screamed, struggling to accommodate Jayden’s size. “Oh my God!” Alex gasped. “He’s so big, mother!”

Alex continued to grunt as Jayden’s large cock pumped in and out of her. After several minutes, her difficulty turned into delight, and Alex soon began to thrash around as the sensation travels through her body and she orgasmed. Like mother, like daughter, she squirted all over the bed. For a brief moment, April thought her young daughter was having a seizure. Then she remembered the sensation she had the first time with him.

After Alex came, Jayden drilled her one last time and exploded deep inside her ass. “Ooh, God!” Alex feeling drained, gasped as Jayden’s cum poured out of her ass mixing with her pussy juice.

An exhausted Jayden laid beside Alex. April joined them on the bed and laid on the other side of Jayden. He placed his arms around their shoulders admiring their beautiful bodies. April and Alex looked at him, and then each other. Alex gave her mother a thumbs-up.

“Thank you,” she whispered, her breathing now back to normal.

“No,” April replied. “Thank him!”

The two ladies laughed and admired the naked black man between them. They began to kiss down the sides of his body, hoping to lure him back to arousal. They knew it wouldn’t be long before he was ready to go again.

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