Artist Model

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Carol finished setting up for the day. She had a nice assortment of flowers set out and since it was late spring she knew she’d sell them all early. Saturday was always a good day since so many young couples enjoyed a quiet walk through the park where her flower stand was located.

She looked around for potential customers and noted that he was here again, seated on the bench looking straight at her and holding a pad of paper and pencil. He was drawing her as he had every day for the last two weeks. He was an older gentleman and not unattractive in a grandfatherly sort of way and she blushed at the thought that he considered her cute enough to be a model for him. She had heard about artist models and how artist used their eyes to explore the bodies of the models very intimately. She also thought that the models were nude. She felt her cheeks flush at the thought, but stood a little straighter to show off her breasts. She fantasized him mentally undressing her as she stood looking at him and holding her pose.

She broke out of her dazed state when a young man approached her asking for flowers. The day turned out to be very busy, as she had hoped; she had sold everything she had early and was closing up earlier than normal. This had been a very good day in that she didn’t have to give away any unsold flowers. It was always a balancing act, but she preferred to sell all of her stock. She had a means of getting rid of unsold flowers that did bring many smiles.

The retirement home just on the other side of the park had many residents who loved the flowers she gave to them and she loved to see the joy in the old folks faces when she gave them her gifts.

Locking up her stand, she noticed that the older man was still on the bench staring at her and his hand moved over the pad franticly. She smiled at him and struck a pose, before walking over to him.

“I’ve noticed you here every day for the last few weeks sketching me. My name is Carol and I’d love to see your work.” She said.

“Hi Carol, you are very lovely and I hope you don’t mind me drawing you. It is very hard to find models now. I live in Senior Manor a couple blocks from here. I love drawing you.” He turned the pad to show her the drawing he’d been working on.

“It’s beautiful,” Carol said. “You are very talented and I’m flattered that you consider me model material. Why is it so hard for you to find real models?”

“Professional models are very expensive and I’m on a fixed income. I don’t sell my art. It is just a relaxing hobby. There are a few artists at the manor who are likewise frustrated, but have to settle for drawing bowls of fruit. That’s okay, but it is not like drawing the figure.”

“I’m sure you would need a studio or somewhere for your model to pose too, wouldn’t you? How much do professional models cost?” Carol was becoming interested in this older man and his desire to draw her.

“We have a room off the activity center that can be made private and it is big enough for a model and maybe six or seven artist with their easels. A profession model can cost upwards of $50/hour and a six-hour minimum. All of us together can’t afford that and we don’t need six hours either. We just like to draw and if we all chip in we could maybe pay $60 for a model to model for about three hours with ten minute breaks after every twenty-minute pose.” He paused for a moment watching her reaction.

“I’m Jack, by the way. Would you be interested in posing for a group of old men?” He added seeing the faint bit of interest in her. He knew that selling flowers didn’t pay a lot and wasn’t sure what her financial situation was, but $60 for just standing around for a few hours isn’t bad.

“I might be,” Carol responded, “but I’ve never modeled before and I’m not sure if I can just stand without moving for twenty minutes.”

“Standing without leaning on something is hard, but how about sitting or lying on a couch? Do you think you can do that? Modeling does take a bit of practice, but if you are willing we can make whatever accommodations you want. How about 5 or 10-minute poses to start until you feel comfortable with a longer pose?” Jack said, hoping to entice her.

Carol allowed her mind to explore the possibility of 5 or 6 old men ogling her naked body, maybe even touching her to make sure she was in the position they wanted. She might even intentionally move a bit to get them to fondle her again. Her nipples harden to stiff points and she shook herself out of her fantasy. ” Would I be nude?” she asked.

Jack was now convinced that not only was she interested, but the idea excited her. “We would prefer nudity, but that is not mandatory. Profession models will wear, or not wear whatever the artist wants, but amateur models are not always comfortable showing too much skin. We would want you to be comfortable, so wear whatever you want. Would you like to see the room and maybe meet some of the artists?”

“That would be great,” Carol said with a bit more enthusiasm than Bycasino she intended. “I’m done here for the day and since I’m leaving you have no one to draw.” She laughed at her joke. “Show me your studio.”

Jack collected his supplies and put them in his travel bag then side by side they walked over to the retirement home chatting along the way about art and what poses were the easiest.

When they walked through the front door the receptionist recognized Carol. “Hi Carol,” she said, “Did you sell all of your flowers today? I see you met Jack, did he draw you?”

“Hi Judy,” Carol responded. The two knew each other since Carol came over a couple times a week to give out her left over flowers. “Jack is a marvelous artist and a really nice guy. He tells me that there are other artists here and they would love to have a model.”

Judy responded, “Jack is one of a kind and has he talked you into modeling for him and his cronies?”

“He’s working on it. I came over to check out the space, meet the other guys and make sure the center wouldn’t have a problem with it.” Carol answered.

“No problem at all. Jack has been trying to get a model in here for the last three months, but the center won’t pay for a model. He’s been approved to have a model if he pays for them himself.” Judy replied. “Jack can show you the space that has been allocated for a studio.”

Jack led Carol down the hallway to the activity center. There were about a dozen people seated at tables playing cards or board games, and a few others watching TV. Three women sat off in the corner chatting away while their fingers moved over the yarn they were working with knitting needles.

Jack introduced Carol to three of the old men as someone interviewing for the artist model position. Carol just smiled and she swore she saw lust in the eyes of at least two of the three. Her mind immediately went to some very erotic thoughts. If she had ever thought that the sex drive diminished with age the look on those two men changed her mind. She felt she was being stripped naked by the eyes of these two and her nipples responded favorable to that attention. One seemed more overly sexual than the other, she made note of his name as the look he gave her made her wet. He is George and she would keep an eye on him.

Jack then showed her the room. It was small, as he said, but square so that the stage could be at any place in the room and everyone would have a good view. There was a low stage that held an overstuffed chair and a few thin, yet colorful blankets. She was not good at estimating spaces, but she thought the room would hold 5 or 6 artist and her on that stage. They would be close but not touching close.

The three other men followed them into the small room. Carol looked at the four men with her in the small room and imagined how she would feel in this small space naked with these four men. Her arousal built. “Are you all the artists or is there anyone else?” She asked.

Jack responded, “There may be one more, but he’s not that reliable and might not like the fact that he might have to part with some of his money.”

Jack then addressed the group of guys outlining the agreement he had worked out with Carol. “Guys, we have all wanted to have a model to draw for a while and as you know the center has agreed, but we have to be responsible and pay her. The center has provided this room, but that is all. Carol has never modeled before so we will have to make some adjustments. First, she does not have to be naked. That was met with groans from the two Carol had already identified. Second, she will start with 5-minute poses with 10 min breaks between poses, seated only, until she is ready for more. I have promised her that we would not pressure her for longer poses until she was ready. Third, I promised her $60 for three hours modeling, if it is just the four of us that is $15 each.”

There was a round of agreement and Carol looked around thinking this might be fun. “I really don’t know what to expect from this, but seeing the disappointment from you when Jack said that I might not be naked, I think in order to actually experience what it is like I really should be naked.”

The guys applauded her decision and she blushed bright red. “When do you want me to start?”

“We are ready whenever you are, right guys?” Jack asked. A round of comments in the affirmative followed.

Carol looked around and again noticed the two guys with the look of excitement in their eyes checking out her body. She wondered if that look would change once they saw her naked. “I have nothing planned for the rest of the day, if you want to try just a small session to see if this will work for all of us. Maybe just an hour and I won’t charge you. We can call it part of the interview process.” She said smiling.

Jack intervened stating forcefully. “We will pay you $60 and you can test it out for an hour or any part of that. You can keep the $60 even if after 5 minutes you decide Bycasino giriş you don’t like it, but we all hope that you will.”

“Okay,” she said. “Do you need to get your supplies?”

The three guys left and within a few minutes returned with drawing pads. Jack had brought in chairs for the guys and spread the blanket over the stuffed chair. They all took up positions around the stage and Carol stood in the center of the stage with all eyes on her. Her excitement rose and she reached for the top button of her blouse. She watched the expressions of the men around her as she unbuttoned each button and felt desired. Her blouse fell away and she quickly removed her bra. She wanted these men to see the effect they were having on her.

She removed her pants and shoes. Standing in front of these horny guys wearing only her panties was a thrill she had never felt before. She thought of teasing them, but rejected that idea as mean plus if felt like a punishment on her as well. The only choice was if she were to turn around and show her butt as she removed her panties or face them. She decided to show off her butt and was rewarded with several “ah” sounds.

She sat on the chair and leaned back. She thought of opening her legs, but thought that was too blatant. She settled with just having her legs folded up under her butt yet not squeezed tightly together.

Jack told her that ten minutes had passed and she was entitled to a break. He informed her that holding a pose tended to stiffen up the body and she should walk around.

Carol got up and was surprised at how stiff she was. She walked around the stage and shifted her body back and forth. She focused on loosing up her body until she noticed four pair of eyes following her motions. She smiled and bent over a couple of times, before stepping off the stage, still naked, to see the drawing each man had made of her.

She stood close to each man to look at his drawing of her. She was impressed with the quality of the drawings and gave each artist a quick hug; George held the hug a bit longer than the others and bushed his hand across her breast. She returned to the stage and took her seat again. “I’m not sure if I can get into that same pose again.” She said.

Jack responded, “That’s okay just get confortable. Today we are not worried about poses, we just want you to be confortable.”

As she looked around the lust she saw before was intensified. She thought it might be because of the hugs she gave each of them and that thought excited her. She seating herself and opened her legs just a bit wider. She looked directly at George and liked the look he returned.

After Jack told her to get up and stretch again. She made sure the guys saw what they wanted as she bent over. She stepped down and this time instead of just giving a quick hug at the end, she wrapped an arm around each artist pressing her breast into his arm as she looked at his work and asked a question of two. She made sure to give each of them a kiss before she left. George and the other man she considered lusty copped a feel and she giggled. Getting back up on the stage, she felt she had been doing this all of her life and it was the most enjoyable part of her life.

The session ended too early for Carol, but she had committed to today just being a sample and to introduce her to the guys and modeling. The stiffness she felt was a warning of soreness later. She made sure to give each man a naked hug and all had roaming hands. She encouraged them to feel up her breasts and butt, before she got her clothes back on.

Jack approached her, “You seemed to enjoy your modeling session today.”

“Yes, it was far better than anything I ever imagined.”

Jack responded, “Well it was very different from anything I’ve ever been a part of. Most models don’t allow the artist to touch them in any form and most models have a robe to wear while they stretch.”

“Did I do something wrong?” Carol asked fearing that Jack was about to reject her.

“Oh no!” He exclaimed. “It was the most erotic thing I think any of us have experienced in a very long time. You are very beautiful and extremely sexy. It you like this experience you are welcome anytime.”

“Great!” Carol responded. “When do you want to do it again?”

The next day Carol opened her stand as normal. She hummed a happy tune as she organized the flowers. She did not see Jack and his drawing pad on the bench across from her stand today. She looked around until she spied him walking towards the bench he claimed as his own. She let out a breath she hadn’t been aware she was holding.

Jack took up his normal spot and began his sketching. He thought about going over to her and setting up another modeling secession, but every time he started over to see her, another customer or two would show up. He finally gave up for the day and headed back to his apartment.

It had been a busy day for Carol, but at the end of the day she Bycasino deneme bonusu still had a few flowers left over and Jack was not around. She wanted to make sure they wanted her back. The excitement she felt last night remembering her experience enticing the old men and feeling their hands on her body gave her an intense orgasm and she wanted it do it again.

She packed up her supplies and walked over to the Retirement home and entered through the front door. “Hi Judy,” she announced to the receptionist.

“Hi Carol, I see you have flowers for us today. Would you like to leave them her or go back to the Activity Center and see who wants some?”

“Is it okay if I go on back?” Carol asked, hoping to see, and talk with Jack along the way.

“Sure, you are almost a regular here. Go on back and by the way, the guys could not stop talking about you yesterday. You really made their day. Was is hard work—modeling, I mean?”

“It was more difficult than I thought it would be, but it was a lot of fun. If it’s okay I’d like to set up a schedule to model for them every week.”

“That would be great. The owners asked me to ask you if you would be willing to do it once a week or so. They were very impressed by the change in attitude the men exhibited.” Judy said. “You can set something up with Jack.”

Carol thanked Judy and started back towards the activity center. Several women saw her when she came in with the flowers and took all she had brought. They all thanked her for brightening their day. Carol chatted with the women for a while and then saw Jack, she excused herself and went over to ask if he wanted her to pose again.

“Hi Jack, I really loved posing for you and your friends yesterday and I wonder if you would like to make this a regular thing?”

Jack looked up at her from his seat, his face started to beam with a wide smile as he stood up to face her, “I’m so glad you liked it and the guys could not stop talking about how charming and beautiful you are. They all want me to make sure you come back to model again.”

“Fantastic! When do you want me to model again, would once or twice a week work? I know you said that you were all on a fixed income so if you can’t afford that, maybe we can work something else out.”

Jack’s smile never faded, “How about tomorrow around 2, and I’ll talk with the guys about how often we want you. I’ll also get a privacy screen for you to get undressed behind and put your robe on.”

Carol’s expression dimmed a bit, “I know you mentioned yesterday that is what the profession models all do, but is it really necessary? I sort of enjoyed the freedom of being naked and seeing the work you guys do?” She blushed a bit then added, “I also liked the hugging.”

Jack’s smile could not have been wider, “Then it’s settled, the screen will be there but you don’t have to use it. I’m sure you’ll hear no complaints from the guys about that, or the hugs either.”

Later that evening Carol fantasized about the next day’s modeling session. She hadn’t been lusted after in a very long time and these guys were bold in their stares. She noted that a couple of them needed little encouragement to use their hands as well. It wasn’t long that her imagination of her naked and the hands of four attractive older men all over her body had her quivering in ecstasy.

The next day, Jack was not on the bench sketching her, but she did have a lot of customers for a midweek day and was completely out of flowers by 1 o’clock. She locked up her stand and grabbed a quick bite at the deli on the edge of the park before heading over to the manor and her appointment.

Carol entered, said hello to Judy and chatted a bit. She found out that the guys had been excited about her coming back since yesterday evening. She headed back to the Activity Center and towards the small room where she would soon be naked. She felt her nipples harden as she opened the door. Jack and the others were all there and set up with their easels and pads. She noticed the screen off in the corner, just as jack had said and a chair where she could sit to remove her shoes.

She looked over at all the happy faces and addressed them, “Jack told me that most profession models insist on a screen to hide behind while they take off their clothes and always wear a robe except when they are in their pose. I didn’t bring a robe and if you guys don’t mind, I’d rather not hide behind that screen.”

The guys all said they had no problem with that at all, so Carol got the chair and brought it closer to the artist, but not on the model stage, “I will have to use the chair so I don’t fall on my face.” The guys laughed a bit, but all agreed.

Carol knew from past relationship experiences that just seeing a person nude only showed off the bits intended to be shown, whereas when you are changing clothes you are not even aware of the bits being exposed. Bending over to take off your shoes is a prime example and a motion one of her past boyfriends loved to watch.

She positioned the chair then walked over to each of the artists in turn and gave them all a warm full body hug. “You guys are the greatest.” She then returned to the chair and took off all of her clothes. She heard several “ah” sounds and figured they were enjoying the view.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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