Are They Real?

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Big Dicks

Hi, my name is Jennifer Blanc. I’m 19 and this is the story of what happened on my wedding day. Right after the ceremony when my husband Cameron and I were riding off in the limo we had no sooner turned a corner when there was a bump and the limo rolled to a stop. My husband and the limo driver got out and examined what was wrong.

The limo driver explained to my husband, “Sorry but the limo has to be towed to the shop to be fixed and one of you has to accompany me for insurance purposes and what not.”

My husband decided I didn’t have to wait with him and he would call his uncle and make arrangements for a ride for me and he would join me when he could.

As it turned out his uncle and father (who always insisted I call him ‘dad’ since I first started dating his son), my uncle and a friend of his from work, Theo, an ex-football player, were all going fishing for the weekend. They were nearby, having just attended the wedding earlier, and could give me a ride.

When they pulled up I kissed my husband goodbye for now and got aboard. Cameron’s father told him, “Don’t worry, we’ll see you later at the cabin. You should clear up any issues with the limo since it’s Friday and you leave for your honeymoon on Tuesday. You wouldn’t want anything to cause a delay.”

We drove for several hours, stopping at a drive-thru once to eat as I was still in my wedding dress and didn’t want to go inside, before reaching the fishing cabin. It was rustic and quaint but also accommodating due to it’s size. It had a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and three bedrooms. A lot of the excitement from my wedding was wearing off and being replaced with an anxiousness for Cameron to join me so we could get a room at a nearby hotel. After all this was my wedding night.

Once we all got inside, Mike, that’s Cameron’s father, called to see what was up with the limo and when he would be joining us. As it turned out the insurance covered the problems with the limo and would even supply a free rental car. Unfortunately, one wouldn’t be available until tomorrow morning. Mike handed me the phone so I could talk with Cameron for a while as we commiserated over our mutual dilemma. There was nothing to be done about it. We would have to spend our first night apart as husband and wife but at least we would see each other first thing in the morning.

After I got off the phone Mike decided to open a bottle of wine and propose a little wedding toast.

“To the happy couple and when the sun rises may they begin a happy and long life together,” he said.

Everyone drank and so I felt obligated to drink also. After him came a toast from his brother, Cameron’s Uncle Richard. Followed by my Uncle Henry, and finally his friend Theo. I was starting to feeling a little tipsy at this point as I was never a big drinker.

Mike teased, “You can make a toast at your own wedding you know, Jennifer.”

And without giving it much thought I did, “To my adoring husband.”

After that toast I had a nice buzz going and was a little surprised when Mike said, “Let’s get you out of that dress.”

I looked at him and said, “I beg your pardon!”

He calmly explained, “I only mean you might want to keep your wedding dress in good condition. I’m sure we can find something else for you to wear.”

Realizing he was right I half stumbled into one of the bedrooms to change. After climbing out of my wedding dress I realized I didn’t have a change of clothes with me so I cracked the door just a little and called out to Mike.

“Dad, Casibom I don’t have any clothes to change into,” I said. “Can you find me something?”

It took a few minutes before Mike knocked on the door and asked, “Let me in.”

“I’m in my bra and panties,” I explained.

He pushed his way in and quickly closed the door, “We don’t have any women’s clothes up here at the fishing cabin,” he explained.

I looked back at my wedding dress but didn’t want to get back into it and possibly end up ruining it.

Mike saw where I was looking and quickly said, “You don’t want to put your dress back on. You’ll only end up ruining it.

He looked me up and down, “You look good in your underwear, at least you’re not naked. And it’s only family here really. We can call Cameron and have him bring a change of clothes with him in the morning.”

That sounded reasonable so I let Mike lead me back out to the living room. When we entered Theo gave a low whistle.

He couldn’t help but blurt out, “Are those real?”

Everyone took a moment to goggle at my size 36 DD boobs which were barely contained by my bra, which was really a sexy half cup bra I had bought thinking it would be my husband Cameron who would be seeing me in it.

“Yes, they’re real!” I stated emphatically, not quite believing his audacity.

“C’mon Jennifer, you can admit it to us we’re your family. Someone bought those for you as a wedding present,” Theo scoffed in disbelief.

Now feeling quite buzzed I marched up to him and only because he was like an honorary member of the family who I had always felt comfortable with I grabbed his hands and said, “Feel for yourself.”

I then placed them on my boobs. He began to squeeze and fondle my boobs thru my bra with his big black hands. The buzz I was feeling began to spread thru my body radiating downward.

Cameron’s Uncle Richard came over and nudged Theo out of the way.

“You can’t tell thru a bra silly,” said Uncle Richard.

And with that Uncle Richard quickly unhooked my bra and slid it down my arms and off, revealing my 36 DD boobs for all to see. A thrill from being exposed in front of the men raced through my body, down to my toes and back up to the top of my head.

“Now let’s just see how real these puppies are,” continued Uncle Richard.

And with that he began caressing and fondling my naked breasts while the others watched, occasionally pinching and twisting my big fat nipples. They were always so sensitive and I couldn’t help moaning and squealing as the waves of pleasure shooting through my body intensified.

Then my Uncle Henry gently moved Uncle Richard aside and helped me sit down on the sofa.

“Implants are so good today you can’t tell by examining them with just your hands. You need a taste test,” Uncle Henry explained.

And before I could muster a thought to object he leaned down and sucked a nipple into his mouth and began flicking his tongue wildly over it, back and forth, and swirling it every which way. If I thought the groping was pleasurable, it was nothing compared to the jolts that were now zip-zapping throughout my body as he switched over to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment. My moans of pleasure were getting louder and louder by the second.

Mike had been watching me enjoy myself for the last few minutes as each man tried to determine if my boobs were real in their own particular way. Mike approached and gently shoved Uncle Henry off me. I was so grateful that he was there to protect Casibom Giriş me in my moment of drunken weakness. I trusted my new ‘dad’ like my own father and smiled up at him.

“That’s not how you tell if big fat titties are real or not. This is!” Exclaimed Mike.

And with that he positioned me to lie back on the sofa and straddled my chest. It was then that I first noticed he had shed his pants and underwear. He lined up his massive erection between my huge jugs and drooled a huge gob of his saliva down on top of the cleavage which served as lube as he began to slide every bit of 10 inches of hard dick meat back and forth.

“So soft,” Mike exhaled breathily.

He placed both his hands on either side of a tit and forced them together by pushing very hard creating a titty sandwich with his hard cock as the meat. He was getting into a good rhythm and sliding forward more so that the head of his cock was poking at my lips.

“Go ahead, love. Give it a good lick,” He grunted as he looked down at me with lust in his voice.

Without giving it a second thought, and because I always trusted Mike and followed his advice and guidance, I began licking all around the fat purple head of his cock which caused deep growls and moans to issue forth from him.

“Open wide,” he instructed and I did.

This made it easy to feed his erection into my mouth and I instinctively began to suck and lick his cock as it was fed to me. It was more than half way into my mouth before I realized I should raise an objection to this behavior. By that time all I could do was mumble a muffled response.

“Mmpf yool shuud soop,” escaped from me.

But he either didn’t understand what I was trying to say or choose to ignore it.

It was mixed in with sounds of, “Glug, glop, glurg!”

All coming from me as he fed another inch or two of solid dick flesh into my overstuffed mouth.

While all this was going on I guess the others were sort of stunned by the sudden turn of events. One of them snapped out of it before the others and began to peel my panties down.

“Mmpf, mmmpf, mmppf,” I tried to protest.

But with Mike’s cock more than half way inside my mouth and nudging the back of my throat I couldn’t really raise a proper objection. Nor could I see who was now peeling my panties off over my feet leaving me completely nude and at their mercy.

“Look at that sweet pussy,” Uncle Richard said.

“So wet and juicy,” said Uncle Henry.

My long slender legs were quickly spread and I could feel light kisses being peppered all around my nether regions. My arousal was climbing as my body betrayed me and fantastic sensations zig-zagged and zip-zapped throughout my nerve endings. And then they zeroed in on my clit which was twice as big and fat as my nipples were and probably ten times as sensitive. When they began to tongue lash my fat jelly bean the pleasure sky-rocketed and nearly blew my head off. I relaxed my throat as deep moans of pleasure escaped me, the sound coming from my nose as my mouth was still being stuffed with Mike’s big fat cock.

“Yeah, that’s it baby girl. Keep sucking,” Mike said.

I took breathes through my nose every now and then. I was given no other choice because with his insistent thrusting Mike was plugging up my mouth pretty good and continuing to nudge at my throat. At the other end whoever was sucking at my clitty now started to lightly chew and nibble on it which sent me over the edge and my first orgasm of the night began to rocket Casibom Yeni Giriş back and forth through my body. My throat relaxed further and Mike took this opportunity to shove past my gag reflex and bury the rest of his cock in my mouth and throat. There must of been 4, 5, or 6 inches pumping in and out of my throat.

Mike hissed through clenched teeth, “I knew you would take to deepthroating like a natural.”

I could feel whoever had been eating me out being gently pulled away and someone replace them. But instead of going down on me again this new person, who I also still could not see, poked the head of their dick at my pussy lips again and again, my lips were soaking wet and could put up no resistance and the dick pushed further forward and gained entry as my juicy wet lips parted and my pussy ate that dick inch by agonizing inch. Once they bottomed out they only waited a few seconds for me to adjust to their size before beginning to piston back and forth giving me quite the fucking of a life time. It didn’t even compare to the best sex I ever had with Cameron. Whichever Uncle was fucking me was giving it a world class performance.

The tingly feelings continued to intensify and finally I heard one of my Uncles say, “Give it to her Theo, I think she likes black dick.”

Suddenly it felt like I was electrified as he kept long stroking me with his fucking huge cock, bottoming out at the end of each thrust. Something switched on inside me and I began thrusting back at him. We were truly fucking each other, our groins meeting somewhere in the middle and then I was cumming, over and over, having multiple orgasms. As each one ripped through me another more powerful one followed on it’s heels.

“You like that? Huh, you like that?” Mike kept asking.

He knew I was having multiple orgasms and it was too much for him. He buried himself so deep down my throat his short and curlies were tickling my nose and then he blasted a massive cum load down my throat. I had no choice but to swallow and that one was followed by another and another. It was almost as if Mike was having multiple orgasms as he continued to flood my throat was shot after shot of thick ropey cum.

After Mike and Theo had cum inside me they climbed off to catch their breath. I was afforded no such luxury as Richard and Henry moved in and positioned me between them. Richard had a long cock which he wormed into my ass and Henry scooted around in front and poked a rather thick cock, thicker than a coke can, into my cooch. Pretty soon the two of them had established a good rhythm and were wildly fucking their huge cocks in and of my over juiced and dripping pussy and tight ass. I was getting royally fucked and double penetrated and loving every fucking second of it.

My body picked up where the others had left off and I began to have multiple orgasms all over again. Fireworks were exploding behind my eyelids and I started squirting gallons all over the place. They both blasted huge loads of cum deep inside me. One filling my tight ass with a big load of cum and the other making a second deposit in my tingly cunt.

All four of them took a few more turns fucking me in every which way they wanted before letting me take a shower and get some sleep, maybe about 2 hours or so before my husband was to show up. But when I got up my husband wasn’t there to greet me.

Instead it was Mike who explained, “There was a snowstorm last night and the roads to the cabins are closed. Cameron couldn’t get through and it might be another day or two before they manage to clear the roads enough for anyone to get through.”

Instead of being disappointed, inside I was glowing with a raw sexuality that had been awakened in me. I knew I would be well taken care of over the next few days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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