Asian for Black and White

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After years spent living in China, I had found my perfect match. Petite like all Asians, my little China doll was 22 years younger than I was and we spent every hour together. Also like other Asian ladies, she had those gorgeous almond eyes, silky shiny black hair, and the sweet demeanor bordering on shyness.

One thing that set my jewel apart was her breasts; tiny like other Chinese, but nipples to die for! I loved her large puffy areolas and the long meaty nipples that were heaven to suck on. She could come just from having her breasts fondled and nipples sucked.

Her name was Jie, and she and I traveled China and the rest of Asia in search of fun and adventure. We often got odd looks as I am a 6’4″ 220 pound American, and aside from being a foreigner, I towered over my 5’2″ Jie. I loved that I could pick up my petite 105 pound lover and sit her on my hard cock while lying on my back in bed.

Jie looked so fine sitting astride me with her fabulous firm titties barely moving as we fucked. Her nipples seemed to grow even more if that was possible, proudly erect and drilling hot holes into my palms.

Often we fantasized about having other lover join us in bed. At first it was a rather common fantasy, either a male or a female, and we both enjoyed the fantasies. Later I started to think of a male lover who would be black and massively endowed, but for a long time kept that aspect to myself.

I was afraid the tremendous difference in color and the pussy stretching cock would frighten her. But I would come so hard inside Jie when I fanaticized about her being pounded by this black stallion! She thought I was just thinking about a random white or Chinese man fucking her.

One day I found some interracial videos online and downloaded a hot clip of a Chinese lady sucking and fucking my idea of the perfect black man. Handsome, with sharply chiseled features and a coal black cock 11-12 inches long and about 2.5 inches in diameter.

That night while we were fondling each other in foreplay, I played the video. We often watched sex videos, so this was not new to Jie, but the subject matter certainly was.

Jie’s eyes grew at the site of the black man entering the bedroom scene on the video. I studied her reaction very carefully as the video progress and I also maintained a steady soft fondling of her body. Jie briefly glanced oddly at me but said nothing and turned back to watch the Chinese actress on the screen start kissing the black man.

She gave slight giggle and said, “His lips are so big her mouth is buried,” and all I could think was ‘wait till you see what else is big’!

I was getting really turned on by the video and having my hands and lips all over Jie’s fine body. Jie was not yet responding as I hoped. But then the actress opened the man’s fly and fished out his massive but still soft cock, and Jie shuddered and took a deeper than normal breath.

Jie excitedly turned to me and said, “I heard they were big, but never thought it was true. Are they all like that?”

I told her that, “Many were, but some are smaller. But wait till you see that thing grow!”

Jie was now engrossed in watching the video, and as the actress stroked the black man his cock grew. I noticed Jie licking her lips, and wondered what she was thinking. When the black cock was almost fully erect, the pretty actress dropped down and began sucking on the head. The actress did not seem to be able to get to much more into her mouth. Jie looked at me a smiled an erotic and almost evil grin.

“She can’t even get it in her mouth, I bet I could! She’s not going to fuck that man is she?”

I just replied “let’s watch and see,” and began to insert my fingers into Jie’s pussy, which to my delight was dripping wet.

The actress took more and more of the black cock into her mouth, but never got more than about a third of it in. This went on for about 10 minutes and then the black man pulled his dick out of her mouth. As the actors laid back so the black man could eat the Chinese actress, I positioned Jie so I could do the same and also to be in a position that allowed Jie to continue to watch the video.

As I enjoyed my favorite act of eating pussy, Jie was now lightly gasping and moaning, but her eyes never left the video. Jie’s hands went to my head and pulled my face in tightly to her pussy.

Then the black man rose up over the actress and started slapping her pussy with his huge meat. Both Jie and the actress were making mewing noises and both their hips began undulating. I inserted a finger and concentrated my lips more on Jie’s clit as I rubbed her G spot. The black actor put his massive cock against the tine Chinese pussy and began to push inward. As he got about 3-4 inches in, Jie came hard against my face. I was loving every second of this!

As the black man worked his way deeper into the Chinese actress, Jie was using my face and mouth to rub up and down on her pussy as she continued to come. The Black man was now bağdatcaddesi escort pounding away and fully buried in the little Chinese actress, who was screaming and writhing under him. Jie continued to come and cried out in pleasure as she watched.

Jie finished coming and held my head steady to stop the overstimulation, so I pulled back and rose to take he in my arms. She never once took her eyes of the black meat pounding on the video.

I laid behind Jie and slipped my hard cock (only 7.5″) into her wet pussy. She deeply sighed and reached back to pull my ass in deeper.

I whispered in her ear, “Wouldn’t you like to try that big black cock? Think how much better this would feel if I were longer and thicker.”

Jie said nothing but started pushing back against my hips harder. I whispered again, “I bet he is powerful and pumped a lot of juice into her. Think how hot that would be to feel all that. I would love to watch a man like that drive you wild!”

Jie just kept pumping back against me and with my whisperings and tweaking of her hard nipples, she soon came again on my dick. I came at the same time and as I pumped my seed into her I growled, “I want to fuck you after he fucks you!”

When we both came back down, I asked her if she liked that.

Jie said, “It was fun to watch, but no way would I want him to fuck me.”

I asked why and she just said, “He’s so black, and way too big”.

Over the following weeks I played the video occasionally and often engaged Jie in the fantasy of being with a black man. At first I think she just played along with me, but then she began to get more excited about it even before the video started and brought it up herself a few times. We had some really hot sex using the fantasy with and without the video.

Months later on a trip to Hong Kong, we were eating in a nice restaurant when a tall black American man came in. He was about 6’2″, handsome and nicely dressed, and looked like the powerful bull of our fantasies.

I was just noticing him when Jie leaned toward me and whispered, “He’s nice looking, if we were to really do it, I’d like for it to be him to fuck me, wouldn’t you?” I was flabbergasted but delighted at the same time.

“Hmmm, he would be perfect, wouldn’t he? Would you like those thick lips on you and feel his big cock inside of you? Think you could take it?”

Jie didn’t answer me, she just continued starring at the man, and I swear she was about to drool!

I stood and went over the man who was sitting alone, and asked if he wanted to join us for dinner. He smiled and accepted, and while we all chatted about him being alone and a foreigner, I think he knew at once what our game was.

His name was Frank, and we all immediately got along well. After dinner I suggested drinks and we went to the bar back at our hotel. After a couple of drinks, he and Jie were getting really friendly with lots of casual touching going on. I asked if they wanted to finish drinks in our room, and they both looked and each other and got up without a word. I paid the tab and when we got in the elevator Jie and Frank were leaning on each other.

As the doors closed, I laughed and said, “Get a room you two!” At that Frank took Jie’s chin and tilted it up and gave her a deep French kiss. Jie melted into his arms and wrapped her arms around his waist. They continued kissing till the elevator arrived at our floor and then broke apart, both staring at each other.

As soon as the room door closed, Jie and Frank were all over each other. As they kissed their hands roamed over each other’s body. I was forgotten, but happy as hell! My only concern was I hoped he was not one of the lightly endowed black men. We had fantasized about this for so long, I wanted him to be a huge stud!

Frank had Jie’s blouse open and was reaching into her bra as she worked his belt open. Jie got her hand around his cock about the same time that Frank started rolling her sensitive nipples, and the effect on Jie was amazing. Jie was breathing heavier and had her eyes closed as she moaned and groaned.

Soon her bra was on the floor with her blouse and Frank dipped down to suck on Jie’s nipples. I found it incredibly exciting to see his black lips on Jie’s firm white tits! Jie obviously also loved that and gave up his dick to wrap her arms around his head and enjoy his sucking.

Jie’s head was tilted toward the ceiling and she was letting out short gasps of pleasure. After about 5 minutes of that, Jie pulled back and dropped to her knees in front of Frank. Jie’s eyes were locked on his crotch as she unzipped his pants and began to pull them down.

Franks pants dropped to the floor and as he kicked his shoes and pants off, Jie was running her hands up and down the growing bulge in his shorts. I looked to me like Frank was well endowed, but I did not know how hard he was.

Jie finally pulled his shorts down and the truth was displayed. His cock was beykoz escort massive. It had to be 10 inches and still hanging down! Jie wrapped her small hands around it and was inspecting it as though it was a precious piece of art. As Jie began to stroke Frank’s cock, it started to grow and rise up erect. At the same time Frank shucked out of his shirt and was now standing there naked.

Jie looked up and gazed longingly at Franks rippled hard physique. My dick was now rock hard at this beautiful sight before me! Jie looked over at me and said, “He’s so beautiful, and this dick is so big and beautiful! I can’t believe it is for me!”

I was actually out of breath but managed “it’s all for you Jie, you are going to enjoy this so much and I am going to enjoy watching you!”

“I hope I can fit it all in!” she said softy as she turned back to stare at his big black dick.

Jie then began to lick the black cock like a lollipop, with two hands at its base. Frank groaned and his cock grew a bit more as Jie’s tongue ran all around it. Jie took the massive head in between her lips and began to suck on the tip.

Frank was getting louder, and reached down to grab Jie’s head. I was afraid he would ram it into her throat, be he was a gentleman and simply held her face tenderly as she sucked. Jie slowly worked more and more of the thick black cock inter her mouth.

At one point when Jie came up for air, I got a good look at this wonder dick. I was even bigger than the guy in the video, had to be over 12″ and even thicker than the actors! I could see the veins standing out against the shiny black skin and it appeared to throb with strength.

I was immensely pleased for both Jie and myself!

Soon Frank and Jie were moving together with a slobbering noise as Frank fucked Jie’s face with short strokes. Jie had one hand around the length of cock she could not fit in her mouth, stroking it, and the other hand was under Frank’s balls massaging him. I knew Jie loved to suck cock and she always loved to show me how she could deep throat me.

With this giant, I think she was making up for the lack of depth with special attention. Jie was enthusiastically sucking and stroking Franks black cock as her spare hand wandered back to his ass. I think she was dipping her finger in his asshole as he suddenly thrust forward and grunted.

Finally Frank was giving indications of getting close to coming. It seemed like forever to me since I was so hot to see him fuck her! Frank’s breathing was getting choppy and he was trusting harder into Jie’s mouth. Jie would look up into his eyes to see his excitement and that turned him on more.

He cried out that he was going to come, obviously to let Jie pull it out if she wanted. Jie would never do that! Jie sped up her stroking and sucking and let Frank know she wanted in her mouth.

Frank grunted loudly and shuddered as he pumped his load in Jie’s hungry mouth. It’s strange how I felt so proud of her taking his full load, proud and so horny!

Jie was swallowing frantically as Frank continued unloading and she stoked and sucked to drain him. Frank cried out, “Oh my God, you are incredible!” and Jie just moaned as she sucked him dry. At last she let his cock go and looked up at him and smiled her sweet sexy smile, licking her lips clean.

Frank pulled Jie up into his arms and they again locked into a deep French kiss. Frank backed Jie up to the bed and after laying her back, pulling her pants and panties off in one fast move. The hunger in Frank’s eyes was fierce, and as Jie watched, this magnificent physical specimen lowered himself to kiss and suck on her tits again.

Frank slowly worked his way down Jie’s flat tummy covering her with his licks and kisses the whole way. I had to move to the side now so I could watch as Frank move his mouth between Jie’s creamy smooth thighs. Jie was moaning and reached out to guide his face to her hot center.

Frank began kissing and licking Jie’s pussy lips and I suppose because Jie was so hot from sucking that new and grand black cock, she almost immediately began a climb to an orgasm. Jie’s hips began to undulate and as Franks tongue appeared to dip into Jie’s Pussy, she exploded! I had never seen Jie comes so fast! Or so hard!

Jie cried out and ground her pussy into Frank’s face. “Oh yes, yes, ahhhh!” Frank continued to give Jie kisses and licks as she came, shuddered and cried in her orgasm.

As Jie began to calm down, I walked over and kissed her deeply. She opened her eyes and I asked, “Are you happy?”

Jie sighed and said, “My God yes, fantastic, but are you OK?”

I replied, “Absolutely, you are so sexy and beautiful, I love watching this, just can’t wait for Frank to fuck you!”

I then backed away to let Frank and Jie get back to their pleasures.

Jie sat up and reached for Frank’s cock, which was about half way back to full hardness. Jie bent over and sucked on it till it was fully erect, and I caddebostan escort suspect she would had not minded sucking down another one of his loads, but we all had other ideas.

Frank smiled and moaned, then asked her, “You want this big black dick in your sweet little pussy?”

Jie pulled her head back from the huge black cock, looked up at him and said “Yes, I want to feel it tear me up!” Jie sucked the black cock back into her mouth to make sure it was completely hard again.

Jie let go of the cock and she laid back on the bed again. Frank climbed on top of her and they began kissing as Frank humped his dick against the bed between Jie’s legs. Jie is so short Frank and I both would have our heads above Jie’s head when we fuck. We have to bend our neck way down to kiss her while our dick is inside of her.

Frank crawled up over Jie and placed the head of his cock at her entrance. The head of his cock was huge and Jie gasped as it pressed inward. I think that only because of the incredible oral sex they had just had, was Jie ready for this invasion.

Frank pushed forward a bit and Jie cried out loudly. I became concerned and ran to her side and asked, “Is he hurting you?”

Jie’s eyes were clenched and she shook her head side to side violently, “No No, just so big, keep going, slow!”

I stepped back and nodded at Frank. Frank began short strokes to let Jie get accustomed to his girth and length. Jie was panting and grunting, but wrapped her legs around Frank’s waist to keep him from pulling out. Jie’s arms were around his shoulders and she was squeezing him tightly to her chest.

Little by little Frank was working his huge black dick into Jie’s tight little Pussy. Never had Jie been stretched so wide!

Jie was humping up at Frank now and crying out to him, “Fuck me, fuck me, I want all of that big dick!” Frank was still only giving Jie about half of his monster, but he was working it in and out going a little deeper at each thrust. Jie was urging him on with her cries and clenched arms and legs.

It probably took ten minutes before Jie had taken the whole black cock inside her hot pussy. Finally Frank bottomed out and you could tell he has bottoming out, as there was a slight pause on each stroke as his dick head hit her cervix.

Jie went ballistic when Frank first bottomed out and had another fantastic orgasm. Frank paused to let Jie come, and she was whimpering, “So deep, oh God, so deep, I love your cock!”

Frank raised he chest off Jie and paused for a second and said, “You have it all sweetie, you took every inch of me!”

Jie looked down at his massive dick in her stretched pussy and groaned, then pulled Frank back against her.

As Jie’s breathing returned to normal, Frank began to gently thrust in and out with long deep strokes. Jie was in constant throes of pleasure, pain and orgasm. Her head was rocking and she uttered a continuous grunting as she held Frank tightly to her chest and spurred his ass with her heels.

“Ugh, ugh, oh, ugh, God, yes, Ugh,” mostly unintelligible sounds coming from her mouth when Frank was not drilling his tongue into it. Jie was having multiple orgasms from this fabulous man with the black monster dick!

Frank was a true cocksman and went on for about 45 minutes, only occasionally slowing down to let Jie recover a bit and to long dick her. Meanwhile I had beaten my cock till it exploded 20 minutes earlier, and was trying to revive it for another go! I so eager to fuck Jie as soon as Frank was done.

Frank started picking up speed and I realized he was going to blow his load soon. He asked Jie where he should come, and be before she could answer, I called out, “Inside her, fill her up with your black seed, don’t stop fucking her!”

Jie appeared to hear that and launched into another wild orgasm, screaming, “Fuck me, fuck me, give it to me, I want you inside me, please, please!”

That pushed Frank over the edge and with multiple great thrusts, he began bellowing loudly as he pumped his searing hot seed into Jie’s pussy. Among his grunts, he was crying out, “Damn fuck, you are tight, love your pussy!”

Jie and Frank were like wild animals as they came together, both getting so loud I was afraid neighboring room could hear.

Jie was crying out, “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck,” with their bodies slamming together with slapping noises as they both frantically held each other and shuddered in orgasm.

Jie was now making noises that said nothing, but told her whole story. Franks final draining pumps were hard and slammed Jie down into the bed with each thrust.

Then Frank was still with his dick buried in Jie’s pussy. Jie looked like she was passed out with her arms splayed out to the side.

Frank came to his senses first and began to kiss Jie lightly until she opened her eyes and they then passionately but gently French kissed for the next 10 minutes.

I was in awe of their passion and pleasure, but I was in also in need! I moved closer while jacking my puny 7.5″ hard dick. Frank finally noticed me and rolled off of Jie to the side.

I lay atop Jie and when she opened her eyes, I said, “That was so incredible, you are so sexy, I love you.” Jie just smiled and wrapped her arms around me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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