Artistic Encounter

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I was still at high school, when I realised that I was not like the other boys.

Whilst they were out chasing women, I used to spend most of my free time studying.

At first this seemed to attract a bit of attention but gradually it seemed to become the accepted thing.

It was a Saturday morning, and I was as usual, visiting the local art museum.

I was sketching a copy of the ‘Statue of David by Michelangelo’, when I felt someone’s presence behind me.

I turned around and there in front of me was the most handsome looking man I had ever seen, looking not unlike the statue itself.

We stuck up a conversation, and it was not long before were discussing the finer points of the statue.

The way he described the curvature the body, especially the carving of the muscles of the legs and chest, confirmed his appreciation of fine art.

As he spoke his hands appeared to mould the shape of the statue.

He said,” Michelangelo must have known the subject like a lover, and spent hours upon hours just studying him, it’s perfection. Well almost”

I looked at him and asked,” What do you mean by almost?”

Laughingly he said, “If I had been the sculptor, I think I would have given him a little bigger dick.”

It was a strange way of putting it but I sort of agreed with him

“Well I suppose that it must be a true representation of his size, but perhaps he could have given him just a little more.”

We seemed to be getting on famously and something made me comment that perhaps it was because I was similar in the genital area that it, seemed to be in proportion.

This brought a laugh from my companion, and he said that he thought he would have made a better model in that department.

This of cause caused me to glance at his crotch, and there was no disguising the bulge in the front of his trousers.

He saw me looking and said, “Not gay by any chance are you?”

“Not that I know of, but I never think about girls much, and sometimes I do wonder.”

“There’s only one way to find out. I need a pee so I’m going to the men’s Çankaya Escort room so think it over, I’ll be waiting.”

A feeling of panic coursed through my body as I realised what he was suggesting, but as he walked away, my eyes were fixed on his tight ass, and no sooner had he left than my feet were leading me in the direction he had just taken.

I had no sooner entered the men’s room than a cubical door opened and he beckoned me towards him.

My throat was dry and legs were shaking as I made my way towards the open door.

He took hold of my hand and pulled me into the cubicle, locking the door and whispering that he had already checked out the room for cameras.

He sat me on the toilet seat and stood in front of me, and I watched open mouthed as he undid his trousers dropped them down to the floor, as he wore no underpants, his already hard cock was pointing straight at my face.

“OK so you’re not sure if you are gay or not, well let’s find out.”

He placed his hand around the back of my head and said, “It’s time to taste your first cock, so open up that hot mouth of yours.”

It looked huge, and so much bigger than mine, that I knew that there was no way that it would be able to fit into my mouth

Then rubbed his cock against my closed lips, and just the smell of it made me gag.

“You can do better faggot, just breath through your nose and open you’re your fucking mouth.”

Reluctant and scared, I did as he ordered.

With only the tip between my lips, I gagged and wanted to change my mind, but his firm grip on my head, held me securely.

I felt my tongue being forced back as he pushed a bit more into my mouth, but just when I knew I could take no more he pulled free.

With tears filling my eyes I gasped for air, pleased that it was all over.

“Not bad for your first time, now take a deep breath and let’s go again.”

Again his hand guided my head against him, this time the shock was not so severe and my jaw opened easier, then he slid past my lips and deeper Keçiören Escort into my mouth.

I experience the gagging sensation again and almost passed out as I fought for air.

Then my stomach lurched, as he began to shoot his hot load into my mouth and throat, choking me with his hot spunk.

Then I felt him start to go limp, and thankfully he slipped it out of my mouth.

Holding my chin up to towards him, he forced me to swallow the mouthful of his hot sickly cum.

He helped me to stand up, and placed his arms around me, then pressed his lips against mine forcing his tongue deep inside my mouth, savouring the taste of his cum.

Still locked in his embrace, he slid his hand down to my crotch, and the feel of his fingers exploring the outline of my erection, made me feel like putty in his hands.

I did not try and resist as he expertly undid the top of my pants and slid them to the floor.

He sat on the seat and turned me around so that my cock was pointing at his mouth.

His skilful fingers encircled me, and I gazed down my eyes transfixed, as my cock disappeared, into his eager mouth without any sign of discomfort.

Once I was fully in his mouth, he began massaging my balls, this caused my legs to shudder and I knew that I would not last much longer

Then his finger found my anus and as he pushed the tip against my hole, I was unable to stop myself from shooting load, straight down his throat.

There was no sign of him gagging and he continued sucking until he had knew that he had milked me dry.

He pulled his head away and my limp cock flopped free, and as he licked his lips I saw, he had a big smile on his face.

“Not bad, not bad at all, you even taste nice and sweet, and you seemed to enjoy it”

I was still panting heavily as I nodded.

He opened the cubical door and checked the men room was clear, and still butt naked stepped towards the washbasins, where he pumped some liquid soap into his hand, before stepping back into the cubical.

“That Etimesgut Escort was just the beginning, and now you know what a blowjobs like, it’s time to bust your sweet little ass of yours.”

I wanted to stop him, but he was strong and just turned me around and pushed my head down towards the toilet seat.

I shuddered as his hand smeared the soap against my virgin ass, and he nudged up against me.

His hand covered my mouth, and then came the excruciating pain, as his cock end began to open me up.

I screamed into his hand, for him to ease up as there was no way that I could take it inside me, but still the pressure built, until I felt the head squeeze past my straining rim.

He had ceased the relentless pushing and just held the tip inside my throbbing love chute, until he felt me beginning to relax a bit,

Then his hands gripped my hips and his hips thrust forward, forcing every last gasp of breath from my mouth as he slid deeper into me.

He slid it out and like a fool I thought that he was done but he whispered in my ear.

“Fuck me man you are tight.”

I sobbed that I had, had enough, but he only stuffed a hankie in my mouth, and then I felt his weight on my back as he bent me over again.

Now I’m your going find out what it’s’ like to be fucked by a real man.”

Then there was a blinding flash as with one thrust he rammed himself fully and mercilessly inside me.

Blackness filled my eyes as he thrust his monster fully into me over and over again and, and with each ferocious thrust, I felt of my stomach was being forced high up into my body as her pounded his extra long whammer into me until his balls banged against the cheeks of my ass.

Then the first load of hot cum filled my love chute, to be followed by burst after burst, until he had emptied himself inside me.

As he shot the last spurt I felt him relax, then the blessed relief as he slipped out my ass.

He stood picked up my boxers and casually wiped himself dry on then, and as though nothing unusual had taken place casually put his clothes on and walked out of the cubical, saying: – “Not bad for a beginner, you could make someone a good whore.”

My ass was on fire, as I slowly dressed and used washbasins to wash my hands and face.

Back in the gallery, there was no sign of him and even though I still visit most days, I have never caught a glimpse of him, and don’t suppose I ever will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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