At the Lake Ch. 03: Afternoon Fun

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Not much was said as we sat and ate breakfast. We weren’t exactly quiet, but all the conversation was small talk about work and the daily grind. And there was something said about buying a new truck. I couldn’t tell you what it was. The events from the weekend so far were spinning in my head. Even the coffee seemed to be a bit boring and I can’t even tell you what the food tasted like. Maybe it would have been better to wait on the sex till after breakfast.

As breakfast wound down I got up to pour each of us more coffee. It became painfully obvious to me my new panties would have to go, even if it was just long enough to wash them. The mixture of all our juices had dried and glued the fabric to my pubic hair and skin. It was very uncomfortable where the large glob that had fallen into my panties and my balls were now stuck to my inner thigh and the cotton crotch. This was possibly the most uncomfortable thing I have ever felt.

As we finished eating I got up and started clearing the table. Lacy noticed my problem. “Awwww, are your panties stuck to your balls?” she said when I took her coffee cup. She playfully leaned in, kissed the tip of my dick, and slowly peeled the crotch of my panties off my balls. “I have an idea.” she said, and pulled them all the way down to the floor. “I know how to fix that, Let me have them.” Standing back up and taking me by the hand, holding my cum soaked panties in the other hand she led me away.

Thinking we were going into the bathroom I followed her with a smile on my face. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her ass when she led me towards the door. “It’s still raining, why are we going outside?” I asked. “Not to mention, I’m totally naked. And it’s not like your dress hides much either. Everyone will see us.” My protest did no good as Lacy led me through the yard and down the hill on the path to the dock. To my relief, the rain was a very warm gentle rain and not nearly as bad as it looked from the inside. I could have gone fishing after all.

Lacy was absolutely stunning in the morning light. It looked like she was covered in diamonds as the sun reflected off the delicate lace that clung so tightly to her body. In the soft glow of the rising sun I could clearly see every detail of her sexy figure, from the perky little nipple poking through, to her tasty little pussy. And when she turned around, her ass, oh my god! Her ass was amazing in the now sheer fabric clinging to every inch of her beautiful skin. As we reached the dock she pulled her dress up around her waist and said “Now everybody can see my pussy as plain as they can see your dick. Are ya happy now?”

“I’m sure we’re the only ones down here.” she softly said, pulling me into the water. “Unless Beth gets curious and decides to come down too. Besides that, I’ve seen your dick and you have nothing to be ashamed of.” She pulled me out in the water alongside the dock just past waist deep. She turned to me with a kinky look on her face. Not saying a word she reached down and wrapped my panties around my growing dick, teasing me all the way, stopping just short of letting me cum in my panties again. “In fact I hope she does come down. I’m so wet right now. And I’m craving pussy.”

At first we just teased each other kissing, licking, and playing with various body parts. By now it was obvious we no longer cared if anyone saw us. All I knew was I was glad that the water and the rain were both warm and her pussy was hot. Before long my head was half under the water with my mouth firmly planted on her pussy licking deep and fast. Even with the added taste of the lake water she tasted so good. So salty and sweet, her pussy eagerly took my tongue sending shivers through her body every time I touched her clit.

It seemed like she was about to cum in my mouth, when I felt Lacy gently pull me upwards. As I came up I didn’t think about my head being under the bottom of her dress. I almost knocked her over when I stood up. “Only one of you can wear that at a time you know,” Beth said as she walked towards us on the dock. Handing Lacy a bar of soap she said, “I figured if you’re washing clothes you might want this. In fact I should probably at least rinse this one off too.” Beth said, pulling the suit back over her very hard nipples.

As I helped Beth into the water, she stepped in between Lacy and me pushing her ass into my dick as she got in. Making it clear Lacy was all hers for a moment. Taking the hint I just stepped back and watched as Lacy rubbed the soap on my panties. Using them as a washcloth she started rubbing Beth’s body. The two women softly kissed as their hands rinsed and passionately explored every inch of each other’s body.

As I slid in closely behind Lacy, I pushed my hard dick between her legs only to have Beth push me away. What could I do? I stepped back a bit and decided to just enjoy watching. I had a clear view of Beth’s hand just under the water surface slowly yet deliberately working her finger in and out of Lacy’s ass, while the other hand rubbed Ankara travesti her wet little pussy. By then it was like I wasn’t even there as they kissed and caressed each other. “I guess I’m on my own for this one.” I said out loud.

Fuck it, I thought, I’m going to cum one way or another. Without saying a word I took my panties from Lacy’s otherwise occupied hands and gave them a quick rinse in the lake water to finish getting the soap out. My dick was throbbing. I was going to cum one way or another. I tossed the panties on the wooden dock and pulled myself up next to the two women. I never said a thing, I just stood there watching as they rubbed, caressed, and fingered each other. They were truly enjoying the moment. Who was I to stop them?

Standing naked on the dock, fully exposed, watching the two women in the water was awesome. I thought about just saying fuck it, and jacking off in plain view of everyone that might look. I almost wanted someone to watch me cumming on them as they kissed in the water below me. I really wanted to watch them lick my cum off each other as it dripped down their faces. I started slowly playing with myself, until I realized just how exposed and obvious my actions were.

I decided it would be best to go over to the lounge chair on the shore, at least it’s not in plain view of everyone around the lake. This was where Beth sat and read as I fished most of the time. I had trimmed the trees back so it was normally a sunny spot just to the side of the dock. I could see why she liked it here. And best of all I had a clear view of the water and the two women enjoying the moment. And just as important, they can see me, if they even look. Which I was sure they wouldn’t. They were busy on their own.

As I slowly pulled the panties up my legs I was glad it was a warm rain, the wet nylon was cold for a second as it hit my skin for the first time. I didn’t even care. All I wanted to do is cum. As I pulled my panties over up and over my hard dick I wanted to jerk off and just cum while I was wearing my wet panties. I have been masturbating with panties for years, never outside, and never actually wearing them. With everything that has already happened this weekend, fuck it. I’m going for it. They were busy. I was going to do it and love every second.

It didn’t take long for me to realize my wet panties were completely see through and I liked it. I could still see my hard dick and my balls. My dark hair perfectly highlighted the pale pink skin in the light sheer fabric. My inner exhibitionist took complete control of my brain. Within seconds my dick was throbbing, almost begging to be played with. And having it in full view even with clothes on was just too much. I wondered how it would feel to have Beth and Lacy sitting with me watching me masturbate in my panties.

With a quick scan of the area to see if anybody was watching, I slowly started. At first it was just a slow discrete rubbing as I watched the girls. However, that didn’t last long. Before I started enjoying what I was doing, I had laid back on the chair and was openly, obviously masturbating wearing only wet, baby blue granny panties and a smile. By now I didn’t care who saw what I was doing. My dick felt so nice in the wet nylon. I oblivious to anyone that walked up could see into my most personal moments.

As I rubbed my dick, it didn’t take long for me to completely slip into my own little world. The wet nylon seemed to melt around my skin with just enough slippery, smooth sensation to increase my pleasure. And it felt amazing! I could feel every vein, every nerve, in every inch of my dick. And best of all, with every stroke up my shaft the soaked cotton crotch pressed firmly against my ass and balls.

The intense feelings pulsing through my body was like nothing else that I could remember. I was lying there exposed, out in the open, with my legs spread, wearing my sheer wet panties. The fabric was so clear it gave everyone a full view dick and balls.

Only the cotton crotch blocked the view when it pressed tight against me with every pull. It was amazing to feel the warm, light rain falling on my nipples and my almost naked body. I closed my eyes and pictured both girls standing above my face rubbing their pussies. Soon I didn’t even hide my hand openly pumping my cock. This thought pushed me over the edge.

It was an amazing orgasm. My whole body tensed up as my cum exploded into my panties. My legs opened more as the finger of my other hand pushed the soft wet cotton against my ass hole. “Oh my god!” I said, not thinking it was out loud. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming in my panties!” It was amazing. “Oooohhhhh, fuck. I love it. Watch me. Watch me jack off in my panties. Oh god, yes.” Usually I don’t talk while I masturbate, how ever at that moment I could care less. “Oh fuck. I’m cumming in my panties,” I almost shouted. It was too late to stop now as the cum surged from my dick and into my panties with some even coming through the Antalya travesti fabric.

As I came down from the rush, still holding my throbbing dick as it dripped cum into my panties. I once again became aware of my surroundings. It was a bit of a shock when I realized both women were standing on the end of the dock with their arms around each others waists watching me masturbate. “That was hot!” Beth said with a smile on her face. “I ‘m glad we got to see that. Maybe next time we can watch the whole thing. I bet it was a great show. Who knew wearing wet panties outside would turn you on so much? That was a great idea, Lacy.” Beth said as she playfully spanked Lacy’s ass.

“Give me your panties,” Lacy said. “I’ll wash them out again. But you have to put them back on. You are so cute wearing those. I love the way your big dick hangs in front of the loose panties pointing at the soft crotch panel.” As she spoke Lacy ran her hand over my panties squeezing the last bit of cum into them. “And the best part is, for some reason your ass sways a little bit more when you wear them.” she continued. “So I guess we need to buy him more sexy panties to cum in, if you want him to have more.” she said with a smile in Beth’s direction.

Peeling the wet, sticky panties off I gave them to Lacy and just laid there naked, with my legs spread open for everyone to see, with my finger still rubbing and teasing my ass. It was just enough to encourage the rest of my cum out on my deflating dick. “Wow. I’m impressed.” Lacy said as she showed the inside of my panties to Beth. “With as many times as we have gotten off this weekend he still filled them up pretty good.”

As Lacy returned to the water to rinse out my panties, Beth used the rain and her hand to wipe the cum off my stomach and the rest of my body, being careful not to touch my dick or balls. Although she did seem to take extra time on my nipples. “Go inside and wash yourself off.” Beth said. “But don’t get too into it. We still need groceries. So, we really must go to town before the tourists show up for the weekend.”

As we reached the top of the hill, the path opened into the back of the cabin with a small yard. I could see a car go by on the road which was on the other side of the clearing. With the two women behind me Beth said “It’s a good thing we finished up when we did. It looks like the neighbors are here.” The next closest cabin was about a hundred and fifty feet away with trees and a small path in between. But their cabin is closer to the water, with a dock as their front porch. If they were in the cabin they would have definitely seen everything that happened in the water and on the dock.

After our clothes were out of the dryer, we got dressed. Each of us dressed in front of the other two, as to make sure we followed through with the deal. Lacy wore a loose pair of gym shorts and a large black tee shirt, with no bra or panties. The shorts were loose enough I could easily slip my hand or my dick inside to reach her pussy. And yes, I checked both. The shirt was just long enough that she could have gone without the shorts and only the three of us would have known. But still thin and flighty and very sexy.

They made me get dressed next, so I would stop trying to lick and finger their tight little holes. Unsure what to wear over my panties I grabbed a loose Hawaiian shirt I could leave unbuttoned with the matching swim shorts. The shorts were loose enough the ladies could easily slip a hand up and play with me, which they both had to test. Soon it was obvious they would do nothing to hide or confine an erection. But the shirt hung low so it could be covered if needed. I was comfortable and I really didn’t want to wear that much clothing anyway. So, I left my shirt off till we got to town.

Beth, having relatives and friends in the area, was a bit more conservative. Over the pink bikini she wore a pair of white denim shorts that were tight enough to show off her hot little ass, but not be sleazy or anything to complain about. We convinced her to at least wear one of my old white tee shirts with it. We just forgot to remind her that it gets mostly transparent when it gets wet. And it was still raining.

Driving into town was almost void of traffic. I drove my old truck because it needed gas. It was just an old Ford and I was the only one who could drive as it was a stick shift. Beth sat in the middle of the seat beside me on the way into town, all she talked about was the gear shift between her legs being a big vibrator. Thank God it was a short drive. By the time we got to the small shopping plaza she was basically masturbating with my truck. I had to laugh because the truck’s name was Reba and she has always been my little bitch.

It is a small town and the plaza was really all there was except for a gas station. As we pulled in I found a spot close to the grocery store and climbed out. It was just a quick trip to the store. The store, being the only one for miles, was a one stop İstanbul travesti shop. Beer, wine, food, and clothes, they had it all. As Beth and I bought the food, Lacy went to look for a pair of sandals for the lake. Grabbing a cart, we hit the beer and wine first. It didn’t take long for us to get what we needed and headed to the front of the store.

We made a quick stop in the pharmacy to grab some toothpaste and sunscreen. I laughed to myself as I grabbed a pack of condoms that were on the clearance rack because the box was a little crushed, and a bottle of baby oil. “We don’t need those.” Beth said. “We haven’t used them yet. Why start now?” Giving her a quick smile and a peck on the cheek Beth looked at the price on the box and put it back into the cart. “I guess it’s OK. As long as I can watch. I do like watching you putting them on and playing with yourself.”

After a quick look around to make sure we didn’t forget anything, we cashed out and we went to put the things in the truck. Lacy was already there, having loaded her bags into the box I kept in the bed solely for that reason. It was still raining a little so I covered the cargo box with a tarp and drove to the gas station. This time Lacy sat in the center, and yes, almost immediately started molesting my truck. I guess they thought it was funny.

It took less than a minute after hitting the road for Lacy to remove her shorts and start rubbing her naked pussy on the shifting knob between her legs. I have to admit it was kinda hot. By the time we got home I thought she was just going to straddle the shift lever and literally fuck my truck. I almost wanted to see her do it. However as I got closer to the cabin I needed to shift gears, sadly putting an end to her quickie with Reba.

When we got home, without saying a word, Lacy took her bags with definitely more than a pair of sandals in it and disappeared into her room. Fortunately the rain had almost stopped. It took a couple trips for Beth and I to bring it all in. Once inside, almost on instinct, Beth and I started to unpack the food and put it away. As we talked about the small tasks we needed to accomplish this weekend Lacy came out of her room, once again wearing only the lace dress. She laid down on the blanket in the living room, spread her legs as far as she could, and proudly announced “My pussy is wet. Who wants a taste?”

With a smile in Lacy’s direction and a quick kiss on my cheek, Beth said “I think it’s your turn”. It only took two seconds for me to be stripped down to my panties and headed for Lacy. As I laid on top of her I gently kissed her lips and held her body close to mine. “It doesn’t look like she wants that sappy shit right now.” Beth said. As she talked, I moved down to bury my mouth in Lacy’s pussy. With my ass in the air, I almost couldn’t breathe when I started licking her VERY wet tasty pussy. It didn’t take long to have her moaning and dripping cum as she reached her first little orgasm.

After putting away the groceries, Beth stood and watched us for a second. “Something is missing,” she said and quickly disappeared into the guest bedroom. As she came back into the room, Beth said “he’s going to like this.” She kneeled behind me, pulled my panties down to my knees, gently pushed her favorite vibrator into my ass, and then just left it there when she stood up. It was longer and a little bigger around on the business than the one Lacy had used. This one hit directly on my P-spot and stayed there. Instantly I had no control. A string of cum shot from my dick onto the floor. I just let it go. I had a pussy to eat!

Beth came in and stood directly over Lacy’s face, lifted her shirt almost pulling the bikini top off her beautiful little tits. “I’m going down to read by the lake and let you two fuck bunnies have fun. Just remember we’re not alone up here anymore, so try to keep the noise down.” Beth said as she again headed to grab a beer and her book. We just kept going, I only looked up for a second. Lacy was so close to cumming again I just couldn’t stop. As I plunged my tongue deeper and deeper between her sweet sexy lips I knew she was about to fill my mouth with her warm, salty sweet pussy juice.

The taste of Lacy’s pussy was fantastic. A small stream of cum dripped from my dick onto the floor. The toy in my ass was too much of a distraction. When I couldn’t take any more I pulled the toy out of my butt. I didn’t even turn it off. I just slid it between Lacy’s ass and the floor and let the vibration push her over the top. When her orgasm hit, a solid stream of hot salty sweet cum came shooting out like she was pissing on me. It was awesome. I was starting to harden again.

Crawling up to lay next to her, I kissed her softly on the lips. I was spent. “I’ve never actually seen a girl squirt like that. Only in the movies. That was awesome,” I said. “We definitely have to do that again soon. Beth would love to see that. And I definitely want to taste it again. I wasn’t ready for it this time” I continued as I kissed her gently. I held her tight, cupping her soft little breasts in my hands, and let her slowly recover. My dick was rock hard again. I tried to put it out of my mind in the hope that I would go limp. Evidently I realized that wasn’t an easy option.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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